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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 61

Original Article
Serum Immunoglobulin Levels in Health and Disease I. Immunoglobulins in Normal and Thyroid Diseases
A Dasgupta,A Gulati
A Survey for Bancroftian Filariasis in the Calcutta Area
D J Gubler,N C Bhattacharya
Citrate Utilization of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus
B D Chatterjee,K N Neogy
Isolation of Kaisodi Virus from Ixodid Ticks in the Kyasanur Forest Disease Area of Shimoga District, Mysore State, India
M A Sreenivasan
Changing Spectrum of Cryptococcosis in Delhi
D K Sirkar,H C Gugnani,S K Shome
Incidence of Nocardia Among Human Bronchopulmonary Disorders
D K Sirkar,M M Singh,S K Shome,S U Bhaktu
Studies on Host-Flea Relationship. II—Sex Hormones of the Host and Fecundity of Rat Flea Xenopsylla Astia (Rothschild) and Xenopsylla Cheopis (Rothschild) (Siphonaptera)
R S Prasad
Virulence of E. Histolytica Strains Isolated from Cases of Amoebiasis in New Delhi, India
B Ghosh Ray,D S Agarwal,P K De,V N Bhatia
Encephalitis due to ECHO Virus Type 9
H N Madhavan,S Chandrasekaran,S Srinivas,S C Agarwal
Isolation of Biologically Active Nuclei from Sarcoma-180 Cells
Kanakendu Chowdhury,Rajat K Neogy
Histochemical Visualization of the Golgi Substances in the Basal Melanocytes and the Keratinocytes of the Human and White Guinea-Pig under the Light Microscope
R C Shukla,R N Sharma
XXY Syndrome XY/XO Mosaicism and acentric Chromosomal Fragments in Male Schizophrenics
D Dasgupta,J Dasgupta,M Balasubrahmanyan
Immunoglobulin Specificity of Rh Antibodies
H M Bhatia,Kamala Srinivasan
Immunological Studies in Protein Malnutrition I. Humoral and Cell Mediated Immune Response in Protein Deficient Mice
B K Aikat,S Sehgal,S C Gautam
Syndrome of Mental Retardation, Tremors, Pigmentation and Anaemia in Infants—Some Biochemical Observations
K K Kaul,K M Belapurkar,P Parekh
Effect of Acute and Chronic Starvation on Plaque Forming Cell Response in Mice
R A Bhujwala,R K Chandra,Sulaksh Sharma
Modification of Radioimmunoassay Method of Human Growth Hormone Estimation
A M Samuel,U R Deshpande
Absorption Studies of Iron and Vitamin B12 by INMAS Whole Body Counters
G C Bhola,K Kalra,M M Gupta,N K Gupta,S Gupta
Experimental Induction of Auto-immunity Against Lymphocytes
I K Dhawan,K Balakrishnan,S N Sinha
Some Haemodynamic and Biochemical Changes at the Onset of Irreversibility in Experimental Haemorrhagic Shock
K A Qidwai,Pritam Das,S N Sinha
A Study of the Lymphatics in Lymphoedema
V M Kini
Further Observations on High Excretion of P-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid in Normal Individuals
A S Saini,K N Garg,S N Aggarwal
Studies on Absorption Kinetics of Different Brands of Chloramphenicol
M Lakshamana,R B Arora,S D S Seth,Shriniwas
Epidemiological Study of Vitiligo in Surat Area, South Gujarat
A B Patel,C Theodore,K C Shah,N R Mehta,V P Vyas
Media for the Isolation and Preservation of N. Gonorrhoeae
J S Pasricha,K C Kandhari,O P Singh,Om Prakash,P Sood,R A Bhujwala
Mycological Studies in Keratitis
A K Gupta,B Ghosh Ray,L R Dasgupta,P A Lamba,S Ramamurthy,T Sundararaj
Serological Studies in Cholera Infection in Calcutta (1966-67)
A Ozawa,A H Abou Gareeb,A K Ghosh,B C Deb,B K Sircar,D L Shrivastava,Rama Ganguly,Renuka Sinha,W Burrows
