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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 58

Original Article
Effect of different reagents on lysis of Salmonella typhosa
M M Raza Nasir,S Ghatak
The Identification of Echoviruses by Haemagglutination Inhibition
P Mukundan,T Jacob John
Lysogenic Conversion and Transduction Studies in Salmonella goverdhan
C M Singh,V K Sharma
An Outbreak of Salmonella anatum Infection In a Hospital in Delhi
D S Agarwal,R Natarajan,S L Bhatia
Dengue Outbreak in Vellore, Southern India, in 1968, with Isolation of Four Dengue Types from Man and Mosquitoes
E Stanley Jesudass,Mary J Varkey,Rachel Reuben,Ruth M Myers
Salmonella tamilnadu (6,7:z41,:z35) Belonging to Sub Genus I A New Salmonella Serotype
Grace Koshi,Jarnail Singh,K C Mammen,M L Nath,Mary Samuel,S K Bhandari
Acid Output in Control Subjects and Patients with Duodenal Ulcer Using Fixed Doses of Histamine
D J Mohalla,F P Antia,H G Desai,M P Zaveri
Multicompartmental Analysis of Iron Kinetics in Anemic Dogs
John A Koepke,Shelby D Rose,Sudha Sankaran,W B Stewart
Immunoglobulins in Normal Adult Indians
A M Samuel,B Singh,U R Deshpande
Blood Groups in Relation to Oral Cancer with Special Reference to Secretion of A, B and H Group Specific Substances
A C Pradhan,K N Singh,S Pradhan
Ultrastructure of the Promastigote of Leishmania donovani
P C Sen Gupta,S N Chatterjee
Observations on Eosinophilic Response to Drugs
H Vaishnava,N K Gopinathan
Some Observations with Rolitetracycline As a Vasodilator
Roshan Lall Gupta,Susheel Seth,V M Bhatnagar
Parathyroid Function in Renal Disease
C Prakash,R K Marya,S P Gupta
Effect of Photic Stimulation on Brain Glutamic Acid
P Simhadri,Uma Devi
A Study of Central Pharmacological Activity of Alkaloid Fraction of Apium graveolens Linn
N Singh,R C Saxena,R P Kohli,V K Kulshrestha
A Pharmacological Study of Cyperus rotundus
K P Bhargava,M B Gupta,N Singh,V K Kulshrestha
Anti-Inflammatory and Other Pharmacological Studies of N-ß-(3, 4-Dimethoxyphenylethyl) Anthranilic Acid (RH-15): A Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agent
E N Rupawalla,K C Gupta,P Sisodia,R P Kandlikar,U K Sheth
Experimental Study on Sweat Reaction in Vitiligo Patches
A K Datta,S B Mandal
Effect of Caffeine and Coffee on Serum Cholesterol, Free Fatty Acids and Triglycerides Levels in Pigs
M Tariq,O P Gupta,R B Arora,T J Singh
Changes in the 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) Content of the Heart during Ectopic Ventricular Arrhythmia and Consequent to its Reversion by Quinidine
B R Madan,J L Godhwani,N K Khanna,V K Pendse
A Longitudinal Study of Physical Growth of Children from Birth up to 5 Years of Age in Delhi
A D Taskar,Lila Raj,N D Datta Banik,R Krishna,S I S Mane
Effect of Light and Dark Adaptation on Total Proteins in Visual Pathways of Adult Pigeons
Lalit P Agarwal,S L Pahuja,Subhash Goswamy
Clinical and Virological Studies on an Outbreak of Dengue-like Fever
J K Sarkar,J M Ghosh,S K Chakravarty,S N Chatterjee
Observations on the Behaviour Of Entamoeba histolytica in Culture
M S Grewal
Pyogenic Meningitis Caused by Salmonella cholerae-suis var. Kunzendorf
B Ghosh Ray,K Prakash
Streptococcal Pharynigitis in Children
Grace Koshi,Malati Jadhav,Ruth M Myers
Isolation of Dengue Type I Virus
Khorshed M Pavri,M Anandarajah,Yvette E Hermon
A Note on Designating Strains as Vibrio cholerae biotype El tor
D L Shrivastava,Ranjit Sen
Isolation of Chandipura Virus from Sandflies in Aurangabad
F M Rodrigues,S N Ghosh,Vijai Dhanda
