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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 111

Original Article
A simplified procedure for rapid screening of vibrios for cholera toxin production
Asha Kuruvilla,Mary V Jesudason
Isolation of recent variant influenza types A (H3N2) & B strains in Pune, India during 1998
B L Rao,S S Kadam
Slime production as a virulence factor in Staphylococcus epidermidis isolated from bacterial keratitis
Gita Satpathy,Niranjan Nayak
Isolation of emetine resistant clones of Entamoeba histolytica by petri dish agar method
A Chakraborti,N Malla,N K Ganguly,R Prabhu,R Sehgal,R C Mahajan
Profile of neurologic disorders associated with HIV/AIDS from Bangalore, south India (1989-96)
A Chandramuki,A Nalini,Anita Desai,M Gourie Devi,Neelam Khanna,P Satishchandra,P N Jayakumar,S K Shankar,V Ravi,Vani Santosh
A ß-thalassaemia allele with 3 base substitution in codons 4/5 & 6 (ACT CCT GAG-> ACA TCT TAG) detected by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis & sequencing
A Cao,I C Verma,L Moi,M Demurtas,M C Rosatelli,Renu Saxena
Skeletal muscle endurance is reduced in chronically energy deficient adults
A V Kurpad,M Vaz,R Padmavathi
Prevalence of HCV & HBV infection amongst HIV seropositive intravenous drug users & their non-injecting wives in Manipur, India
A Chatterjee,B Manna,M K Saha,R Detels,S Chakrabarti,S Panda,S K Bhattacharya,T N Naik
Occurrence of sef & pef genes among different serovars of Salmonella
H Rahman,H Tschape,R Prager
Kinetics of humoral & cellular immune responses in experimental cysticercosis in pigs infected with Taenia solium
G Bhatti,,J S Grewal,N Malla,N K Ganguly,R C Mahajan,S Kaur
Genomic diversity of group A rotavirus RNA from children with acute diarrhoea in Chennai, south India
P Saravanan,S Ananthan
Epsilon aminocaproic acid in paediatric cardiac surgery to reduce postoperative blood loss
A K Bisoi,B H Rao,Nita Saxena,P Venugopal,Sandeep Chauhan
Effect of renal ischaemia reperfusion on calcium oxalate retention
A Vijaya,R Selvam
Occurrence of Salmonella typhi infection in Rourkela, Orissa
S S Bhattacharya,Usha Das
Characterization of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains by a set of MRSA phages
M D Mathur,PL Mehndiratta
Cost of mass annual single dose diethylcarbamazine distribution for the large scale control of lymphatic filariasis
A Srividya,K Krishnamoorthy,K Ramu,N B L Saxena,N C Appavoo,P K Das,Shiv Lal
Nutritional status of preschool children in the drought affected Kalahandi district of Orissa
A Mahapatra,A S Acharya,B Murmu,G Bulliyya,G Mallick,J J B Geddam,K Satyanarayana,N Marai
The development & characteristics of a physical activity questionnaire for epidemiological studies in urban middle class Indians
A V Bharathi,M Vaz,N Sandhya
Role of IgM & IgA rheumatoid factors in complement activation in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
Amita Aggarwal,Anurag Bhardwaj,Ramnath Misra,Vikas Agarwal
Effect of iron on the survival of Vibrio cholerae in water
K G Bhat,S Joseph
Prevalence of multidrug resistant organisms in an intensive care burn unit
Meenakshi Gaheer,Rama Gupta,S Uppal,Shobha Ram
Epidemiology of malaria outbreak (April/May, 1999) in Titabor Primary Health Centre, district Jorhat (Assam)
Anil Prakash,B K Goswami,C K Sharma,D R Bhattacharyya,J Mahanta,N C Hazarika,P K Mohapatra
Superoxide anions mediate proliferative response in cardiac fibroblasts
R Preeta,R Renuka Nair
Cytogenetic studies of 1001 Down syndrome cases from Andhra Pradesh, India
A Jyothy,B Uma Devi,C Kusuma Kumari,G N Mallikarjuna Rao,K S D Kumar,M Sujatha,M Swarna,P P Reddy,V Babu Rao
Total energy expenditure & physical activity level in chronically energy deficient Indian males measured by the doubly labelled water technique
A V Kurpad,P S Shetty,S Borgonha
Intratypic differentiation & partial nucleotide sequencing of poliovirus isolates of northern India
A Kapoor,J Agarwal,O M Kew,S Isomura,T N Dhole
Antigen distribution pattern of Japanese encephalitis virus in Culex tritaeniorhynchus, C. vishnui & C. pseudovishnui
A C Mishra,D T Mourya
Production of siderophores & effect of iron restriction on the protein profiles of Aeromonas species isolated from water & patients suffering from acute diarrhoeal disease
S Ananthan,S V Alavandi
Evaluation of E test for susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to primary anti tubercular drugs
Meera Sharma,Neerja Kakkar,Pallab Ray,Shiv Kumar,Sunil Sethi
Association of vitamin D receptor genotypes with the susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis in female patients & resistance in female contacts
A M Reetha,P Selvaraj,P R Narayanan
Significance of circulating immune complexes in myasthenia gravis
Annamma Mathai,C Sarada,V V Radhakrishnan
HIV-1 subtypes in injecting drug users & their non-injecting wives in Manipur, India
A Chatterjee,B Manna,Ng B Singh,R Detels,S Chakrabarti,S Sarkar,S K Bhattacharya,S Panda,T N Naik
Preliminary observations on lymphocyte subpopulations in HIV seropositive & HIV seronegative tuberculosis patients in Pune, India
D A Gadkari,D R Joshi,P Menon,R S Paranjape,S Tripathy,U Patil
Prevalence of hepatitis B infection among the primitive tribes of Andaman & Nicobar Islands
D Das,K M Murhekar,M V Murhekar,S C Sehgal,V A Arankalle
Role of molecular techniques in the detection of HBV DNA & HCV RNA among renal transplant recipients in India
C K Jacob,G Sridharan,G T John,P P Thomas,Priya Abraham,Sujatha Radhakrishnan,Sukanya Raghuraman
Low rate of Japanese encephalitis infection in rural children in Thanjavur district (Tamil Nadu), an area with extensive paddy cultivation
A Gajanana,H Vijayarani
Anti-keratin antibodies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Amita Aggarwal,B L Sharma,R Misra,Reena Rani
Book Review
New atlas of human anatomy
Teaching health statistics : Lesson and seminar outlines, 2nd Ed.
Essential preventive medicine - A clinical and applied orientation
Current issues in criminal justice and medical law : A critical focus
Solitary cysticercus granuloma - The disappearing lesion
Chemotherapy of tropical parasitic infections, 2nd edition
Spine injury and disability care
Diet and ageing: Exploring some facets
Voluntary action in health and population : The dynamics of social transition
Disinvesting in health: The World Bank prescription for health
Davies textbook of adverse drug reactions, 5th ed.
Book Received
Trick or treat - a survival guide to health care







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