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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 62

Original Article
Serological Survey of Toxoplasma Antibodies in Chandigarh Area (Northern India)
J G Jolly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan
Sequential Changes of Immunofluorescence Titres in Hepatic Amoebiasis
D V Dutta,N L Chitkara,P N Chhuttani,R C Mahajan,S C Agarwal
The Prevalence of Mite Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus and its Association with House Dust Allergy
A Dasgupta,E Nayar,M Lal
Bacteriophage Typing of Vibrio Cholerae other than O Serotype 1
J Sil,N K Dutta,S Mukerjee,S C Sanyal
Circulatory Immunoglobulin Levels after an Oral Killed Typhoid Vaccination
C S Chuttani,R Ganguli
Pathology of the Subaortic Endocardium— A Histometric Study of 210 Hearts
B N Datta,I B Roy
The Pathogenesis of Lead Encephalopathy
I Manorama Thomas,John A Thomas
Phagocytosis, Bactericidal Activity and Nitroblue Tetrazolium Reduction by the Rabbit Neutrophil in Protein Malnutrition
L N Mohapatra,U N Bhuyan,V Ramalingaswami
Ferrokinetic Studies—Red Cell Iron Utilization and Red Cell Iron Turnover—in the Anaemia of Chronic Infection
Ramesh Kumar,S G Nair,T R Narasimhan,T R Narasimhan,S G Nair
Ferrokinetic Studies—Red Cell Iron Utilization and Red Cell Iron Turnover—in Anaemia of Chronic Infection.
T R Narasimhan,S G Nair
Vasoactive Responses of the Developing Blood Vessels of the Chick Extra-Embryonic Membrane : A Correlation with Enzyme Histochemical and Ultrastructural Observations
N C Sethi
Degree of Acetonaemia Following Epinephrine Infusion to Determine Biochemical Characterization of Diabetes Mellitus
M M S Ahuja,T K Malik,Vinod Kumar
Serial Study of Plasma Angiotensin, Electrolytes and Juxta-Glomerular Index in Experimental Renal Hypertension of Monkeys
O P Gulati,P L Sharma,R N Chakravarti
Histochemical Study of Jejunal Mucosa in Idiopathic Tropical Malabsorption Syndrome
B N Tandon,S L Bose
Diabetic Neuropathy in India
L S Chawla,P N Chhuttani
Spectrum of Glomerulonephritis
H D Tandon,K K Malhotra,S C Kathpalia
Growth Performance of Well-to-do Hyderabad Children—A Follow-up Study
Indu Bhushan Jindal,J Gowrinath Sastry,K Vijayaraghavan
A Critical Analysis of Deet as a Repellent Against Arthropods of Public Health Importance and Water Leeches
R K Kochhar,R S Dixit,C I Somaya
Toxoplasmosis and Infertility
Kamala Ganesh,P Chowdry,V Hingorani
An Experimental Model for Contracted Socket—A Preliminary Report
I M Bhatia,N N Sood,S P Singh,Y Dayal
Small Bowel in Skin Diseases
B N Tandon,K C Kandhari,L K Bhutani,T R Bedi
Morbidity Survey of Indian Coal Miners with Special Reference to Pneumoconiosis
A S Mandal,H K Singh,K Abdullah,L C Mitra,Madun Prasad,R Viswanathan,R K Modi,S S Prasad
The Role of Delayed Hypersensitivity in the Phenomenon of Acquired Resistance to L. carinii Infection in Albino Rats
Keshavram,M Ramachandran,N G S Raghavan
Cholera Toxin : Effect of Splenectomy and Immunosuppressive Drug on the Permeability Factor : Preliminary Report
A K Ghosh,R N Majumder,S Bhattacharya
An Economical Method for Red Cell Acid Phosphatase Typing using Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
N Saha,R L Kirk
Factors Influencing Natural Immunization in Diphtheria in Urban and Rural Communities in West Bengal
A K Chakravorty,B Ghosh Roy,S C Seal
Palatal Epithelial Changes in Reverse Smokers Having Carcinoma of Hard Palate
C R R M Reddy,C Ramulu,M V S Raju,V R Kameswari
Dengue-4 Virus Variation in Complement Fixation Test
B L Rao,K M Pavri,S N Ghosh
Renal Acidification Defect in Vitamin-D Deficiency Rickets
M Teotia,N L Sharma,N P S Teotia,R K Singh,Ranvir Singh,S P S Teotia
Differential Death Rates in Community Development Block : Ballabgarh 1966-69
