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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 132

Introducing pentavalent vaccine in the EPI in India: A counsel for cautionin
Zubair Lone,Jacob M. Puliyel
Biomedical Journals in India: Some critical concerns
K. Satyanarayana,Anju Sharma
Wellness at workplace
Nakul Sinha
Physical illness in persons with schizophrenia – time for action
Povl Munk-Jørgensen
Concern about the present status of diabetes & take positive action
Yang Wenying
New metallo ß-lactamase NDM-1
D. Raghunath
The growing challenge of antimicrobial resistance in the South-EastAsia Region - Are we losing the battle?
Rajesh Bhatia,Jai P. Narain
Cardiovascular disease in India: Lessons learnt & challenges ahead
Dorairaj Prabhakaran,Salim Yusuf
Need for improved access to HIV prevention programmes
Trevor A. Hart
Microbicides & their implications in HIV preventionto
Salim S. Abdool Karim,Cheryl Baxter
Myth buster: caffeine does not exhibit a diuretic effect during exercise performancelosses
Felicia Greer
PCR for diagnosis of malaria
S.C. Parija
Importance of accurate information on causes of maternal deathsfor informing health care programmes
Lale Say
Chandipura virus – what we know & do not know
T. Jacob John
Transitioning from HIV sentinel surveillance to programmebased surveillance
Sanjay Mehendale
Use of insecticides for malaria control & the need forreversion of resistance
Rajendra Maharaj
Zidovudine-induced anaemia in HIV/AIDS
Surendra K. Sharma
Genetics & hypertension
Madhu Khullar
Studies of hepatitis E virus genotypes
Yoon-Jae Song
HIV-2 goes global: an unaddressed issue in Indian
Thushan de Silva,Robin A. Weiss
Serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms & obsessive-compulsive disorder
Humberto Nicolini
Review Article
Orthopaedic applications of bone graft and graft substitutes: a review
P. Mukherjee,D.K. De,S.K. Nandi,S. Roy,D. Basu,B. Kundu
Cancer biomarkers - Current perspectives
Anant Narayan Bhatt,Rohit Mathur,Abdullah Farooque,Amit Verma,B.S. Dwarakanath
Gestational prediabetes: a new term for early prevention?
Joel G. Ray,Howard Berger,Lorraine L. Lipscombe,Mathew Sermer
Apolipoprotein E polymorphism in cerebrovascular & coronary heart diseases
Shajith Anoop,Anoop Misra,Kiran Meena,Kalpana Luthra
Botulinum toxin: Bioweapon & magic drug
Ram Kumar Dhaked,Manglesh Kumar Singh,Padma Singh,Pallavi Gupta
Strategies for initial management of hypertension
Rajeev Gupta,Soneil Guptha
Perspective on coronary interventions & cardiac surgeries in India
Upendra Kaul,Vineet Bhatia
Congestive heart failure in Indians: How do we improve diagnosis & management?
S. Reddy,A. Bahl,K.K. Talwar
Coronary heart disease in Indians: Implications of the INTERHEART study
Vamadevan S. Ajay,Dorairaj Prabhakaran
Genomic approaches to coronary artery disease
Sandosh Padmanabhan,Claire Hastie,Dorairaj Prabhakaran,Anna F. Dominczakn
Genetics of sudden death
Nitish Naik,Rakesh Yadav
Diabetes & coronary heart disease: Current perspectives
Mohammed K. Ali,K.M. Venkat Narayan,Nikhil Tandon
Obesity in children & adolescents
Manu Raj,R. Krishna Kumar
The cardio-protective diet
Sivasankaran S.
