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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 123

Indias leading role in tuberculosis epidemiology and control
Christopher Dye Christopher Dye
Human resources for health
Prema Ramachandran
Publish no evil : Should editors publish research that could have dual-use?
Lalit Kant
Road traffic injuries and fatalities in India - a modern epidemic
Dinesh Mohan
Clinical safety issues in developing and testing of vaginal microbicides
Smita Joshi,Sanjay Mehendale
The Journal on the move
K Satyanarayana
The IF of IJMR is on the rise
K Satyanarayana,N C Jain
Microbicide development: new challenges
S D Seth,Bhawna Sharma,Rahmat Bano,N K Ganguly
Data protection issues in India
K Satyanarayana,S Srivastava,N K Ganguly
Leishmaniasis research - the challenges ahead
C P Thakur
Elimination of leishmaniasis (kala-azar) from the Indian subcontinent is technically feasible and operationally achievable
S K Bhattacharya,Dipika Sur,P K Sinha,Juntra Karbwang
Tobacco control in India
Prakash C Gupta
Randomized study of effect of different doses of vitamin A on childhood morbidity and mortality - claiming benefit when there is none !
K Vijayaraghavan
Indian registry for clinical trials
K Satyanarayana,Anju Sharma,N K Ganguly
Rapid diagnosis of typhoid fever
Tharwat F Ismail
Comments on the new analysis of the Chingleput BCG trial
Graham A W Rook,Louise U Kim
TB control - a long way to go
Mridula Bose
Effect of myocardial ischaemia and reperfusion on brain
S K Shankar,B S Shankaranarayana Rao
Tumour necrosis factor and dengue
U C Chaturvedi
Cholera: time for action
M John Albert
Is there a change in seroepidemiology of hepatitis A infection in India?
P Kar
Chlamydia trachomatis and infertility
Krishna Ray
Smear microscopy to diagnose tuberculosis
V M Katoch
IgA deficiency: Implications for transfusion
Neelam Marwaha
Obesity and abdominal obesity in Asian Indians
V Mohan,R Deepa
Pharmacogenomic studies: hype and reality
P Pandhi
Review Article
Psychotropics in pregnancy: weighing the risks
Sandeep Grover,Ajit Avasthi,Yogesh Sharma
Drug resistance in amoebiasis
Devendra Bansal,Nancy Malla,R C Mahajan
Epigenetic therapy - a new development in pharmacology
Jacob Peedicayil
Low carbohydrate diets for weight loss: Historical and environmental perspective
Prakash Seshadri,Nayyar Iqbal
Mycobacterium leprae interactions with the host cell: recent advances
Lucia P Barker
Glycobiology of Leishmania donovani
Sumi Mukhopadhyay,Chitra Mandal
Topoisomerase research of kinetoplastid parasite Leishmania, with special reference to development of therapeutics
Benu Brata Das,Nilkantha Sen,Somdeb Bose Dasgupta,Agneyo Ganguly,Rakhee Das,Hemanta K Majumder
Apoptosis in Leishmania species and its relevance to disease
Chandrima Shaha
Immune responses in kala-azar
Samiran Saha,Smriti Mondal,Antara Banerjee,Jayeeta Ghose,Sudipta Bhowmick,Nahid Ali
Pathophysiology of visceral leishmaniasis - some recent concepts
Nancy Malla,R C Mahajan
The epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis in Bangladesh: prospects for improved control
Caryn Bern,Rajib Chowdhury
Visceral leishmaniasis in the New World and Africa
Jonathan Berman
Challenges in the diagnosis of post kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis
Poonam Salotra,Ruchi Singh
New developments in diagnosis of leishmaniasis
Sarman Singh
Visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar): Challenges ahead
R K Singh,H P Pandey,S Sundar
Visceral leishmaniasis - current therapeutic modalities
Shyam Sundar,Mitali Chatterjee
Childhood visceral leishmaniasis
S K Bhattacharya,Dipika Sur,Juntra Karbwang
Leishmania/HIV co-infections in the second decade