B D Malhotra,B S Parmar,L M Nath
Sphere Embolization Technique for Determination of Organ Blood Flow Distribution
Prabha Avasthey
Tri-iodothyronine Radioimmunoassay in Unextracted Serum
G K Rastogi,R C Sawhney
Use of Skinfold Thickness for Estimation of Body Fat
J N Berry
Serological Investigation of Rubella Virus Infection in and around Chandigarh-A Preliminary Communication
J G Murthy,N L Chitkara,P K Devi,S Choudhury,S R Pal,Shobha Broor
A Study of Diurnal Variation of Adrenocortical Function and Recovery of the Functional Integrity of Pituitary Adrenal Axis After Long Term Corticosteroid Therapy
M M S Ahuja,P Ghosh,R L Taneja,S C Malhotra,Vinod Kumar
Neutralizing Antibodies to Adenoviruses in Patients with Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity and in Control Individuals
Gurkirpal Singh,M V Subba Rao,V S Rajvanshi
Biochemical Investigations on Normal and Pathological Human Seminal Plasma with Special Reference to PPD-Oxidase (Paraphenylene Diamine Oxidase) Activity
J P Nagpaul,R Nath
Ecology of the Brown spiny Mouse Mus P. Platythrix(Bennett) and the Indian Field mouse Mus b.Booduga(Gray)
R K Chandrahas
Radioisotope Scanning of Cerebrospinal Fluid Pathways
A K Banerji,J Dar,M A Padmanabha Rao,P N Tandon,S N Pathak
Delayed Hypersensitivity In Vitro to an Acid Fast Mycobacterium Cultivated from Human Lepromatous Leprosy
Saroj R Khanolkar,Sudha G Gangal
Cytomegalovirus Infection in Pondicherry (South India)—A Serological Survey
H N Madhavan,K Prakash,S C Agarwal
Bentonite Flocculation Test in Serodiagnosis of Amoebiasis
D V Dutta,N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan,V K Vinayak
Serological Study for the Prevalence of Rubella at Lucknow
Asha Mathur,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Cultivation of Human Peripheral Blood Monocytes in Vitro
A D Krishnan,G P Talwar
Palyam Group : A New Serogroup of Arboviruses : Physicochemical and Biological Properties of Palyam and Kasba Viruses
C N Dandawate,K M Pavri
Antigenic Relationship Among Palyam, Kasba and Vellore Viruses—A New Serogroup of Arboviruses
C N Dandawate
Coxsackie B Virus Infections in Myocarditis in Adults—South India
H N Madhavan,S Chandrasekhar,S C Agarwal
Female Sterilization and Family Limitation in the Armed Forces
M S Boparai,R N Varma
Investigation for Rabies Carriers Among Dogs
A N D Nanavati,M M Farro,P Y Dighe
Thyroid Function in Protein Malnutrition
B B Gaitonde,S C Talwalkar
Neuromuscular Pharmacology of Harmine and Arecoline.
D K Ganguly,S K Chaudhuri
Outcome of Babies With Severe Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation(I. Maternal Factors, Congenital Malformations, Mortality and Survival Pattern)
Santosh K Bhargava,Shantha Madhavan,Shanti Ghosh,Sudershan Kumari,Vijaya Bhargava
Steady State Pulmonary Diffusing Capacity in Diagnosis of Pulmonary Emphysema
J N Pande,J S Guleria,S P Gupta
The Frequency and Persistence of Hepatitis-Associated Antigen in Calcutta Blood Donors and a Case Study of Tranfusion-Associated Hepatitis
I L Graves,S K Biswas
Congenital Anomalies in Rat Foetuses Induced by Amniocentesis
Gajendra Singh,M M Mathur,Shamer Singh
Malignant Acid Deoxyribonuclease Inhibitor from Normal Mice Muscle Extract
B K Roy,D K Dube,P Bhattacharyya,Purnima Roychowdhury,S N Sinha,Syamalima Chakrabarti
Effect of Lesions of Z DNA Incerta on the Plasma Seromucoid Levels in Cats
J F Mascarenhas,M G Gogate,R A Dhume
Experimental Atherosclerosis in Rhesus Monkeys : Advanced Lesions in Aorta
A K Sarkar,B Mahata,G Pal,R N Chakravarti
Effect of Chronic Alcohol Administration on Blood and Tissue Lipids and Histopathology of the Heart in Rhesus Monkeys
D Subrahmanyam,P L Wahi,R N Chakravarti,S C Vasdev
Absorption of Calcium From Calcium Lactate and Calcium Sulphate by Human Subjects
