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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 59

Original Article
Effect Of Viral Infection On Immunological Cardiac Injury In Rats
A K Kapoor,Asha Mathur,R K Gupta,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Crude Mortality By Size Of Tuberculin Reaction
K Naganna,P Chandrasekhar,Pyarelal,Raj Narain
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection In Infancy And Childhood In A Community In Chandigarh
J N S Bardoloi,S C Agarwal,Saroj Mehta
Antigenic Relationship Between Brucella And Some Other Gram-Negative Bacilli
D V Joshi,Om Prakash
Adaptation Of Singhs Aedes Albopictus (ATC-15) Cell Line To Media With Calf And Goat Sera And Their Susceptibility To Infection With Some Arboviruses
K R P Singh,S D Paul,U K M Bhat
Rapid Screening Of Anticancer Compounds : An Adaptation Of Agarplate Method In Tissue Culture
C V Bapat,K H Thanki
Lancefield Group F Streptococci Causing Liver Abscess And Empyema
Grace Koshi,Lily John
Experimental Cholera In Infant Rabbit : Diarrhoea Or Diuresis
Richard A Finkelstein
Incidence of Gm1 in Indians in Bombay
H M Bhatia,N P Parikh
Effect Of Hypothermia On Digitalis Toxicity : An Experimental Study
A K Sarkar,M Akhtar,P L Wahi,R N Chakravarti
Australia/SH Antigen In Normal Population And Patients Of Viral Hepatitis In Delhi
A N Malaviya,B N Tandon,P C Gandhi,S Anand,S K Sama
Clinical Experience With Pancuronium Bromide (NA97): A New Steroid Neuromuscular Blocking Agent
P L Sharma,Y S Varma
Pharmacological Studies To Isolate The Active Constituents From Cyperus Rotundus Possessing Anti-inflammatory, Anti-pyretic and Analgesic Activities
K P Bhargava,M B Gupta,N Singh,T K Palit
Blood Clearance Of Hippuran I-131 As An Index Of Overall Renal Function
A K Chakravarty,B C Bapna,M A P Rao,S M Singh
Botanical Identification Of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants: A New Method Of Pharmacolinguistics A Preliminary Account
K H Krishnamurthy
A True Hermaphrodite With XX/XY Mosaicism
K N Udupa,S Kakati,S P Ray Chaudhuri,T Sharma
A Study On Immunoglobulins In Indian Children
D K Sen,H Mallick,K P Sinha,Lala Surajnandan Prasad
Study Of Serum Copper And Copper Oxidase In Patients With Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
Meharban Singh,O P Ghai,S K Kapoor
Tuberculin Conversion After B.C.G. Vaccination In Newborn Babies
S K Bhargava,Saroj Batra,Shanti Ghosh,Vijaya Bhargava
Multivariate Approach In Epidemiological Assessment Of Continuity In A Cohort Of Oral Contraceptors
A Indrayan,S C Bagchi
Skeletal Development Of Primary School Children In Delhi
Banik Sushila Nayar,Lila Raj,N G Gadekar,N D Datta,R Krishna
A Study On Vital Statistics In Certain Villages Around Rural Health Training Centre Sarojini Nagar Lucknow
B G Prasad,Baldeo Raj,S L Bagga,Vidya Bhushan
Ergonomical Studies On Load Carrying Up Staircases Part IV—Effect Of Load, Rate Of Ascent And Mode
N L Ranganathan,S R Datta
Ultrastructure Of Human Oral Mucosa After Prolonged Exposure To Tobacco
D A Woods,Manorma Gupta,P N Wahi,Usha K Luthra
Efficacy Of Castanedas Surface Fixation Test (SFT) Vis-a-vis Screening Of Brucellosis In Buffaloes (Bos-bubalis)
J L Soni,P N Pathak
Citrobacter Group Including The Bethesda-Ballerup (CBB) Strains Isolated In Vellore
Prema Bhat,Ruth M Myers,S Shanthakumari
A Comparison Of Various Measures Of Sensitivity Of M. Tuberculosis To Pyrazinamide
D A Mitchison,N G K Nair,S P Tripathy,S Radhakrishna,S Subbammal
Sero-epidemiological Study Of Rubella Infection In Female Subjects Of Delhi And Its Surrounding Villages
L N Mohapatra,P Seth,S Balaya
The Reaction Of Cattle To Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus
Charles R Anderson,K R P Singh
Attenuation Of A Strain Of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus For Mice
Charles R Anderson,Pravin N Bhatt
Para-influenza Virus Infection In Respiratory Illnesses of Infants and Children
S C Agarwal,Saraljit Sehgal
Transmission Of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus By Soft Tick, Argas Persicus (Ixodoidea : Argasidae)
K R P Singh,M K Goverdhan,U K M Bhat
An Experimental Study Of Hepatic Regeneration.