Human Pathogens from Goat Meat—-Brucellae
A S Randhawa,D S Kalra
A Study of Epidermal Melanocytes in the Hypopigmented Patches of Leprosy
Ammu Nayar,C K Job
Studies on Blood Group Antigens in Saliva : Incidence and Type of Aberrant Secretors
H M Bhatia,K J Randeria
Dose of Histalog for Maximal Acid Secretion in Indian subjects
F P Antia,H G Desai,M P Zaveri
Effect of Stable Manganese on the Fate of Radiomanganese in the Rat with Special Reference to the CNS
Daya K Manghani Darab,K Dastur,K N Jeejeebhoy,K V Raghavendran
Mucosal Changes in Small Intestine in Various Diseases: An Autopsy Study
A K Sehgal,B K Aikat,P N Chhuttani
Effect of Lipaemia and Acute Haemodynamic Disturbances on Thrombus Formation in Rhesus Monkeys
G Pal,R N Chakravarti
Effect of Phenoxybenzamine on Lactate and Pyruvate Levels in Tourniquet Shock
N K Vasudeo,P Chandra,P K Dave
Study of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from Cases of Diarrhoea in Calcutta
B D Chatterjee,K N Neogy,S L Gorbach
Experimental Haemorrhagic Hypotension : A Study of the Influence of Dexamethasone in Monkeys
B N Balkrishna Rao,I K Dhawan,S Majumdar
Cardiopulmonary Actions of 1-Isopropylamino-3-(3-Tolyloxy)-2-Propanol Hydrochloride : A New Adrenergic Beta Receptor Antagonist
B R Madan,D D Santani,R S Gupta
Antifertility Screening of Plants Part V : Effect of Six Indigenous Plants on Early Pregnancy in Albino Rats
R R Chaudhury,S K Garg,S K Saksena
A Bacteriological Study in Women with Early Post-partum Intrauterine Contraceptive Device Insertion
G R Umabai,Om Prakash,R A Bhujwala,V Hingorani
Precipitation in Gel Test in Diagnosis of Smallpox
A R Rao,A R Parasuraman,M Savithri Sukumar,M Shantha,S Kamalakshi,T V Paramasivam
Human Pathogens From Goat Meat with Special Reference to Sources of Contamination Part II Salmonellae
A S Randhawa,D S Kalra
Serum Immunoglobulins in Healthy Indians
B K Aikat,S Sehgal
Chikungunya Virus HI Antibodies in the Population of Lucknow and Kanpur
A K Kapoor,Asha Mathur,N K Mehrotra,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Nutritional Nephropathy : A Histological Entity ?
K Chandra,M Madhavan
Quantitative Aspects of Gonadotropin Inhibiting Material: Site of Origin
Damodar K Mahajan,Prabhaker N Shah
Morphological and Absorption Studies of Small Intestine in Hookworm Infestation (Ankylostomiasis)
A K Sehgal,J S Sodhi,N N Burman,P N Chhuttani,R N Chakravarti
Clinical Behaviour and Absorption After Surgical Operations for Duodenal Ulcer Disease
A E Desa,B D Pimparkar,M M Mehta,P Raghavan,R A Bhalerao,S M Deshmukh,V N Acharya
Sympathectomy in the Management of Frostbite : An Experimental Study
B M L Kapur,J R Talwar,S M Gulati
Effect of Stress on Pentobarbital Sleeping Time in Rats
S R Naik,U K Sheth,Vimala H Sethy
Insulin-like Activity (ILA) of Normal Human Plasma: Its Relation to Endogenous Insulin Inhibitory Activity as Studied by the Bio-assay Methods
A B Christopher,Ranita Aiman
Some Cardiovascular Effects of 10-n Substituted Phenothiazine Derivatives
K P Singh
Rat Blood Pressure in the Assay of Acetylcholine
H Venkatakrishna Bhatt,P S R K Haranath
Neonatal Vaccination against Smallpox by Intradermal Route : A Clinical Assessment
A Roy,S Indra,S Ray,T B Roy
A Comparative Study of the Rotary Lancet and Bifurcate Needle Techniques of Smallpox Vaccination
L M Nath,T M V Prasada Rao,Y Sree Hari Rao
The Effect of Various Fractions of Gum Guggul on Experimentally Produced Hypercholesteraemia in Chicks
C L Malhotra,S Prasad,V L Mehta,Y K Agarwal
Arizona Infection In Snakes, Rats And Man