B S Narasinga Rao,C Nageswara Rao
Effect of Exercise on Ventilation and Gas Exchange in Normal Subjects and in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
J N Pande,J S Guleria,S P Gupta,V Bhasin
Upper Urinary Tract Calculi : Analysed by X-Ray Diffraction and Chemical Methods
B N Balakrishna Rao,E Z Hazarika
Glutamine Studies in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
H L Gupta,Harjit Singh,P S Dhatt
Experimental Fat Embolism—A Study of the Factors in Mortality
H S Sachdeva,Harjinder Singh,R N Chakravarty
Facilitation and Inhibition of the Reflexly-Evoked Contractions of the Urinary Bladder by Caudate Nucleus
J F Mascarenhas,M G Gogate,R A Dhume,S Verlencar,V K Mulgaonker
The Action of Some Sympathomimetic Amines on the Neuromuscular Junction
B D Paranjape,V P Patki,V R Deshpande
Present Status of Heiberg Groups for Classifying Cholera-like Organisms
B D Chatterjee
Study of Ps. Pyocyanea Strains Isolated from Pathological Material
D S Agarwal,S Kumari,S L Bhatia
Antibiotic Sensitivity of Vibrio Cholerae Other Than 0 Serotype 1 (So-called NAG Vibrios)
J Sil,S Mukherjee,S C Sanyal
Epizootiology of Kyasanur Forest Disease in Wild Monkeys of Shimoga District, Mysore State (1957-1964)
M K Goverdhan,P K Rajagopalan,D P Narasimha Murthy,S Upadhyaya,J Boshell M,H Trapido,T Ramachandra Rao
Investigations on the Outbreak of Dengue Fever in Ajmer City, Rajasthan State in 1969 Part I. Epidemiological, Clinical and Virological Study of the Epidemic
B H Sheikh,K M Pavri,K R P Singh,S N Ghosh
Investigations on the Outbreak of Dengue Fever in Ajmer City, Rajasthan in 1969 Part II : Result of Serological Tests
B H Sheikh,S N Ghosh
Haemolytic Complement Anticomplimentary Activity and Hepatitis-B Antigen in Sera of Patients with Acute Viral Hepatitis
S E Kotwal,S S Kelkar
Pathology of Peritoneal Adhesions—An Experimental Study
A L Aurora,I K Bhat,S K Nair
Studies on Foetomaternal Haemorrhage (FMH) Part I: Factors Affecting Foetomaternal Haemorrhage
Lilly Cherian,M Bhargava,Sharad Kumar,Y Pinto de Rosario
Studies on Foetomaternal Haemorrhage (FMH) Part II. The Role of Placental Pathology in Foetomaternal Haemorrhage
M Bhargava,Sharad Kumar,Sudha Narang
Thiacetazone Concentration in Blood Related to Grouping of Tubercular Patients, Its Treatment, Results, and Toxicity
H S Roy,J R Saha,P K Sen,R Chatterjee
A Comparative Study on Predisposing Factors of Coronary Artery Disease in Rural and Urban Population
Arun Bordia,Satish Arora
Changes in the Level of Hydrolytic Enzymes in the Caecum and the Intestine of Rats Infected With a Virulent Strain of Entamoeba Histolytica Intracaecally
G P Dutta,Hasan Mukhtar,S Azhar,V K Mohan Rao
Metabolism of Hetrazan in the Rat
M Ramachandran,S C Sharma
Effect of Acute Changes in Arterial pCO2 and pH on Pulmonary Mechanics in Man
J N Pande,J S Guleria,S K Sridharan
Muscular Dystrophy. Part I: Serum Enzymes in the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Other Neuromuscular Disorders
Indira Narayanan,K Subrahmanyam,P Ramakrishna Rao,S Balakrishnan
Muscular Dystrophy. Part II : Serum Enzymes in Relatives of Cases of the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Indira Narayanan,K Subrahmanyam,P Ramakrishna Rao,S Balakrishnan
Alpha-Fetoprotein in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
C Prakash,H L Gupta,Harjit Singh,M M Lal,P S Dhatt,R K Arya
In Vitro Lymphoblastoid Transformation with Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) as a Diagnostic Test in Tuberculosis
Ishwar C Verma,Madan L Gupta,Om P Ghai
Effect of Components of Tissue Culture Medium on Spontaneous Lymphoblastoid Transformation
Ishwar C Verma,Madan L Gupta,Om P Ghai
Jejunal Mucosa in Pemphigus and Dermatitis Herpetiformis