Roshan Lall Gupta,Raghuveer M Kudva,Vijai Bahadur
A Micro-Method For The Determination Of Plasma Transaminase
Jacob Thomas,William D Hillis
Comparative Effects Of Rapid Thawing, Low Molecular Dextran and Sympathectomy in Cold Injury In The Monkeys
B M L Kapur,J R Talwar,S M Gulati
Clinical Experience with Glybenclamide in 100 Non-Ketotic Diabetics
M M S Ahuja,V K Sahgal
The Histological Structure Of Stomach In Bat (Rhinofome Kinneari)
B N Sinha,B Swarup,D Kumar
Vitamin B12 And Folic Acid Status In Tropical Sprue
K K Khurana,M V Vishwanath,P N Chhuttani,S K Mehta
Observations On The Effects Of Peruvoside
S Padmavati,Veena Raizada
Development Of A Closed Urinary Drainage System Suitable For Indian Conditions
B C Bapna,D V Rao,R A Bhujwala,S N Wadhwa,Sarinder Man Singh
Purgative Action Of An Oil Obtained From Terminalia Chebula
B D Miglani,P Sen,R K Sanyal
Acute And Chronic Toxicity Studies Of DDT In Albino Rats
S K Gupta,S K Kashyap
The Effect Of Occupational Exposure To Organophosphorus Pesticides On Blood Cholinesterase
S K Gupta,S K Kashyap
An Epidemiological Study Of Consanguinity In A Large South Indian Town
P S S Sundar Rao,S G Inbaraj,V G Kaliaperumal
Antifertility Screening Of Plants Part VII—Effect Of Five Indigenous Plants On Early Pregnancy In Albino Rats
G P Garg,S K Garg
Chemical Fractionation Of Brucella SPP
M Ramachandran
An Electromyographic Study Of The Behaviour Of Orbicularis Oris And Mentalis Muscle
P Jayalekshmy Ammal,P P Jacob,R Haridas
An Exploratory study of Troops and their Families Practising Contraception
K K Ghuliani,R N Varma
Metabolic Interrelationships Among Phospholipids
G Felicia David,V M Sivaramakrishnan
Feasibility Of A Chemoprophylaxis Trial In India Against Tuberculosis
M S Subba Rao,Raj Narain,S Mayurnath,S S Murthy
Influence Of Isoniazid On Naturally Acquired Tuberculin Allergy And On Induction Of Allergy By BCG Vaccination
A S Bagga,K Naganna,Raj Narain,S Mayurnath
Observations On The Lability Of Serum Whole Blood And R.B.C Folates Of Human Blood
D K Banerjee,J B Chatterjea
Mannitol-motility Medium In Routine Diagnostic Enteric Bacteriology
Hannah Isaac,Prema Bhat,S Shanthakumari
Immunoglobulins And Complement In Sera From Patients With Various Parasitic Infections
A B Chowdhury,G I Higashi
Antibodies In CSF To Certain Non-enteroviral Agents In Viral Infections Of Central Nervous System
J N S Bardoloi,R C Mahajan,S C Agarwal,Saraljit Sehgal
Serologic Groups of Hemolytic Streptococci In Human Infections