Israel Cruz,Javier Nieto,Javier Moreno,Carmen Cantilde;avate,Philippe Desjeux,Jorge Alvar
Drug unresponsiveness and combination therapy for kala-azar
T K Jha
Current scenario of drug development for leishmaniasis
Simon L Croft,Karin Seifert,Vanessa Yardley
Drug resistance mechanisms in clinical isolates of Leishmania donovani
Neeloo Singh
Leishmaniasis vaccine candidates for development: A global overview
Ali Khamesipour,Sima Rafati,Noushin Davoudi,Fereidoun Maboudi,Farrokh Modabber
Animal models for vaccine studies for visceral leishmaniasis
Ravendra Garg,Anuradha Dube
Genetically modified live attenuated parasites as vaccines for leishmaniasis
Angamuthu Selvapandiyan,Robert Duncan,Alain Debrabant,Nancy Lee,G Sreenivas,Poonam Salotra,Hira L Nakhasi
Vector control in leishmaniasis
K Kishore,V Kumar,S Kesari,D S Dinesh,A J Kumar,P Das,S K Bhattacharya
Journey from hepatocyte transplantation to hepatic stem cells: A novel treatment strategy for liver diseases
A Aleem Khan,N Parveen,M A Habeeb,C M Habibullah
Diagnostic methods for detection and isolation of dengue viruses from vector mosquitoes
P Philip Samuel,B K Tyagi
Hyperthermia induced brain oedema: Current status and future perspectives
Hari Shanker Sharma
Original Article
Circulating levels of tumour necrosis factor-alpha; and interferon-gamma; in patients with dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever during an outbreak
Anita Chakravarti,Rajni Kumaria
Epidemiological, microbiological and electron microscopic study of a cholera outbreak in a Kolkata slum community
Dipika Sur,B L Sarkar,B Manna,J Deen,S Datta,S K Niyogi,A N Ghosh,A Deb,S Kanungo,A Palit,S K Bhattacharya
Anti-HBc and HBV-DNA detection in blood donors negative for hepatitis B virus surface antigen in reducing risk of transfusion associated HBV infection
A Behzad Behbahani,,A Mafi Nejad,S Z Tabei,K B Lankarani,A Torab,A Moaddeb
Increased endocytic activity in monocyte-derived dendritic cells in patients with psoriasis vulgaris
Ke Jian Zhu,Hao Cheng,Xiao Hong Mao,Li Min Lao,Jian Ping Cen,Jun Ye
Serosurvey of rubella in five blocks of Tamil Nadu
Nalini Ramamurty,S Murugan,D Raja,Varalaksmi Elango,Mohana,D Dhanagaran
Ultra low volume aerosol application of deltacide (deltamethrin 0.5% w/v, S-bioallethrin 0.71% w/v and piperonyl butoxide 8.9% w/v) against mosquitoes
R Srinivasan,M Kalyanasundaram
Occurrence of Aeromonas hydrophila in acute gasteroenteritis among children
Rathinasamy Subashkumar,Thangavelu Thayumanavan,Govindhasamy Vivekanandhan,Perumalsamy Lakshmanaperumalsamy
Phenotypic characters of urinary isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and their association with mouse renal colonization
Rahul Mittal,Rakesh K Khandwaha,Varsha Gupta,P K Mittal,Kusum Harjai
Androgen and vitamin D nuclear receptor expression in archival breast tumour samples
B S Satish Rao,B R Krishnanand,Awtar Krishan
Prevalence and phenotypic expression of sopB gene among clinical isolates of Salmonella enterica
H Rahman
Simultaneous ethambutol and isoniazid resistance in clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Pushpa Gupta,G P S Jadaun,Ram Das,U D Gupta,Kiran Srivastava,Aradhana Chauhan,V D Sharma,D S Chauhan,V M Katoch
Changes in the expression of c-fos and heat shock protein genes and blood flow velocity in the brain of rats undergoing myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion
Shuguang Wang,Xiaohu Xu,Li Gu
Genotype analysis of human Mycobacterium avium isolates from India
Sujeet Kumar,Mridula Bose,Mohammad Isa
Isolation and antimicrobial susceptibility of Shigella from patients with acute gastroenteritis in western Nepal
Godwin Wilson,Joshy M Easow,Chiranjoy Mukhopadhyay,P G Shivananda