B N Tandon,K C Kandhari,L K Bhutani,T R Bedi
Dextrans and the Rheology of Blood
Megha Singh,N A Coulter Jr
Rosette Forming Lymphocytes : A Modified Technique for Better Stability and Reproducibility; Distribution in Lymphoid Tissue of Rhesus Monkey
A N Malaviya,L N Mohapatra,R Kumar,U N Bhuyan
Study of Healthy HAA Carriers
J P Wali,Krishan Lal,S K Sama
Critical Evaluation of Cervical Cytology
B K Aikat,Meera Aikat,S Gupta
Nutritional Status of People of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
D Hanumantha Rao,K Satyanarayana,T P Susheela
Bentonite Antistreptolysin-O Test as a Screening Procedure
Devika Gupta,N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan,Saroj Sharma
Epidemiology of X-chromatin Aberrations in Newborns in Delhi
Ishwar C Verma,Balraj Bawa,Om P Ghai,V Hingorani,D K Guha
Susceptibility of a Human Synovial Cell Line (McCoy) to Infection with Arboviruses
S S Gogate
Functional and Histological Changes of Small Bowel in Patients With Giardia Lamblia Infestation
B N Tandon,S G Tewari
Lymphoblast Transformation in Leprosy
P Vijayarathnam,Roy Verghese,Sarala Krishnamurty,T Jacob John
Improved Cell Yield From Monkey Kidneys by Using Versene and Trypsin
Elizabeth Fernandez,Saroja Christopher,T Jacob John
An Evaluation of Prednisolone, Tetracycline and High Protein Diet for the Therapy of Idiopathic Tropical Malabsorption Syndrome (ITMS)
B Saikia,B N Tandon,S L Bose
Minocycline in the Treatment of Cholera A Comparison With Tetracycline
B K Sirkar,D N Guha Mazumder,S P De
Histopathological and Radiological Appearances of Duodenum in Giardiasis
A K Sehgal,L S Chawla,P N Chhuttani,S Nath,S L Broor
Feeding Behaviour of Cyproheptadine-treated Rats
A S Chakrabarty,K Chakrabarty,O P Bhatnagar
Identification of Sex From the Ulna
Gajendra Singh,S P Singh,Shamer Singh
Experimental Renal Hypertension in Rhesus Monkeys : Effect of Surgical Removal of Ischaemic Kidney on Various Parameters
O P Gulati,P L Sharma,R N Chakravarti
Distribution of ABO Blood Groups in Hyderabad Population
J S Murty,T Padma
Differences Between Australia Antigen Positive (Virus B) and Australia Antigen Negative Virus A) Hepatitis
S G Tewari,S K Sama
Ibuprofen (Brufen) in Cholera and Other Diarrhoeas
A Mondal,B K Sircar,D Sasmal,S De,S P De
Actinomycetes from Mycetomas and Other Cases Around Pondicherry
L R Dasgupta,S C Agarwal,T Sundararaj
Spectrochemical Analysis of Urinary Tract Calculi
B N Balakrishna Rao,E Z Hazarika
Free and Bound N-Acetyl Neuraminic Acid in the Cerebrospinal Fluid in Various Neurological Disorders
A S Balasubramanian,G M Taori,P T Raman
GM1 Gangliosidosis in a South Indian Child—A Clinico-pathological and Biochemical Study
A Bhaktaviziam,D K Basu,Doss Sudarazanam T,Gertrude E Joshua
Integration of Family Planning with Health Senices-A Preliminary Study
R Kumar
Genetic Hybridization in Vibrio Cholerae—Oration
K Bhaskaran
Studies on the Antibody Response of a Formalin Inactivated Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus Vaccine in Langurs "Presbytis entellus"
C N Dandawate,Pravin N Bhatt
Clinico-Virological Study of an Outbreak of Dengue-like Illness at Hardoi (U.P.)
A K Kapoor,Asha Mathur,H O Tandon,R M L Mehrotra,S K Agarwal,U C Chaturvedi
Antifertility Screening of Plants. Part IX. Effect of five indigenous plants on early pregnancy in female albino rats.
S K Garg,S L Bodhankar,V S Mathur
Development of Striated Muscle Fibres In the Human Oesophagus
Indar Jit
Effect of Prepuberal Adrenalectomy on the Mammary Tumor Development and Hormonal Status in Two Strains of Mice
S R Pai
Observations on Bone Induction by Vesical Epithelium and Study of Neo-osteogenesis by Tetracycline Labelling
A Goel,K K Menon,R P Singh,V Raina
Deafness Among the Urban Community—An epidemological at Lucknow (U. P.)
