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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 134

Diabetes prevention: A call to action
Tom Yates,Melanie J. Davies,Peter E. H. Schwarz,Kamlesh Khunti
Commercial serological tests for the diagnosis of active tuberculosis in India: Time for introspection
Sarman Singh,V.M. Katoch
The evolving Indian AIDS epidemic: Hope & challenges of the fourth decade
Kenneth Mayer
‘Getting to Zero’: a steep path ahead
K. Satyanarayana
World Hepatitis Day- new challenges
Premashis Kar
Breastfeeding – A 3D experience
Siddarth Ramji
World Heart Day: Education is the key
Alessandro Colombo
Universal Healthcare & Nationwide Public Health:A tale of two declarations from one city
T. Jacob John,Naman K. Shah
The great push for mental health: why it matters for India
Vikram Patel,John Copeland
The hunt for genetic risk among Mysore, south India patent ductus arteriosus patients
David M. Iovannisci
The challenge of building rural health services
Imrana Qadeer
Relationship between metabolic syndrome & obstructive sleep apnoea in a hospital-based urban population
Patrícia Caetano Mota
Towards zero transmission of HIV through blood transfusion
T. Jacob John
Botulism : A diagnostic challenge
Rama Chaudhry
Female genital tract tuberculosis: How long will it elude diagnosis?
Mridula Bose
Premature coronary heart disease risk factors & reducing the CHD burden in India
Dorairaj Prabhakaran,Kavita Singh
Increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases: high time for action
M.J. Pappachan
Polyherbal formulation as a therapeutic option to improve wound healing in the diabetic foot
N. Papanas,E. Maltezos
Genetic polymorphism of drug refractory epilepsy
R. Kesavan,Ritushree Kukreti,C. Adithan
Time to re-think measles vaccination schedule in India
T. Jacob John,Valsan P. Verghese
Vitamin B12 deficiency & cognitive impairment in elderly population
Rachna Agarwal
Review Article
Hand hygiene: Back to the basics of infection control
Purva Mathur
Genetic correlates influencing immunopathogenesis of HIV infection
Gaurav Sharma,Gurvinder Kaur,Narinder Mehra
Genetic architecture of HIV-1 genes circulating in north India & their functional implications
Ujjwal Neogi,Vikas Sood,Larence Ronsard,Jyotsna Singh,Sneh Lata,V.G. Ramachandran,S. Das,Ajay Wanchu,Akhil C. Banerjea
HIV testing in developing countries: What is required?
George Alemnji,John N. Nkengasong,Bharat S. Parekh
Antiretroviral therapy in Indian setting: When & what to start with, when & what to switch to?
N. Kumarasamy,Atul Patel,Sanjay Pujari
Current practices in laboratory monitoring of HIV infection
Madhu Vajpayee,Teena Mohan
Low-cost assays for monitoring HIV infected individuals in resource-limited settings
Pachamuthu Balakrishnan,Hussain Syed Iqbal,Saravanan Shanmugham,Janardhanan Mohanakrishnan,Kenneth H. Mayer,Pachamuthu Balakrishnan,Suniti Solomon
Optimizing adherence to antiretroviral therapy
Seema Sahay,Srikanth Reddy,Sampada Dhayarkar
Diagnosis & treatment of tuberculosis in HIV co-infected patients
C. Padmapriyadarsini,G. Narendran,Soumya Swaminathan
HIV & immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)
Surendra K. Sharma,Manish Soneja
Parasitic infections in HIV infected individuals: Diagnostic & therapeutic challenges
Veeranoot Nissapatorn,Nongyao Sawangjaroen
Paediatric HIV - trends & challenges
S.N. Mothi,S. Karpagam,V.H.T. Swamy,M. Lala Mamatha,S.M. Sarvode
HIV in Indian MSM: Reasons for a concentrated epidemic & strategies for prevention
Beena Thomas,Matthew J. Mimiaga,Senthil Kumar,Soumya Swaminathan,Steven A. Safren,Kenneth H. Mayer
Microbicides for HIV prevention
Gita Ramjee,Nutan,Satish K. Gupta
Optimal duration of anticoagulation in patients with venous thromboembolism
