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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 60

Original Article
The Alkalescens-Dispar Group Of Organisms Report of Serogroups and Biochemical Reactions of Strains Accumulated During a Three-year Study of Enteric Bacteria Isolated in Disease and Health
Prema Bhat,Ruth M Myers,S Shanthakumari
An Epidemic Of Classical Cholera In The South-Eastern Districts Of Madhya Pradesh In 1970
B S Misra,N G S Raghavan,P N Sehgal,S Pattanayak,S C Pal
Characters Of The V. Cholerae Strains From Acute Cholera With Particular Reference To Paediatric Cases : Preliminary Report
A K Ghosh,B K Sircar,S P De
Isoniazid Inactivation In Tuberculous Patients : A Comparative Study By Vertical Diffusion And Tube Dilution Methods
J R Saha,P K Sen,R Chatterjee
Use of Sulphadimidine Acetylation Test In Determining Isoniazid Inactivation Rate In Tuberculous Patients
J R Saha,P K Sen,R Chatterjee
Occurrence Of Pathogenic Fungi In Soil In India
H C Gugnani,J B Shrivastav
Antifertility Action Of Sodium Acetate In Animals
G R Fernando,N K Dutta
Experimental Evaluation Of Isoprenaline Sulphate Infusion In Endotoxin Shock
B M L Kapur,B N Balkrishna Rao,K Ramchandaran,N C Nayak,R K Sarangee
Abnormal Configurations Of The Cervical Internal Carotid Artery In Cerebrovascular Disease
Jacob Abraham
A Clinical And Experimental Study Of The Effects Of Vasopressor Drugs On The Central Venous Pressure
P G R Pillai,Roshan Lall Gupta,Vijai Bahadur
Functional Inter-coronary Anastomoses In The Normal Human Heart: A Study On The Indian Material
B K Omar,N S Rao
Serum Immunoglobulins In Healthy Children From Birth To Adolescence
O P Ghai,R K Chandra
Incidence Of Leprosy in Gudiyatham Taluk, South India
A B A Karat,P S S Rao,S Karat,V G Kaliaperumal
VDRL Screening Of Urban and Rural Population
C Bhakta Viziam,P S S Rao,R Mathai
A Study Of Fractional Insulin Clearance Rates From Plasma In Control And Different Clinical Types Of Diabetes Mellitus
B Krishna Ram,M M S Ahuja,V K Garg
Different Clinical Types Of Indian Diabetics : Characterization Based On Response Of Immuno-Reactive Plasma Insulin To Glucose and Tolbutamide Load
M M S Ahuja,P Uma Shanker,V K Garg
Effect Of Ovulen On The Immunological Response Of Rats And Mice : Response To A Particulate Antigen
Kishori N Rangnekar,Shanta S Rao,Usha M Joshi
Anti-inflammatory And Anti-arthritic Activity Of Volatile Oil Of Curcuma Longa (Haldi)
Dinesh Chandra,S S Gupta
The Effects Of Reserpine And Propranolol On The Therapeutic And Toxic Effects Of Pemvoside In The Heart-lung Preparation And Intact Dogs
N Bagchi,O P Gupta,R B Arora
Effect Of Hypoxia On Blood Glucose, Liver Glycogen And Adrenal Ascorbic Acid In Mice At Varying Environmental Temperature
H H Siddiqui,N K Malhotra,R B Arora
Antifertility Screening Of Plants : VIII—Investigation On Taxus Baccata Linn. Leaves
S K Garg
The Effect Of Chloroquine On Survival Of Skin Allografts In Rats : A Preliminary Report
K Ganapathy,K Sriram,M N Guruswami
Survival Of Vibrio Cholerae In Human Bile And Its Detection In Infant Rabbits Gallbladder
F L Saldanha,H I Jhala,M V Sant,Y S Nimbkar
Presence Of Complement Fixing Antibody Against Coxiella Burnetii In Man In Delhi
L N Mohapatra,S Balaya,S Choudhury
Prevalence Of Cryptococcus Neoformans In Delhi Zoological Park And Its Recovery From The Sputum Of An Employee
H C Gugnani,J B Shrivastav,N P Gupta
Incidence Of Vibriophage Groups And Phage-types Of Vibrio Cholerae In Calcutta And Howrah During 1964-1967
S Basu
New Simbu Viruses : Antigenic Analysis By Complement Fixation And Immunodiffusion Tests
Tarn S David West
Class Of Antibodies And Immunoglobulin Levels In Sera Of Cholera Carriers And Contacts In Calcutta
A Mondal,B C Deb,M Maula,Rama Ganguly,Renuka Sinha
Maternal X-Irradiation Effects On Fecundity And Mortality In Progeny
B K Batra
Experimental Infection Of Cyclops With The Larvae Of Ancylostoma Caninum
Debiprasad Banerjee,Om Prakash