B G Prasad,D Dayal,Jitendra Pal,M L Bhatia,P C Jain
Cold Antibodies in Leprosy and their Characteristics
Kunal Sana,R N Dutta
Neomycin Resistant Staphylococci on Neomycin Treated Skin
Gurmohan Singh
An Anti-immunoglobulin Test for the Identification of the Immunoglobulin Class of Haemagglutinating Antibodies to Spermatozoa
Shanta S Rao,T N S Udupa
Measurement of Cardiac Output by Constant Injection of Radioactive Xenon : Study on A Mechanical Heart Model
Prabha Avasthey
Lower Urinary Tract Calculi Analysed of X-Ray Diffraction and Chemical Methods
B M L Kapur,B N Balakrishna Rao,E Z Hazarika,R K Misra
Cyclophosphamide Induced Hydrocephalus in Chick Embryos
A K Kar,A K Sanyal,Shamer Singh
Serum Vitamin B12 and B12 Binding Capacity in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis : A Preliminary Report
A K Saraya,R K Chandra,S K Chopra
Plasma Oxytocinase and Onset of Labour
M K Mapa,P K Devi,S K Goswami,V S Mathur
Histopathological Observations on Rat Caeca Infected With Non-Invasive and Invasive Strains of Entamoeba histolytica
O P Dutta,R V N Srivastava
Evaluation of Xantinol Nicotinate (Complamina) in Experimental Pulmonary Fibrin Embolism
K D Boruah,P L Wahi,R N Chakravarti
Actions of Lobeline and Sparteine on Neuromuscular Junction
M N Jindal,S M Mansuri,V V Kelkar
Elevated Temperature Technique for Enumeration of Salmonellae in Sewage
P M Phirke
A Modified Method for the Estimation of Acetylisoniazid in Urine
Chandra Immanuel,G Raghupati Sarma,M Kannapiran,N G K Nair,S Kailasam,S Radhakrishna
Morphological Features of Indian Childhood Cirrhosis : The Spectrum of Changes and their Significance
B K Aikat,B N S Walia,T Bhattacharya
Effect of Oral Contraceptives on Quantity and Quality of Milk Secretion in Human Beings
A N Gupta,S K Garg,V S Mathur
Studies on the Ecology of the Indian Gerbil Tatera Indica Hardwickei (Gray) in Kolar (Mysore State)
A K Krishnaswami,R K Chandrahas
Platelet Function in Renal Failure
M Bhargava,N Surie,Sharad Kumar
Hypertrophy of Adrenals and Ascorbic Acid Status in Various Tissues of Malathion Treated Rats
C B Jaggi,U P S Chauhan,V K Rastogi
Isolation of Chikungunya Virus From a Patient (Repatriate) With a Febrile Illness Arriving in Madras From Rangoon (Burma)
Gurkirpal Singh
Arm Circumference and Fat Fold at Triceps in Well-Nourished Indian School Children
Darshan Singh,K Vijayaraghavan,M C Swaminathan
Aqueous Humour Cytology In Phacolytic Glaucoma
A K Gupta,B K Jha,S Ramamurthy
The 1965 Epidemic of Febrile Illness in Saugar Town, Madhya Pradesh : A Retrospective Diagnosis of The Probable Aetiology
C N Dandawate,F M Rodrigues
Plasma Lipo-protein Lipase Activity in Patients of Ischaemic Heart Disease and Normal Controls
M Dutt
Wuchereria bancrofti Larval Antigen in the Diagnosis Of Human Filariasis By Skin Test
A B Sen,J C Katiyar,Promila Govila,R Chandra,S Chandra
Specific In Vivo Stimulation Of Lymphocytes By Tumour Extracts
B K Batra,Indira R Menon,P Raveendran
Specific Rejection and Regression of Solid Tumour By Tumour Extract
B K Batra,Indira R Menon,P Raveendran
Plasma Iron Clearance After Single-Dose Iron-Dextran (Imferon) Infusion in Iron Deficiency Anaemia
R C Gulati,Ramesh Kumar,S P Gupta
Role of Various Anticoagulants in the Preservation of Red Cell Enzymes
A J Baxi,H M Bhatia,J P Bapat,K V Kulkarni
The Characterization and Significance of Plesiomonas Shigelloides and Aeromonas Hydrophila Isolated From an Epidemic of Diarrhoea
D Rajan,P Bhat,S Shanthakuman
A Survey of Haematophagous Arthropods In Western Himalayas, Sikkim and Hill Districts of West Bengal Fleas (Siphonaptera)
H R Bhat,S M Kulkarni,Vijai Dhanda
