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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 129

Together we care: new challenges for global haemophilia treatment centers
Massimo Franchini,Giuseppe Lippi
Human centriole: origin, and how it impacts fertilization, embryogenesis, infertility and cloning
A Henry Sathananthan
Commission on Social Determinants in Health: A piece meal move?
K R Nayar,Sonali Sahni Kapoor
Shift to Th2 cytokine response in dengue haemorrhagic fever
U C Chaturvedi
World Tuberculosis Day 2009: Partnership for TB care
Hannah Monica Yesudian,Mario C Raviglione
Influenza A (H1N1): responding to a pandemic threat
Jai P Narain,Rajesh Bhatia
Pictorial health warnings are a must for effective tobacco control
K Srinath Reddy,Monika Arora
Salt never calls itself sweet
Ragavendra R Baliga,Jagat Narula
The complex challenge of setting priorities in health research investments
Igor Rudan
High risk behaviours and alcohol dependence
S K Mattoo,S M Singh
The need for longitudinal measurements at altitude
A V Kurpad
Ectopic Cushings syndrome: Some facts
Roberto Salvatori
Challenges in providing HIV care to paediatric age group in India
Partha Haldar,D C S Reddy
Lactobacilli as probiotics against genital infections
Sunil Sethi,Gagandeep Singh,Meera Sharma
Muscoid fl ies in tsunami hit areas and their management
Shri Prakash,S N Tikar
Detection of dengue viral infections in Aedes mosquitoes: An essential tool for epidemiological surveillance
T John Victor
Water contamination: The way forward
Philip C Njemanze
Evaluation of chromatographic and electrophoretic methods for diagnosis of the beta;-thalassaemias
Roshan B Colah
TPMT gene polymorphisms: On the doorstep of personalized medicine
Sonja Pavlovic
Metabolic syndrome as a marker of risk in type 2 diabetes
Rajeev Gupta
Review Article
Oxidative stress and male infertility
Kartikeya Makker,Ashok Agarwal,Rakesh Sharma
Animal models of tuberculosis for vaccine development
U D Gupta,V M Katoch
Informed consent and ethical issues in paediatric psychopharmacology
Savita Malhotra,B N Subodh
Cellular and molecular basis of HIV-associated neuropathogenesis
Deepak Sharma,Jayanta Bhattacharya
Potassium channels in health, disease and development of channel modulators
Selvarajan Sandhiya,Steven Aibor Dkhar
Diet and insulin resistance: A review and Asian Indian perspective
Sumit Isharwal,Anoop Misra,J S Wasir,Priyanka Nigam
Original Article
Ectopic Cushingapos;s syndrome: Experience from a tertiary care centre
A Bhansali,Rama Walia,S S Rana,P Dutta,B D Radotra,N Khandelwal,S K Bhadada
Demographic and clinical profile of HIV infected children accessing care at Tambaram, Chennai, India
S Rajasekaran,L Jeyaseelan,K Raja,N Ravichandran
Improved estimates of Indias HIV burden in 2006
Arvind Pandey,Dandu C S Reddy,Peter D Ghys,Mariamma Thomas,Damodar Sahu,Madhulekha Bhattacharya,Kanchan D Maiti,Fred Arnold,Shashi Kant,Ajay Khera,Renu Garg
Establishment of T-lymphocyte subset reference intervals in a healthy adult population in Chennai, India
K G Murugavel,P Balakrishnan,J Mohanakrishnan,S S Solomon,E M Shankar,Sandeep Pulimi Muthu Sundaram,Nagalingeswaran Kumarasamy,Estelle Piwowar Manning,Edward Livant,K H Mayer,S P Thyagarajan,Suniti Solomon
Role of acute viral hepatitis as a confounding factor in antituberculosis treatment induced hepatotoxicity
Pawan Sarda,S K Sharma,Alladi Mohan,Govind Makharia,Arvind Jayaswal,R M Pandey,Sarman Singh
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) Glu 298 rArr;Asp polymorphism (G894T) among south Indians
N S Nishevitha,T Angeline,Nirmala Jeyaraj
Murine monoclonal anti-H as typing reagent
Y S Iyer,K Vasantha,V Pujari,S Jadhav,K Ghosh
Systemic manifestations in chronic arsenic toxicity in absence of skin lesions in West Bengal