Paolo Prandoni,Chiara Piovella,Luca Spiezia,Fabio Dalla Valle,Raffaele Pesavento
An understanding of the genetic basis of asthma
Mahdi Bijanzadeh,Padukudru A. Mahesh,Nallur B. Ramachandra
Umbilical cord blood: Current status & promise for the future
David McKenna,Jayesh Sheth
PCR versus serology for diagnosing Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection: A systematic review & meta-analysis
Lei Zhang,Zhi-Yong Zong,Yan-Bin Liu,Hui Ye,Xiao-Ju Lv
Endpoints in advanced breast cancer: methodological aspects & clinical implications
Everardo D. Saad
An insight into the drug resistance profile & mechanism of drug resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Achchhe Lal Patel,Uma Chaudhry,Divya Sachdev,Poonam Nagpal Sachdeva,Manju Bala,Daman Saluja
The inherited disorders of haemoglobin: an increasingly neglected global health burden
David Weatherall
Haemoglobinopathies in Southeast Asia
Suthat Fucharoen,Pranee Winichagoon
Past, present & future scenario of thalassaemic care & control in India
Ishwar C. Verma,Renu Saxena,Sudha Kohli
Hb E/beta-thalassaemia: a common & clinically diverse disorder
Nancy F. Olivieri,Zahra Pakbaz,Elliott Vichinsky
Pathophysiological insights in sickle cell disease
Marie-Hélène Odièvre,Emmanuelle Verger,Ana Cristina Silva-Pinto,Jacques Elion
Abnormal haemoglobins: detection & characterization
Henri Wajcman,Kamran Moradkhani
Ethical issues in genetic counselling with special reference to haemoglobinopathies
Vasantha Muthuswamy
Invasive & non-invasive approaches for prenatal diagnosis of haemoglobinopathies: experiences from India
R.B. Colah,A.C. Gorakshakar,A.H. Nadkarni
Genetic counselling in tribals in India
Dipika Mohanty,Kishalaya Das
Haemoglobinopathies in Greece: prevention programme
Dimitris Loukopoulos
Original Article
Supreme Court judgment on polygraph, narco-analysis & brain-mapping: A boon or a bane
Suresh Bada Math
ICMR-DBT Guidelines for Evaluation of Probiotics in Food
Paolo Prandoni
Atherothrombotic risk factors & premature coronary heart disease in India: A case-control study
Raja Babu Panwar,Rajeev Gupta,Bal Kishan Gupta,Sadiq Raja,Jaishree Vaishnav,Meenakshi Khatri,Aachu Agrawal
Development of immunodetection system for botulinum neurotoxin type B using synthetic gene based recombinant protein
Swati Jain,S. Ponmariappan,Om Kumar
Evaluating PCR, culture & histopathology in the diagnosis of female genital tuberculosis
R.B.P. Thangappah,C.N. Paramasivan,Sujatha Narayanan
Assessment of nutritional status in Indian preschool children using WHO 2006 Growth Standards
Prema Ramachandran,Hema S. Gopalan
Fas receptor (CD95) & Fas ligand (CD178) expression in patients with tobacco-related intraoral squamous cell carcinoma
Satya N. Das,Pratima Khare,Manoj K. Singh,Suresh C. Sharma
Perceived stress, life events & coping among higher secondary students of Hyderabad, India: A pilot study
Little Flower Augustine,Shahnaz Vazir,Sylvia Fernandez Rao,M. Vishnu Vardhana Rao,A. Laxmaiah,K. Madhavan Nair
Comparison of oxidative stress & leukocyte activation in patients with severe sepsis & burn injury
Diana Mühl,Gábor Woth,Livia Drenkovics,Adrienn Varga,Subhamay Ghosh,Csaba Csontos,Lajos Bogár,György Wéber,János Lantos
Acquired alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency in tropical pulmonary eosinophilia
Debidas Ray,S. Harikrishna,Chandra Immanuel,Lalitha Victor,Sudha Subramanyam,V. Kumaraswami
Total antioxidant capacity in Eales’ disease, uveitis & cataract
Radhakrishnan Selvi,Narayanasamy Angayarkanni,Jyotirmay Biswas,Sivaramakrishnan Ramakrishnan
Prevalence of chronic cough, chronic phlegm & associated factors in Mysore, Karnataka, India
P.A. Mahesh,B.S. Jayaraj,A.K. Prabhakar,S.K. Chaya,R. Vijayasimha
Larvicidal activity of medicinal plant extracts against Anopheles subpictus & Culex tritaeniorhynchus