Studies on the Epidemiology of plague in a South India Plague Focus
A K Krishnaswami,C K Rao,R K Chandrahas
Prevalence of Asymptomatic Diabetes Mellitus in Army Personnel
M S Boparai,R N Varma
A Survey of Haematophagous Arthropods in Western Himalayas, Sikkim and Hill Districts of West Bengal: Pupipara (Diptera) (Families : Hippoboscidae, Nycteribiidae and Streblidae)
H R Bhat,S M Kulkarni
C L Sehgal,S C Pal
Mite Fauna in the House Dust of Bronchial Asthma Patients
Pramod Nath,Ranjana Gupta,Zafar Jameel
Haemosiderin Iron in Synovial Tissue in Rheumatoid and Tubercular Arthritis—A Re-assessment of the Mechanism of Deposition
M L Garg,R Kumar
Bacteriophage Typing of Hospital Strains of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
K C Agarwal
Adrenocortical Function Tests in Lepra Reaction
G Ramu,K Ramanujam,S Balakrishnan
Significance of the Indirect Haemagglutination Test for the Diagnosis of Amoebiasis
B N Tandon,G P Talwar,L N Mohapatra,Om Prakash,V K Vinayak
Incidence of Sero and Phage-Types of V. Cholerae Biotype Eltor in Different Countries Daring 1967-70
J Sil,N K Dutta,S Mukerjee,S C Sanyal
Diethylcarbamazine Medicated Salt in the Chemotherapeutic Control of Filariasis Due to Wuchereria bancrofti in an Open Community
A B Sen,J C Katiyar,R Chandra,S Chandra
Volume Incidence of Air-Borne Allergens
C Subba Reddi
Ultrastructure of Synovial Membrane in Pyogenic Arthritis Caused by Escherichia Coli
Jag Bhawan,S Roy
Study of Naturally Occurring Blood Group Antibodies in North Indians
A G Kulkarni,J G Jolly,S Roy
Non-Dysenteric Amoebic Colitis Treated With Two Grammes of Metronidazole Given as a Single Dose for Two Days
Jogesh Kaur,T N Mathur
Prevalence of Entamoeba Histolytica and Other Protozoal And Helminthic Infections in Hospital Patients in Karnal (Haryana)
Jogesh Kaur,T N Mathur
Ahm Phenotype in an Indian Muslim
H M Bhatia,Malti Sathe,Rhoda Vakil,S R Joshi
Studies on Several Enzymes of Uronic Acid Pathway In Human Platelets, Erythrocytes and Plasma under Normal and Leukaemic Conditions
B Ray,Bani Basu,D K Bhattacharya,G C Chatterjee
Antiovulatory Activity of Five Indigenous Plants in Rabbits
M Kapoor,S K Garg,V S Mathur
Influence of Age on Maximum Oxygen Uptake And Maximum Heart Rate of Indians During Work
J Sen Gupta,M S Malhotra,N Srinivasulu,T Sampath Kumar
Direct Measurement of Thyroxine in Serum by Radio Immunoassay
G K Rastogi,R C Sawhney
Immunofluorescence Study of the Synovial Membrane in Rheumatoid Arthritis
P Dutta
Evaluation of Regional Adrenergic Blockade of Donor Kidney in Canine Renal Allotransplantation
B M L Kapur,Werlok Kharsiing
The Genetic Component In Mentally Retarded South Indian Childern
Gertrude E Joshua
Metaplastic Cartilage Formation in the Extraocular Connective Tissue of Monkey
I Bhatia,N N Sood,S Roy,S P Singh,Y Dayal
A Survey of Haematophagous Arthropods in Western Himalayas, Sikkim and Hill Districts of West Bengal-Anoplura
A C Mishra,H R Bhat,S M Kulkarni
Cebocephaly with Normal Karyotype
A Walter,Molly Phansopkar,Sushil M Chandi,Urmila Bassi
Heat Casualties in the Indian Armed Forces
M S Malhotra,Y Venkataswamy
Platelet Function in Liver Disorders
Manorama Bhargava,P C Rao,Sharad Kumar
Evaluation of Cysticercous and Adult Worm Antigens in Serodiagnosis of Cysticercosis
J S Chopra,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan
Sero-Prevalence of Q-Fever in Camels, Buffaloes and Pigs
D S Kalra,R C Kulshreshtha,R G Arora
Evaluation of Gel Diffusion Precipitin Test for Amoebiasis
B N Tandon,G P Talwar,L N Mohapatra,Om Prakash,V K Vinayak
Agar Gel-Diffusion Test with the Sera of Rabbits and Monkeys Inoculated with Different Strains of Vaccinia Virus