K K Majumdar,D N Guha Mazumder,N Ghose,A Ghose,S Lahiri
An exploratory clinical study of adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder from India
Prabhat Sitholey,Vivek Agarwal,Swapnil Sharma
Expression of class III beta;-tubulin in colorectal carcinomas: an immunohistochemical study using TU-20 and TuJ-1 antibody
Tomaacute;scaron; Jiraacute;sek,Scaron;imon Cipro,A Musilovaacute;,M Kubecovaacute;,V Mandys
An increase in enteric fever cases due to Salmonella Paratyphi A in and around Chandigarh
arsha Gupta,Jaspal Kaur,Jagdish Chander
Addition of isovitalex in chocolate agar for the isolation of Haemophilus influenzae
S K Saha,A H Baqui,G L Darmstadt,M Islam,S E Arifeen,M Santosham,T Nagatake,R E Black
Body composition and cardiovascular functions in healthy males acclimatized to desert and high altitude
Amitabh,V K Singh,Praveen Vats,S Kishnani,S N Pramanik,S N Singh,Shashi Bala Singh,P K Banerjee
Influence of squalene feeding on plasma leptin, testosterone and blood pressure in rats
Yuxi Liu,Xianhuan Xu,Dingren Bi,Xiliang Wang,Xixiong Zhang,Hanchuan Dai,Shunyou Chen,Weimin Zhang
Effects of hypoxia inducible factor-1alpha; (HIF-1alpha;) on the growth and adhesion in tongue squamous cell carcinoma cells
Ying Song,Wenxia Wang,Xun Qu,Shanzhen Sun
Asymmetrical release of interleukin-6 by cultured cerebral cortical astrocytes treated with lipopolysaccharide
Juan Zhang,Yuanli Gao,Yanqin Shen,Kangsheng Li
Organic anion transporter protein (OATP1B1) encoded by SLCO1B1 gene polymorphism (388A>G) and susceptibility in gallstone disease
Charulata Jindal,Sandeep Kumar,Gourdas Choudhari,Himanshu Goel,Balraj Mittal
Biochemical analysis of protein stability in human brain collected at different post-mortem intervals
Ramesh Chandana,R B Mythri,Anita Mahadevan,S K Shankar,M M Srinivas Bharath
Study of water supply and sanitation practices in India using geographic information systems: Some design and other considerations in a village setting
Srila Gopal,Rajiv Sarkar,Kalyan Banda,Jeyanthi Govindarajan,B B Harijan,M B Jeyakumar,Philip Mitta,M E Sadanala,Tryphena Selwyn,c R Suresh,V A Thomas,Pethuru Devadason,Ranjit Kumar,David Selvapandian,Gagandeep Kang,Vinohar Balraj
Comparison of fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) with HPLC, electrophoresis microcolumn chromatography techniques for the diagnosis of beta;-thalassaemia
S Tangvarasittichai,O Tangvarasittichai,N Jermnim
Doctorsapos; behaviour and skills for tobacco cessation in Kerala
K R Thankappan,A S Pradeepkumar,Mark Nichter
Haematological and molecular profile of acute myelogenous leukaemia in India
Sudha Sazawal,Bijender Kumar,Syed khizer Hasan,Pankhi Dutta,Rajat Kumar,Rekha Chaubey,Rashid Mir,Renu Saxena
Prognostic factors in gastric cancer using log-normal censored regression model
M A Pourhoseingholi,Bijan Moghimi Dehkordi,Azadeh Safaee,Ebrahim Hajizadeh,Ali Solhpur,M R Zali
Chronology of meiosis and synaptonemal complex abnormalities in normal and abnormal spermatogenesis
Virginie Tassistro,Rahma Ghalamoun Slami,Jacquline Saias Magnan,Marie Roberte Guichaoua
Influence of folic acid on plasma homocysteine levels and arterial endothelial function in patients with unstable angina
Hangyuan Guo,Jufang Chi,Yangbo Xing,Ping Wang
A case-control study on insulin resistance, metabolic co-variates and prediction score in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
S Bajaj,P Nigam,A Luthra,R M Pandey,D Kondal,S P Bhatt,J S Wasir,A Misra
Taq1B polymorphism of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) gene in primary combined hyperlipidaemia
Taghi Hassanzadeh,Mohsen Firoozrai,Abdolvahhab Ehsani Zonouz,Abbas Zavarehee,Max Paoli