Comparison of the Bacterial Flora and Colony Counts of the Paired Urine Specimens Obtained by Suprapubic Aspiration and Clean Voided Mid-stream, at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, New Delhi
B C Bapna,S K Sharma,S M Singh
Rickets and osteomalacia—A morphological study
V Raina
Hemolysis Produced by Copper Sulphate : I. Extravascular Hemolysis Produced by Heavy Metal Poisoning
Bhanu Iyengar,D N Gupta
Daily Requirement of Riboflavin in Normal Indian Subjects
D K Banerjee,J B Chatterjea,M C Datta,Phalguni Sarkar
Serum Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B12 Binding Capacity in 50 Non-anaemic Healthy Indians
A K Saraya,S K Chopra
Mossbauer Effect Study of Egg-Yolk Lecithin Water System
R K Mishra,V Kothekar
Phototherapy in Rh Incompatibility Hyperbilirubinaemia
C L Kapoor,Diwan Singh,P C Bajpai,T K Tripathi
Hyper-reactivity to Skin Sensitization with Dinitrochloro-benzene in Normal Indian Subjects
Anand N Malaviya,R Kumar,S C Kathpalia
Certain Studies on Psychological and Biochemical Responses to the Practice of Hatha Yoga in Young Normal Volunteers
K N Udupa,R A Yadav,R H Singh
Alveolar Carbon Dioxide Content in Normal Indian Adults with Special Reference to Changes in Pre- and Post-ovulatory Stages in Ovulating Females
M S Savadi,P S Vasantgadkar,V G Ganla
Indirect Estimation of Aerobic Capacity in Indians
J Sen Gupta,N Srinivasulu,N T Joseph,T Sampath Kumar
An Evidence for the Presence of Beta-receptors in the Seminal Vesicle of Guinea-pig
B D Paranjpe,V R Deshpande
Initial Steps of Glucose Dissimilation in Trichophyton Rubrum
A B Banerjee,A K Chandra
Availability of Iron from Green Leafy Vegetables as Compared to Iron Salts for School Children
Rajammal P Devadas,S Premakumari,Usha Chandrasekhar
Nutritional Status of Refugees from Bangla Desh
D Hanumantha Rao,K Vijayaraghavan,M C Swaminathan
A Sociomedical Study of Deafmutes
A Indrayan,G Singh,S C Bagchi,S R Singh
Non-Specific Monophosphatase Activity in Maternal and Cord Serum
P K Sharma,Pushpa Gupta,Som Nath
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Levels During Pregnancy in Indian Women
Janki Punjabi,Shanta S Rao,Usha Chaubal,Usha Krishna,Vijaya Raghavan
Studies on Different Types of Strainers Used in Small Diameter Tubewells
D N Jha,P C Bose,S K Majumdar,Sri Sahai,T R Bhaskaran
Comparative Studies on Some Biochemical Aspects of Different Strains of Vibrios
B Guhathakurta,D Sasmal,G C Dutta
Sensitivity of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus to Antibacterial Agents
Hardas Singh,M Ghosh Chowdhury,P C Sen,S C Sanyal
The Frequency of Excretion of Cysts of Entamoeba Histolytica in Known Cases of Non-dysenteric Amoebic Colitis Based on 21 Stool Examinations
Jogesh Kaur,T N Mathur
Comparative Evaluation of Indirect Haemagglutination Intradermal and Complement Fixation Tests in Diagnosis of Hydatid Diseases
N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan,S C Agarwal
Rubella Antibody Profile in Women of Child-bearing Age in Calcutta Area
J K Sarkar,M K Mukherjee,M S Chakraborty
Survey of Arbovirus Antibodies in South India
Kalyan Banerjee,Pradip K Desai
Successful Colonization of Trombiculid Mites with Notes on Life Histories of Three Species
P V M Mahadev,S M Kulkarni
Studies on Different Strains of Vaccinia Virus with Particular Reference to their Quality Regarding Immunogenicity and Reactogenicity 1. Studies in Embryonated Eggs, Mice and Thermostability