I P Singh,V K Sharma,Y K Kaura
Antibodies Against Adenoviruses In The Sera Of Healthy Individuals
B K Nanda,U P Naik
Outbreak Of Smallpox In Some Villages Of Jaipur District, Rajasthan, During 1968
N G S Raghavan,P N Sehgal,S Pattanayak
Ultrastructural Dynamics Of Experimental Atherosclerosis
Bholanath Nadkarni,H Alexander Heggtveit,Rekha Nadkami
Response Of Blood Sugar, Pyruvate And Serum ILA (Rat Hemidiaphragm) To Intravenous Sodium Tolbutamide In Normal And Diabetic Subjects
G K Rastogi
Calcium Phosphorus And Nitrogen Balance Studies In Renal Calculus Disease
M M S Ahuja,P Mohanan
Two Cases Of Intestinal Obstruction With Acquired Group B Antigen
Malthi S Sathe,H M Bhatia
A Study Of Intermediary Metabolism In Different Clinical Types Of Diabetes mellitus In India (With Reference To Pyruvate, Lactate, Glycerol And Plasma Insulin)
B Krishna Ram,M M S Ahuja
Studies On Rat Brain Acetylcholine And Cholinesterase Part I. Effect Of Body Weight, Sex, Stress And C.N.S. Depressant Drugs
R K Anjaria,S R Naik,U K Sheth
Studies On Rat Brain Acetylcholine And Cholinesterase Part II The Influence Of Centrally Acting Drugs
S R Naik,U K Sheth
A Comparative Effect of Central Nervous System Acting Drugs on the Open Field Performance in Rats
B D Gupta,M L Gupta,P C Dandiya
Studies On Mating Part I. The Absence Of Release Of Oxytocin At Mating In Female Rabbits
R R Chaudhury,S C Sharma
Studies On Mating Part II. The Effect Of Ethanol On Sperm Transport And Ovulation In Successfully Mated Rabbits
R R Chaudhury,S C Sharma
Pharmacodynamic Investigations Into The Diuretic Activity Of Cucumis melo Seed (Ether Extract)
C S Sisodia,R C P Singh
Androgenic, Anti-androgenic And Anabolic Activity Of Azasteroids On Immature Castrated Rats
R R Chaudhury,S K Saksena
Control Clinical Trial With Rimactane In Fresh, Untreated Cases Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
D K Sarkar,M Dusaj,P U Rao,R Viswanathan,U S Bhakta
Antibody Coating On Erythrocytes Of Chickens Infected With Plasmodium gallinaceum
J P Kreier,O P Gautam,R C Kreier
Uterus In The Mammary Tumour Development In C3H (Jax) Mice
K J Ranadive,N A Sheth,S R Pai
Release Of Active Substances By Cholera Toxin
M B Bhide,N K Dutta,V A Aroskar
Infection And Disease In A Group Of South Indian Families Part IX. Poliovirus Infection Among Pre-School Children
K Ramanand Kamath,Roger A Feldman,Saroja Christopher,T Jacob John
Polykaryocytosis In Vero Cell Cultures With Ganjam Virus : An Arbovirus
C N Dandawate,Sharda Devi Paul
Isolation of Ganjam Virus From Ticks Haemaphysalis Intermedia
C N Dandawate,Jorge Boshell,M K Goverdhan,P K Desai
Another Parenteral Iron-Uniferon An Iron Carbohydrate Complex
N Nagaratnam
Electrophoretic Studies of Hamster Serum Proteins During Progressive Experimental Oral Carcinogenesis Induced With DMBA
P N Wahi,P R Atal,Usha K Luthra,V P Bharadwaj
Cytological And Histological Studies Of The Hamster Cheek Pouch Treated With Crude Mainpuri Tobacco : A Preliminary Report
P N Wahi,Usha K Luthra,V P Bharadwaj
Secretion Of Blood Group Specific Substances In Pulmonary Tuberculosis
K B Khare,M Prasad,P Bahadur,S P Tyagi,Sami Hameed
Vitamin B12 And Folic Acid Deficiency In Nutritional Megaloblastic Anaemia Of Infancy And Childhood
A K Saraya,O P Ghai,P N Singla
Further Observation On Acid-Base Profile Associated With Congestive Cardiac Failure In Infancy
Katherine H Halloran,Norman S Talner,Shyamal K Sanyal,Thomas H Gardner
On The Atopic Relationship Amongst Some Species Of Chenopodiaceae And Amaranthaceae