Grace Koshi
Acid Phosphatase And Deoxyribonucleic Acid Studies In D.M.B.A. Induced Experimental Oral Carcinogenesis In Hamster Cheek Pouch
Usha K Luthra,V P Bharadwaj
Brain Biopsy In Infantile Tremor Syndrome
G Newton,K M Wahal,P C Bajpai,P K Misra,P N Tandon
Uric Acid Lithiasis : A Report On 3 Patients Along with A Study On The Response To Allopurinol In One
D V N Rao,J S Bajaj,Sarinder Man Singh
Plasma Erythropoietin Titres In Anaemia Of Chronic Renal Disease
I N Ramdeo,K C Joshi,S R Mehta
D-xylose Excretion Studies In Protein Calorie Malnutrition : Alterations And Response To Therapy
K K Kaul,K Sawhney
Observations On Skin-fold Measurements Of Pre-school Children In Jabalpur
K K Kaul,R K Goel
Investigations On Urinary Excretion Of 3, 4 Dimethoxyphenylethylamine (The Pink Spot), The Mauve Factor And Aromatic Compounds In Patients With Schizophrenia
B S Sridhara Rama Rao,G N Narayana Reddy,H S Narayanan
Circulatory And Respiratory Adjustments During Severe Chronic Anaemia
C P Shah,P B Shah,P Gopinath,S B Tillu,S D Nishith
Use Of Microscope As A Stereotaxic Instrument For Rat: Some Modifications
P Simhadri
Experimental Hydronephrosis : The Occurrence Of Sucrose Induced Vacuolar Lesions In The Hydronephrotic Kidney
N Raghunatha Rao,T Radhakrishnan
Action Of Aqueous Potassium Permanganate On Some Lipids And Unsaturated Fatty Acids
K Ramamurti
Methaemoglobin Diaphorase Of Human Erythrocytes In Iron-deficiency Anaemia
G Y N Iyer,M Ramachandran
Isolation And Characterization Of A Sodium Retaining Substance From Pig Heart Muscle And Its Role In Myocardial Infarction
H H Siddiqui,R B Arora,R C Sharma,S K Gupta
Effect Of 131I On Spermatogonia And Oocytes In Mice
O S Reddi
Bilateral Contraception With Unilateral Infra-uterine Device In The Rat
B A Gadgil,K Janakiraman,N C Buch
Field Evaluation Of Diethyltoluamide (Deet) As A Mosquito Repellent
M S Boparai,R N Varma
In Vitro Action Of Tetramisole On Hookworm, Ancylostoma Duodenale
M S Grewal
Indirect Haemagglutination Tests In Assessing The Aetiologic Role Of Certain Suspect Enterobacteria In Diarrhoeal Diseases Of Pre-school Children
Malathi Jadhav,Prema Bhat,Ruth M Myers
Studies On Intestopan Resistant Vibrios
Dipti Sasmal,Rama Ganguly
Employment Of A Microtechnic And Goose Erythrocytes In Hemagglutination-inhibition Tests For Detection of Asian Influenza activity
E Stanley Jesudass,Mary J Varkey,Ruth M Myers
A Study Of Non-specific Inhibition Of Paramyxoviruses By Animal Sera().