Isolation Of Two Strains Of Dengue Type 2 Virus From Human Cases In Ceylon
M Anandarajah,Yvette E Hermon
The Effects Of Ancylostoma Caninum On The Liver And Lung Of Mice As Shown By Histochemical Techniques
Debiprasad Banerjee,M G Deo,Om Prakash
Value Of Synovial Fluid Analysis As A Diagnostic Tool In Arthritis
M L Garg,P S Maini,R Kumar,T D Chugh
Indian Childhood Cirrhosis-A Re-Evaluation Of Its Pathomorphologic Features And Their Significance In The Light Of Clinical Data And Natural History Of The Disease
M Singh,N C Nayak,R K Chandra,S Visalakshi,V Ramalingaswami,Veena Chawla
Mechanism Of Broncho-Constrictor Action Of Some Adrenergic Beta-Receptor Antagonists
P L Sharma,R K Saini,R R Chaudhury
Effect Of Propranolol Hydrochloride On The Neuromuscular Blocking Action Of d-Tubocurarine And Succinylcholine In Man
H W Singh,P L Sharma,Y S Varma
Actions Of Emetine Dehydroemetine, Quinine And Quinidine On Finkleman Preparation Of Rabbit Ileum
G Achari,K Kapoor,P K Banerji
The Effect Of Tranquilizers On The Oxidation Of Glucose By Yeast Cells
D Ghosh,J Saha
Effect Of Some Adrenergic Receptor Blocking Drugs On Early Pregnancy In Rats
S K Saksena,S V Gokhale
Pharmacology Of Some New 4-(3H) Quinazolinones Part II-Effect On Reproduction, Blood Pressure And Respiration
S Somasekhara,S K Saksena
Oestrogenic Activity Of Saponins From Costus Speciosus (Koen) Sm
A K Sanyal,S K Bhattacharya,Shamer Singh,V B Pandey
Neural Pathways Of Emesis Associated With Experimental Intestinal Obstruction In Dogs
K P Bhargava,K S Dixit,P C Dubey,R N Sharma
Mortality Trends Id Villages Of Rural Health Centre, Pondicherry
D K Srinavas,R V Kale,S P Datta
Study Of Hematological And Genetical Characteristics Of Cutchhi Bhanushali Community
A J Baxi,B C Mehta,H M Bhatia,J C Patel,S R Joshi,V B Dave
Double Blind Clinical Trial With Rimactane In Salvage Cases Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
D K Sarkar,M Dusaj,M M Singh,P U Rao,R Viswanathan,U S Bhakta
The Electrocardiogram In Normal Indian Infants And Children
M Durairaj,R S Hoon,V Balasubramanian
Clinico-Virological Study Of The Recurrence Of Dengue Epidemic With Haemorrhagic Manifestations At Kanpur During 1969
A K Kapoor,Asha Mathur,H O Tandon,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Resistance Transfer Between E. Coli And Salmonella Strains From Kerala
C K J Paniker,K N Vimala
A Comparison Between Total Gonadotropin Assays Using Mouse Uterine Units and Milligram Equivalents of the Second International Reference Preparation From Human Menopausal Urine
Nargis P Bagli,Prabhakar N Shah
Immunological Relationship Of Brucella With Microorganisms Of Other Genera
P N Wahi,P R Atal,R C Kulshreshtha
Direct Test For Determining Sensitivity Of M. Tuberculosis To Streptomycin
N G K Nair,P R J Gangadharam,V Devaki
Salmonella Augustenborg (6,7:i: 1,2): A Serotype Isolated First Time In India
D Janakiraman,S Basu,M P Rajenderan
Anti-cancer Activity Of The Extracts Of Stem And Leaf Of Tylophora Indica
D D Khandalekar,M B Sahasrabudhe,M K Adwankar,M P Chitnis
In Vitro Action Of A New Anthelmintic, Mebendazole (R-17, 635) On The Development Of Hookworms
Debiprasad Banerjee,Om Prakash
Spot Test For DDS (Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone) In Urine Under Field Conditions
S Balakrishnan,S K Noordeen
Comparative Evaluation Of Latex Agglutination Test In Serodiagnosis Of Amoebiasis
N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan
Subcutaneous Pentagastrin Test With Fixed Doses (Independent Of Body weight)
F P Antia,H G Desai,M P Zaveri
Clinical Spectrum Of Budd-chiari Syndrome In Chandigrah With Particular Reference To Obstruction Of Intrahepatic Portion Of Inferior Vena Cava
A Singh,B B Gupta,B K Aikat,D V Datta,P N Chhuttani,S Saha,Samanta
Post-irradiation Vascular Injury And Accelerated Development Of Experimental Atherosclerosis
B R Upadhaya,P L Wahi,R N Chakravarti
Adrenocortical Function Of Caucasians In A Tropical Country