C K Gupta,D N Shivpuri,Kartar Singh,M K Agarwal
Hymenolepiasis I Childhood And Its Treatment By Indigenous Drugs
O P Lalit,S K Dikshit
A Study Of Mode Of Pyretogenic Effect Of LSD25 In Rabbits
A C Jauhari,B N Dhawan,K U Ansari,S K Bapat,Vimal Chandra
The In Vitro Antimicrobial Efficiency Of Essential Oils
B G V Narasimha Rao,S S Nigam
Patterns Of Competitive Interaction Of Two Peripheral Opposing Stimuli In Decerebrate Cats
M G Gogate,R A Dhume
Anaemia In Kwashiorkor
S G Srikantia,Vinodini Reddy
Influence Of Socio-Economic And Environmental Factors On Birth-Weight
P V Gulati,R N Maidya,T D Chablani
Oxytocic Activity Of A Pure Phenolic Glycoside (P2) From Abaca Indica Linn (Ashoka) : A Short Communication
D N Prasad,G V Satyavati,P K Das,S P Sen
Use Of Conglutinating Complement Absorption Inhibition Test For Detecting Arbovirus Inhibiting Antibodies In Chicken Sera
Gurkirpal Singh
A Note On Brucellosis In And Around Calcutta
Madhusudan Das,Ranjit Sen
Immuno-electrophoretic Characterization Of Brucella Abortus Antigenic Strain 99 Part II. Chemical Extracts
P N Wahi,P R Atal,R C Kulshrestha
Ixodid Ticks Collected In The Eastern Himalayas And Their Potential Disease Relationships
B Mahadevan,R N Varma
The Timing Of Korotkoff Sounds: An Index Of Thyroid Function
Ajit Singh,R P Malhotra,Sarjit Singh,Satwant Singh,Vinod Malhotra
Fat Studies On Normal Indian Adults : Effect Of Dietary Fat On Excretion Of Fat in Faeces
A Luthra,P N Chhuttani,R N Chakravarti,S K Mehta
Experimental Study On Bonding Of Tissues In Mammals With Epoxy Resin
N S Rao,R N Vaishnav
Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Saponins And Other Natural Products
C R Mitra,G P Gupta,K P Bhargava,M B Gupta
Prevention of Cyclopropane-Adrenaline-Evoked Ventricular Arrhythmias in the Dog by Selective Beta-Receptor Antagonists
P L Sharma
Effect Of Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) And Angiotensin On The Urine Flow Of Rats During Negative Pressure Respiration Induced Diuresis
R R Chaudhury,S N Ghosh
Estimation Of Diethylcarbamazine (Hetrazan)
D Subrahmanyam,K N Rao
Biochemical Studies In Phrynoderma (Follicular Hyperkeratosis). Part III. Thiamine, Riboflavin And Nicotinic Acid Nutritional Status Of Children Suffering From Phrynoderma
Bhavani Belavady,K Seetharam Bhat
An Epidemiological Study Into Sickness Absence In A Textile Mill In Delhi
K C Patnaik,K K Ghuliani,K Ramachandran,P V Gulati,T D Chablani
A Study Of Infant Mortality In Luckow Cantonment
B G Prasad,P C Jain,S Sampath
Optical Components Of The Normal Eyes In Indians Part III. Depth Of The Anterior Chamber
P M Kapoor
Relationship Of Undernutrition To Diarrhoea In Infants And Children
O P Ghai,V N Jaiswal
The Occurrence And Distribution Of Intestinal Parasites In Sikkim
S K Mitra
Epidemiological And Virological Studies On The Off-Season Smallpox Cases In Calcutta
J K Sarkar,S Ray,P Manji
Statistical Correlations Between Total Coliform And Enterococcus Counts In Water Supply Of Tarai Region
D C Thapliyal,Sartaj S Ahluwalia,M S Sethi,S K Negi
The In Vitro Activity Of Tinidazole And Other Amoebicidal Drugs On Locally Isolated Strains Of Entamoeba Histolytica
Om Prakash,D V Joshi,V K Vinayak,P N Dhingra,Ashi Tarachand
A Note On The Seasonal Prevalence Of Adults Of Aedes Aegypti In Vellore
Rachel Reuben
Haemoglobin-E-Thalassaemia In Uttar Pradesh
S C Gupta,T N Mehrotra,V G Mehrotra
The Distribution Of Some Enzyme Group Systems Among Bengalis
S R Das,B N Mukherjee,S K Das,N M Blake,R L Kirk
Juvenile Bladder Stones : Analysis By X-Ray Diffraction Technique
