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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 126

Polio eradication and India - Bringing science into public health
T Jacob John
The current status of international standards for child growth
Nita Bhandari,Mercedes de Onis
Motivating leaders to ldquo;Keep the Promiserdquo;? : Thoughts on appropriate, adequate and accessible HIV/AIDS services
Lois M Takahashi
Resurrection of DDT : A critical appraisal
A P Dash,K Raghavendra,M K K Pillai
We are surging ahead!
K Satyanarayana
A health perspective of indoor air pollution
S K Jindal
Rapid oral fluid-based point-of-care HIV testing: applicability in developing countries
Nitika Pant Pai
Quest for universal red cell units
Dipika Mohanty
Spotted fevers and typhus fever in Tamil Nadu
H V Batra
Outcome of critically ill HIV infected patients - A huge need for early screening
Jean Franccedil;ois Timsit
Identifying human cytomegalovirus genotypes and defining their clinical significance
Lalit Dar
The polio eradication initiative in India : Need for evidence based actions
N K Arora,R Dasgupta,L Sushant
Chikungunya virus infection - a resurgent scourge
Asha Mary Abraham,Gopalan Sridharan
Burns, antimicrobial resistance and infection control
Meera Sharma,Neelam Taneja
Clinical utility of antinuclear antibodies : titrating the serum first
Ajay Wanchu
Chronic kidney disease in India-a hidden epidemic
Madhumati Rao,Brian J G Pereira
External proficiency testing programme and quality of haematology tests in India
Neelam Varma
Cognitive functioning in schizophrenia : its relevance to rehabilitation
R Thara,Anuradha
Miliary tuberculosis and its sequelae
V K Vijayan
Locally available and natural therapeutic foods for immunomodulation in protein energy malnutrition
K E Elizabeth
Review Article
The role of epigenetics in mental disorders
Jacob Peedicayil
Laboratory-based dengue fever surveillance in Tamil Nadu, India
T John Victor,M Malathi,R Asokan,P Padmanaban
Financial burden of health services for people with HIV/AIDS in India
N Kumarasamy,K K Venkatesh,K H Mayer,Kenneth Freedberg
Lead hepatotoxicity and potential health effects
Anuradha Mudipalli
G-protein coupled receptors and autism - Reflections on a double-edged sword at the example of the oxytocin receptor system
Roy U Rojas Walh
Factors affecting the expression of recombinant glycoproteins
Mercy Devasahayam
An update on newer beta;-lactamases
Varsha Gupta
Poverty nutrition linkages
Prema Ramachandran
The negative effects of poverty and food insecurity on child development
Mariana Chilton,Michelle Chyatte,Jennifer Breaux
Poverty, social stress and mental health
A Kuruvilla,K S Jacob
Social evils, poverty and health
Rajeev Gupta,Praneet Kumar
Tobacco, education and health
P C Gupta Gupta,Cecily S Ray
Tobacco use and social status in Kerala
K R Thankappan,C U Thresia
Poverty and health: Criticality of public financing
Ravi Duggal
Racial discrimination and health: Pathways and evidence
Ameena T Ahmed,Selina A Mohammed,David R Williams
Gender equity and human development
Swarna S Vepa
Battered bodies and shattered minds: Violence against women in Bangladesh
Tania Wahed,Abbas Bhuiya
Social exclusion, caste and health: A review based on the social determinants framework
K R Nayar
Poverty alleviation programmes in India: A social audit
C A K Yesudian
Widening economic and social disparities: Implications for India
N J Kurian
Rural poverty reduction through centrally sponsored schemes
N C Saxena
Poverty, health and intellectual property rights with special reference to India
K Satyanarayana,S Srivastava
Psychiatric epidemiology in India
Suresh Bada Math,C R Chandrashekar,Dinesh Bhugra
Original Article
Pre-tertiary hospital care of patients with chronic kidney disease in India
Santosh Varughese,G T John,S Alexander,M N Deborah,N Nithya,I Ahamed,V Ramilarasi,C K Jacob
Antinuclear antibodies by indirect immunofluorescence : Optimum screening dilution for diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus
P Ghosh,S Dwivedi,Sita Naik,Vikas Agarwal,Anupam Verma,Amita Aggarwal,Ramnath Misra
Comparative evaluation of smear cytology and hybrid capture II for the diagnosis of cervical cancer
Kamlesh Kumar,Vendateswaran K Iyer,Neerja Bhatla,Alka Kriplani,Kusum Verma
In vitro antimalarial activity of methylene blue against field isolates of Plasmodium falciparum from children in Southwest Nigeria
O G Ademowo,C M Nneji,A D A Adedapo
Toxoplasma seroprevalence in healthy voluntary blood donors from urban Karnataka
P Sundar,A Mahadevan,R S Jayshree,D K Subbakrishna,S K Shankar
Association of mycobacteria with Eales disease
K L Therese,P Deepa,J Therese,R Bagyalakshmi,J Biswas,H N Madhavan
Antibiotic resistance profile and extended spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) production in Acinetobacter species
Mahua Sinha,H Srinivasa,R Macaden
Estrogen-like activity of volatile components from Vitex rotundifolia L.