M M S Ahuja,N J Sharma,W Grossman
A Simple Method For Producing Monospecific Antiserum To Beta1-C Fraction (Third Component Of Complement) Of Human Serum
A N Malaviya,B Batra,S Vaishnava
Tolerance And Response To A High Single Dose Of Iron Sorbitol Citrate Complex In Children With Iron Deficiency Anaemia
A Perkash,B N S Walia,S K Dube
An Experimental Study Of Trypan Blue Induced Antenatal Hydrocephalus And Other Neurological Abnormalities In Rats
D K Mitra,M C Vaidya,P Upadhyaya
Evaluation Of Dibenzyline In The Treatment Of Irreversible Experimental Hemorrhagic Shock
George Kutty,Pritam Das
Mortality In Leprosy
S K Noordeen
Commercial Terylene Cloth For The Repair of Abdominal Wall Defects
B M L Kapur,B N Balkrishna Rao,N C Nayak,S Mohanty
Evaluation Of Low Molecular Weight Dextran In Canine Endotoxin Shock
B M L Kapur,B N Balkrishna Rao,N C Nayak,R K Sarangee
Cardiac Stimulant Activity Of The Saponin Of Achyranthes Aspera (Linn)
A K Ram,A W Bhagwat,S S Gupta
Some Psychopharmacological Actions Of Stephania Glabra (Roxb) Miers: An Indian Indigenous Herb
B R Madan,N K Khanna,O P Mahatma,S C Surana
Effect Of Fluoride On The Skeleton Of Rats Maintained On Different Levels Of Calcium In The Diet
B S Narasinga Rao,G Srirangareddy
Development And Standardization Of A New Apparatus For Accurate Measurement Of Swelling In Paw Of Small Laboratory Animals
R H Singh,S P Mourya
A Comparative Study Of Height And Weight Of Government And Public School Children Of Panjabi Population
S D Sikri
Epidemiological Research And Its Impact On Health And Medical Care
B G Prasad
Efficacy Of Haffkine Institute Polyvalent Antivenin Against Indian Snake Venoms
M V Sant,N E Vad,R C Kankonkar,S S Rao
Prevalence Of Pathogenic Fungi In Wild Birds
D P Monga
Studies On Aeromonas And Plesiomonas Species Isolated From Cases Of Choleraic Diarrhoea
B D Chatterjee,K N Neogy
Respiratory Tract Infections Due To Mycoplasma Pneumoniae
A Ayyagari,L N Mahapatra,U Gupta
On The Etiology Of Choleraic Diarrhoea
B D Chatterjee,K N Neogy
Cytological And Cytochemical Studies Of Reovirus Type 3 Infected Bonnet Monkey Kidney Cell Culture
Richard P Masillamony,T Jacob John
Coproantibodies In Intestinal Amoebiasis
N L Chitkara,P N Chhuttani,R C Mahajan,S C Agarwal
Serological Survey Of Small Mammals In The South Indian Plague Focus—Part II
A K Krishnaswami,C K Rao,P C Ravindran,R K Chandrahas
Immunoglobulins In Hodgkins Disease
B K Aikat,S Sehgal,Usha Datta
A Clinical Trial Of Mebendazole (R17, 635) In Cases Of Hookworm Infection
Debiprasad Banerjee,Om Prakash,V Kaliyugaperumal
A Study Of Platelet Function In Primary Thrombopathy
A K Saraya,Jaya Kasturi,Ramkishan
Acquired B Character Caused By E. Coli 0124 Bacterial Infection : A Case Report
H M Bhatia,Malti Sathe,N M Purandara
Effect Of Angiotensin On Water And Electrolyte Excretion In Normal And Cirrhotic Rats
B K Aikat,B N Datta,P L Sharma,R R Chaudhury,S Bala
Histochemical Alterations In Tissue Culture Produced By Enteroviruses
L M Bahuguna,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Adrenergic Effects Of (—) Quebrachamin
B B Bhattacharya,D K Ganguly,L Saha,R Bhattacharya,S K Chaudhuri
Induction Of Dominant Lethals In Mice By Sodium Saccharin
A B Qureshi,M Sanjeeva Rao
Antihistaminic Activity Of 4-(2, 1, Pyrrolidino-ethoxy) Quinoline
M K Raina,P K Das
Fat Absorption Studies In Kwashiorkor
K B Kunwar,M Teotia,N L Sharma,S P S Teotia
Absorption Of Fat In Kwashiorkor
Vinodini Reddy
Changes In Glycolipids In Peripheral Nerves In Leprosy
B K Bachhawat,C Bhakthaviziam,R Mathai,Shalini Kokrady
The Choledochoduodenal Junction And Common Bile Duct : A Morphological Study In Dogs
K C Samuel,K K Bhatnagar,R A Goyal
Proteolipids And Phosphatido-Peptides In Senile Cataract
Lalit P Agarwal,Ravindra L Mathur,Subhash Goswamy
The Site Of Visual Adaptation
V S Ramachandran
Influence Of Some Correlates Of Blood Pressure On Its Distribution In An Adult Urban Population Of Allahabad
Abhaya Indrayan,R N Srivastava,S C Bagchi