B N Balkrishna Rao,K N Irniraya,P Upadhyaya,R K Mishra
Blood Volume Studies In Normal Indian Adults
B N Balkrishna Rao,B M L Kapur,K Ramchandaran,R Ramaswami
Measurements Of The Femur For Orthopaedic Surgeons
B R Kate
Study of RNA In Nerve Cells
A P Shukla,S Singh,S S Dubey,A K Sanyal
Effect Of Simulated High Altitude On Brain Glutamic Acid
P Simhadri
Effects Of K+ On The Behaviour Of Isolated Frog Atria In Sucrose Media
H R K Arora
A Longitudinal Study Of Morbidity In Rural Area
P S S Rao,G Jesudian,J Richard,K G Koshi,V Benjamin,S Samson
Measuring Community Responses To Health Centre Programmes
P S S Sundar Rao,J Richard
Further Studies On The Uterine Activity Of Saraca Indica Linn
G V Satyavati,D N Prasad,S P Sen,P K Das
Non-Specific Monophosphatase Activity In Maternal Serum, Urine And The Amniotic Fluid During Labour
Pushpa Gupta,P K Sharma,Som Nath Gupta,Sudha Garg
Toxoplasmosis : Abortions And Stillbirths
Vera Hingorani,Om Prakash,Prema Chowdhry,T S Kamalam
Tuberculosis of Gastro-intestinal Tract : With Special Reference To Rectal Tuberculosis
O P Gupta,M K Dube
Wanowrie Virus : A New Arbovirus Isolated From Hyalomma Marginatum Isaaci
C N Dandawate,K V Shah
Coxsackie B3 Virus Myocarditis In India
S C Agarwal,J N Bardoloi,Chandra,Mohini Mahajan,Saroj Mehta
Globoid Leukodystrophy (Krabbes Disease)
G M Taori,K C Mammen,Shalini Kokrady,Balraj Martin,A Bhaktaviziam,B K Bachhawat
Thiacetazone In Pulmonary Tuberculosis With Reference To Its Clinical Intolerance
P K Sen,N N Sen,J R Saha,N B Paul,P K Prodhan
Studies On Two Types Of Glutaminase In Normal And Tumour Bearing Mice
G C Shrivastava,S K Banerjee,Leena Chaudhuri,Alaknanda Majumdar
Abnormal Haemoglobins In Indian Armed Forces Personnel
S R Pande,S R Bhattacharya,S C Gupta,T N Mehrotra
Karyotypic Analysis Of Three Established Transplantable Tumors In Ascitic Form
N K Sahu,Shobha Grover
Follow Up Study Of 120 Cases Of Stone In The Upper Urinary Tract
Sarinder Man Singh,Roy Chally,B C Bapna,N A Iyer
Determination Of The Functional Extracellular Fluid Volume (ECFV) By Sodium24 Chloride
K R Rai,A K Basu,P C Khanduja,K N Agarwal
Some Aspects Of Collagen Metabolism In Leprosy
S Balakrishnan
Adrenergic Neurone Blockade With Chloroquine And Amodiaquine
M N Jindal
The Depletion Of Histaminolytic Activity In Guinea-pigs After Acute Anaphylactic Shock And Prednisolone Administration
K C Dave,M H Pajawani,K S Sachdev
Stress Induced Changes In Catecholamine, Glycogen And Blood Glucose Levels And Their Modification By Antiadrenergic Drugs
V N Sharma,J L Godhwani
Sanfilippo Syndrome (Mucopolysaccharidosis III)
Jacob Abraham,Gita Shetty,A Bhakthaviziam,B Chakrapani,Shalini Kokrady,B K Bachhawat
Histidine Urocanic Acid And Histidine a-Deaminase In The Stratum Corneum In Pellagrins
L Vasantha
Prevalence Of Trachoma And Other Common Eye Diseases
G M Mathur,Rameshwar Sharma
Mathematical Models In The Assessment Of Infective Force In Filariasis
Abhaya Indrayan,R N Srivastava,S C Bagchi
An Analytical Study Of The Indices Of Thermal Stress With Respect To Human Body Temperature
N L Ramanathan,B B Chatterjee
Comparison Of Various Physical And Integrated Indices As Measures Of Environmental Heat Stress
N R Mehta,A K Niyogi
A Study Of Some Aspects Of Prematurity Among Deliveries During 1968 At A Teaching Hospital
R Chandra,V C Jain,V Bhushan
Repeat General Health Survey In A Group Of Villages In The Area Of Rural Health Training Centre
C Shivaram,B G Prasad,Baldeo Raj,Vidya Bhushan
A Conglutinating Complement Absorption Test For The Detection Of Arbovirus Antibodies
