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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 105

Review Article
Blood stem cell transplantation : current concepts
G M K Raju,L Kumar,R Kamble,V Kochupillai
Original Article
Rapid identification of Campylobacter jejuni strains by polymerase chain reaction & their restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis
A Ayyagari,K N Prasad,Mokshi Mahendru,T N Dhole
Upper urinary tract stones & Ureaplasma urealyticum
Benu Dewan,Meera Sharma,N Nayak,S K Sharma
The changing profile of Plasmodium falciparum malaria
H Singh,Jagdish,Mitra Basu,S Lahri,S B Siwach,V K Katyal
Late onset adrenal hyperplasia due to 3p-hydroxy-?5-steroid dehydrogenase deficiency in north Indian hirsute women
A C Ammini,M G Karmarkar,M L Khurana,M M S Ahuja,P G Sundararaman
Genotype-phenotype correlation in Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy patients seen at Lucknow
B Mittal,L S Chaturvedi,R D Mittal,S Danda,S Mishra,S Pradhan,S Sinha,S S Agarwal,V Singh
Elevated levels of anti-proteus antibodies in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis
A Sud,A Wanchu,Meera Sharma,P Bambery,S D Deodhar,Varsha Gupta
Isolation of Salmonella senftenberg bacteriophages
H Singh,N C Sharma,S Kumar
100 Years of Widal test & its reappraisal in an endemic area
Bhavesh Patel,D S Chitnis,Sanjay Shukla
In vitro susceptibility of clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to cefadroxil—a cephalosporin antibiotic
C N Paramasivan,N Selvakumar,Vanaja Kumar
Studies on sandflies in a hyperendemic area of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran
E Javadian,M R Yaghoobi Ershadi
Electrolyte disturbances due to ouabain sensitive sodium potassium pump in erythrocytes of children with sepsis
Gurjit Kaur,Lata Kumar,Mona Suri,Rajendra Prasad,Sunit Singhi
Response of the postnatal rat epididymis to estrogen & antiestrogens
B S Setty,F W Bansode,J D Dhar,S Gupta
Morphological & ultrastructural changes of platelet concentrates stored in PVC bags
Annie John,Jaisy Mathai,Lizzy K Krishnan,P V Sulochana,R Sivakumar
Biochemical lesions of platelets stored as concentrates in PVC bags
Jaisy Mathai,Jose Jacob,Lissy K Krishnan,P V Sulochana,R Sivakumar
Central noradrenergic & dopaminergic modulation of Brewers yeast-induced inflammation & nociception in rats()
S K Hore,V K Dumka,D Kumar,H C Tripathi,S K Tandan
Evaluation of seven commercially available ELISA kits for serodiagnosis of acute toxoplasmosis
Niti Singh,S N Dwivedi,Sarman Singh
Electronmicroscopic evidence of torovirus like particles in children with diarrhoea
T Krishnan,T N Naik
Sickle cell trait & disease among tribal communities in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh & Kerala
G P Das,I C Verma,Manjeet Kaur
Effect of temperature on functional response of platelet concentrates stored in PVC bags
Jaisy Mathai,Lissy K Krishnan
In vitro effects of mitomycin C on human Tenons capsule fibroblasts & correlation with surgical outcome in glaucoma patients()
L Vijaya,H N Madhavan
Respiratory functions in kidney mitochondria following paracetamol administration to young-adult & old rats
J G Satav,R K Bhattacharya
Transcriptional expression of gastrin mRNA in Helicobacter pylori infected patients()
Anu Gupta,S V Rana,M K Goenka,R S Kukreja
Histopathological & immunohistochemical evaluation of ageing changes in normal human brain()
T C Yasha,Lalita Shankar,Vani Santosh,Sarala Das,S K Shankar
Resistance of Vibrio cholerae 01 to nalidixic acid
Marry V Jesudason,R Saaya
Incidence of methicillin resistant coagulase positive & coagulase negative staphylococci in blood cultures
Mary V Jesudason,P Jegadeesan,W Selwyn Anandaraj