Relationship between Anopheles fluviatilis and A. stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae) catches and the prevalence of malaria cases at Kalsi area in Dehradun district (Uttaranchal)
N Pemola Devi,R K Jauhari
Mycological profile of infectious Keratitis from Delhi
Rumpa Saha,Shukla Das
Detection of Mycobacterium avium and M. tuberculosis from human sputum cultures by PCR-RFLP analysis of hsp65 gene and pncA PCR
A S Bannalikar,Rishendra Verma
Filiform papillae in the mucosa of the human vaginal wall
Daisy Sahni,Indar Jit,Kusum Joshi,Indu Gupta
Seroprevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in health care workers of a tertiary care centre in New Delhi
Nidhi Jindal,Mohit Jindal,Nishat Jilani,P Kar
Aspergillus fumigatus, Pneumocystis jiroveci, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Mycoplasma fermentans co-infection in a HIV infected patient with respiratory conditions from southern India
E M Shankar,Nagalingeswaran Kumarasamy,Ramachandran Rajan,P Balakrishnan,Suniti Solomon,Bella Devaleenol,U A Rao
Pre- and post-treatment evaluation of immunological features in Indian visceral leishmaniasis (VL) patients with HIV co-infection
P K Sinha,Sanjiva Bimal,S K Singh,Krishna Pandey,D N Gangopadhyay,S K Bhattacharya
Co-prescription of alginate based formulations and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) in gastro-oesophageal reflux disease : time for rethink?
S Davis,N A Kshirsagar
Prospective evaluation of a rapid diagnostic test Typhidotreg; for typhoid fever
Mary V Jesudason,S Sivakumar
Administration of an alginate based gastric reflux suppressant on the bioavailability of omeprazole
P W Dettmar,F C Hampson,A Jain Jain,S Choubey,S L Little,T Baxter
Optimization of media composition for the production of cyclosporin A by Tolypocladium species
K Balaraman,Nisha Mathew
Estimation of iodine in salt fortified with iodine and iron
S Ranganathan,M G Karmarkar
Periodontal and systemic bone changes in rats with experimental lathyrism
Gonca Keles,Tarik Basoglu,Oktay Yapici,Burcu Ozkan Cetinkaya,Gokhan Acikgoz,Erhan Firatli
Acceptability of Praneem polyherbal vaginal tablet among HIV uninfected women and their male partners in Pune India - Phase I study
N S Joglekar,S N Joshi,S N Navlakha,U R Katti,S M Mehendale
Nipah/Hendra virus outbreak in Siliguri, West Bengal, India in 2001
A K Harit,R L Ichhpujani,Sunil Gupta,K S Gill,Shiv Lal,N K Ganguly,S P Agarwal
Production of murine monoclonal anti-B
Y S Iyer,K Vasantha,P Manisha,S Jadhav,S C Gupte,D Mohanty
Urine nevirapine as a predictor of antiretroviral adherence
A K Hemanth Kumar,Geetha Ramachandran,Banu Saradha,G Narendran,Soumya Swaminathan
Low prevalence of IgA deficiency in north Indian population
Shelly Chandran,Dheeraj Khetan,Rajendra Chaudhary,Ramnath Misra,Amita Aggarwal
Relationship of anthropometric indicators with blood pressure levels in rural Wardha
P R Deshmukh,S S Gupta,A R Dongre,M S Bharambe,C Maliye,S Kaur,B S Garg
Influence of the CYP2C9 and CYP2C19 polymorphisms on phenytoin hydroxylation in healthy individuals from south India
J Rosemary,A Surendiran,S Rajan,C H Shashindran,C Adithan
Polymerase chain reaction for early diagnosis of post-operative fungal endophthalmitis
Bansidhar Tarai,A Gupta,P Ray,M R Shivaprakash,A Chakrabarti
High prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its correlates in two tribal populations of India and the impact of urbanization
Sobhanjan Sarkar,Mithun Das,Barun Mukhopadhyay,C S Chakrabarti,Partha P Majumder
Elevated percentage of perforin positive cells in active pulmonary tuberculosis
D Nisha Rajeswari,P Selvaraj,M S Jawahar,A R Adhilakshmi,M Vidyarani,P R Narayanan
Molecular typing of Salmonella enterica serotype Worthington isolates from infantile diarrhoea
