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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 104

Diarrhoeal Diseases - A Continuing Threat
K Satyanarayana,N Medappa
Review Article
Molecular insights into the evolution & epidemiology of Vibrio cholerae
G Balakrish Nair
Mechanism of action of cholera toxin & other toxins
N K Ganguly,Tanvir Kaur
Adherence & colonization properties of Vibrio cholerae & diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli
A C Ghose
Colonic fluid handling in health & acute diarrhoeal diseases
B S Ramakrishna
Strategies for production of a potential candidate vaccine for cholera
A Ghosh,M Thungapathra,R K Ghosh
Cryptosporidium related diarrhoea
P Das
Management of acute diarrhoea
S K Bhattacharya
Epidemiology & management of persistent diarrhoea in children of developing countries
M K Bhan,N Bhandari,R Bahl,S Bhatnagar
Current status of oral rehydration as a strategy for the control of diarrhoeal diseases
Dilip Mahalanabis
Original Article
Comparison of the sensitivity & specificity of a polyclonal versus monoclonal capture antibody based Bead ELISA for direct detection of cholera toxin from stool specimens
G Balakrish Nair,S K Bhattacharya,T Ramamurthy,Yoshifumi Takeda
Comparative analysis of factors promoting optimal production of cholera toxin by Vibrio cholerae O1 (classical & ElTor biotypes) & O139
A K Mukhopadhyay,G Balakrish Nair,P K Saha,S K Bhattacharya,Surabhi Garg,Yoshifumi Takeda
Electron microscopic studies on Vibrio cholerae 0139
A K Mukhopadhyay,A N Ghosh,G B Nair,Surabhi Garg
Biological activity & interaction of Vibrio cholerae bacteriophages in rabbit ileal loop
A K Chakrabarti,B L Sarkar,H Koley,M K Chakrabarti,S P De
Antibody response to outer membrane proteins in Shigella dysenteriae type 1 infection with special reference to appearance of murine antibodies
A K Sinha,Santanu Chakrabarti
Association of metal tolerance with multiple antibiotic resistance of enteropathogenic organisms isolated from coastal region of deltaic Sunderbans
Papiya Choudhury,R Kumar
Comparative evaluation of somatic & excretory-secretory antigens of Entamoeba histolytica in serodiagnosis of human amoebiasis by ELISA
B Manna,K Sengupta,P Das,S Bhattacharya,S Pal,S Sarkar
In vitro antimicrobial activity of potash alum
S Dutta,S K Bhattacharya,S P De
Entomological studies in a dengue endemic area, Jalore, Rajasthan
A K Dixit,M L Mathur,Manju Singhi,Vinod Joshi
Little Andaman Island, a new focus of infection with nocturnally periodic Wuchereria bancrofti
A N Shriram,A P Sugunan,M V Murhekar,S C Sehgal
Antifungal susceptibility pattern of non-albicans Candida species & distribution of species isolated from Candidaemia cases over a 5 year period
A Chakrabarti,A Ghosh,Anju Kaushal,H Singh,P Roy,Roma Batra
Prevalence of anti-HCV antibodies in central India
A Sepaha,C S Pandit,D S Chitnis,G Naik,K K Artwani,P Salgia,S P B Jaiswal
Multimodality treatment using AK-2123, hydralazine, radiation & hyperthermia on a transplantable mouse tumour
B S Satish Rao,P Uma Devi
Free radical scavengers & lipid peroxidation in acute aluminium phosphide poisoning
Anjali Sharma,Kiran Chugh,S N Chugh,V Arora
NESTROFT as a screening test for the detection of thalassaemia & common haemoglobinopathies - An evaluation against a high performance liquid chromatographic method
Alok Srivastava,David Dennison,L Jeyaseelan,Mammen Chandy,Susanna Thomas
Comparison of two substrates in determination of plasma cholinesterase activity & genetic variability
B K Sharma,C K Nain,Minni Verma,N K Ganguly,Surjit Singh
Prevalence of pneumococcal serotypes in invasive diseases in southern India
G Sridharan,K N Brahmadathan,M C Steinhoff,M K Lalitha,Mary V Jesudason,Rekha Pai,T Jacob John
Role of C1q in Rhesus haemolytic disease of the newborn
M E Poorkhorsandi,S C Gupte
Resistance to activated protein C (APC) in Indian patients of thrombophilia
Amita Srivastava,H P Pati,Sanjana Dayal
Spasmogenic action of beta-lactam antibiotics on the gastrointestinal tract of experimental animals
D Kouvelas,M Mitrovic,S M Jankovic
Lack of expression of c-myc oncogene in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with active rheumatoid arthritis
A Sud,A Wanchu,D Kaul,P Bambery,S D Deodhar
Transferrin receptor expression by blast cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia correlates with white cell count & immunophenotype
A Das Gupta,Jayashree Patil,Varsha I Shah
