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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 103

Emerging and reemerging microbial threats
K Satyanarayana,N Medappa
Review Article
Re-emergence of malaria in India
V P Sharma
Spread of lymphatic filariasis, re-emergence of leishmaniasis & threat of babesiosis in India
K D Ramaiah,P K Das,R Lal,R Srinivasan,V Dhanda
Emerging viral infections with special reference to India
Kalyan Banerjee
Emerging & re-emerging bacterial pathogens in India
T Jacob John
Tuberculosis - the continuing scourge of India
R Prabhakar
Original Article
CAMP test for the identification of Vibrio cholerae 0139
Mary V Jesudason,T Jacob John,Valentina George
Nosocomial infection due to Enterobacter cloacae in a tertiary care hospital in northern India
A Ayyagari,G Banerjee,K N Prasad,S K Singh,T N Dhole
Melioidosis in India : The tip of the iceberg?
Alka Ganesh,Dilip Mathai,Mary V Jesudason,Mathew J Chandy,Mukkai K Lalitha,T Jacob John,Thomas Cherian,Vatekad Mohandas
Leptospiral antibodies in patients with recurrent ophthalmic involvement
K Natarajaseenivasan,L Sureshbabu,Rathinamsivakumar,S Ratnam
Cluster of cases of clinical cholera due to Vibrio cholerae 010 in east Delhi
Kiran Kathuria,Madalsa Mathur,R Mahajan,Shukla Rudra,Vibha Talwar
Outbreak of food poisoning due to Salmonella paratyphi A var durazzo (2,12:a : -) in Yavatmal (Maharashtra) in May 1995
Bharti U Moon,K V Ingole,R P Fule,S V Jalgaonkar
Development of an antigen capture enzyme immuno assay using genus specific monoclonal antibodies for detection of Chlamydia in clinical specimens
Gita Satpathy,S K Panda,Sujata Mohanty,Suneeta Mittal
Development of malathion resistance in Culex quinquefasciatus Say (Diptera: Culicidae)
B K Bhattacharya,K M Rao,N Gopalan,O P Anand,S Prakash
Insecticide susceptibility of Phlebotomus papatasi to organochlorine, organophosphate & carbamate compounds in some arid areas of western Rajasthan
Karam V Singh,S K Bansal
Reversible non enhancing lesions without focal neurological deficits in eclampsia
K Radhakurmari,Nandini Somanathan,S V Thomas,V R K Rao
Valvular dysfunction in uraemia
Arun Shet,K Mani,S C Raj Dominic,S D Sheeba,Surjit Somiah
Immunohistochemical study of the expression of human groEL-stress protein in human nervous tissue
A Chandramuki,C Jagannath,Neelam Khanna,S K Shankar
Genetic & cultural determinants of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol & serum triglycerides among Marwaris of Calcutta
P P Majumder,R N Das,S K Bhattacharya,Sujata Nayak
The anti-inflammatory activity of some sulphonamides in albino rats
P A Patil,S V Hiremath,V V Gouripur
HIV-2 prevalence in Uttar Pradesh
Asha Mathur,D Chattopadhya,R Kulshreshtha,U C Chaturvcdi
Existing status of shigellosis in Andaman & Nicobar islands
A R Ghosh,S C Sehgal
In vitro activities of tetracycline & ciprofloxacin against Chlamydia trachomatis isolates from conjunctivitis patients
H N Madhavan,J Malathy,Sara Roy
Isotypes of naturally acquired antibodies to a repetitive & non-repetitive epitope on Plasmodium falciparum surface proteins in an endemic area of Sri Lanka
K Nagendran,R Ramasamy
Vector incrimination in Tamulpur primary health centre, district Nalbari, lower Assam during malaria outbreak 1995
A Prakash,P K Mohapatra,V K Srivastava
A multicentric evaluation study of an indigenously prepared cost effective prototype pregnancy test
M I Khatkhatay,Meena P Desai,U M Donde
Cytogenetic studies in ataxia telangiectasia & their use in prenatal diagnosis
Archana Shukla,Geeta Singh,I C Verma,Madhumita R Chowdhury
Non-linear law-like relationship between weight & height of infants & pre-school children()
K R Sundaram,R K Ahuja,T K Jena
Effect of Sahaja yoga practice on seizure control & EEG changes in patients of epilepsy
H L Gupta,L Thakur,S H Singh,U C Rai,Usha Panjwani,W Selvamurthy
Immune response & modulation of immune response induced in the guinea-pigs by Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) & M.fortuitum complex isolates from different sources in the south Indian BCG trial area
C N Paramasivan,Daniel Herbert,P Venkatesan,R Prabhakar,T Kamala