C L Sehgal
A Study on Tinea Capitus in Rohtak
K C Verma,Krishanbir Singh
Listeria Meningitis in Delhi (A Pilot Study)
R A Bhujwala,R K Chandra,V Hingorani
Effect of Cobra (Naja Naja) Venom on Succinic Dehydrogenase and Cholinesterase of Rat Tissue
F A Moustafa,M F El Asmar,Y Y Ahmed
Preliminary Report on Acceleration of Wound Healing by Amnion Membrane Graft
C V Bapat,Promod M Kothary
Indirect Fluorescent Antibody and Indirect Haemagglutination Tests in the Serodiagnosis of Amoebiasis
A N Malaviya,Krishna Ray,L N Mohapatra,R Kumar,V K Vinayak
Effect of Supramaximal Doses of Stimuli on Deoxyribonucleic Acid Content of Gastric Aspirate
F P Antia,H G Desai,K Venugopalan
Reduction of Drug Resistance of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis After Treatment With Hamycin
M V Panse,P M Sathe,R A Narayanan
Studies on the Mode of Action of Anthelmintics with Ascaridia Galli as the Test Parasite
A B Sen,J C Katiyar,R K Kaushik
Standardization of A Passive Haemagglutination Test for the Assay of Antibodies to tetanus
S Rao,Shanta,Usha M Joshi,Vijaya P Raghavan
Plasma Erythrocytes and Leucocytes Free Alpha Amino Nitrogen in Newborns
A M Tripathi,K N Agarwal
Thyroid Hormonogenesis in Sporadic Euthyroid Goitre
Daljit Bhatia,M M S Ahuja,N Gopinath
A Study on the Circadian Rhythm of Plasma Cortisol and Urinary Excretion of 17-Hydroxycorticosteroids in Relation to (a) Changes in the Environmental Temperature, (b) Glomerular Filtration Rate
M M S Ahuja,P Ghosh,R L Taneja,S C Malhotra,Vinod Kumar
Clostridium Perfringens in Hospital Patients
A K Gulati,Usha Gupta
Studies on Freeze Dried Smallpox Vaccine as a Source of Antigen in the Precipitation-in-Gel Test
C L Sehgal,S N Ray
An Epidemiological Study of the Syndrome of Genu Valgum Among Residents of Endemic Areas for Fluorosis in Andhra Pradesh
K A V R Krishnamachari,Kamala Krishnaswaray
An Examination of the Behavioural Action of Amphetamine, Chiorpromazine and Their Combination in Rats Selected for Their Normal Emotional Response to the Open Field Test
B D Gupta,M L Gupta,P C Dandiya,S K Varshney
Serum Histaminopexy in Allergic and Non-Allergic Indian Subjects
J S Pasricha,K C Kandhari,N K Bhide,R C Sharma
Histochemical Evaluation of Estrogenic and antiestrogenic Properties of Some Non-steroidal Post coital Antifertility Agents
B S Setty,Nirmal K Sud
Histology, Differential Protein Clearances and Response to Steroides in Nephrotic Syndrome in Indian Children
A N Malaviya,B K Batra,S Vaishnava,Y D Malik
Haemolysin and Necrotoxin Production by Escherichia Coli
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Flagellar Diversity of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus
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Serum Groups Gm(l) and Gm(2) in Indians
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Detection of Amoebic Antigen in Liver Pus by Counter Immunoelectrophoresis
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Effect of Oestrogen on the Cellular Structure of Albino Rat Prostate Ventral Lobe
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Estimation of Daily (5 HIAA 5-Hydroxyindole Acetic Acid) Excretion in Cases of Chronic Recurrent Headache
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Cold Injury as an Occupational Hazard in the Armed Forces
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Effect of Adrenergic Blockade on Fatty Acid Mobilization
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Nutritional Status of Children in Urban Slums Around Hyderabad City
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Studies on Rat Diaphragm Insulin Bioassay Method.