Seroepidemiology Of Measles In Bombay
A N D Nanavati,H I Jhala,M V Sant,Naseema A Mehta
Measles Antibodies In Commercial Preparations Of Gamma Globulin
A N D Nanavati,H I Jhala,M V Sant,Naseema A Mehta
Liver Function Tests In Health And Tuberculosis
J R Saha,P K Sen,R Chatterjee,T K Dutta
Goat-Pox : An Anthropozoonosis
A K Singh,A N Sawhney,B S Malik
Classification Of Subjects As Slow Or Rapid Inactivators Of Isoniazid, Based On The Ratio Of The Urinary Excretion Of Acetylisoniazid To Isoniazid
Chandra Ross,N G K Nair,N K Menon,Nair S Radhakrishna,P Venkataraman,S P Tripathy
Tobacco Induced Changes In The Bladder Buccal And Vaginal Mucosae
Jer D Randeria
Haptoglobin Transferrin And Abnormal Haemoglobins In Indian Muslims
A J Baxi,H T Jhala,K V Kulkarni,S M A Hakim,S S Rao,V Balakrishnan
Passive Haemagglutination Test To Detect And Assay Circulating Antibodies To Seminal Antigens
Kishori N Rangnekar,Shanta S Rao
Effect Of Acclimatisation To Altitude And Cold On Body Weight
C S Nair,Chandra Prakash
WAIS Performance Of Epileptic Patients
Baldev Singh,J Mahto,P N Tandon,S N Pathak,Surya Gupta
Effect Of Nitrogen Mustard And CorticoidsEffect Of Nitrogen Mustard And Corticoids on Experimentally Produced Villonodular Synovitis
A S Kumar,D S Grewal,R N Chakravarti,V P Bansal
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis :
A Bhaktaviziam,Gertrude E Joshua,K V Mathai,S Kokrady
Urinary Non-protein Nitrogen Fractions in Litomosoides Carinii Infected Albino Rats
Keshav Ram,M Ramachandran
Epidemic Dropsy In Andhra Pradesh
K Satyanarayana,K A V R Krishnamachari
Evaluation Of QUAC-stick For Growth Assessment In Children
J Gowrinath Sastry
Studies On Host-Flea Relationship Part 1—Histochemistry Of Egg Yolk In Xenopsylla Cheopis (Roths) And Xenopsylla Astia (Roths)
M Kamala Bai
Pharmacology And Acute Toxicity Of Essential* Oil Extracted From Zanthoxylum Budrunga
G J S Abraham,N V Agshikar
Pharmacological Action Of 6, 7-Dimethoxy Coumarin (Scoparone) Isolated From Artemisia Scoparia, Waldst & Kit
B J Ray Ghatak,K S Jamwal,M L Sharma,N Chandhoke
A Comparative Study Of Smallpox Vaccination Techniques Under Field Conditions
B C Srivastava,K L Sharma,R D Gupta,S C Banerji
Some Aspects Of Diphtheria Immunity In Rural West Bengal
F B Bang,S M Chakravorty,W D Hillis
Influence Of Socio-Economic Factors On The Age At The Appearance Of Different Puberty Signs
A D Taskar,A K Prabhakar,K R Sundaram,T KT S Ramanujacharyulu
A Study Of Anemia Among Rural Punjabi Children
C DeSweemer,C E Taylor,I S Uberoi
Ratio Of Plasma Glutaminases In Liquid And Solid Tumour-Bearing Mice
G C Shrivastava,Putul Chakraborty
Electrophoretic Patterns Of Brucella Positive Human And Bovine Sera
P N Wahi,P R Atal,R C Kulshrestha
Cytomegalovirus Infection Of Two Neonates With Evidence Of Lympho-Proliferation
K C Das,N L Chitkara,O N Bhakoo,S R Pal
Gel Precipitation Test for Detection Of Plague Infection
S C Seal
Studies On The Beta-D-galactosidase Activity Of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus
B D Chatterjee,K N Neogy
Tetramisole In Hookworm Infection
Debiprasad Banerjee,Om Prakash,V Kaliyugaperumal
Effect Of Phytohaemagglutinin On Growth Of Escherichia Coli
Arun Mullick
Characterization Of V. cholerae Strains Isolated In Calcutta During 1969-70
L M Prescott,M Murase,R Sakazaki,S C Sanyal
Relationship Of Neurological Diseases To Toxoplasma Gondii Antibodies
H S Gill,Naunihal Singh
The Thyroid Gland In Hyperthyroidism
M V Sirsat,Mrudula B Sampat
Vital Signs In Progressive Intracranial Hypertension : An Experimental Study
D K Balam,Dharam Paul,S Sriramachari,S N Pathak,Stalin Ganji
Individuals Day To Day Variation Of Heat Output At A Constant Environmental Temperature
R M Rai,S S Purkayastha
Modulation Of Carotid Sinus Receptors By Diencephalic And Mesencephalic Centres
Jolly F Mascarenhas,M G Gogate,R A Dhume
Analysis Of The Mechanism Of Interactions Of Phenoxybenzamine With Catecholamines (C.A.)