2, 4-Dichloro phenoxy acetic acid alters monoamine levels, acetylcholinesterase activity & operant learning in rats
Madepalli K Lakshmana,T R Raju
Study of oxidative-stress in rotavirus infected infant mice
C P Sodhi,R Katyal,S Attri,S V Rana,V Singh
Effect of Leishmania donovani antigens on superoxide anion generation by mice polymorph in vitro()
Amita Jain,V Tiwari,Mamta Agarwal
Intestinal transport of water, sodium & glucose from an electrolyte solution with & without bicarbonate
Abu Syed Mohammed Hamidur Rahman,Abul Kalam Azad Chowdhury,Dilip Mahalanabis,Shafiqul Alam Sarker Abdul Wahed,Sufia Islam
Ambient air pollution & respiratory symptoms complex in preschool children
Henry A Glick,Nihal Ahmed,Robert H Fletcher,Shally Awasthi
Plasma reactive nitrogen intermediate levels in patients with clinically active rheumatoid arthritis
A Wanchu,N Agnihotri,N K Ganguly,S D Deodhar
Improved method for study of chromosomes of chorionic villus samples
Geeta Singh,I C Verma,K Prabhakara,Madhumita Roy Chowdhury,Roli Mathur,Sudhisha Dubey
In vitro & in vivo experimental susceptibility of Mycobacterium marinum to augmentin
A N Chakrabarty,Aparna Chakrabarti,C P Bhattacharya,D P Acharya,Kalpana Ghosh,Sujata G Dastidar
Effect of arteether a/ß on uncomplicated falciparum malaria cases in Upper Assam
A M Khan,Anil Prakash,J Mahanta,P K Mohapatra,V K Srivastava
Karyotyping of at risk fetuses by cordocentesis in advanced gestation
D Chinnappan,Deepika Deka,Ishwar C Verma,Kamal Buckshee,Madhulika Kabra,Renu Saxena,V Sanders
Peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets in idiopathic nephrotic syndrome of childhood
A S Vasudev,Arvind Bagga,Asha Moudgil,R N Srivastava
A flowcytometric study of CD4+ & CD 19+ cell lymphopenia in patients with alopecia areata
Harpreet Vohra,N K Ganguly,Nalini Agnihotri,V K Sharma
Dyspnoea, lung function & respiratory muscle pressures in patients with Graves disease()
R Guleria,R Goswami,P Shah,J N Pande,N Kochupillai
Erythropoietin & erythroid progenitors in rats exposed to chronic hypoxia
Gisela K Clemons,Lidija Biljanovic Paunovic,Vera Pavlovic Kentera,Zoran Ivanovic
Brainstem auditory evoked responses in primary hypertension
Daya Ram,O P Tandon,R Awasthi
Trends of smoking among medical students
A Mukhopadhya,J Muliyil,S Venkataraman
Evidence for high prevalence & rapid transmission of HIV among individuals attending STD clinics in Pune, India
A D Divekar,A R Risbud,D A Gadkari,Jeanette J Rodrigues,Mary E Shepherd,P A Menon,R Yadav,R C Bollinger,R R Gangakhedkar,R S Paranjape,S M Mehendale,Sujata S Kamble,T C Quinn
Toxigenicity & drug sensitivity of Vibrio mimicus isolated from patients with diarrhoea
S Ananthan,S Dhamodaran
A preliminary study of fingerprinting of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by whole cell protein analysis by SDS-PAGE
Ashok Rattan,Awdhesh Kalia,F G Khan,I A Khan
Antigenic differences between axenic amastigotes & promastigotes of Leishmania donovani
N K Ganguly,R Chattopadhayay,R C Mahajan,S Kaur
? F 508 molecular mutation in Indian children with cystic fibrosis
Aarti Khanna,I C Verma,Madhulika Kabra,Manju Ghosh,S K Kabra
Bronchial responsiveness of non-smoking women exposed to environmental tobacco smoke or biomass fuel combustion
D Gupta,S K Jindal
Detection of haemoglobin variants for the diagnosis of beta thalassaernia & other haemoglobinopathies using anion exchange high performance liquid chromatography
L H Shewale,M H Panthaki,M K Bannerjee,S B Bandodkar,V B Rao
A cytological study of hepatitis B surface antigen localization using orcein staining in hepatocellular carcinoma
J N Panicker,Joy Augustine,K T Shenoy
Book Review
Version 4 (Health and sickness) of essentials of statistical methods
Modern medical toxicology
National cancer control programmes - policies and managerial guidelines
Microbes for better living
A Comprehensive Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
The Management of Acute Respiratory Infections in Children
Indian Anophelines
Glimpses of Indian Ethnopharmacology
An Introduction to Genetic Analysis
A Textbook of Medical Mycology
Epidemiology of Mental Disorders and Psychosocial Problems: Schizophrenia
Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology
Medical Entomology
WHO Model Prescribing Information
Nuclear Medicine : Science and Safety
Glimpses of Indian Ethnopharmacology
Book Received
The GP Receptionists Handbook
Book Received







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