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Basophilic Degeneration of Myocardium
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An Oscillographic Study of Korotkoff Sound and Its Time Relationship to Undistorted Brachial Pulse
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Effect of Castration, Testosterone Treatment and Vasoligation on Nucleic Acid and Protein Levels in Accessory Glands of Guinea Pigs
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A Preliminary Note on the Survey of Antibodies Collected from Rajasthan In the Year 1971
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Psychiatric Disturbance in Children— An Epidemiological Study
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Pharmacology of Neural Control
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Levels and Trends of Fertility in a Community Development Block
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Role of Mono-amines in Pentylene Tetrazol Induced Seizure in Mice
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Localisation of Urinary Tract Infections by Serological Methods
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Acute Cholera-Like Disease in Calcutta
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Comparative Effects of Silk and Copper Intra-uterine Contraceptive Devices on the Uterine Horns of Rat
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Results of B.C.G. Vaccination with the Bifurcated Needle
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Immunoglobulins in Health and Disease II.IgE Concentrations in the Sera of Patients with Bronchial Asthma
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The Kinetics of the In Vitro Trimming of Haemagglutinins from the Particles of Vaccinia and Ranikhet Disease Viruses by the Lysates of the Cells of Virus Infected CAM Cultures
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Nitrogen Balance in Pregnancy and Lactation in women Whose Protein Intake is Marginal
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Role of Adrenaline-induced Hyperkalemia in the Genesis of Ventricular Arrhythmia in Dogs under Cyclopropane Anaesthesia
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A Cooperative Study of Tuberculous Cervical Lymphadenitis
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Actions of Prostaglandins E19 E29 F1 a and F2a in Ouabain-Induced Arrhythmia and Maximal Electroshock Seizures
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Effect of Calcium and Histamine on Gastric Acid Secretion in Man
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Liver Changes in Pigs Fed a Diet Low in Protein and High in Fat and Cholesterol
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Nutritive Value of Two Unusual Foods : Adda (Bauhinia vahilii) and Marking Nut (Semecarpus anacardium) Kernels
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Correlation Study of Weight, Height and Mid-upper Arm Circumference in Infants
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A Case of Rabies with Unusual Clinical Manifestations
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11-Oxygenation Index in Diagnosis and Management of Adrenocortical Disorders
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Study of Cutaneous Mast Cells in Patients of Physical Urticaria
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Preservation of Solid Organs at Sub-zero Temperatures
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Purpura Hyperglobulinemica
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Mechanism of Action of Cerebro-Ventricularly Perfused Phentolamine on Carotid Occlusion Response in Cats-II
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A Case of Hereditary Methemoglobinemia with NADH-Methemoglobin Reductase (Diaphorase) Deficiency
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Peroxidase-Dependent Oxidation of Tyrosine to Melanin in Leucodermic Vitiligenons Skin
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Immunological Studies in Protein Malnutrition II. Development of Primary Humoral Immune Response in Protein Deficient Mice
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Gastric Mucosal Changes in Idiopathic and Post-Haemorrhagic Iron Deficiency Anaemia-A Comparitive Study
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Effect of Prostaglandins (PG) E1 and F2aa on the Acetylcholine Concentrations of Rats Brain and Heart
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The QRS in Normal Indian Infants and Children : An Electrocardiographic Study
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Effect of Environmental Factors on Thyroid Gland in Vitro
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The Role of Dopamine in Amphetamine-induced Aggregation Toxicity
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Compatibility of Oral Contraceptive with Anti-Tubercular Chemotherapy in Female Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients
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Ergasteric Hepatitis-Laboratory Infection by Hepatitis Virus B
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Environment and Carriage of Hepatitis B Antigen in Leprosy
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Duration of Virus Excretion in the Throat of Asymptomatic Household Contacts of Smallpox Patients
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Sero-Epidemiological Survey of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in Pondicherry Area-South India
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Exploration of a Chemical Index in Place of Coliform Count as an Indicator of Water Pollution
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Toxoplasmosis in South India-a Serological Study
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Serological Surrey for Syphilis in a Family Planning Clinic
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Morphological Changes in the Liver in Hepatic Amoebiasis
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Mucosal Surface Injury of Jejunal Mucosa in Patients with Giardiasis: An Electron Microscopic Study
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Calculated Maximal Response and ED50 for Acid Secretion in Control Subjects and Patients with Duodenal Ulcer
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Cancer Epidemiology in India : A Critique
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Life History of Dermacentor Auratus Supino, 1897 (Acarina, Ixodidae)
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Seasonal Variation in Personal Health Expenditure of Rural Populations
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Interruption of Pregnancy in Rats by 6-Azauridine
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Comparative Sensitivity of Suckling Mice and Vera Cells for Primary Isolation of Chikungunya Virus
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Hepatic Bromsulphthalein Glutathione Conjugating Enzyme in Amoebic Liver Abscess
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Antigenicity of Cultured Thymocytes
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The Effect of Calcitonin on Disuse Osteoporosis in Young Rats
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Bacteriological Study of Cases of Upper and Lower Urinary Tract Infection
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Sensitization Response and Radiation Response in Carcinoma Cervix
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Reconstruction of the Common Bile Duct with Intact Serosal Onlay Patch*-An Experimental Study
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Changes in Resistance to Hypoxia Following Single Short-Term Exposures to Hypoxia
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Book Review
Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences in Medical Education
Health Service Prospects—An International Survey
Annual Review of Pharmacology
Planning for Cardiac Care
Dictionary of Epilepsy, Part I
Toxicological Evaluation of Certain Food Additives with a Review of General Principles and of Specifications







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