Social determinants of cardiovascular disease outcomes in Indians
Panniyammakal Jeemon,K.S. Reddy
Clinical judgement & evidence-based medicine: time for reconciliation
Ganesan Karthikeyan,Prem Pais
Role of biomarkers in risk stratification of acute coronary syndrome
C.M. Nagesh,Ambuj Roy
Surveillance of cardiovascular disease risk factors in India: The need & scope
Bela Shah,Prashant Mathur
Epidemiology to public health intervention for preventing cardiovascular diseases: The role of translational research
Anand Krishnan,Kapil Yadav,Manmeet Kaur,Rajesh Kumar
A review on peripheral blood CD4+ T lymphocyte counts in healthy adult Indians
Ashwini Shete,Madhuri Thakar,Philip Raj Abraham,Ramesh Paranjape
Zinc: A promising agent in dietary chemoprevention of cancer
D.K. Dhawan,Vijayta D. Chadha
Original Article
Detection of mixed Plasmodium falciparum P. vivax infections by nested-PCR in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan
Sedigheh Zakeri,Faezeh Ghasemi,Hoda Atta,Navid Dinparast Djadid,Mandana Afsharpad,Ghasem Zamani,Ahmad Raeisi,Saber Gholizadeh,Qutbuddin Kakar,Najibullah Safi,Masoud Salehi,Waqar Butt,Muhammad Suleiman Memon
Effects of acute supplementation of caffeine on cardiorespiratory responses during endurance running in a hot and humid climate
Wong Chee Ping,Chen Chee Keong,Amit Bandyopadhyay
Anti-albuminuric efficacy of a combination of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor and angiotensin receptor blocker in type 1 DM with nephropathy
Anil Bhansali,Vimal Upreti,Anantharaman R,Sanjay K. Bhadada,Harbir S. Kohli,Pinaki Dutta,Rama Walia,Jayaprakash P
Inheritance patterns, consanguinity and risk for asthma
Bijanzadeh Mahdi,P.A. Mahesh,Pradeep Kumar,B.S. Jayaraj,Nallur B. Ramachandra,R. Savitha Mysore
Role of GGT in diagnosis of metabolic syndrome : A clinic-based cross-sectional survey
and C. Koca,B. Kasapoglu,C. Turkay,Y. Bayram
Polymorphic variants of ß1 adrenergic receptor gene (Ser49Gly and Arg389Gly) in healthy Tamilian volunteers
P. Ramu,K.N. Mahesh Kumar,D.G. Shewade,R.P. Swaminathan,T.K. Dutta,J. Balachander,C. Adithan
Pandemic influenza A(H1N1) 2009 outbreak in a residential school at Panchgani, Maharashtra, India
Yogesh K. Gurav,Shailesh D. Pawar,Mandeep S. Chadha,Varsha A. Potdar,Abhay S. Deshpande,Santosh S. Koratkar,Abhijeet H. Hosmani,Akhilesh C. Mishra
Comparison of MGIT 960 and pyrazinamidase activity assay for pyrazinamide susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Babita Sharma,Nita Pal,Bharti Malhotra,Leela Vyas,Suman Rishi
Ultrasonography for diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis in hivHIV infected people
Dipti Agarwal,Shamrendra Narayan,Jaya Chakravarty,Shyam Sundar
Evaluation of risk factors for antituberculosis treatment induced hepatotoxicity
Rohit Singla,Surendra K. Sharma,Alladi Mohan,Govind Makharia,V. Sreenivas,Brajesh Jha,Sanjeev Kumar,Pawan Sarda,Sarman Singh
Effect of ozone on response to ovalbumin and its modulation by vitamins C and E in sensitized guinea pigs
S.K. Chhabra,Abdul Yasir,K. Chaudhry,B. Shah
Antibacterial & antiplasmid activities of Helicteres isora L.
Varsha Shrirama,Sheetal Jahagirdarb,C. Lathac,Vinay Kumard,Prashant Dhakephalkarb,Supada Rojatkare,Mahadeo G. Shitolea
Cause of death among reproductive age group women in Maharashtra, India
Ragini Kulkarni,Sanjay Chauhan,Bela Shah,Geetha Menon
Chandipura virus growth kinetics in vertebrate cell lines, insect cell lines & embryonated eggs
R.S. Jadi,A.B. Sudeep,Satyendra Kumar,V.A. Arankalle,A.C. Mishra
Influenza A H1N1 virus in Indian pigs & its genetic relatedness with pandemic human influenza A 2009 H1N1
Nagarajan K,G. Saikumar,Rahul Singh Arya,Ashish Gupta,R. Somvanshi,B. Pattnaik
Safety & immunogenicity of tgAAC09, a recombinant adeno-associated virus type 2 HIV-1 subtype C vaccine in India