C. Kamaraj,A. Bagavan,G. Elango,A. Abduz Zahir,G. Rajakumar,S. Marimuthu,T. Santhoshkumar,A. Abdul Rahuman
Preliminary studies on CD36 gene in type 2 diabetic patients from north India
Sunaina Gautam,C.G. Agrawal,Hemant Kumar Bid,Sunaina Gautam
Event related potential (ERP) P300 after 6 months residence at 4115 meter
Lalan Thakur,Koushik Ray,J.p. Anand,Usha Panjwani
A comparative study of the clinico-aetiological profile of hyponatremia at presentation with that developing in the hospital
S. Mahavir Agarwal,S. Mahavir Agarwal
Prevalence of prehypertension in young military adults & its association with overweight & dyslipidaemia
Sougat Ray,Bharati Kulkarni,A. Sreenivas
A pilot study on the effects of a polyherbal formulation cream on diabetic foot ulcers
Vijay Viswanathan,Rajesh Kesavan,Kavitha K.V,Satyavani Kumpatla
Longitudinal trends in physical activity patterns in selected urban south Indian school children
Sumathi Swaminathan,Sumithra Selvam,Tinku Thomas,Anura V. Kurpad,Mario Vaz
Fc ã R IIB gene polymorphisms in Indian systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients
Vandana Pradhan,Manisha Patwardhan,Anita Nadkarni,Kanjaksha Ghosh
Mismatch repair genes expression defects & association with clinicopathological characteristics in colorectal carcinoma
Gurjeet Kaur,Abdelhafid Masoud,N. Raihan,M. Radzi,W. Khamizar,Lee Suk Kam
Intravenous device associated blood stream staphylococcal infection in paediatric patients
Amita Jain,Astha Agarwa,Raj Kumar Verma,Shally Awasthi,K.P. Singh
Promoter region polymorphism & expression profile of toll like receptor-3 (TLR-3) gene in chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) patients from India
Subhash Medhi,Manab Deka,Purabi Deka,Shyam S. Swargiary,Rajib K. Hazam,Manash P. Sharma,Phani K. Gumma,Mohammad Asim,P. Kar
Screening & profiling of quorum sensing signal molecules in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from catheterized urinary tract infection patients
Ravi Kumar,Sanjay Chhibber,Varsha Gupta,Kusum Harjai
QRDR mutations, efflux system & antimicrobial resistance genes in enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli isolated from an outbreak of diarrhoea in Ahmedabad, India
G.P. Pazhani,S. Chakraborty,K. Fujihara,S. Yamasaki,A. Ghosh,G.B. Nair,T. Ramamurthy
Effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy in iron deficiency anaemia of pregnancy – A pilot study
Ria Malik,Kiran Guleria,Iqbal Kaur,Meera Sikka,Gita Radhakrishnan
Possible role of CYP2C9 & CYP2C19 single nucleotide polymorphisms in drug refractory epilepsy
Ram Lakhan,Ritu Kumari,Kavita Singh,Jayanti Kalita,Usha Kant Misra,Balraj Mittal
Immune response to second dose of MMR vaccine in Indian children
Sunil Gomber,Shilpa Khanna Arora,Shukla Das,V.G. Ramachandran
Effects of sports training & nutrition on bone mineral density in young Indian healthy females
Raman K. Marwaha,Seema Puri,Nikhil Tandon,Sakshi Dhir,Neha Agarwal,Kuntal Bhadra,Namita Saini
Recovery pattern of hypothalamo-pituitary-testicular axis in patients with macroprolactinomas after treatment with cabergoline
Rama Walia,Anil Bhansali,Pinaki Dutta,Niranjan Khandelwal,Ravinder Sialy,Sanjay Bhadada
WNIN/GR-Ob - An insulin-resistant obese rat model from inbred WNIN strain
N. Harishankar,A. Vajreswari,N.V. Giridharan
Obesity associated pathophysiological & histological changes in WNIN obese mutant rats
Nemani Harishankar,Putcha Uday Kumar,Boindala Sesikeran,Nemani Harishankar
Prevalence & correlates of metabolic syndrome in alcohol & opioid dependent inpatients
Surendra K. Mattoo,Kaustav Chakraborty,Debasish Basu,Abhishek Ghosh,Vijaya Kumar KG,Parmanand Kulhara
How do health care providers deal with kala-azar in the Indian subcontinent?