The spectrum of antimicrobial resistance among methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in a tertiary care centre in India
Jemima Selwyn,M K Lalitha,Mary V Jesudason,Rajeswari Pandian,T Jacob John,Thomas B Pulimood
Role of calcium influx & energy metabolism in histamine release by filarial antigen in Mastomys natalensis experimentally infected with Brugia malayi
N Malla,N K Ganguly,P Muralidhara,R C Mahajan
Cellular immune response to retinal S-antigen & interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein fragments in idiopathic human uveitis
J Rajasingh,K Sharma,S S Agarwal,V Singh,V K Singh
Curative treatment of primary (spasmodic) dysmenorrhea
Leela B Gokhale
Body mass index of tannery workers in Kanpur, India
Abhay Shukla,F G Ory,Joke M Harte,Satish Kumar
Trend of increasing levels of minimum inhibitory concentration of ciprofloxacin to Salmonella typhi
B Malathy,Mary V Jesudason,T Jacob John
Isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from cerebrospinal fluid by the centrifugation & filtration methods
C N Paramasivan,N Selvakumar,N Thilothammal,Vanajakumar
Microbiological quality & incidence of organisms of public health importance in food & water in Ludhiana
D V Vadehra,R S Chhina,S Khurana,S Ram,S Sharma,S B Khurana
Comparison of regimens of amphotericin B deoxycholate in kala-azar
A K Pandey,C P Thakur,G P Sinha
A comparison of five staining methods for detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts in faecal specimens from the field
G Kang,M M Mathan
Molecular abnormalities of bcr gene in some Indian patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia
P Balakrishna Murthy,R Chandrasekaran
Remission with carbimazole therapy & assessment of T4 suppression test as an index of relapse in patients with Graves disease in India()
R Goswami,C S Bal,N Gupta,N Kochupillai
In vitro anti human immunodeficiency virus activity of mangrove plants
H Nakashima,K Kathiresan,M Premanathan,N Yamamoto,N Rajendra
Some pharmacological properties of Synclisia scabrida II
A N Okpogba,C E Dioka,C S Ufearo,O E Orisakwe,O J Afonne,S I Ofoeftile
Absence of wild poliovirus circulation among healthy children in a rural area with high oral poliovirus vaccination coverage
J J Rodrigucs,J M Deshpande,K S Patil,M V Kamataki,R R Karambelkar,S G Ramdasi,S S Nadkarni,V K Rao,V K Saxena
A comparison of sputum examination for acid fast bacilli by modified Schaeffer & Fulton stain, Ziehl-Neelsen stain & cold stain
B S Nagoba,P B Kendre,S R Deshmukh,Sarita B Mantri
Characterisation of invasive Haemophilus influenzae isolated in Nagpur, central India
A A Pathak,A M Saoji,Dipty Jain,Vandana Agarwal
Current status of Anopheles stephensi response to various insecticides in some areas of the Thar desert
Karam V Singh,S K Bansal
Nutritional status of school age children of salt-workers in Rajasthan
J Lakshminarayana,K R Haldiya,M L Mathur,Madhu B Singh,Raman Sachdeva,S P Yadav,V K Beniwal
Effect of calcium channel blockers on withdrawal syndrome of lorazepam in rats
C Nath,G K Patnaik,M B Gupta,R C Saxena
Response of mouse sarcoma-180 to cis-platin in combination with radiation & hyperthermia
B S Satish Rao,P Uma Devi
Evaluation of an ELISA for the diagnosis of brucellosis
Anuradha Singhal,Elizabeth Mathai,Santy Verghese
Book Review
Problems of behaviour in children (A practical guide for healthy upbringing)
Drug surveillance : International co-operation Past, present and future
Screening in primary health care: setting priorities with limited resources
Assessment in medical education : Trends and Tools
Epidemiology of mental disorders and psychosocial problems : Personality disorders
Buffalopox (orthopox) virus and its zoonotic importance
Clinical cardiology
Temporomandibular disorders and related pain conditions
Manual of diagnostic ultrasound
International experience in rational use of drugs
New Drugs
Textbook of pulmonary medicine
Gynecological cytology; Cervix
Book Received
ugs used in sexually transmitted diseases & HIV infection







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