C L Sehgal,D K Murty,N G S Raghavan,N K Suri,P Vijayan
Studies on Different Strains of Vaccinia Virus with Particular Reference to their Quality Regarding Immunogenicity and Reactogenicity. II. Histopathological Studies
C L Sehgal,D K Murty,M S Kwatra,N G S Raghavan
Australia Antigen in Blood Donors in Vellore
Peter G Hill,R V Shanmugham,Robert H Carman,T Jacob John
Enteric Infections in Captive Monkeys
A K Chakravarty,J N Ghosh,Krishna Mohan,S Pattanayak,S C Arya,S C Pal
A Histological Study of Liver Lesions in Leprosy
H B Maheshwari,M M Mittal,S C Agarwal,Sharad Kumar
Hemolysis Produced by Copper Sulphate. II. Iron Release and its Utilization for Red Cell Regeneration
Bhanu Iyengar
Serological and Prognostic Significance of Partial Absorption Anti-Human Globulin Test for Incomplete Rh Antibodies
H M Bhatia,Kamala Srinivasan
Hepatitis Associated Antigen Amongst Blood Donors in Delhi by Counter-Electrophoresis
K L Gera,P K Sarla,S K Sama
Glucose Tolerance at High Altitude in Man*
H D Brahmachari,M S Malhotra,Santa Joseph,U Radha Krishnan
Response of Lymphocytes from Patients with Oral Cancer to Autochthonous Tumour Antigen
Kamal J Ranadive,P N M Nair,R S Rao,Sudha G Gangal,Sukanya S Agashe
Testing Carcinogenicity of Contaminants in Edible Oils : I. Indigenous Solvent Extracted Peanut Oils
Kamal J Ranadive,Sunanda V Gothoskar
Testing Carcinogenicity of Contaminants in Edible Oils. II. Argemone Oil in Mustard Oil
Bilquis U Tezabwala,Kamal J Ranadive,Sunanda V Gothoskar
Ocular Manifestations of Leprosy*
A H Shah,P B Joshi,P K Agashe,P V Joshi,R G Bafna
4 Follow-up Study on Diphtheria Carriers among Children below 5 Years in a Rural Population of Lucknow District
A M Khan,B G Prasad,J K Bhatnagar,Ramesh Chandra
Electrophoretic Study of Serum Proteins and Fibrin Estimation in Mother and Cord Blood
Nisha Khalsa,P K Sharma,Pushpa Gupta,Som Nath
Vitamin B12 and Folate Status in the Normal Puerperium
P K Devi,S Manchanda,S K Mehta
Effect of Protein Malnutrition on Various Regions of Weanling Rat Brain
R N Chakravarti,S Mehta
Immunological Studies in Hereditary Ataxia-telangiectasia
M S Grewal,Naunihal Singh,O P Ghai,R K Chandra
Early Stage of Infection of Ancylostoma Caninum in Dogs and Mice
Debiprasad Banerjee
Australia (Hepatitis-Associated) Antigen in Urban Endemic Hepatitis at Poona
K B Niphadkar,S R Karve,S S Kelkar
Studies on Cholera Carriers In Delhi
B S Misra,C G Pandit,D D Arora,J B Shrivastav,K V Arora,S Pattanayak,S C Pal
Colonization of Two Species of Mosquitoes, Aedes Novalbopictus and Aedes W-Albus
P K Deshmukh,P Y Guru,S N Guttikar,U K M Bhat
Increasing Incidence of Group B Beta Hemolytic Streptococci from Human Sources
K Prakash,K B Sharma,P C Ravindran
A Study of Anaerobic Cocci Isolated from Gynaecological Cases
A Oumachigui,U Gupta,V Hingorani
Further Studies on the Isolate of Chikungunya from the Indian Repatriates of Burma
K V Thiruvengadam,Thankam Mathew
Comparative Sensitivity of Cross-Over Electrophoresis and Complement Fixation Test for the Detection of Australia Antigen
Peter G Hill,R V Shanmugham,Robert H Carman,T Jacob John
A Serological Survey of Adenovirus Infection in Pondicherry
H N Madhavan,J Albert,S C Agarwal
The Phlebotomine Sandflies (Diptera : Psychodidae) From Rajasthan, India, with Description of Sergentomyia (Sintonius) Sirohi Sp. Nov.