Gurkirpal Singh
A Study On The Active And Passive Immunity In Experimental Toxoplasmosis
H S Gill,Om Prakash
A Comparison Of The Enterococci Index With Coliform Index As Indication Of Faecal Pollution Of Water
Ranjit Sen,Surjya Narayan Ghosh
Isolation of the West Nile Virus From The Frugivorous Bat, Rousettus Leschenaulti
Sharda Devi Paul,P K Rajagopalan,M A Sreenivasan
Detection Of Australia Antigen In Human Viral Hepatitis
W D Hillis,S Pattanayak,D D Arora
Isolation Of West Nile Virus From A Human Case Of Febrile Illness
Sharda Devi Paul,D P Narasimha Murthy,Mohan Das
Vitreous Bodies : Etiopathological Investigation
P A Lamba,R Rajan
Trans-Monsoonal Persistence Of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus In Haemaphysalis Nymphs Infected In Nature
P K Rajagopalan,C R Anderson
The Significance Of The Occurrence Of Serotype 1831 And Katwijk Strains In A Longitudinal Study Of Diarrhoeal Disease in Pre-school Children
Prema Bhat,Ruth M Myers
A Note On The Arboreal Nests Of Some Rodents
P K Rajagopalan
Isolation Of Ganjam Virus From The Bird Tick Haemaphysalis Wellingtoni Nuttall And Warburton 1907
P K Rajagopalan,M A Sreenivasan,Sharda Devi Paul
Chemotherapy Of Experimental Toxoplasma Gondii (RH Strain) Infection
H S Gill,Om Prakash
Bovine Mastitis Caused By Cryptococcus Neoformans
D P Monga,L N Mohapatra,D S Kalra
Effect Of Hydrocortisone On Immune Cytokinetics Part I—Effects Of Different Dose-Schedules On 19S And 7S Antibody Forming Cells In Jernes Plaque Technique
Sobha Janah,Qamar Z Hussam,S N Chaudhun
Erythrocytic Factors And Viral Haemagglutination
U C Chaturvedi,O P Bharadwaj,Asha Mathur,L M Bahuguna,R M L Mehrotra
A Study Of Iron And Protein Deficiency In Hookworm Infestation
A K Saraya,B N Tandon,K Ramachandran
Survival Time Of Mice In Simulated High Altitude
P Simhadri
Experimental Studies On Early Compensatory Renal Enlargement Following Unilateral Nephrectomy
A K Ghose,R N Chakravarti,Inder Perkash
Anthropometric Observations On Urban Primary School Children
B Mukerji,K K Kaul
Experimental Studies On Entamoeba Histolytica With Special Reference To Asymptomatic Cyst Passers
M S Grewal,S Krishnan,P N Chhuttani
Influence Of Intracarotid Infusions Of Hexamethonium On Acetylcholine Release From Perfused Cerebral Ventricles In Anaesthetized Dogs
K Seshagiri Rao,H Venkatakrishna Bhatt,G Gopalakrishna,P S R K Haranath
Antifertility Screening Of Plants Part VI Effect Of Five Indigenous Plants On Early Pregnancy In Albino Rats
S K Garg,S K Saksena,R R Chaudhury
Vital Statistics Of Tea Estates In Assam—1960 to 1968
A B Gilroy
Detection Of Sporadic Cases Of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
Ruth M Myers,Mary J Varkey
Ampicillin and Tetracycline Resistance of Salmonella
Saroj Sharma,S C Agarwal
Studies On Ancylostoma Caninum Infection In Mice Following Percutaneous And Intraperitoneal Routes Of Infection
Debiprasad Banerjee,Om Prakash,M G Deo
Studies On The Early Stage Of Infection Of Ancylostoma Caninum In Mice
Debiprasad Banerjee,Om Prakash,M G Deo
Isolation Of Bovine Enteroviruses
N Nath,S Balaya,L N Mohapatra
A Micro-Conglutinating Complement Absorption Test For Arbovirus Antibodies
Gurkirpal Singh
Intolerance To Thiacetazone In Pulmonary Tuberculosis With Reference To Liver And Haemopoetic Functions
P K Sen,N N Sen,J R Saha,T K Dutta
Development Of Necator Americanus In Golden Hamsters Mesocricetus Auratus
H G Sen,D Seth
Epidemiological Study Of Precancerous Lesions Of The Oral Cavity : A Preliminary Report