Yuan Hu,Ting Ting Hou,Hai Liang Xin,Qiao Yan Zhang,Han Chen Zheng,Khalid Rahman,Lu Ping Qin
Pharmacovigilance in kala-azar patients with severe thrombocytopenia caused by sodium antimony gluconate and miltefosine
C P Thakur,A Kumar,G Mitra,S Thakur,M Thakur
Mortality and clinical characteristics of hospitalized adult patients with HIV in Pune, India
Ramona Sobhani,Anita Basavaraj,Amita Gupta,Ashok S Bhave,Dilip B Kadam,Shashikala A Sangle,Haridas B Prasad,Joline Choi,Joshua Josephs,Kelly A Gebo,Shweta N Morde,Robert C Bollinger Jr,Arjun L Kakrani
Comparative efficacy of PCR-based restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) and multiplex PCR for glycoprotein B (gB) genotyping of human cytomegalovirus
P Sowmya,V Dhanya,H N Madhavan,K L Therese
Mother-to-child transmission of HIV among women who chose not to exclusively breastfeed their infants in Pune, India
Amita Gupta,Nikhil Gupte,Jayagowri Sastry,Kapila E Bharucha,Ramesh Bhosale,Poorva Kulkarni,Srikanth Tripathy,Uma Nayak,Mridula Phadke,Robert C Bollinger,BJMCJHU MIT Study Team
Interleukin-12B and interleukin-10 gene polymorphisms in pulmonary tuberculosis
S Prabhu Anand,P Selvaraj,M S Jawahar,A R Adhilakshmi,P R Narayanan
Effect of platelet-activating factor on cell proliferation and NF-kgr;B activation in airway smooth muscle cells in rats
Song Ying fang,Hong Jing fang,Li Huan zhang,Qi Hao wen
Pulsed field gel electrophoresis and plasmid profile of Pseudomonas aeruginosa at two hospitals in Tehran, Iran
V S Nikbin,A Abdi Ali,M M Feizabadi,S Gharavi
Ecological study on mosquito vectors of Japanese encephalitis virus in Bellary district, Karnataka
P C Kanojia
High resolution CT (HRCT) in miliary tuberculosis (MTB) of the lung: Correlation with pulmonary function tests and gas exchange parameters in north Indian patients
S N J Pipavath,S K Sharma,S Sinha,S Mukhopadhyay,M S Gulati
A pilot study on the effects of curd (dahi) and leaf protein concentrate in children with protein energy malnutrition (PEM)
Pooja Dewan,Iqbal Kaur,D Chattopadhya,M M A Faridi,K N Agarwal
Level of oxidative stress in the red blood cells of patients with liver cirrhosis
A Geetha,M D Lakshmi Priya,S Annie Jeyachristy,R Surendran
Prevalence and risk factors for hepatitis C virus among pregnant women
Ashok Kumar,K Aparna Sharma,R K Gupta,P Kar,Anita Chakravarti
Prevalence and susceptibility to fluconazole of Candida species causing vulvovaginitis
Srujana Mohanty,Immaculata Xess,Fahmi Hasan,Arti Kapil,Suneeta Mittal,Jorge E Tolosa
Detection of Amp C beta lactamases production in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella by an inhibitor based method
V Hemalatha,M Padma,Uma Sekar,T M Vinodh,A S Arunkumar
Glycaemic evaluation of Psidium guajava in rats
P K Rai,S K Singh,A N Kesari,Geeta Watal
The social determinants of childhood mortality in Sri Lanka: timetrends and comparisons across South Asia
Tanja A J Houweling,Saroj Jayasinghe,Tarani Chandola
Impact of external haematology proficiency testing programme on quality of laboratories
Renu Saxena,S C Katoch,Upendra Srinivas,Seema Rao,Hema Anand
Cognitive functions in stable schizophrenia and euthymic state of bipolar disorder
J K Trivedi,Dishanter Goel,Sachin Sharma,A P Singh,P K Sinha,Rajul Tandon
Effect of pretreatment with chromium picolinate on haematological parameters during dengue virus infection in mice
Richa Shrivastava,R Nagar,G A Ravishankar,R K Upreti,U C Chaturvedi
A new strategy for elimination of kala-azar from rural Bihar
C P Thakur
Sputum conversion at the end of intensive phase of Category-1 regimen in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients with diabetes mellitus or HIV infection: An analysis of risk factors
V V Banu Rekha,Rani Balasubramanian,Soumya Swaminathan,Rajeswari Ramachandran,Fathima Rahman,V Sundaram,K Thyagarajan,N Selvakumar,A R Adhilakshmi,Sheik Iliayas,P R Narayanan
Production and purification of a fibrinolytic enzyme (thrombinase) from Bacillus sphaericus