Extended spectrum ß-lactamase mediated resistance to third generation cephalosporins in Klebsiella pneumoniae in Nagpur, central India
A A Pathak,A M Saoji,Jerestin B Hansotia,Vandana Agarwal
Antibiotic sensitivity patterns of actinomycetes isolated from patients of actinomycetoma
B N Chaudhuri,J Sil,P K Maiti
Association of enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis with childhood diarrhoea
D K Pal,P Dutta,S K Niyogi,U Mitra
Western blot analysis of serological response to Helicobacter pylori in acid peptic diseases
D Panigrahi,D K Bhasin,H Singh,K Singh,Kim Vaiphei,Loveleen Chatha,Pallab Ray,Taruna Khanna
Production & evaluation of a monoclonal antibody against human myeloperoxidase
A A Narkar,C N Nair,S Bajpai,S H Advani,S R Dhond,Y Badrinath
Thermal, cardiovascular & thermogenic responses to mild cold exposure in chronically energy deficient human subjects
A V Kurpad,M Vaz,P S Shetty,S Thangam
Epidemiological features of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in southern India
A M Cherian,A Zachariah,Alka Ganesh,D Mathai,Harriot Jeyakumari,Mary Jacob,P G Babu,Padma Srikanth,T J John
High level aminoglycoside resistance in enterococci isolated from hospitalized patients
Chitra Paul,K G Bhat,M G Bhat
Comparative evaluation of two indigenously developed tests for rapid detection of group - A streptococci directly from throat swabs
Ashok Rattan,Awdhesh Kalia,Ramesh Kumar,Rita Gupta,S K Gupta
Dynamics of malaria transmission near two permanent breeding sites in Baringo district, Kenya
Ifeanyi Aniedu
Measurement of total energy expenditure by the doubly labelled water technique in free living Indians in Bangalore city
A V Kurpad,P S Shetty,S Borgonha
Colonic function in cirrhosis of liver & in healthy controls
A Chacko
Human heat tolerance in simulated environment
A Nag,D Kothari,H Desai,P Bandyopadhyay,P K Nag,S P Ashtekar
MIB-1 proliferative index in parathyroid adenoma & hyperplasia
A K Karak,C Sarkar,N Tandon,S Chumber
Pharmacologic characterization of muscarinic receptor subtypes in rat gastric fundus mediating contractile responses
Dragan R Milovanovic,Slobodan M Jankovic
An outbreak of post-streptococcal reactive arthritis
Elizabeth Mathai,K N Brahmadathan,R J Korula,T Jacob John,Vrisha Madhuri
Isolation of Vibrio cholerae 0139 phages to develop a phage typing scheme
A K Chakrabarti,A N Ghosh,B L Sarkar
In vitro adhesiveness of Bacteroides fragilis group in relation to encapsulation
P G Shivananda,V K Beena
Anaerobic flora in endodontic infections
Namila Kalra,Rajeev Thakur,Rama Chaudhry,Vibha Talwar
The effect of in vitro bacterial association on virulence of Entamoeba histolytica
A Ayyagari,P Sinha,S Naik,S R Naik
HLA antigen pattern of Kashmiri patients with rheumatic heart disease
M Saleem Bhat,B A Wani,P A Koul,S D Bisati,M A Khan,S U Shah
Detection of ß-thalassaemia mutation insertion ATCT at codon 47/48 by ARMS technique for screening & prenatal diagnosis
Elizabeth Thomas,I C Verma,Renu Saxena
Evaluation of some risk factors for ischaemic heart disease under a matched pairs case-control design
P K Dutta,S S Ganguly,V W Tilak
Book Review
Health Interview Surveys : Towards international harmonization of methods and instruments
Recent Advances in Leprosy
Vitamin A deficiency and its consequences - A field guide to detection and control
Sexual Medicine - A handbook
Laboratory Techniques in Rabies
Law of Medical Negligence and Compensation
The Health of Youth - A Cross-National Survey
Essential pediatrics, 4th Edition
Aging : Indian perspective and global scenario
Mental Hospitals in India
Trace elements in human nutrition and health
Book Received
Alcohol - lew is better
Quality of work environment & its impact on health & behaviour of agricultural scientists







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