N I Fernando,R B Heath
A Study Of Paediatric Cholera Rehydrated With Ringer Lactate
A Mondal,B K Sarkar,Bhakti Samanta,D L Shrivastava,R N Chaudhuri,Rama Ganguly,S De,S P De
Evaluation Of D-xylose Absorption In Tropical Sprue In North India
K K Khurana,N R Mysorekar,P N Chhuttani,S K Mehta
Glycosaminoglycans In Rat Granulation Tissue: Biochemical And Histopathological Studies On The Effects Of Adrenalectomy And Castration, Cortisone And Sex Difference
E V Chandrasekaran,V Sitaramam
Homocystinuria In Three Indian Children
B S Sridhara Rama Rao,G N Narayana Reddy,H S Narayanan
90Sr Induced Translocations In Mice
O S Reddi
In Vitro R . B. C Up take Of Radio-tri-iodothyronine As A Useful Test Of Thyroid Function In Indian Patients Part-I
A N Mehrotra,C K Talukdar
Skinfold Thickness And Obesity In Male College And Polytechnic Students
J N Berry
Serum Proteins And Lipids Changes In Ankylostomiasis Before And After Treatment
A K Sarkar,Baljit Singh,P N Chhuttani,S K Mehta
Effect Of Betamethasone And Dexamethasone On The Liver Ultrastructure In Rats
B D Garg,D F Dardachti,J D Khandekar,K Kovacs
Effect Of Testosterone And Meprobamate On The Gastric Acidity And Peptic Ulceration
A W Bhagwat,Dinesh Chandra,S S Gupta
Antihistaminic Activity Of Synthetic Quinoline Derivatives
M K Raina,P K Das
Effect Of Cold Stress On Myocardial And Plasma Catecholamine Level Of Rat And Its Modification By Eserine, Mecamylamine and Reserpine
N K Khanna,V N Sharma
Preliminary Phytochemical And Pharmacological Studies On Artabotrys-odoratissimus (Champa).
C P Trivedi,S P Saxena,J Emmanuel
Adrenergic Mechanisms In The Production Of Cardiac Arrhythmias And In Mediating The Anti-arrhythmic Effect Of Quinidine
B R Madan,J L Godhwani,N K Khanna
Ecbolic Action Of Diethyl Carbamazine
V S Venkata Subbu,A R Biswas
Heights And Weights Of Well-nourished Indian School Children
Darshan Singh,K Vijaya Raghavan,M C Swarainathan
Vasectomy In The Army
M S Boparai,R N Varma
Continuation Rates Of Use With A Closed, Non-tailed Intrauterine Device : Polygon (M) And Lippes Loop (B)
Padma Kashyap,T N Sugathan
A Report On The Resistance of Culex Pipiens Fatigans (Wied) Collected From Calcutta Against Dieldrin
R N Ghosh
Some Observations On Mycotic Infections In Lucknow
P K Agarwal,Pramod Nath
A Co-operative Trial On The Toxicity And Efficacy of Thiacetazone
S P Pamra
Studies On Viability Of Variola Virus-Part I—Viability Of Variola Virus In Smallpox Material On Glass Slides, In Capillary Tubes On Filter Paper And Cotton Threads
A R Parasuraman,A R Rao,M Savithri Sukumar,M Shantha Ramakrishnan,S Kamalakshi,T V Paramasivam
Acute Encephalopathy : A Clinicopathological Study
A K Kapoor,A M Khan,Asha Mathur,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
An Investigation Of Cholera Outbreak In Raigarh District
A K Dave,B S Darbari,K K Shrivastava,M M Arora,M P Dwivedi,S N Sharma
Candida Albicans Meningitis : An Experimental Study
A K Mukherji,K C Basu Mallik
Studies on Laboratory Testing of Smallpox Vaccines Used In India Under the National Smallpox Eradication Programme
C L Sehgal,D K Murty,N G S Raghavan,P Singha
Calcium-45 Absorption And Excretion In Nutritional Osteomalacia