K Balaraman,G Prabakaran
SCA 1, SCA 2 and SCA 3/MJD mutations in ataxia syndromes in southern India
Nithin Krishna,Surendra Mohan,B S Yashavantha,A Rammurthy,H B Kiran Kumar,Uma Mittal,Shivani Tyagi,Mitali Mukerji,Sanjeev Jain,Pramod Kumar Pal,Meera Purushottam
Effect of vitamin C on blood glucose, serum lipids and serum insulin in type 2 diabetes patients
Mohammad Afkhami Ardekani,Ahmad Shojaoddiny Ardekani
Prevalence of goitre in 6 -12 years school-going children of Panchmahal district in Gujarat, India
S Misra,S L Kantharia,J R Damor
Effect of NR-ANX-C (a polyherbal formulation) on haloperidol induced catalepsy in albino mice
Vinod Nair,Albina Arjuman,P Dorababu,H N Gopalakrishna,U Chakradhar Rao,Lalit Mohan
Seroepidemiology of poliovirus antibody among the children in Eastern Turkey
Serhat Vancelik,Asuman Guraksin,Ahmet Ayyildiz,N E Beyhun
Molecular characterization of chikungunya virus from Andhra Pradesh, India and phylogenetic relationship with Central African isolates
C V M Naresh Kumar,A M Anthony Johnson,D V R Sai Gopal
Bacterial infections in burn patients at a burn hospital in Iran
Alireza Ekrami,Enayat Kalantar
Bacteriological and epidemiological characteristics of diphtheria cases in and around Delhi A retrospective study
N C Sharma,J N Banavaliker,Rajesh Ranjan,Rajnish Kumar
Clinical features and risk factors associated with cryptosporidiosis in HIV infected adults in India
S S Rao Ajjampur,J R Asirvatham,Dheepa Muthusamy,B P Gladstone,O C m Abraham,Dilip Mathai,Honorine Ward,Christine Wanke,Gagandeep Kang
Mechanism of infection of a human isolate Salmonella (3,10:r:-) in chicken ileum: Ultrastructural study
Rakesh Chander YashRoy
Kinetics of microfilaraemia and antigenaemia status by Og 4 C 3 ELISA in bancroftian filariasis
Nancy Malla,A Elango,S P Pani,R C Mahajan
Identification and differentiation of Mycobacterium avium and M. intracellulare by PCR- RFLP assay using the groES gene
V Aravindhan,S Sulochana,Sujatha Narayanan,C N Paramasivam,P R Narayanan
Counselling needs of persons exposed to human immunodeficiency virus
G Alexander,B J Sunitha,L K Chitra,P S Rao
New multilocus sequence types of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from patients with respiratory infections in India
M Shariff,S S Thukral,B Beall
Penicillium marneffei infection in a HIV infected child
Ajanta Sharma,N K Hazarika,Purnima Barua,Indrani Dey,N K Tudu
Resurrection of DDT
P Nagaraja Rao
Resurrection of DDT : need for caution
N Sivagnaname
Aerobic jejunal fluid bacteria in patients with gastrointestinal disorders
Chetana Vaishnavi,Satnam Singh,Rakesh Kochhar
Abnormal serum pancreatic enzymes in an HIV infected child
Ira Shah
Chronic kidney disease in India
C Shyam,V Sreenivas,K V Dakshinamurty
Detection of ESBLs using third and fourth generation cephalosporins in double disc synergy test
Varsha Gupta,Nidhi Singla,Jagdish Chander
Agar gel disk as an alternative to paper disk diffusion antimicrobial susceptibility test
V J Katkar,S D Kapale
Effect of storage temperature on cholesterol measurement from dried blood
R Quraishi,R Lakshmy,D Prabhakaran,M Irshad,A K Mukhopadhyay,B L Jailkhani
Pathogenic rapidly growing - Mycobacterium manitobense in the environment of Agra, north India
Deepti Parashar,Ram Das,V D Sharma,D S Chauhan,V M Katoch
Book Review
Disease control priorities, related to mental,neurological, developmental and substance abuse disorders (World Health Organization, Geneva)
Ethical guidelines for biomedical research on human participants (Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi)
Health system performance assessment - World Health Survey–2003 India
Building foundations for eHealth, Progress of Member States, Report of the WHO Global Observatory for eHealth
WHO Report 2007: Global tuberculosis control surveillance
Book Received
Genetics for clinicians







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