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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 119

Nutritional transition in the backdrop of early life origin of adult diseases: A challenge for the future
H P S Sachdev
HAART in India: Heartening prospects & disheartening problems
T Jacob John
Heat hyperpyrexia: time to act
S Sriramachari
Wild polioviruses : can we afford to leave them in the cold?
Lalit Kant
Hepatitis A vaccine strategies and relevance in the present scenario
V A Arankalle
Time for Publish in India movement
K Satyanarayana
HCV genotyping in India - Quo vadis?
Sukanya Raghuraman,Priya Abraham
The toxicological quandary in the use of plasticizers in medical devices
V Kalliyana Krishnan,G S Bhuvaneshwar
Diagnostic relevance of detection of mycobacteraemia
V M Katoch
Breast-feeding practices in South Asia
Prema Ramachandran
Melioidosis, the mimicker of maladies
T Jacob John
Review Article
Gut microflora & toxic metals: Chromium as a model
R K Upreti,Richa Shrivastava,U C Chaturvedi
Obstacles to successful antiretroviral treatment of HIV-1 infection: problems & perspectives
Simon J Potter,Choo Beng Chew,Megan Steain,Dominic E Dwyer,Nitin K Saksena
Immune response to Leishmania infection
Simon J Potter,Choo Beng Chew,Megan Steain
Elements of medical research
A Indrayan
Digestive stimulant action of spices : A myth or reality?
Kalpana Platel,K Srinivasan
Original Article
Effect of household exposure to environmental tobacco smoke on airflow mechanics in asymptomatic healthy women
A N Aggarwal,Dheeraj Gupta,C P Sharma,S K Jindal
Serum & urinary interleukin-2 levels as predictors in acute renal allograft rejection
R K Gupta,Manoj Jain,R K Sharma
Efficacy of arteether in chloroquine resistant falciparum malaria in eastern India
P K Mandal,Nibha Sarkar,Alok Pal
Hyperhomocysteinaemia & folic acid supplementation in patients with high risk of coronary artery disease
Hangyuan Guo,Jong Dae Lee,Takanori Ueda,Jianfeng Cheng,Jiang Shan,Jian’an Wang
Comparative immunocytochemistry of isolated rat & monkey pancreatic islet cell types
S Rebecca Sujatha,Ansu Pulimood,S Gunasekaran
Rapid ELISA for the diagnosis of rotavirus
S D Kelkar,V S Bhide,S S Ranshing,S S Bedekar
Pulmonary functions in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and correlation with anthropometry and microvascular complications
Sanjeev Sinha,R Guleria,A Misra,R M Pandey,R Yadav,Sumit Tiwari
Significance of vancomycin resistant enterococci from urinary specimens at a tertiary care centre in northern India
Neelam Taneja,Phulan Rani,Rekha Emmanuel,Meera Sharma
Detection of pneumolysin in cerebrospinal fluid for rapid diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis
Reba Kanungo,M Bhaskar,A Kumar,S Badrinath,B Rajalakshmi
Effects of manipulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors on imipenem/cilastatin-induced seizures in rats
Dragana Zivanovic,Olivera Stanojlovic,Veselinka Susic
Detection of virulence attributes of Burkholderia pseudomallei
V Balaji,Mary V Jesudason,G Sridharan,K Subramanian
Effect of growth medium on hydrophobicity of Staphylococcus epidermidis
S C Das,K N Kapoor
Effect of portal venous injection of donor spleen cells on skin allograft survival in rat
Eray Kara,Gökhan \Içöz,Murat Dayangaç,Özer \Ilkgül,Hikmet Ertan,Yaman Tokat,Ender Terz\ioglu
Mechanism of action of the cisapride-induced vasodilatation in renal vasculature of rat
Ender Tekes,Banu Bayar,Selda Emre Aydingoz,Meral Tuncer
Prediction of total body muscle mass from simple anthropometric measurements in young Indian males
Rebecca Kuriyan,Anura V Kurpad
Goitrogenic content of Indian cyanogenic plant foods & their in vitro anti-thyroidal activity
Amar K Chandra,Sanjukta Mukhopadhyay,Dishari Lahari,Smritiratan Tripathy
Cytotoxin testing of environmental Aeromonas spp. in Vero cell culture
V Balaji,Mary V Jesudason,G Sridharan
Plasma cortisol response to 1-24 adrenocorticotropin in patients with treated/untreated sellar & suprasellar mass lesions
A Bhansali,P Sreenivasulu,K A V Subrahmanyam,B R Sharma,R J Dash
Residual breast tissue in the skin flaps after Patey mastectomy
Mallika Tewari,Kundan Kumar,Mohan Kumar,H S Shukla
Detecting mycobacteraemia for diagnosing tuberculosis
S Thambu David,Umadevi Mukundan,K N Brahmadathan,T Jacob John
Duration of breast-feeding in Bangladesh
M S Giashuddin,M Kabir
Performance evaluation of APACHE II score for an Indian patient with respiratory problems
Rajnish Gupta,V K Arora
Rapid discrimination between strains of beta haemolytic streptococci by intact cell mass spectrometry
M Palani Kumar,M Vairamani,N Prasada Raju,Charmaine Lobo,N Anbumani,C P Girish Kumar,Thangam Menon,S Shanmugasundaram
Online visibility and availability of journals can attract authors and readers
Akheel A Syed
Diagnosis of rotavirus infection
J M Deshpande
Book Review
Children with developmental disabilities: A training guide for parents, teachers and caregivers
Combating AIDS: Communication strategies in action
Book Received
Basic laboratory procedures in clinical bacteriology, 2nd edition







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