P N Wahi,V P Mital,B Lahiri,Usha K Luthra,R K Seth,G D Arora
Haptoglobin Levels In Liver Cirrhosis
A J Baxi,A M Ektare,K K Vora,M J Shah,J M Mehta,U K Sheth
Morphological Studies On The Thymus Part II Echidna—A Monotreme Prototheria
Saratha Kathiresan
Hepatitis Associated Antigen In The Sera Of Patients And Blood Donors
S Sehgal,B K Aikat
Serological Survey Of Small Mammals In The South Indian Plague Focus
A K Krishnaswami,S N Ray,R K Chandrahas
Experimental Study Of Agents Protecting The Skin Against Acute Radiation Ulceration
S K Chaudhuri,K Lal,R N Chakravarti
Effect of Ethyl Alcohol On Thyroidal Iodide Trapping And Renal Clearance Of 131 I Label In Rats
H S Yadav,B N Chaudhuri,S K Mukherjee
Bacteriological Study Of Jejunal Fluid In Idiopathic Tropical Malabsorption Syndrome
K Lahri,R A Bhujwala,S K Sama,B N Tandon
Percutaneous Vasectomy A Comparative Study Using A New Instrument And Technique
G S Sekhon
Abnormal Components In Sera And Blister Fluids Of Pemphigus Patients
K C Kandhari,J S Pasricha,N K Sharma
Study Of Urinary Excretion Of Nitrogenous Compounds And Their Interrelationship In Some Diseased States
S A Bhambal,K S Sharma,Sheela Bhambal
Role Of Catecholamines In Morphine And Meperidine Analgesia
Vimala H Sethi,Ratan J Pradhan,S S Mandrekar,U K Sheth
Potentiation Of The Antiepileptic Action Of Diphenylhydantoin By Chlorothiazide Congeners
P G Dashputra,M D Khapre
Studies On Hypotensive Action Of Properciazine
K P Singh,D S Rathore,R V S Ranawat
Effect Of Guanethidine On Pentobarbital Sleeping Time
S R Naik,P Y Naik,U K Sheth
The Microfilaricidal Effect Of Diethylcarbamazine
R N Srivastava,B G Prasad
Blood Pressure in Pregnancy
Amal Krishna Pal
The Release Of Periplasmic Phosphoesterases From Vibrio Cholerae And Vibrio Eltor
B C Datta,S Mitra
Mechanism Of Action Of Berberine On Vibrio Cholerae And Vibrio Cholerae Biotype Eltor
Shanta Modak,M J Modak,A Venkataraman
Effect Of Berberine On The Fatty Acid Composition Of Vibrio Cholerae And Vibrio Cholerae Biotype Eltor
M J Modak,Shanta,M Modak,A Venkataraman
A Comparison Of Strains Of So-Called NAG Vibrios With Those Of Strains Of Vibrio Cholerae
Ranjit Sen
Nature Of Cell Injury Induced By Murine Hepatitis Virus (MHV3)
S K Piplani,B K Aikat
Alkalescens-Dispar Group Of Organisms In Normal Preschool Children And In Preschool Children With Diarrhoea
Prema Bhat,Ruth M Myers,Roger A Feldman
Immunological Relationship Between Sarcoidosis and Tuberculosis
Om P Sharma
Effects Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis On HeLa Cell Culture
H N Madhavan,K B Sharma
Salmonella Pattern In India—II
M L Nath,Jarnail Singh,S K Bhandari
Quantitative Differences In Antitoxic And Antibacterial Immunogenesis After Live And Killed Enteral Cholera Vaccination
P Bhattacharya,S Mukerjee
Serum Neutralization Of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus In Mice
Charles R Anderson
Serological Response Of Man To Kyasanur Forest Disease
Khorshed M Pavri,Charles R Anderson
Effect Of Total Dose Infusion Of Iron Dextran On The Stainable Iron And Erythropoiesis In Bone Marrow
A Perkash,R Sharma,P K Devi
Effect Of Low Molecular Weight Dextran On The Survival Rate Of Dogs Subjected To Acute Haemorrhagic Shock
P L Sharma
Nutritional Assessment Of Preschool Children Of A Rural Community
O P Ghai,S N Chaudhuri,Suresh Kapoor,V N Jaiswal,Seeta Sinclair
Ergonomical Studies On Load Carrying Up Staircases part I—Effect Of External Load On Energy Cost And Heart Rate
S R Datta,N L Ramanathan