Lata Kapoor,Hatem K Eideh,Shamweel Ahmad,Pankaj Lal,Monorama Deb,S S Thukral
Serological and entomological investigations of an outbreak of dengue fever in certain rural areas of Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu
R Paramasivan,V Thenmozhi,J Hiriyan,K Dhananjeyan,B Tyagi,A P Dash
DOTS at a tertiary care center in northern India: successes, challenges and the next steps in tuberculosis control
Mohammad Tahir,S K Sharma,Duncan smith Rohrberg,Deepak Gupta,U B Singh,P K Sinha
Emergence of ciprofloxacin resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae in north India
Sunil Sethi,Dharmendra Sharma,S D Mehta,Bhupinder Singh,Manu Smriti,Bhushan Kumar,Meera Sharma
Molecular characterization of hepatitis A virus from a large outbreak from Kerala, India
V A Arankalle,K L Sarada Devi,K S Lole,K T Shenoy,V Verma,M Haneephabi
Chlamydia trachomatis infection and female infertility
Abida Malik,S Jain,S Hakim,I Shukla,M Rizvi
A novel method of staining acid-fast bacilli in sputum containers
N Selvakumar,D Ravikumar,S Sivagamasundari,P G Gopi,P R Narayanan
Impact of oral vitamin E supplementation on oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in patients with polymorphous light eruption
Rafat S Ahmed,Sanvidhan G Suke,Vandana Seth,Annu Jain,Sambit Nath Bhattacharya,Basu Dev Banerjee
Disease mapping using mixture distribution
K Chandrasekaran,G Arivarignan
Gastroprotective effect of Cissus quadrangularis extract in rats with experimentally induced ulcer
Mallika Jainu,K Vijai Mohan,C S Shyamala Devi
Association of conversion and cure with initial smear grading among new smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients treated with Category I regimen
P G Gopi,V Chandrasekaran,R Subramani,T Santha,A Thomas,N Selvakumar,P R Narayanan
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist gene polymorphism in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in India
S Grover,S Tandon,R Misra,A Aggarwal
Toxigenicity testing of clinical isolates of non-typhoidal salmonellae in Vero cell culture and Caenorhabditis elegans model
Mary V Jesudason,V V Balaji,Shoba Densibai
Iodine deficiency disorders among the pregnant women in a rural hospital of West Bengal
Indranil Chakraborty,Subhromoy Chatterjee,Debjani Bhadra,B B Mukhopadhyaya,Anindya Dasgupta,Bulbul Purkait
Species distribution and antimicrobial susceptibility of coagulase negative Staphylococci in a tertiary care hospital
Ritu Singhal,Shikha Dhawan,Srujana Mohanty,Seema Sood,Benu Dhawan,Bimal Das,Arti Kapil
Inducible clindamycin resistance in clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus
Ravisekhar Gadepalli,Benu Dhawan,Srujana Mohanty,Arti Kapil,Bimal K Das,Rama Chaudhry
High fertility among scheduled tribes of Madhya Pradesh
Kalyan B Saha,Arvind Verma
Which hantaviruses in India ?
Jan Clement,Piet Maes,Marc Van Ranst
Keeping the promise in stopping HIV/AIDS: Can India succeed?
Govindasamy Agoramoorthy,Minna J Hsu
Seroprevalence of rubella in pregnant women in Delhi, India
Ekta Gupta,Lalit Dar,Shobha Broor
Prevalence of visceral leishmania and HIV co-infection in Nepal
R L Gurubacharya,S M Gurubacharya,D L Gurubacharya,J Quinkel,V L Gurubacharya
Vitamin A deficiency in children
U Kapil
Book Review
Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart diseases
Clinical electroencephalography
Concise International Chemical Assessment Documents (CICADs)
The catalyst: a tribute to a professor
Trends and research in Leishmaniasis, with particular reference to kala azar.
Mental health: Facing the challenges, building solutions
Book Received
Diagnostic parasitology







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