Sanjay Mehendale,Seema Sahay,Madhuri Thakar,Sushant Sahasrabuddhe,Meghana Kakade,Ashwini Shete,Aparna Shrotri,Aggeliki Spentzou,Tony Tarragona,Gwynneth Stevens,Sonali Kochhar,John Louis Excler,Pat Fast,Ramesh Paranjape
jefA (Rv2459), a drug efflux gene in Mycobacterium tuberculosis confers resistance to isoniazid & ethambutol
Anuj Kumar Gupta,Vineel P. Reddy,Mallika Lavania,D.S. Chauhan,K. Venkatesan,V.D. Sharma,A.K. Tyagi,V.M. Katoch
A new approach on stress-related depression & anxiety: Neuro-Psycho- Physical-Optimization with Radio Electric Asymmetric-Conveyer
Salvatore Rinaldi,Vania Fontani,Elena Moretti,Barbara Rosettani,Lucia Aravagli,Giorgio Sarago,Giulia Collodel
Prevalence & determinants of depression in type 2 diabetes patients in a tertiary care centre
Amit Raval,Ethiraj Dhanaraj,Anil Bhansali,Sandeep Grover,Pramil Tiwari
Qualitative high performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) analysis of cannabinoids in urine samples of Cannabis abusers
Priyamvada Sharma,M.M. Srinivas Bharath,Pratima Murthy
Effect of hydrostatic pressure of various magnitudes on osteoarthritic chondrocytes exposed to IL-1ß
Antonella Fioravanti,Giulia Collodel,Angela Petraglia,Fabiola Nerucci,Elena Moretti,Mauro Galeazzi
Evaluation of the anti-ulcer activity of NR-ANX-C (a polyherbal formulation) in aspirin & pyloric ligature induced gastric ulcers in albino rats
Vinod Nair,Albina Arjuman,H.N. Gopalakrishna,P. Dorababu,Mirshad P.V,Divya Bhargavan,Dipsanker Chatterji
Utility of Prevention of Parent-to-Child Transmission (PPTCT) Programme data for HIV surveillance in general population
Rajesh Kumar,Navkiran Kaur Virdi,P.V.M. Lakshmi,Renu Garg,Madhulekha Bhattacharya,Ajay Khera
Persistence of DDT, malathion & deltamethrin resistance in Anopheles culicifacies after their sequential withdrawal from indoor residual spraying in Surat district, India
K. Raghavendra,Vaishali Verma,H.C. Srivastava,K. Gunasekaran,U. Sreehari,A.P. Dash
High prevalence of AZFb microdeletion in Iranian patients with idiopathic non-obstructive azoospermia
Reza Mirfakhraie,Farzaneh Mirzajani,Sayed Mahdi Kalantar,Maryam Montazeri,Nasser Salsabili,Gholam Reza Pourmand,Massoud Houshmand
Association of hypoadiponectinemia with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in urban south Indians - (CURES - 81)
K. Gokulakrishnan,R.M. Anjana,K. Indulekha,S. Anuradha,V. Mohan
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of brain sleep apnoea in north Indian Asian subjects
Surendra K. Sharma,S. Sinha,K.A. Danishad,U. Sharma,H. Sharma,H.K. Mishra,H. Mishra,T. Kadhiravan,V.V. Reddy,V. Sreenivas,N.R. Jagannathan
Assessment of HER-2/neu status in breast cancer using fluorescence in situ hybridization & immunohistochemistry: Experience of a tertiary cancer referral centre in India
Poonam Panjwani,Sridhar Epari,Arti Karpate,Hemlata Shirsat,Preetha Rajsekharan,Ranjan Basak,Tanuja Shet,Roshni Chinoy,Roy Chacko,Sampada Gursale,Nayana Baraskar,Sudeep Gupta,Rohini Hawaldar,Sangeeta Desai
Comparison in pathological behaviours & prognosis of gastric cancers from general hospitals between China & Japan
Miao Yu,Hua-chuan Zheng,Pu Xia,Hiroshi Takahashi,Shinji Masuda,Yasuo Takano,Hui-mian Xu
Use of multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) gene mutation analysis
Sakthivel Murugan S.M.,Arthi Chandramohan,Bremadesam Raman Lakshmi
Significance of anti-HBc screening of blood donors & its association with occult hepatitis B virus infection: Implications for blood transfusion
Mohammad Asim,Riyasat Ali,Luqman A. Khan,S.A. Husain,Rajiv Singla,P. Kar
Defects in blood dendritic cell subsets in HIV-1 subtype cC infected Indians
Kamalika Mojumdar,Madhu Vajpayee,Neeraj Kumar Chauhan,Sanjay Mendiratta,Naveet Wig
Identification & characterization of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolates from patients with diarrhoea in Iran