M S Manekar,V R Deshpande
Experimental Studies In Endotoxin Shock In Dogs Part I—Cardiovascular Biochemical and Haemodynamic Considerations In Irreversible Endotoxin Shock
N K Dadkar,U K Sheth,Vaishali N Dadka
Experimental Studies In Endotoxin Shock In Dogs Part II—Experimental Evaluation Of Different Therapeutic Measures In Irreversible Endotoxin Shock
N K Dadkar,U K Sheth,Vaishali N Dadkar
Toxic Effect Of Bilirubin On Human Red Blood Cell And Its Reversal By RBC Lipids
C L Kapoor,C R Krishna Murti,P C Bajpai
Anti-Inflammatory Studies On A Crystalline Steroid Isolated From Commiphora Mukul
R B Arora,R C Sharma,S K Gupta,V Taneja
Studies On Sperm-ovum Interaction Part I—Effect Of An Inhibitor Of Proteolytic Enzyme on Fertilization
A K Goswami,G P Talwar,R D Gaur
Comparative Results Of Portacaval Shunt Operations In Cirrhosis And Non-cirrhotic Portal Fibrosis Of The Liver With Severe Portal Hypertension
A Chatterjee,A K Basu,A W Laiq,P Dhara,Reba Das Gupta
Analysis Of Some Inorganic Constituents In Well Waters And Their Sediments
Krishna Kapoor,R S Nanda
Hyaluronic Acid Of Vitreous Body In Different Pathological States
A A Cardoza,L P Agarwal,R L Mathur,Subhash Goswamy
Age Regression Of Blood Pressure In An Urban Population Of Age 15-59 Years
Abhaya Indrayan,R N Srivastava,S C Bagchi
Sero-Epidemiology Of Cytomegalovirus Infection In And Around Chandigarh (Northern India)
N L Chitkara,S R Pal,U Krech
Enteric Infections In Sunderpur Slum Area
D L Shrivastava,Hardas Singh,PC Sen,S C Sanyal,S D Gaur,S M Marwah
The Usefulness Of Treponema Pallidum Haemagglutination (TPHA) And Enzyme Marker Peroxidase (Px) Tests For The Serodiagnosis Of Syphilis
A Dasgupta
Detection Of "Chromobacterium" Typhi-flavum In Stool Specimens
Prema Bhat,Ruth M Myers,S Shanthakumari
Rapid Heat Stability (Boiling) Versus Conventional Heat Stability (Standard) Test Of Freeze Dried Smallpox Vaccine
C L Sehgal,P Singha
The Reaction Of Mus Platythrix To Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus
C R Anderson,L M Prescott,M K Goverdhan,R Sinha,R Sakazaki,S C Sanyal
The Size Of Hookworm Ova As A Criterion For Differentiating A. Duodenale From N. Americanus
Om Prakash,Promila Sood,R A Bhujwala
Serological Prevalence Of Q Fever In Man And Animals Of Punjab
A S Randhawa,D S Kalra,O P Gautam
Chemotherapy And Chemoprophylaxis Of Experimental Toxoplasmosis
H S Gill,Om Prakash
The Microbiologic Determination Of Serum Folic Acid Activity, I. Study Of The Assay System
M K Dube,O P Gupta
ACTH Inhibition Of Dehydration-induced Changes In The Hypothalamic Neurosecretory System Of The Musk Shrew, Suncus Murinus L.