M M S Ahuja,Om Prakash
A New Approach To The Treatment Of Some Chronic Respiratory Diseases
Ajit S Puri,N P Bector,R K Gupta
Renal Calculi : A Study Of The Calcification Of Rachitic Rat Cartilage By So-called Evil Urine
D V N Rao,N A Iyer,Sarinder Man Singh
The Rural Pre-school Child—His Growth And Nutritional Status
H D Kulkarni,M V Phadke,N S Deodhar
Feeding Trials With Lysine Fortified Wheat Flour In Protein Calorie Malnutrition
O P Ghai,S N Chaudhuri
Effect Of Guanethidine Sulphate On Serum Lipids In Rabbits
N K Chowdhury,T N Pradhan
Estrenols And Male Sex Organs—Part I Effect Of A Few Structurally Related 19-Nortestosterone Derivatives On Sex Organs Of Adult Male Albino Rats
K V Jogi,S L Sarkar
Vascular Permeability-Increasing Action Of Human Epidermal Extract And Its Different Component Fractions
J S Pasricha,K C Kandhari,N K Bhide,N K Sharma
The Antifertility Effect Of Ocimum Sanctum and Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis
G Santhakumari,S K Batta
Phenylalanine Incorporation Into Rat Brain And Myocardial Proteins In Response To Cold Exposure
Asoke G Datta,C K Chauhan,Pawan S Chauhan,R B Arora
Effects Of Propranolol (A Beta Adrenergic Blocking Agent) On Some Central Nervous System Parameters
D S Bhandari,K P Singh,M L M Mahawar
Propyl Gallate As A Local Anesthetic Agent
Arvind T Modak,M R Rajaram Rao
Effect Of Lysine Supplementation On Growth Of Rats Fed Cereal Diets
Ambalini Bailur,K C Pant,Soonita J Chinoy
Effect Of Lysine Supplementation On The Protein Quality Of Diets Of Indian Pre-school Children
Ambalini Bailur,Soonita J Chinoy
Three Species Of Trombiculid Mites Described From Eastern Himalayan Foot Hills India
B Mahadevan,R N Varma
Immuno-electrophoretic Characterization Of Brucella Antigens—IV—With Heterologous Hyperimmune Sera.
P R Atal,P N Wahi,R C Kulshreshtha
Seasonal Prevalence Of Rat Fleas In Kolar (Mysore State)
C Achuthan,R K Chandrahas
Bacteriological Study Of Urinary Infection In Patients With Closed Drainge System
B C Bapna,R A Bhujwala,S Man Singh
Reappraisal Of The Prevalence Of Chikungunya Antibodies In The Human Population Of Lucknow And Kanpur
Asha Mathur,N K Mehrotra,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Further Studies On Ticks Of Wild Monkeys Of Kyasanur Forest Disease Area Shimoga District
C R Anderson,P K Rajagopalan
Complement-fixing And Immunofluorescent Antibodies To Mycoplasma Pneumoniae In Sera From A Normal Community
N K Ganguly,P J Asnani,R C Mahajan,S C Agarwal
Agglutinin And Vibriocidal Responses Of L Forms Of Vibrio Cholerae And El Tor
N K Ganguly,S C Agarwal
Chronic Cholecystitis And Cholelithiasis : An Experimental Study
B K Aikat,K P Sengupta,P K Raha
Experimental Neurolathyrism In Monkeys
K S Mani,P S Sarma,S L N Rao,S Sriramachari
Streptococcal Antibody Titres In Normal Subjects And Patients With Rheumatic Fever
Kunal Saha,Ramesh Arora,S Padmavati
Survival Of Rat Hearts Perfused With Saline Media
P Zachariah,R Suresh
Some Further Observations On Paper Chromatographic Separation Of Amino Acids From Untreated Urine Samples
A S Saini
Bronchial Tone And Its Importance In Respiration
B B Sarkar,B N Koley,Purnima Roy