M. Bonyadian,H. Momtaz,E. Rahimi,R. Habibian,A. Yazdani,M. Zamani
Detection of TEM SHV genes in Escherichia coli Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates in a tertiary care hospital from India
Jyoti Sharma,Meera Sharma,Pallab Ray
Association of aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2 C-344T) gene polymorphism & susceptibility to essential hypertension in a south Indian Tamil population
S. Rajan,P. Ramu,G. Umamaheswaran,C. Adithan
High incidence of zidovudine induced anaemia in HIV infected patients in eastern India
Dipti Agarwal,Jaya Chakravarty,Lavina Chaube,Madhukar Rai,Nisha Rani Agrawal,Shyam Sundar
Comparison of HPLC & spectrophotometric methods for estimation of antiretroviral drug content in pharmaceutical products
A.K. Hemanth Kumar,V. Sudha,Soumya Swaminathan,Geetha Ramachandran
Chandipura virus encephalitis outbreak among children in Nagpur division, Maharashtra, 2007
Yogesh K. Gurav,Babasaheb V. Tandale,Ramesh S. Jadi,Rashmi S. Gunjikar,Sanjaykumar S. Tikute,Aniruddha V. Jamgaonkar,Ravindra K. Khadse,Suresh V. Jalgaonkar,Vidya A. Arankalle,Akhilesh C. Mishra
Streptomycin induced protein expression analysis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis & mass spectrometry
Prashant Sharma,Bhavnesh Kumar,Neelja Singhal,Vishwa Mohan Katoch,Krishnamurthy Venkatesan,Devendra Singh Chauhan,Deepa Bisht
Pattern & correlates of neurocognitive dysfunction in Asian Indian adults with severe obstructive sleep apnoea
Hanish Sharma,Surendra K. Sharma,Tamilarasu Kadhiravan,Manju Mehta,Vishnubhatla Sreenivas,Vinay Gulati,Sanjeev Sinha
Effect of suicide gene therapy in combination with immunotherapy on antitumour immune response & tumour regression in a xenograft mouse model for head & neck squamous cell carcinoma
Aditya V. Ambade,Ganesh V. Joshi,Rita Mulherkar
Prevalence of JAK2 V617F mutation in Indian patients with chronic myeloproliferative disorders
Sudha Sazawal,Jyoti Bajaj,Sunita Chikkara,Sonal Jain,Rahul Bhargava,Manoranjan Mahapatra,Renu Saxena
Growing up with the families of ß-thalassaemia major using an accelerated longitudinal design
Praveen Khairkar,Savita Malhotra,Ramkumar Marwaha
Inverse sampling to study disease burden of leprosy
Abha Aggarwal,Arvind Pandey
Anti-ulcer & antioxidant activities of Hedranthera barteri {(Hook F.) Pichon} with possible involvement of H+, K+ ATPase inhibitory activity
Samuel A. Onasanwo,Neetu Singh,Samuel B. Olaleye,Vaibhav Mishra,Gautam Palit
Molecular analysis of swine hepatitis E virus from north India
Nargis Begum,Sunil K. Polipalli,Syed A. Husain,Premashis Kar
Emergence of drug resistant mutations after single dose nevirapine exposure in HIV-1 infected pregnant women in south India
Lakshmi Rajesh,K. Ramesh,Luke Elizabeth Hanna,P.R. Narayanan,Soumya Swaminathan
Spectrum of haemoglobinopathies diagnosed by cation exchange-HPLC & modulating effects of nutritional deficiency anaemias from north India
Seema Rao,Rakhee Kar,Sanjeev Kumar Gupta,Anita Chopra,Renu Saxena
Characteristics, immunological response & treatment outcomes of HIV-2 compared with HIV-1 & dual infections (HIV 1/ 2) in Mumbai
Montaldo Chiara,Zachariah Rony,Mansoor Homa,Varghese Bhanumati,Joanna Ladomirska,M. Manz,N. Wilson,Deshpande Alaka,A.D. Harries
Association of serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in a south Indian population
Prashant Tibrewal,Kiran Kumar H.B,Shubha G.N,Subhashree D,Meera Purushottam,Thennarasu K,Reddy Y.C.J,& Sanjeev Jain
HIV in Indian prisons: Risk behaviour, prevalence, prevention & treatment
Kate Dolan
Metabolic syndrome in adult population of rural Wardha, central India
Pranita Kamble,Pradeep R. Deshmukh,Neelam Garg
Epidemiology of hepatitis C virus infection & liver disease among injection drug users (IDUs) in Chennai, India