G B Modi,H N Kaul,Vijai Dhanda
Seasonal Prevalence of Xenopsylla Astia Roths on the Indian Gerbil Tatera Indica Hardwicke in Kolar, Mysore State (Siphonaptera)
A K Krishnaswami,R K Chandrahas
Nephrotic Syndrome Complicating Lepromatous Leprosy
G Ramu,K Ramanujam,K V Desikan,S Balakrishnan
Oxidant Hemolysis-I : The Role of the Reticuloendothelial Cells in the Breakdown of Red Cells Damaged by Phenylhydrazine
Bhanu Iyengar,D N Gupta
Evidence for a New Blood Group Antigen in the Indian Population (A Preliminary Report)
C M Giles,H M Bhatia,K L G Goldsmith,P K Desai,S R Joshi,S S Badakere
Effect of Citrate Infusion in Normothermia and Hypothermia
A K Sarkar,Baljit Singh,K S Dhul,P L Wahi,R N Chakravarti
Liver Function During Short-term Administration of Oral Contraceptives in Premenopausal Women
M L Gupta,Manno Jain,S N Gupta
Mannitol Infusion in Burns; Preliminary Report of a Clinical Trial
B K Kaul,K N Udupa
Phototherapy In Hyperbilirubinaemia of the Newborn
C L Kapoor,C R Krishna Murti,Dewan Singh,P C Bajpai,P K Misra,V K Das
A Study of Serum Protein and Retinol Levels in Pregnancy and Toxaemia of Pregnancy in Women of Low Socio-economic Status
R Arulanantham,R J Sunalini Basu
A Clinical and Aetiological Study of Diarrhoea in Hospitalized Children at Lucknow
A K Srivastava,B G Prasad,J K Bhatnagar,N L Sharma
Analysis of Normal Human Epidermal Extract and its Fractions (PI, PII and PIII) by Disc Electrophoresis
J S Pasricha
A Social and Psychiatric Study of a Representative Group of Families in Vellore Town
Abraham Verghese,Ahmed Beig,L A Senseman,S S Sundar Rao,V Benjamin
A Prospective Study of Symptom and Non-Symptom Groups Following Vasectomy
D Pershad,N N Wig,R P Isaac
Effect of 5-Iodo-2-Deoxyuridine, Cycloheximide and Rivanol on the Multiplication of Vaccinia and Fowlpox Viruses in Chick Embryo Fibroblast Culture
A Rai,M S Sethi
Life History of Haemaphysalis Kyasanurensis Trapido, Hoogstraal and Rajagopalan, 1964 (Acarina : Ixodidae) in the Laboratory
G Geevarghese,H R Bhat,M A Sreenivasan
Bordetella Pertussis Infection In Chandigarh
K C Agarwal,M Ray,N L Chitkara
Variants of Vibrio Cholerae in Delhi
B S Misra,H C Gugnani,J B Shnvastav,S C Pal
Prevalence of Pelger-Huet Anomaly of Leucocytes in Adivasi Population of Western Madhya Pradesh
G S Gehlot,J N Monga
Acute Phase Reactant Tests I—In Normal Individuals of Different Age Groups.
V K Pratap,Sheila Singh,S N Singh,H Saxena
Clinical Significance of Skin Reactions to Mite Extracts in Individual with Bronchial Asthma..
M A Lal,A Dasgupta,J N Pande,E Nayar,J S Guleria
Platelet Factor 3 : A Simple Assay Technique
A K Saraya,Jaya Kasturi,Ram Kishan
Titres of Australia (Hepatitis-associated) Antigen in Healthy Carriers, Leprosy, Cirrhosis of the Liver and Acute Hepatitis
K B Niphadkar,P M Khare,S S Kelkar
Prevalence of Nocardiosis in Bronchopulmonary Diseases
D Parkash,H S Randhawa,P R Mazumdar,P U Rao,R, Viswanathan,R C Jain,R S Sandhu,S Subramanian,S K Mishra,V N Sharma,V N Damodaran
Lundh Test in the Diagnosis of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
A K Sehgal,L S Chawla,P N Chhuttani,R S Verma,V Balakrishanan
Use of the Double Diffusion Chamber for an Analysis of Muscle-Nickel Sulphide Interaction*
Amreek Singh,J P W Gilman
Studies on Several Enzymes of Uronic Acid Pathway in Human Leucocytes Under Normal and Leukemic Conditions
B Ray,Bani Basu,D K Bhattacharya,G C Chatterjee
Intestinal Absorption of Radioactive Vitamin BI2: A Comparison of Plasma, Faecal and Urinary Tests
S Swarnabai,S J Baker,V I Mathan
A Study of Host and Environment Factors in Cases of Accidental Poisoning Admitted in Irwin Hospital
S C Chawla,S P Mehta
Social Class and Behaviour Disorders Among Children
L Saini,M V Singh
Intestinal Disaccharidases in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
H G Mehta,H L Gupta,Harjit Singh,P S Dhatt
Giardiasis in Children : A Study of Pancreatic Functions
R K Gupta,S Mehta
Serum Heat Stable Alkaline Phosphatase (HSAP) in the Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
H C Mehta,Urmila Kapoor
An Electromyographic Study of Spastic Limbs
G Vasudeva Iyer,G M Taori,Jacob Abraham
Effect of Electroconvulsive Therapy on the Antidiuretic Hormone Level in the Plasma of Schizophrenic Patients
N N Wig,R L Narang,R R Chaudhury
Antidiuretic Hormone Levels in Patients with Weight Gain After The Chlorpromazine Therapy.