Aruna Kulshrestha,C J Dominic
N-acetyl Neuraminic Acid Level In The Erythrocyte Membrane And Serum Of Patients Suffering From Diabetes Mellitus
C H Chakrabarti,D Roy Choudhary,M G Shastri,P D Dias,R B Pawar,Tapan Chakrabarti
Nutritive Value Of Indian Fish-liver Oils And Their Effect On The Fatty Acid Composition Of Liver, Serum And Adipose Tissue Of Rat
N G Magar,S J Bhathena
Antifertility Activity Of An Indigenous Plant Preparation (ROC-101). I. Effect On Reproduction
Safia R Munshi,Shanta S Rao
Identification Of Sex From The Humerus
S P Singh,Shamer Singh
The Syndrome Of Tremors In Infants : A Long Follow-Up
K K Kaul,K M Belapurkar,P Parekh
The Radiological Dimensions Of The Skull, Cephalic Index And Modulus Index In The First Four Years Of Life
B B Gupta,B N S Walia,H K Walia,J S Sodhi
Regulation Of Glutamine-aminohydrolase In Ehrlich Cells And Fibrosarcoma Mice And Its Effect On Plasma Of Host Mice
G C Shrivastava,Putul Chakraborty
Etiological Diagnosis Of Ascites
D C Mathur,K K Saxena,M P Mehrotra
Electroencephalographic Changes In Hypothyroidism
M M S Ahuja,P C Gupta,S P Gupta,Vinod Kumar
Cerebellum And Carotid Sinus Reflex Activity
K SeethaDevi,K Somasekhara Reddy
In Vitro Action Of Normal And Immune Sera On The Larval And Adult Stages Of Ancylostoma Caninum
Debiprasad Banerjee,Om Prakash
Role Of The House-fly In The Transmission Of Intestinal Parasitic Cysts/Ova
A K Krishnaswami,B L Wattal,C K Rao,H Biswas,N G S Raghavan,S R Gupta
Investigations On Plague Foci In Mahasu District Of Himachal Pradesh
A K Krishnaswami,C K Rao,D Samuel,P C Ravindran,R K Chandrahas
A Trial Of Haemagglutination, Circumoval Precipitin And Gel Diffusion Tests In Hookworm Infection
Promila Sood
The Epidemiology Of Amoebiasis In An Urban Area
Jogesh Kaur,T N Mathur
Phage-Typing Of R Strains Of Vibrio Cholerae
J Sil,N K Dutta,S Mukerjee,S C Sanyal
Effect Of Cortisone On Immunologic Cardiac Injury In Albino Rats
R K Gupta,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Clinical Manifestations In Dermatophytosis
P K Agarwal,Pramod Nath
Direct Amoebicidal Action Of Known Antiamoebic Drugs Against Axenically Grown Entamoeba Histolytica*
G P Dutta,J N S Yadava
Dose Of Intravenous Pentagastrin For Maximal Acid Secretion*
F P Antia,H G Dalvei,H G Desai,M P Zaveri
Bile Salt Metabolism In Tropical Sprue*
F P Antia,H G Desai,M P Zaveri
Site Of Action Of Tetanus Toxin In The Central Nervous System—Subcellular Site Of Binding Of Tetanus Toxin In The Cerebrum
A Narayanaswami,R Chatterjee,R Paul Choudhury,S Mandal
Technique Of Preparation Of 32 P Beta-Applicator And Associated Radiation Safety Devices For Studies Of Radiation Burns In Animals*
D N Zutshi,K K Nagpal,M R Jain,N A Nayak
Properties And Characteristics Of Three Cell Lines Developed From Human Astrocytomas
G P Talwar,T N Chapekar
The Fate Of Surgically Created Fntra-Articular Fractures In Young Dogs
D S Grewal,H Singh,R N Chakravarti,V P Bansal
Experimental Evaluation Of Various Methods Used For Prolongation Of Skin Homografts— Studies Done In Rats And Rabbits
R R Munje,Roshan Lall Gupta,V J Rao
Evaluation Of Different Doses Of Dexamethasone In Canine Endotoxin Shock
B M L Kapur,B N Balkrishna Rao,P K Purkayastha
Antifertility Activity Of An Indigenous Plant Preparation (ROC-101)—Part II—Effect On The Male Reproductive System
Safia R Munshi Tarala,Shanta S Rao,T Ratnavally,V Purandare
The Mechanism Of Inhibition of Luteal Function By Heterologous Antisera
Safia R Munshi,Shanta S Rao,Tarala V Purandare
Adrenergic Neurone Blocking Actions Of Procaine And Lignocaine
K Bharati,K Krishna Rao
A Survey On Rats, Rat Fleas, House-flies And Mosquitoes In Village Rahimabad, Lucknow District
B G Prasad,G M Dhar,J K Bhatnagar,Y D Mathur
Acceptability And Use-Effectiveness Of An Oral Contraceptive In A Rural Area
S C Bagchi,V Verma
Cesticidal Effect Of Emetine On H. Nana Infection In Mice
C D Lovekar,D Seth
Further Studies With Precipitation In Gel Test In Diagnosis Of Smallpox*—Part I— Studies On Detection Of Antibodies In Sera By Pig Test
A R Rao,M Savithri Sukumar,S Kamalakshi,Shantha Ramakrishnan,T V Paramasivam
Aflatoxin Hepatic Carcinogenesis : An Experimental Comparative Study
Shyamal Sen
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation In The Respiratory Distress Syndrome Of The New Born : An Autopsy Study
A Walter
Distribution Of Magnesium In Body Fluids
R Viswanathan,S J Raut
A Study Of Immunoglobulins In Protein Calorie Malnutrition
G K Rastogi,P L Gulati
Clinical Presentation And Effect Of Insulin Withdrawal In Young Diabetics
G K Rastogi,P L Gulati
Immunoglobulins And Cs Levels In Normal Indians : Details Of Methodology, Standardization, Variation And Statistical Methods
A N Malaviya
Correlation Of Skin Fold Thickness To Lipid Content Of Serum, Adipose And Hepatic Tissue In Different Clinical Variants Of Indian Diabetics