Effect Of Excess Transfusion And Some Vasoactive Drugs On Experimental Irreversible Haemorrhagic Shock
Pritam Das,Tatsat Misra
Cholinergic Cortical Evoked Potentials
B S Meldrum,V K Bhargava
An Epidemiological Note On Guinea-worm Infection In Madhya Pradesh—I
A K Saxena
A Pedigree Of Extra-digit V Polydactyly In A Reddi Family Of Coastal Andhra Pradesh
M R Chakravartti
Chemotherapeutic Properties Of Some New Isothiocyanates: Their Cestodicidal Action Against Hymenolepis Nana
A B Sen,J C Katiyar
Proteins In Retina And Visual Centres Of Rabbits Having Lenticular Or Corneal Opacification
Lalit P Agarwal,Subhash Goswamy
Effect Of Vitamin D Supplements On Calcium Absorption In Children
Vinodini Reddy,W D A Perera
Specific Morbidity Rates In A Rural Area
J Richard,P S S Rao,V Benjamin
Oedema In Pregnancy
Amal Krishna Pal
A Case Of Nosema Cuniculi Infection In A Goat
P K R Iyer,R S Khanna
Rapid Diagnosis Of Bacterial Meningitis By The Fluorescent-Antibody (FA) Technique
Grace Koshi,Jolly Chacko
In Vitro Susceptibility Of Pseudomonas Pyocyanea Strains To A New Antimicrobial Agent Derived from Almond (Prunus Amygdalis) Shells
J R Talwar,P Venugopal,U Gupta,V N Bhatia
Meningitis In A New Born Due To Flavobacterium Meningosepticum
K C Agarwal,Manjusree Ray
Providence Group Of Organisms In The Aetiology Of Juvenile Diarrhoea
Prema Bhat,Roger A Feldman,Ruth M Myers
Observations On The Haemolytic Character Of Vibrio Cholerae In A Medium Containing Glycerol
Ranjit Sen
Bacteriological Examination of Diarrheal Stools in Calcutta
K Tamura,L M Prescott,R Sakazaki,R Sinha,S C Sanyal,Z Bencic
Natural Infection Of Toxoplasma Gondii Sought In Ticks
Easwari Nair,H S Gill,Om Prakash
Distribution Of Labelled Iron-dextran (Fe59) In Pregnant And Non-pregnant Women
A Dass,K Sharma,K D Sharma,K N Agarwal
A Study of Intra-uterine Device In Families Of Army Personnel
K K Ghuliani,M S Boparai,R N Varma
Foetal And Child Loss In Relation To Consanguinity In Southern India
P Jayabal,T Jacob John
Hematological Profile In Children With Congenital Heart Disease
Birendra N Dasgupta,Kailash N Agarwal,Shanti Ghosh,Shyamal K Sanyal,Vijaya Hooja
Immunological Studies In Multiple Myeloma
B K Aikat,S Sehgal,Usha Datta
Cytogenetic Studies In Mental Retardation With Report Of A Case Of XXXXY Variant Of Klinefelter Syndrome
A Walter,B Martin,H R Gopalakrishnamoorthy,K C Mammen,T Jacob John
Recurrent Renal Calculi: A Study Of Incidence By Follow-up Examination
B C Bapna,D V N Rao,Sarinder Man Singh
Monoclonal Immunoglobulinopathies In Goa
E Afonso,S Parashar,S K Tikare,V P S Dias
Malabsorption In Ankylostomiasis
B K Sur,B K Gupta,H S Mital,K C Samuel,Kedar Nath,O N Seth,S Saxena
Effect Of Estrogen And Ligation Of Uterine Horns On The Pharmacological Activity Of The Uterine Fluid Of Rats With Device In One Horn
S K Batta
Effect Of Some Adrenergic Beta-receptor Antagonists On The Action Of d-Tubocurarine And Pancuronium Bromide
P L Sharma,R K Saini
Pharmacology Of Some New 4-(3H)-Quinazolinones Part I: Effect On Reproduction, Blood Pressure and Respiration
A S Nadkarni,S Somasekhara,S K Saksena,V S Dighe
The Influence Of Guanethidine Pretreatment Upon The Haemodynamics Of Dogs Under Haemorrhagic Hypotension