D K Shah,N N Wig,R R Chaudhury,D K Shah,N N Wig,R R Chaudhury
Antidiuretic Hormone Levels in Patient with Weight Gain After Chlorpromazine Therapy..
D K Shah,N N Wig,R R Chaudhury
Seasonal Elevations of Plasma Transaminase in Rural West Bengal Children
Basanta Das,Joyce Biswas,Peter Echeverria,William D Hillis
Studies on the Cellular Pattern of the Islets of Pancreas in Different Animals along with Plasma and Pancreatic Insulin
Sarada Subrahmanyam,Vatsala Sreenivasan
Unifying Concepts in the Response of Mammalian Cells to Stimuli
G P Talwar
Evaluation Of Typhoid Vaccines : Primary Immunization
M S Boparai,R G S Murthy,R N Varma
Preparation HOE 105 (Citenazone) in Chemoprophylaxis of Variola in Monkeys : A Preliminary Communication
A R Rao,S Kamalakshi,S E Mercy Ebeneser,Savithri Sukumar,Shantha Ramakrishnan,T V Paramasivam
An Improved Method to Split the Epidermis of Mammals into its Constituent Layers : Preliminary Report
R C Shukla
Nucleic Acid Precursor Uptake Patterns in Shope Virus Induced Papilloma and Vx-2 Carcinoma
P R Rao
Preliminary Report on the Prevalence of Palatal Precancerous Lesions in the Rural Population of Visakhapatnam District
B Ram Murthy,B Sundareshwar,C Ramulu,C R R M Reddy,G V Narasimham,M V S Raju,P Sastry
Sequential Treatment of Advanced Oral Carcinoma by Methotrexate and Radiotherapy
B Sanyal,B L Rastogi,G C Pant,N N Khanna
Second Example Of Oh Le (a-) Phenotype In India
H M Bhatia,M S Sathe
Primary Pulmonary Scar Carcinomas
M Ray Chaudhuri
Colorimetric Determination of Diethyl Carbamazine (Hetrazan) with Picric Acid
M Ramachandran
The Distribution and Degradation of Albumin in Tropical Sprue : I. A Comparative Analysis of Albumin Turnover Data Using Different Mathematical Models
A M Samuel,B Singh,K N Jeejeebhoy,K S Korgaonkar
DNCB skin-sensitization and its Relationship with PPD Reactivity in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Anand N Malaviya,Har B Dingley,Ramesh Kumar
Influence of Substances Acting on the Central Adrenergic Receptor on Open Field Behaviour in Rats
P C Dandiya,S K Patni
Study of Mechanism of Action of Cerebroventricularly Perfused Phentolamine on Carotid Occlusion Response in Cats
G J S Abraham,S S Ahmed,S S Tikare
Relationship of Cord Blood Foetal Hemoglobin to Birth Weight and Length of Gestation
H C Mehta,H L Gupta,Harjit Singh,K C Verma,P S Dhatt
Role of Environmental Factors in the Spread of Staphylococcal Infection in the Maternity Ward
B Ghosh Ray,B N S Walia,O P Ghai,Vimlesh Seth
Protein and Iron Supplementations by Altering Cooking Practices in Community
D K Agarwal,H Lal,K N Agarwal,Meera Gupta
Screening of Drugs for Genetic Effects
M Sanjeeva Rao,O S Reddi
Accessory Peroneal Nerve Incidence In Indian Population and Familial Occurrence
K K Sachdev,Naunihal Singh,R S Arya
A Statistical Analysis of Age Factor Amongst Filariasis Carriers in Areas with Different Infection Rates
N S Murthy,N S N Rao,S M Marwah
Effect of Elimination of Different Causes of Death on Expectation of Life-Bombay, 1960-61
G Rama Rao,R B Gupta
A Survey of Indigenous Medical Practitioners in Rural Areas of Five Different States in India
A Timmappaya,C S Chuttani,Dharam Vir,J C Bhatia
Combined Action of Antiamoebic Drugs and Antibiotics on Axenically Grown Entamoeba Histolytica
G P Dutta,J N S Yadava
Applicability of Baird-Parker Classification to Strains of Micrococcaceae Isolated from Pyodermic Patients
Asha Pasricha,R A Bhujwala,Shriniwas