Narendra Kumar,Shri Prakash Singh,Dinesh Mondal,Anand Joshi,Pradeep Das,Shyam Sundar,Axel Kroeger,Siddhivinayak Hirve,N.A. Siddiqui,Marleen Boelaert
ãä T cells response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in pulmonary tuberculosis patients using preponderant complementary determinant region 3 sequence
Xueyan Xi,Xiqin Han,Liang Li,Zhendong Zhao
Mycobacterial Interspersed Repetitive Unit typing in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Sichuan Province in China
Jian-hua Guo,Wen-liang Xiang,Geng Zhang,Tao Luo,Ning Xie,Zhi-rong Yang,Qun Sun
In vitro & in vivo estrogenic activity of glycoside fractions of Solanum nigrum fruit
S. Jisha,S. Sreeja,S. Manjula
Efficacy of indigenous plant extracts on the malaria vector Anopheles subpictus Grassi (Diptera: Culicidae)
G. Elango,A. Abduz Zahir,A. Bagavan,C. Kamaraj,G. Rajakumar,T. Santhoshkumar,S. Marimuthu,A. Abdul Rahuman
Antiarthritic activity of Majoon Suranjan (a polyherbal Unani formulation) in rat
Surender Singh,Vinod Nair,Y.K. Gupta
Neutrophils to lymphocyte ratio as a screening tool for swine influenza
Ajit Indavarapu,Abhilash Akinapelli
Vitamin B12 deficiency & levels of metabolites in an apparently normal urban south Indian elderly population
Vineeta Shobhaa,Subhash D. Tarey,Ramya G. Singh,Priya Shetty,Uma S. Unni,Krishnamachari Srinivasan,Anura V. Kurpad
Prevalence & correlates of primary infertility among young women in Mysore, India
Paul C. Adamson,Karl Krupp,Alexandra H. Freeman,Jeffrey D. Klausner,Arthur L. Reingold,Purnima Madhivanan
Identifying potential pitfalls in interpreting mitochondrial DNA mutations of male infertility cases
Malliya Gounder Palanichamy,Ya-Ping Zhang
Cytogenetic profile of Indian patients with de novo myelodysplastic syndromes
Rekha Chaubey,Sudha Sazawal,Rima Dada,Manoranjan Mahapatra,Renu Saxena
A pilot study on the use of serum glyoxalase as a supplemental biomarker to predict malignant cases of the prostate
Sushant V. Chavan,Niraj R. Chavan,Anusha Balaji,Vatsala D. Trivedi,Padma R. Chavan
Cardiovascular autonomic functions & cerebral autoregulation in patients with orthostatic hypotension
Ekta Khandelwal,Ashok Kumar Jaryal,K.K. Deepak
Prevalence of & knowledge, attitude & practices towards HIV & sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among female sex workers (FSWs) in Andhra Pradesh
R. Hemalatha,R. Hari Kumar,K. Venkaiah,K. Srinivasan,G.N.V. Brahmam
Enhanced production of mosquitocidal cyclic lipopeptide from Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis
A.M. Manonmani,I. Geetha,S. Bhuvaneswari
ATR-X syndrome in two siblings with a novel mutation (c.6718C>T mutation in exon 31)
Seema Thakur,Mala Ishrie,Renu Saxena,Sumita Danda,Rose Linda,Auro Viswabandya,I.C. Verma
Mutations of TFAP2B in congenital heart disease patients in Mysore, south India
Lingaiah Kusuma,Sosalagere M. Dinesh,Mysore R. Savitha,B. Krishnamurthy,Doddaiah Narayanappa,Nallur B. Ramachandra
‘First we go to the small doctor’: First contact for curative health care sought by rural communities in Andhra Pradesh & Orissa, India
Meenakshi Gautham,Erika Binnendijk,Ruth Koren,David. M. Dror
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in a north Indian hospital-based population with obstructive sleep apnoea
Swastik Agrawal,Surendra K. Sharma,Vishnubhatla Sreenivas,Ramakrishnan Lakshmy
Study of sense of coherence health promoting behaviour in north Indian students
Senjam Suraj,Amarjeet Singh
Pulmonary function studies in young healthy Malaysians of Kelantan, Malaysia
Amit Bandyopadhyay
A pilot study on the effect of telmisartan & ramipril on 24 h blood pressure profile & dipping pattern in type 1 diabetes patients with nephropathy
R. Anantharaman,Anil Bhansali,Sanjay K. Bhadada,Harbir S. Kohli,Rama Walia,G. Shanmugasundar,P. Jayaprakash
Assessing the adhesion of putative indigenous probiotic lactobacilli to human colonic epithelial cells
Raj Kumar Duary
Prolonged expression of MHC class I - peptide expression in bone marrow derived retrovirus transfected matured dendritic cells by continuous centrifugation in the presence of IL-4
L.M. Hettihewa