V S V Subbu
Female Antifertility Compounds : Structural Activity Relationship Of Pyrazole Analogs
G P Garg,S K Garg
Study Of Cellular Inclusion In The Human Foetal Intestinal Neuron
S C Chaudhary
The Teratogenicity Of Cyclophosphamide (Endoxan-Asta) In Rats
Shamer Singh
Health Survey Of The Onge Tribe Of Little Andamans
D Hanumantha Rao,D Krishnamurthi,Leela Iyengar,M C Swaminathan
Noise Pollution And Health
P N Wahi
Normal Threshold of Taste Among Indians
B M Abrol,G Dasgupta
An Outbreak Of Infectious Hepatitis In Village Pundi In Sangli District An Epidemiological Report
B G Sahastrabudhe,M G Nadkarni
Infertility And Sterility In Relation To Histamine Content Of Endometrium
B Gulati,K Tiwari,Nishat Alvi,S S Gupta
In Vitro Combined Activity Of Carbenicillin And Gentamicin On Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
K C Agarwal
The providence Group: Subgroups Including Biotypes And Serogroups of faecal strains isolated in vellore
Prema Bhat,Ruth M Myers,S Shanthakumari
Usefulness Of A Medicinal Plant (Bragantia Wallichi) In Experimental Cholera
K P Nayak,M V Panse
Serologic Evidence Of Coxiella Burnetii Infection In Domestic Animals In Delhi And Surrounding Areas
L N Mohapatra,S Balaya,S Choudhury
Observations On Susceptibility Status Of Rats From Different Localities In Thana District To Experimental Plague Infection And Serological Studies For Detection Of Foci Of Infection Among Domestic Rodents
D M Renapurkar,M V Sant,R S Karbhari,Y S Nimbkar
Vellore Virus : A Recently Recognized Agent Of The Palyam Group Of Arboviruses
Donald E Carey,E Stanley Jesudass,Rachel Reuben,Robert E Shope,Ruth M Myers
Fluorescent Antibody Test In Serodiagnosis Of Amoebiasis
D V Datta,P N Chhuttani,R C Mahajan,S C Agarwal
Incidence Of Toxoplasma Antibodies In Tuberculous Patients
Om Prakash,Prema Chowdhry
Antigenic Analysis Of Different Strains Of Brucella
D V Joshi,G P Talwar,Om Prakash
A Note On Sequential Dengue Infection, Presumptive And Proved, With Report Of An Instance Of A Third Proved Attack In One Individual
Mary J Varkey,Ruth M Myers
Antigenicity And Immunopathogenicity Of The Chemical Fractions Of Heart
R K Gupta,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Haematological Effects Of 32P In Swine
O S Reddi
Study Of Microscopic Structure And Mode Of Formation Of Urinary Calculi
Pritam Das
Establishment Of Thoracic Duct Lymph Drainage In Experimentally Produced Obstructive Jaundice
Anjan Chakrabarty,Roshan Lall Gupta,Vijay Bahadur
Chlormerodrin Accumulation Test A Procedure For The Assessment Of Differential Renal Function
A K Basu,J S Bajaj,J S Guleria,R C Bhatt
Survey Of Occult Hypothyroidism in School Children Of A Goitrous Area With The Help Of Photomotograph
A Prakash,F Ghani,G K Rastogi,I Rastogi
A Simple Method For Producing Monospecific Antiserum To A Selected Fraction Of Human Serum Protein
A N Malaviya
Pharmacological Studies Of Some Benzofuran Derivatives With Special Reference To Their Antifertility And Anti-inflammatory Activities
A V Radhakrishnan,C C Kartha,S K Saksena,S V Gokhale
Anti-Inflammatory Studies On Curcuma Longa (Turmeric)