Adenovirus Infections in West Bengal:
F B Bang,M R Cooper,W D Hillis
Encephalomyocarditis Virus Activity in Mus Booduga (Gray) in Barur Village (1961-1962), Sagar KFD Area, Mysore State, India
P K Rajagopalan,S N Ghosh
Observations on Hunterellus sp. (Hymenoptera : Encyrtidae) Parasitizing Haemaphysalis Bispinosa Neumann, 1897 (Acarina : Ixodidae)
G Geevarghese,M A Sreenivasan
Magnesium in Schizophrenia
J C Bathla,R C Gulati,R K Dhingra,T D Chugh
A Study of Bacteroidaceae from Clinical Material
U Gupta
Poliovirus Antibody in Milk and Sera of Lactating Women
L V Devarajan,T Jacob John
Salmonella Regent, Diphasic (3,10 : f, g : 1, 6): Identified for the First Time
S Basu,J da Costa,K C Bhatia
Increased Resistance to Malaria after Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection
Gauri Bazaz Malik
Quantification of Antipoliovirus Antibodies in Human and Simian Sera
Risha Yetts,S C Arya
Quantitative Levels of GIucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Pyruvate Kinase and Glutathione in Normal and G-6-PD Deficient Individuals
Arvind J Baxi,Jayant P Bapat
A Rapid Counterimmuno-electrophoretic Technique for the Detection of Australia Antigen and Alpha-Fetoprotein on the Same Slide
A J Baxi,J P Bapat,K V Kulkarni
A Search for Hill Diarrhoea at Simla (India)
A K Sehgal,N R Mysorker,P N Chhuttani,R K Saim,S S Guleria
Modulation of Reflex Contraction of Urinary bladder by Diencephalic and Telencephalic Centres
D P Thombre,J F Mascarenhas,M G Gogate,R A Dhume,V K Mulgaonker
Effect of Some Beta Adrenoceptor Blocking Agents on Skeletal Neuromuscular Transmission and Motor Co-ordination
B R Madan,F S K Barar
Effect of Beta-adrenoceptor Antagonists on Acetylcholine Concentration of Mouse Brain
B R Madan,N K Khanna
Studies on the Effects of a Hypoglycemic Principle from Allium Cepa Linn.
K T Augusti
Effects of Long-term Feeding of Tolbutamide and Phenformin on Normal Rats
K Prasannan,K T Augusti
Fetal Plasma Calcium Levels after Maternal Thyroparathyroidectomy and Administration of Thyrocalcitonin and Parathyroid Extract in Rats*
Saraarendra N Baksi
Dislodging Action of Diethylcarbamazine in Relation to its Overall Microfilaricidal Activity in Wuchereria Bancrofti Infection (Periodic Strain)
A B Sen,J C Katiyar,P A George,Promila Govila,Ramesh Chandra,Subhash Chandra
Studies in Urolithiasis : I. X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Calculi from Delhi Region
J S Agarwal,M V R Rao
Personal Health Expenses Among Rural Communities of North Arcot District
C Rajamanickam,P S S Rao,S R James Fernandez
ECHO Virus Haemagglutination Inhibition Test for Epidemiological Survey in India : Its Utility and Validity
N L Chitkara,R E Chandnani,S R Pal
Amoebicidal Action of Bile Salts and other Surface-Active Agents on Axenically Grown Entamoeba Histolytica
G P Dutta,J N S Yadava
Observations on Filariasis in some Villages around Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
A B Sen,J C Katiyar,P A George,Promila Govil,R Chandra,S Chandra
Susceptibility of Aedes W-albus and Anopheles Stephensi Cell Lines to Infection with Some Arboviruses
K R P Singh,M K Goverdhan,U K M Bhat
Evaluation of Filter Paper and Thickness of Agar Base in Conducting Antimicrobial Sensitivity by Disc Method (A Preliminary Communication)
M Lakshmana,S D S Seth,Shriniwas
Eoctenes Maai Sp. Nov. (Hemiptera, Polyctenidae) From Taphozous Kachhensis Dobson, 1872 (Chiroptera, Emballonuridae) in India