Characterization of low molecular weight antimicrobial peptide from human female reproductive tract
Sarita Sharma,Sunil Sethi,Rajendra Prasad,Palash Samanta,Arvind Rajwanshi,Sarla Malhotra,Meera Sharma
Non invasive real-time monitoring of bacterial infection & therapeutic effect of anti-microbials in five mouse models
Tarani Kanta Barman,Madhvi Rao,Ashish Bhati,Krishna Kishore,Gunjan Shukla,Manoj Kumar,Tarun Mathur,Manisha Pandya,Dilip J. Upadhyay
Mycobacterium indicus pranii as stand-alone or adjunct immunotherapeutic in treatment of experimental animal tuberculosis
Jaya Faujdar,Pushpa Gupta,Mohan Natrajan,Ram Das,D.S. Chauhan,V.M. Katoch,U.D. Gupta
Antiparasitic activity of plumericin & isoplumericin isolated from Plumeria bicolor against Leishmania donovani
Venubabu Thati,Channappa T. Shivannavar,Subhaschandra M. Gaddad,Umakant Sharma,Dharmendra Singh,Parveen Kumar,M.P. Dobhal,Sarman Singh
Preventive action of curcumin in experimental acute pancreatitis in mouse
Wen-Guang Yu,Gang Xu,Gui-Jie Ren,Xia Xu,Hui-Qing Yuan,Xiao-Li Qi,Ke-Li Tian
Framework for estimating tumour parameters using thermal imaging
V. Umadevi,S.V. Raghavan,Sandeep Jaipurkar
Prevalence of HIV among blood donors in a tertiary care centre of north India
R.N. Makroo,Mohit Chowdhry,Aakanksha Bhatia,Bhavna Arora,N.L. Rosamma
Barriers to ART adherence & follow ups among patients attending ART centres in Maharashtra, India
N. Joglekar,R. Paranjape,R. Jain,G. Rahane,R. Potdar,K.S. Reddy,S. Sahay
Genital mycoplasma & Chlamydia trachomatis infections in treatment naïve HIV-1 infected adults
Arnab Ghosh,Benu Dhawan,Rama Chaudhry,Madhu Vajpayee,Vishnubhatla Sreenivas
Dietary adequacy of HIV infected individuals in north India -A cross-sectional analysis
Ravinder Kaur Sachdeva,Aman Sharma,Ajay Wanchu,Vandana Dogra,Surjit Singh,Subhash Varma
Loss of CD127 & increased immunosenescence of T cell subsets in HIV infected individuals
Kamalika Mojumdar,Madhu Vajpayee,Neeraj Kumar Chauhan,Alpana Singh,Ravinder Singh,Sravya Kurapati
Long-term follow up of clients from a community-based opioid substitution therapy programme in Manipur
Michelle Kermode,Gregory Armstrong,Surmick Waribam
Performance of microscopy for detection of microsporidial spores from stool samples of HIV infected individuals with diarrhoea
Sangeeta Kulkarni,Sudhir Patsute,Madhuri Chandane,Arun Risbud
Seasonal variation & determinants in vitamin D deficiency in healthy breastfed term infants & their mothers in India
Subhash C. Arya,Nirmala Agarwal
Building ethical solidarity between public health & the press against HIV/AIDS-related stigma
Devaki Nambiar
Stigma haunts persons with mental illness who seek relief as per Disability Act 1995
Suresh Bada Math,Maria Christine Nirmala
Dilemma of cultural determinants of health
Vikas Bajpai
A bibliometric analysis of published non-communicable disease research in India
Prem Kumar Mony,Krishnamachari Srinivasan
Emergence of dengue in Andaman & Nicobar archipelago: Eco-epidemiological perspective
P. Vijayachari,S.S. Singh,A.P. Sugunan,A.N. Shriram,S.P. Manimunda,A.P. Bharadwaj,M. Singhania,Cyril Gladeus,Debdutta Bhattacharya
Tertiary trauma care centre & antimicrobial resistance
Oral Oncül
Extended-spectrum â-lactamase producing Klebsiella pneumoniae
R.M. Parveen,M.A. Khan,G.A. Menezes,B.N. Harish,S.C. Parija,J.P. Hays
Clinical implications of oxidative stress & sperm DNA damage in normozoospermic infertile men
S. Venkatesh,M.B. Shamsi,D. Deka,V. Saxena,R. Kumar,R. Dada
Occurrence of group B rotavirus infections in the outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis from western India
S.D. Chitambar,A. Lahon,V.S. Tatte,N.H. Maniya,G.U. Tambe,K.I. Khatri,H.S. Desai,M.R. Ugare,S.V. Kulkarni,A.P. Waghmare
CTX-M15 type ESBL producing Salmonella from a paediatric patient in Chennai, India
Karthikeyan K,M. Thirunarayan,Padma Krishnan
Book Review
Obesity and metabolism
Vidushi - The Indian women in science & technology
Biological child psychiatry: Recent trends and developments
How to integrate water, sanitation and hygiene into programmes
Selfhood, identity and personality styles
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