Shruti H. Mehta,Samantha L. Vogt,Aylur K. Srikrishnan,Conjeevaram K. Vasudevan,Kalilapuri G. Murugavel,Shanmugam Saravanan,Santhanam Anand,M. Suresh Kumar,Stuart C. Ray,David D. Celentano,Suniti Solomon,Sunil S. Solomon
Faecal bifidobacteria in Indian neonates & the effect of asymptomatic rotavirus infection during the first month of life
Ramadass Balamurugan,Fabien Magne,Divya Balakrishnan,Antonia Suau,Sasirekha Ramani,Gagandeep Kang,Balakrishnan S. Ramakrishna
Attenuation of oxidative stress & DNA damage in varicocelectomy: Implications in infertility management
Rima Dada,Monis Bilal Shamsi,Sunderarjan Venkatesh,Naramada Prasad Gupta,Rajeev Kumar
The current swine flu pandemic may provide some opportunity for future research of schizophrenia
Narayana Manjunatha
Lesson from surveillance of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Gujarat
Prasanta Raghab Mohapatra
An outbreak of dengue fever in Tirupur, Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu
K.J. Dhananjeyan,V. Thenmozhi,R. Rajendran,P.S. Thangaratham,B.K. Tyagi,R. Paramasivan,S.C. Tewari
ROME scheme: From reorientation to research oriented medical education, a new beginning
Preetam B. Mahajan
Evaluation of COBAS TaqMan real time PCR assay for the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Salesh P. Chandran,John Kenneth
Research oriented medical education
Tamoghna Biswas
Research funding in India: need to increase the allocation for public health
Manoj V. Murhekar,Naman K. Shah
Ethical considerations in developing a national vaccine policy
Anant Bhan
Policy Document: Evidence-based national vaccine policydue
T. Jacob John
Issue raised about incomplete reporting of research in press releasesand
Joseph L. Mathew
Occurrence & significance of kala-azar in Bhutan
S.K. Bhattacharya,N. Rinzin,P. Chusak,A.P. Dash,R. Chowdhury,T. Tobgay,J.P. Narain
Dengue fever caused by dengue virus serotype - 3 (subtype-III) in arural area of Madurai district, Tamil Nadu
R. Paramasivan,K.J. Dhananjeyan,S. Victor Jerald Leo,M. Muniaraj,V. Thenmozhi,R. Rajendran,S.C. Tewari,N. Arunachalam,M. Varatharaj,T. John Victor,Janshi Charles,S. Ilango,B.K. Tyagi
Depression in schizophrenia
Shubh Mohan Singh
Introducing pentavalent vaccine in EPI in India: issues involved
T. Jacob John,Jayaprakash Muliyil
Pentavalent & other new combination vaccines: Solutions insearch of problems
Y. Madhav,N. Raghuram
Maternal mortality trends in India: Has the policy of promoting institutional delivery paid off?
Rajesh Kumar,Sharad Kumar Singh,Tanzin Dikid
Antibiotic use for febrile illness in rural paediatric population: Questions?
Debajyoti Datta
Misrepresenting data : Deception or dogma?
Jacob John,Anuradha Bose,Vinohar Balraj
Screening for in vitro phototoxic activity of methanol extracts of Croton campestris A., Ocimum gravissimum L. & Cordia verbenaceae DC.
Edinardo F.F. Matias,KarlaK.A. Santos,José Galberto M. Costa,Henrique D.M. Coutinho
Improving the standards of scientific publishing in India
Naresh Kasoju,Utpal Bora
Publishing in learned journals
S.N. Arseculeratne
Influenza A virus outbreak in Police Training School, Nazafgarh, Delhi 2009
D.K. Raut,Saudan Singh,Neelam Roy,Deepthi Nair,Rinku Sharma
Breeding potential of Aedes albopictus (Skuse, 1895) in chikungunya affected areas of Kerala, India
Alex Eapen,K. John Ravindran,A.P. Dash
The need for rejuvenation of Indian biomedical journals
Shampa Ghosh,Jitendra Kumar Sinha
Dengue haemorrhagic fever among adults – An observational study in Chennai, south India
M. Emmanuel Bhaskar,Swathy Moorthy,N. Senthil Kumar,Preetam Arthur
emm type distribution pattern of group A streptococcus in north India: need for a new preventive approach
V. Dhanda,R. Kumar,J.S. Thakur,A. Chakraborti
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