H R Bhat,M A Ilkai,M A Sreenivasan
Copper Metabolism in Schizophrenia
J C Bathla,R C Gulati,R K Dhingra,T D Chugh
Transplacental Transmission of Haemagglutination-inhibiting Antibodies of Pox and Arboviruses
A C Mitra,Ira Ray,J K Sarkar,K K Mukherjee,M K Mukherjee,M S Chakravarty,S K Chakravarty,S N Ray
Macronyssus Kumaonicus Sp. Nov. (Acarina, Mesostigmata, Macronyssidae) Infesting Bats in the Himalayan Region of Uttar Pradesh, India
H R Bhat
Toluidine Blue Staining of Oral Cancer and Precancerous Lesions
B Sundareshwar,C Ramulu,C R R M Reddy,M V S Raju,R Gopal,R Sarma
Serum Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) Levels in Portal Hypertension*
D V Datta,P C Borthakur,P N Chhuttani,R Nath
Coronary Heart Disease in Young Ceylonese Adults
K R W Gunawardene,N Nagaratnam,S P De Silva
Ketoacid Studies in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis-Part II*
H L Gupta,Harjit Singh,P S Dhatt
Peripheral Vascular Disease in Diabetes Mellitus
D L Tandon,G K Rastogi,P L Wahi
Non-specific Cellular and Specific Cell-mediated Immunological Responsiveness in Chronic Renal Failure
A N Malaviya,K K Malhotra,R Kumar,S C Kathpalia
Wound Healing in Experimental Diabetes : Histological, Histochemical and Biochemical Studies
A Prakash,B S Maini,M Kapur
Effect of Testosterone on the Histological Structure of the Testis of Adult Albino Rats
S H M Abdi,Wahidul Hasan
Study of the Distribution of Adrenergic Mechanisms in the Hypothalamic Feeding Centres
B K Anand,Baldev Singh,N Malhotra,U Nayar
Paper Chromatographic Separation of Imidazole Acids From Untreated Urine
A S Saini
Use of Anthropometry in Grading Malnutrition in Children
J Gowrinath Sastry,K Vijayaraghavan
Cost of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Prevalence Surveys
A S Ramesh,K Naganna
Serological Survey in Hospital Population
Inderjeet Singh,T L Rao,V N Sehgal
Some Aspects of Pregnancy Terminations in a South Indian Population
P S S Rao,S G Inbaraj
Production of Streptocines by Beta Haemolytic Streptococci Isolated from Human Sources
K B Sharma,K Prakash,P C Ravindran
Studies on Different Strains of Vaccinia Virus with Particular Reference to their Quality Regarding Immunogenicity and Reactogenicity-Part III Studies in Rabbits and Monkeys (Macaca mulatta)
C L Sehgal,D K Murty,N G S Raghavan,S Choudhury
Viruses Associated with Clinical Cases with Special Reference to Poliomyelitis Epidemic of 1971 in and around Chandigarh (Northern India)
B N S Walia,N L Chitkara,P N Chhuttani,S R Pal
Genital Listeriosis in Delhi (India) : A Pilot Study
R A Bhujwala,R K Chandra,V Hingorani
Monosporium Apiospermum Causing Mycetoma Pedis in India
A Thammayya,Maya Sanyal
Antiviral Agents from Fungi Effective Against Semliki Forest Virus (SFV) in Mice
B M Gupta,R K Maheshwari
Abnormal Haemoglobins In The Indian Armed Forces Personnel
K K Kapoor,R Sinha,S C Gupta,T N Mehrotra
Serum FSH and LH Levels in Fertile and Subfertile Men
A R Sheth,Lata R Joshi,Shanta S Rao,Vijaya Raghavan
Long Term Effect of Lippes Loop on Cervical Epithelium and Endometrium
B K Aikat,Meera Aikat
Juvenile Heredo Familial Lipidosis (Spielmeyer-Vogt) : An Electron Microscopic Study
A Bhaktaviziam,C K Job,D K Basu,Gertrude E Joshua
A Catalase Screening Test for Urinary Tract Infections
Bimla R Elhence,K N Singh,S Pradhan,Vijay L Lahiri
Regression of Stomatitis Nicotina in Reverse Smokers
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