Plasmodium falciparum gametocytaemia with chloroquine chemotherapy in persistent malaria in an endemic area of India
P K Kar,V K Dua,N C Gupta,Ashish Gupta,A P Dash
Association of genital mycoplasmas including Mycoplasma genitalium in HIV infected men with nongonococcal urethritis attending STD and HIV clinics
Ashwini Manhas,Sunil Sethi,Meera Sharma,Ajay Wanchu,A J Kanwar,Karamjit Kaur,S D Mehta
A study on chikungunya outbreak during 2007 in Kerala, south India
M Kannan,R Rajendran,I P Sunish,R Balasubramaniam,N Arunachalam,R Paramsivan,S C Tewari,P Philip Samuel,B K Tyagi
PCR-based detection of enterotoxigenic isolates of Bacillus cereus from tropical seafood
Sanjoy Das,P K Surendran,Nirmala K Thampuran
Call for more research on injury from the developing world: Results of a bibliometric analysis
N N Bose,A A Hyder
Setting research priorities by applying the combined approach matrix
Abdul Ghaffar
High risk behaviours following alcohol use in alcohol dependent men
Biju Poulose,Krishnamachari Srinivasan
Signal transduction pathway involved in the ex vivo expansion of limbal epithelial cells cultured on various substrates
Balasubramanian Sudha,Srilatha Jasty,Sasirekha Krishnan,Subramanian Krishnakumar
Relationship among plasma secretory phospholipase A 2 , oxidized low density lipoprotein and paraoxonase activities in hypertensive subjects treated with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
Dildar Konukoglu,Sinem Firtina,Ozden Serin,Coskun Cavusoglu
Possible aggravating impact of gene polymorphism in women with endometriosis
Rozati Roya,Giragalla Simha Baludu,B Satyanarayana Reddy
Insulin sensitizing actions of fenugreek seed polyphenols, quercetin and metformin in a rat model
S Kannappan,C V Anuradha
A pilot study on hyperinsulinaemic euglycaemic clamp based insulin sensitivity in young adult Indian males with low body mass index
Gajalakshmi Ramakrishnan,Uma S Unni,Tony Raj,Tinku Thomas,Mario Vaz,Anura V Kurpad
Cell cycle arrest apos; apoptosis of epithelial cell line by cytolethal distending toxin positive Campylobacter jejuni
Deepika Jain,K N Prasad,Sushmita Sinha,A L Vishwakarma
Identification of environmental mycobacteria isolated from Agra, north India by conventional and molecular approaches
Deepti Parashar,Ram Das,D S Chauhan,V D Sharma,Mallika Lavania,V S Yadav,S V S Chauhan,V M Katoch
Immunoblot analysis of sera in uncomplicated typhoid fever and with typhoid ileal perforation
Madhulika Nambiar,Belgode Narasimha Harish,V Mangilal,Dinker Pai,Subhash Chandra Subhash Chandra Parija
Clinical profile of chikungunya fever in patients in a tertiary care centre in Maharashtra, India
S D Suryawanshi,A H Dube,R K Khadse,S V Jalgaonkar,P S Sathe,S D Zawar,M P Holay
Entomo-epidemiological investigations on chikungunya outbreak in the Lakshadweep islands, Indian Ocean
P Philip Samuel,R Krishnamoorthi,K K Hamzakoya,C S Aggarwal
Tigecycline susceptibility report from an Indian tertiary care hospital
Bijayini Behera,Anupam Das,Purva Mathur,Arti Kapil,Ravisekhar Gadepalli,Benu Dhawan
Application of SNaPshot for analysis of thiopurine methyltransferase gene polymorphism
Gauri Kapoor,Arindam Maitra,Somlata,Vani Brahmachari
Predictors of metabolic syndrome in Asian north Indians with newly detected type 2 diabetes
Ethiraj Dhanaraj,Anil Bhansali,Shallu Jaggi,Pinaki Dutta,Shikha Jain,Pramil Tiwari,Poduri Ramarao
Effects of resistance training on metabolic profi le of adults with type 2 diabetes
Ekta Arora,Shweta Shenoy,J S Sandhu
In silico characterization of genetic homology in nuclear-encoded apicoplast-targeted genes between Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax
Sujata Mohanty,Shilpa Saklani,Mukesh Mahajan
Identification of novel variants in the COL4A4 gene in Korean patients with thin basement membrane nephropathy