H K R Bhasin,M M S Ahuja
CLinical And Radiological Studies In Silicosis: Based On A Study Of The Disease Amongst Stone-cutters
A Bajaj,A L Jain,S P Gupta,Y L Vasudeva
Effect Of Stress On Carrageenin Inflamation In Rats
M R Kelkar,S R Naik,U K Seth
Electroconvulsive Therapy With Intravenous Methaqualone
A N Malaviya,K P Bhargava,V R Thacore
Effect Of Amphetamine On Tremorine Analgesia In Mice
J Pradhan,S R Naik Ratan,U K Sheth
Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity In Normal Infants And Children
Ashir Kumar,G M Taori,K K Sachdev,Naunihal Singh
Ketoacid Studies In Indian Childhood Cirrhosis : Part I
H L Gupta,Harjit Singh
Staphylococcal Phage Types, Sensitivity To Antimicrobial Agents And Anti-a-Staphylolysin Titres In Cases Of Osteomyelitis
A N Bhattacharya,R A Bhujwala,U Gupta
Further Observations On Trypan Blue Induced Antenatal Neural Malformations
D K Mitra,M C Vaidya,P Upadhyaya
A Study Of Operative And Anaesthetic Mortality
S Kaushik,S P Kaushik
Effect Of Operative Trauma Upon Renal Function Of Patients Above Forty Years Of Age
B M L Kapur,B N Balkrishna Rao,N K Das
Serum Transaminase Levels During The Course Of Repeated Administration Of Carbon Tetrachloride To Rabbits
K P Sinha
Psychosomatic Symptoms Following Male Sterilization
N N Wig,S Singh
Autonomic Plexuses In The Small Intestine Of Dog
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Haemoglobin-D in Uttar Pradesh
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Visualization Of Mitochondria In The Isolated Dendritic Cells And The Keratinocytes Of The Epidermis Of The White Guinea-pig And Of The Human Beings Under The Light Microscope—Preliminary Report
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A New Simplified Sugar Medium For Fermentation Test With Plague, Pseudotuberculosis And Diphtheria Organisms
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Viability Of N. Gonorrhoeae In Transport Media
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Histological Changes In Mice Infected With Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus
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Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus Encephalitis In Mice Effect Of Cortisone On The Encephalitic Lesions
Mohini Nayar
Plasma Thrombin Clotting Time And Plasma Fibrinogen In Diabetes Mellitus And Atherosclerosis
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Evaluation Of Cerebrospinal Fluid And Serum Glutamic Oxalacetic Transaminase Estimation In Cases Of Cerebrovascular Accident
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Effect Of High Doses Of Gamma Radiation On Biopotency Of Atropine Sulphate
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Treatment Of Gonorrhoea With A Single Oral Dose Of Rifampicin
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Mechanism Of Steatorrhoea In Cirrhosis Of Liver : Correlation Between Cholate Concentration And BSP Retention And Vitamin B12 Excretion
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Fluoride Content Of North Indian Foods
Ram S Nanda
Study Of Cell Mediated And Humoral Immunity In Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
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Growth Pattern In Babies Of Extreme Low Birth Weight
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An Experimental Study Of Biliary Ducts In Dogs After Cholecystectomy
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A Study Of L-Proline Transport In Experimental Protein-Calorie Malnutrition In Rats By Everted SAC Technique
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Haemolytic Effects Of DDS In Leprosy Patients
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Insulin-Inhibitory Effect Of Dialyzable Fraction Of Normal Human Plasma*
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Diethylcarbamazine : Lack Of Teratogenic And Abortifacient Action In Rats And Rabbits
P J Fraser
Criteria To Define Prematurity In South India
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Effect Of Irradiated Wheat On Germ Cells In Mice
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Comparative Drug Trials In Symptomatic And Asymptomatic Non-dysenteric Amoebic Colitis
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Anaerobic Bacteria Isolated From Pyogenic Lesions
J R Talwar,Usha Gupta,V Hingorani
Present Status Of Classical Cholera in India
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Attempt To Characterize Choleragenic Fraction And The Skin Permeability Factor From Vibrio Culture Filtrates As Separate Indentity
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Retrospective Studies On Australia Antigen In Sera Collected During The Epidemic Of Viral Hepatitis At Delhi In 1956