A P Jain,N Basu,R B Arora,V Kapoor
Ammonia Retention By Smokers : A Comparative Study
Ajit Singh Bhown,B B Maitrya,Meera Bhown
Thyroid Function In Kwashiorkor
Kamala S Jaya Rao,N Raghuramulu,S G Srikantia
A Micro Method For Analysis Of Serum Barbiturates
Anand Swaroop
Free And Protein-bound Hydroxyproline In Human Serum
H K L Tandon,M K P Amma,S K Sharma
A Multifactorial Approach To the Study Of The Factors Influencing Birth Weight In The Urban Community Of New Delhi
N S N Rao,S M Marwah,Saroj Pachauri
Inactivation Of Isoniazid By Condensation In A Syrup Preparation
K V N Rao,N K Menon,S Kailasam,S Radhakrishna
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection In Children In West Bengal
A K Dey,F B Bang,K V Shah,M R Cooper,W D Hillis
Prevalence Of Amoebiasis And Other Intestinal Parasitic Infections In A Selected Community
A K Krishnaswami,C K Rao,H Biswas,N G S Raghavan,S R Gupta
Evaluation Of Laboratory Methods In The Detection Of E. Histolytica And Other Intestinal Parasites
A K Krishnaswami,C K Rao,H Biswas,N G S Raghavan,S R Gupta
An Experimental Study Of Non-agglutinable Vibrios Which Caused Gastroenteritis In Clinical Cases
N K Dutta,Shakuntala Kumar
Does Entrapment Neuropathy Contribute To Nerve Damage In Leprosy ?
H Srinivasan,P R Namasivayam
Changes In The Glutamic-oxalacetic Transaminase Glycogen and lactic Acid Content Of The Dogs Heart During Atrial and Ventricular Arrhythmias
B R Madan,N S Parmar,S K Sharma
Studies In Yet Unknown Allergenic Pollens Of Delhi State Metropolitan : Botanical Aspect
D N Shivpuri,Kartar Singh
Studies In Yet Unknown Allergenic Pollens Of Delhi State Metropolitan (Clinical Aspects)
D N Shivpuri,Kartar Singh
Long Term Genetic Effects Of I31I In Mice
O S Reddi
Electrophoretic Pattern Of Serum Proteins In Leprosy
J J Issac,K K Kapoor,S C Gupta,T N Mehrotra
Stability Of Erythrocytic Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) And Its Relation To The Activity Of Pyruvate Kinase (PK) In Hb. E-thalassaemia Disease
J B Chatterjea,S Swarup Mitra,S K Ghosh
Influence Of Dietary Intake Of Fat On Faecal Fat Excretion In Tropical Sprue
K K Khurana,N R Mysorekar,P N Chhuttani,S K Mehta,S S Bhargava
Effect Of Some Phenolic Compounds On Chromosomes Of Bone Marrow Cells Of Mice
A B Mitra,G K Manna
Chronic Diarrhoea In North Indian Children
B N S Walia,K C Aggarwal,S Mehta,S P Gupte
Observations On The Effect Of An Osmotic Diuretic Mannitol In Acute Renal Failure
D K Rai,K N Udupa,R H Singh
Lipoproteins Of The Crystalline Lens And Serum Factors In Senile Cataract
Lalit P Agarwal,Ravindra L Mathur,Subhash Goswamy
A Study Of Sickness Absenteeism Among Textile Workers Of Kanpur
A K Chakravarty,B K Trivedi,H S Gandhi
Height And Weight Of South Indian Women Of Child Bearing Age And Their Effect On Birth Weight And Length Of The Baby
G Jesudian,Gouri Kumar,K C Mammen,Saroj Kapur
Current Status Of Cholera In Uttar Pradesh
G K Tyagi,G P Chakravarty,P K Saxena,S D Kapoor
Lead Poisoning In A Family Of 18 Members In Vellore Town
Gertrude E Joshua,N Ratnaike,V Benjamin
A Study On Diphtheria Carriers Among Rural Population In Lucknow District
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