Ergonomical Studies On Load Carrying Up Staircases Part II-Effect Of The Rate Of Ascent
S R Datta,N L Ramanathan
A New Staining Technique For Trachomatous Tissue
N A Vali
A Study Of The Menstrual Pattern Of School Girls In An Urban Area
Elizabeth P Koshi,B G Prasad,Vidya Bhushan
Immunizing Capacity Of B. Abortus S99 Sodium Chloride Extract Against B. Abortus Infection In Guinea-pigs
R C Kulshrestha,M Ramachandran
Serological Survey Of Incidence Of ECHO 7 Infection
H N Madhavan,K Kasturi,K B Sharma
Immuno-electrophoretic Characterization Of Brucella Species : Chemical Extract
R C Kulshrestha,P R Atal,P N Wahi
Immuno-electrophoretic Characterization Of Brucella Sonic Extract
R C Kulshrestha,P R Atal,P N Wahi
Reovirus Antibodies In Human Sera In South India
Samuel George,T Jacob John
Possible Origin Of Syrian Christians In India On The Basis Of Distribution Of Blood Groups And Other Genetic Characters
N P Parikh,K V Kulkarni,H I Jhala
Some Observations On The Enzymatic Stability Of Red Cells In Heterozygous And Homozygous States For Hb.E
S Swarup Mitra,S K Ghosh,J B Chatterjea
Experimental Evaluation Of Low Molecular Weight Dextran Therapy In Irreversible Haemorrhagic Shock
P Upadhyaya,B N Balkrishna Rao,N C Nayak,R Sarin
Acetylcholine Synthesis And Release By Incubated Human Placental Mince
K S Raghavan,P Brahmayya Sastry
Effects Of Temperature On Acetylcholine Synthesis And Release In Perfused Human Placenta
K S Raghavan,P Brahmayya Sastry
High Excretion Of Parahydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid In Normal Individuals
A S Saini,P C Singh,R K Marya,B B Garg,I D Singh
Stress Induced Changes In Myocardial Acetylcholine Cholinesterase And 5-Hydroxytryptamine And Their Modification By Antiadrenergic Drugs
J L Godhwani,V N Sharma
Effect Of Pancuronium Bromide A New Steroidal Neuromuscular Blocking Agent On Halothane-Adrenaline-Evoked Ventricular Arrhythmias In Dog
P L Sharma
A Study On Health Of Primary Urban School Children
E T Koshi,B G Prasad,V C Jain,Vidya Bhushan
Biochemical Investigations In Five Patients With Phenylketonuria
B S Sridhara,Rama Rao,H S Narayanan,G N Narayana Reddy
Noise And Acoustic Trauma Noise Levels In Discotheques In Delhi
B M Abrol,L M Nath,A N Sahai
Ergonomical Studies On Load Carrying Up Staircases4 Part III—Effect Of The Mode Of Carrying
S R Datta,N L Ramanathan
A Clinical Trial Of Tetramisole (R 8299) In Cases Of Ascariasis
Om Prakash,Debiprasad Banerjee,S K Sama
Book Review
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International Work in Cardiovascular
nternational Histological Classification of Tumours No. 3. Histological Typing of Soft Tissue Tumours
General Pathology
Gulde to the laboratory diagnosis of Smallpox for eradication programmes
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Hormonal steroids in contraception
Principles for the Testing and Evaluation of Drugs for Carcinogenicity
WHO Expert Committee on Medical Rehabilitation
Genetic Counselling.
Publication of the World Health Organization 1963-1967
Biochemistry of Mental Disorders
Developments in Fertility Control.
Parasitology of Malaria
Marital maladjustment and marriage counselling
Conquest of deficiency diseases
Factors regulating the immune response
Fluorides and human health, by various authors
Genetic Factors in Congenital Malformations
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Insecticide Resistance and Vector Control : Seventeenth Report of the WHO Expert Committee on Insecticides







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