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Experimental Pyelonephritis : Relationship With L-Forms Of Escherichia Coli
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Disseminated Candidosis In Cyclophosphamide Induced Leucopenic State : An Experimental Study
A K Mukherji,K C Basu Mallick
Screening Of Voluntary Blood Donors For Serum Hepatitis Carrier State By Liver Function Tests
J G Jolly,N N Sharma
Comparative Study Of The Different Methods In Detecting Rh Antibodies
H M Bhatia,Kamala Srinivasan
Differential WAIS Patterns In Epileptic Patients With And Without Temporal Lobe EEG Abnormalities
Baldev Singh,J Mahto,P N Tandon,S N Pathak,Surya Gupta
Study Of Parenchymal Functions And Hepatic Blood Flow In Non-Cirrhotic Portal Fibrosis By c
A K Basu,B N Tandon,M L Ahuja,S K Minocha,S K Sama
In Vitro RBC Uptake Of Radio-Triiodothyronine As A Useful Thyroid Function Test In Indian Patients: Part II
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Acid-base Abnormalities In Chronic Renal Failure
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Anaesthesia Following Coronary Artery Occlusion
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Non-steroid Anti-inflammatory Agents In The Management Of Cold Injury
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Pathogenesis Of Trypan Blue Induced Experimental Hydrocephalus In Rats*
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Acid Phosphatase Reaction In Motor Neurones Of Spinal Cord Of Rat During Regenerative Cycle
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The Role Of Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) In The Pulmonary Arterial Pressor Response During Acute Hypoxia
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Pharmacokinetics Of Iron Absorption With A New Iron Preparation
B B Gaitonde,B J Vakil,M R Samuel,N L Chabria,R A Kamath,R A Kamath
Effects Of Eserine And Neostigmine On Of Acetylcholine Into Perfused Cerebral Ventricles Of Unanaesthetized Dogs
B B Gaitonde,H Venkatakrishna Bhatt
Combined Effect Of Xanthinol Nicotinate And Low Molecular Weight Dextran On Survival Of Dogs Subjected To Acute Hemorrhagic Shock
P L Sharma
Copper In Leprosy Blood Plasma Concentration And Urinary Excretion
D S Khaire,N G Magar
Biomechanics Of Various Modes Of Load Transport On Level Ground
M N Gupta,N L Ranganathan,S R Datta
Follow-up Studies In Infantile Tremor Syndrome
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Familial Mental Retardation And Parental Consanguinity
Seeta Sinclair
A Comparison Between Longitudinal And Tra
K T Ganapathy,Kul Bhushan,M N Mukherjee,S P Chattopadhya
Some Aspects Of Epidemiology Of Leprosy
R V Wardekar
Leucocytes In Chandlerella Hawkingi Infection In Indian Jungle Crows Corvus Macrorhynchos Wagler
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A Study Of The Role Of Bacteria, And Mycoplasma Pneumoniae In Infants And Children Suffering From Pneumonia
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Comparison Of In Vitro Antiamoebic Activity Of MK 910 With Metronidazole, Intestopan And Enterovioform
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Direct Hemolysis Induced By Some Egyptian Snake Venoms And Other Allied Venoms
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Pharmacokinetics Of Iron Absorption With The New Iron Preparation().
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Incidence Of Australia Antigen In Voluntary And Professional c And Also In Cases Of Viral Hepatitis
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Effect Of Oestrogen Administration On The Corpora Lutea Of Albino Rats
A C Das,Pushpa Nagrani,S H M Abdi
ABO Gene Distribution In Rajasthan vis-a-vis In India And Various Other Ethnic Groups Of The World
P C Hurkat,P N Mathur
Antifertility Activity Of An Indigenous Plant Preparation (ROC-101)-III: Effect On Ultrastructure Of The Rat Uterine Luminal Epithelium
Ingvar Ljungkvist,Safia R Munshi
Antibodies To Phospholipids In Human Tuberculous Sera
D Subrahmanyam,G K Khuller
Nutrition And Working Efficiency In Coal-miners
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Radiographic Photodensitometric Assessment Of Bone Density Changes In Rats And Rabbits Subjected To Nutritional Stresses
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Accommodation Of Peripheral Nerves In Motor Neurone Disease
B Ray Chaudhuri
Certain Dimensions Of Child Health Care In An Urban Community
D Anand
Relating Health Services To Community Health Needs
A K Srinivas Murthy,Jagdish C Bhatia,Robert L Parker
Cost Accounting Of Health Centre Expenditures
A K Srinivas Murthy,B S Shankaranarayana,C Alex Alexander,Robert L Parker







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