Jeong In Baek,Su Jin Choi,Sun Hee Park,Ji Young Choi,Chan Duck Kim,Yong Lim Kim,Un Kyung Kim
Characterization and evolutionary analysis of human CD36 gene
Gauri Awasthi,Aditya P Dash,Aparup Das
In vitro effect of fluoroquinolones against Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Agra and Kanpur region of north India
Mradula Singh,D S Chauhan,Pushpa Gupta,R Das,R K Srivastava,Prashant Upadhyay,Pushpendra Singh,K Srivastava,Jaya Faujdar,G P S Jaudaun,V S Yadav,V D Sharma,K Venkatesan,S Sachan,P Sachan,K Katoch,V M Katoch
Incomplete immunological recovery following anti-tuberculosis treatment in HIV-infected individuals with active tuberculosis
L E Hanna,Kaustuv Nayak,Sudha Subramanyam,Perumal Venkatesan,P R Narayanan,Soumya Swaminathan
Methodology for surveillance of antimicrobials use among out-patients in Delhi
Anita Kotwani,Kathleen Holloway,R R Chaudhury
Anti-hyperglycaemic potential of Psidium guajava raw fruit peel
Prashant K Rai,Dolly Jaiswal,Shikha Mehta,Geeta Watal
In vitro interference of Hyptis martiusii Benth. and chlorpromazine against an aminoglycoside - resistant Escherichia coli
Henrique D M Coutinho,Joseacute; G M Costa,Edeltrudes O Lima,Vivyanne S Falcatilde;o Silva,Joseacute; P Siqueira Juacute;nior
Hepatoprotective activity of six polyherbal formulations in paracetamol induced liver toxicity in mice
C Girish,B C Koner,S Jayanthi,K R Rao,B Rajesh,S C Pradhan
Influenza a virus induced apoptosis: Inhibition of DNA laddering and caspase-3 activity by zinc supplementation in cultured HeLa cells
Vikram Srivastava,Shweta Rawall,V K Vijayan,Madhu Khanna
Prolonged constriction of sciatic nerve affecting oxidative stressors and antioxidant enzymes in rat
Devarapali Varija,K P Kumar,K P Reddy,V K Reddy
Impact of etofenprox (Vectronreg; 20 WP) indoor residual spray on malaria transmission
U Sreehari,P K Mittal,R K Razdan,A P Dash,M A Ansari
Faecal carriage of CTX-M-15-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in patients with acute gastroenteritis
Muzaheed,Yohei Doi,J M Adams Haduch,C T Shivannavar,D L Paterson,S M Gaddad
Effects of progressive muscular relaxation training on quality of life in anxious patients after coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Tahereh Dehdari,Alireza Heidarnia,Ali Ramezankhani,Saeed Sadeghian,Fazlollah Ghofranipour
Plasma paraoxonase activity in patients with systemic sclerosis
Iacute; B Erguuml;der,scedil;uuml;kran Erten,Erdinccedil; Devrim,Murat Turgay,Iacute;lker Durak
Epidemiology and antibiograms of Vibrio cholerae isolates from a tertiary care hospital in Chandigarh, north India
Jagdish Chander,Neelam Kaistha,Varsha Gupta,Manjula Mehta,Nidhi Singla,Antariksh Deep,B L Sarkar
Spectrum of Lactobacillus species present in healthy vagina of Indian women
Kavita Bansal Garg,Indrani Ganguli,Ram Das,G P Talwar
Abundance and distribution of muscoid fl ies in tsunami - hit coastal villages of southern India during post-disaster management period
R Srinivasan,P Jambulingam,K Gunasekaran,P Basker
Distribution of dengue virus types in Aedes aegypti in dengue endemic districts of Rajasthan, India
Bennet Angel,Vinod Joshi
Effect of gonadotropins on chromosome aneuploidy, chromosome mosaicism and sex ratio in mouse preimplantation embryos
Ashish Fauzdar,Ashutosh Halder,Anand Kumar
Screening of codeine, dextromethorphan and dextropropoxyphene for their genotoxicity in swiss albino mice
R Mittal,P A Patil,S S Torgal
Infl uence of dietary calcium content on intestinal permeability in rat
J Prakasa Rao
Immunolocalization of CD 34 positive progenitor cells in healthy human gingiva - a pilot study
Vamsi Lavu,R Padmavathy,Suresh R Rao
Gender differences in sexual behaviour among people living with HIV in Chennai, India
B E Thomas,S Chandra,K J A Selvi,D Suriyanarayanan,Soumya Swaminathan
Extended spectrum beta;-lactamases in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae and associated risk factors
Ankur Goyal,K N Prasad,Amit Prasad,Sapna Gupta,Ujjala Ghoshal,Archana Ayyagari
Fluoroquinolone resistance among Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from Shanghai, China: Detection of quinolone resistancedetermining region mutations
Zhang Tiejun,Zhou Xiaoming,Zhang Jilun,Zhang Yinghu,Ren Yanhua,Chen Yue,Gu Weiming,Zhang Tao,Jiang Qingwu
Simple screening tests for detection of carbapenemases in clinical isolates of nonfermentative Gram-negative bacteria
M J C Noyal,G A Menezes,B N Harish,S Sujatha,S C Parija
Insights for policymakers from a medicine price survey in Rajasthan
Anita Kotwani,Nirmal Gurbani,Sangeeta Sharma,R R Chaudhury
Immatures of Aedes aegypti in Darjeeling Himalayas - expanding geographical limits in India
Gautam Aditya,M K Pramanik,G K Saha
Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults
Rajesh Jacob,A N Chowdhury,Jeyachandran Ganesan
Equitable healthcare and access to affordable medicines in India
M D Janodia,D Sreedhar,V S Ligade,S Pandey,N Udupa
Reviving frogs in Indias freshwater environment to control mosquito-borne diseases
G Agoramoorthy
WHO study suggests low incidence of Hib in india is due to natural immunity
Neeraj Gupta,Jacob Puliyel
Antipsychotic drugs and their side effects
Rajesh Jaco
Newer strategies for the kala-azar elimination programme in India
C P Thakur,Amit Kumar Meenakshi Thakur,Shabnam Thakur
PCR on formalin-fixed necropsy tissues to diagnose leptospirosis
V Manu,Subarna Roy,Anita R DuttaRoy,S Sharma,P Vijayachari,V K Kataria,S C Seghal
Association of mutations in rpsL gene with high degree of streptomycin resistance in clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in India
Ram Das,Pushpa Gupta,Pushpendra Singh,D S Chauhan,Kiran Katoch,V M Katoch
Comparative evaluation of phenotypic tests for identifi cation of metallo beta;-lactamases producing clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Sakshi P Singh,Malini Shariff,Tanushree Barua,S S Thukral
Indias sanitation needs and the millennium development goals
G Agoramoorthy
Haemorrhagic manifestations of dengue fever and their management in a tertiary care hospital in north India
Deepinder Kaur Chhina,Omesh Goyal,Prerna Goyal,Raj Kumar,Sandeep Puri,Rajoo Singh Chhina
Sample survey for indigenous cases of kala-azar in Assam by rk39 dipstick test
A M Khan,K Pandey,V Kumar,P Dutta,P Das,J Mahanta
Sero-entomological investigations on Japanese encephalitis outbreak in Gorakhpur division, Uttar Pradesh, India
P Philip Samuel,K Ayanar,M Kannan,V Thenmozhi,R Paramasivan,A Balasubramanian,B K Tyagi
Penicillium marneffei infection in HIV infected patients in Nagaland and immune reconstitution after treatment
L Saikia,R Nath,P Biswanath,V Thenmozhi,D Hazarika,J Mahanta
Molecular characterization of chikungunya virus from Andhra Pradesh, India
P K Kar,B N Nagpal,P Biswanath,V K Dua,D Hazarika,S K Ghosh,K Raghavendra,R M Bhatt,Anup Anvikar,Aparup Das
Holistic approach for global mental health
Sanjay Jaju
Vaccine introduction where incidence of Hib meningitis is 0.007%: Decision-making based on health economic or ideology?
Neeraj Gupta,Jacob M Puliyel
Challenges of introducing vaginal microbicides in India
Smita Joshi,Vinay Kulkarni,Ramesh Paranjape,Nomita Chandhiok
Book Review
Medical research
WHO Expert Committee on specifications for pharmaceutical preparations
Monitoring and evaluation of mental health policies and plans
Behaviour therapy: Techniques, research and applications
The Cambridge textbook of bioethics







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