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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 63

Original Article
Vaginal Cytology in Carcinoma Cervix
Karuna Pande,R M F Do C Gracius,Usha Hardas
Comparative Evaluation of Rheumaton Test with Slide Latex and Sensitized Sheep Cell Test for Detection of Rheumatoid Factor
N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan,S Sharma
Toxoplasmosis in Relation to Reproductive Disorders
B G Kotwani,D S Agarwal,M N Pal,V N Bhatia
Frequency of Sex Chromatin Positive Cells in the Buccal Smear of 1000 Normal Newborn Females
H Joshi,S K Majumdar,Somnath Roy,V N Khare
Enteric Infections in Captive Monkeys II. Symptomless Shedder of Enteropathogenic bacteria
J C Suri,Krishna Mohan,Meera Madan
Virological Studies on the Epidemic of Conjunctivitis in Calcutta
B K Mitra,G C Sen,I S Roy,Ira Roy,J K Sarkar,K K Mukherjee,M K Mukherjee,M S Chakravarty,S K Chakravarty
Mechanism of Tumour Regression by Tumour Cell Extract
B K Batra,Indira R Menon,P Raveendran
Studies on Gall-Stone Composition. Part I—Analysis of Biliary Calculi by Emission Spectroscopy
B M L Kapur,B N Balaknshna Rao,N Ananthakrishnan
Haemolytic Complement, Anticomplementry Activity and Hepatitis B antigen in Sera of Patients with Cirrhosis of the Liver
N V Karhade,S E Kotwal,S S Kelkar
Minimal Daily Requirement of Folic Acid in Normal Indian Subjects
A K Basu,Arati Maitra,D K Banerjee,J B Chatterjea
Counterimmunoelectrophoresis for Rapid Serodiagnosis of Amoebic Liver Abscess
N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan
Effect of Sintamil— A New Dibenzoxazepine Antidepressant on Reproductive Processes
Rupanagudi R Rao
An Evaluation of Age-Independent Anthropometric Indices for the Assessment of Nutritional Status in Pre-School Children
O P Ghai,R Rangaswami,Vimlesh Seth
The First Epidemic of Japanese Encephalitis Studied in India—Virological Studies
A K Hati,B C Das,J K Sarkar,K K Mukherjee,M K Mukherjee,M S Chakravarty,S K Chakravarty
A Study of Mineral Composition of Urinary Calculi by X-ray Diffraction Method
Mohammad Fazil,Pritam Das
Anti-Inflammatory and Antiarthritic Activity of a Substance Isolated from Dalbergia Volubilis
Humayun K M A Hye,M A Gafur
Viral Encephalitis : A Clinical, Electroencephalographic, Virological and Pathological Study in 32 Cases
P C Gupta,S Balaya,S Roy
Comparative Evaluation of Indirect Haemagglutination and Complement Fixation Tests in Serodiagnosis of Cysticercosis
J S Chopra,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan
Cardiotoxicity of Intravenous Isoproterenol in Rats
H J Mehta,Thangam Joseph
Red Cell Hemolysis in Rheumatic Valvular Disease and Following Prosthetic and Heterograft Valve Replacement Surgery : A Study of 40 Cases and Review of Literature
George Cherian,S Krishnaswami,Stanley John
The Effect of Bengal Gram on Acid Mucopolysaccharide Distribution in Egg-Yolk Induced Atherosclerosis in Rabbits
K Chandra,M Madhavan
The Effect of a High Energy Food Supplement on the Growth of Pre-school Children
Regina Sundararaj,Sheila M Pereira
Paternity Exclusion by Genetic Markers in Indian Populations
Salmonella indiana (1, 4,12 : Z : 1, 7) : A Serotype Isolated for the First Time in India
J C Suri,Krishna Mohan,Meera Madan,S Basu
Nutritional Profile of Calcutta Pre-School Children I. Nutritional Anthropometry
Manas Kumar Chaudhuri
Nutritional Profile of Calcutta Pre-school Children II. Clinical Observations
Manas Kumar Chaudhuri
Carriage of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Amongst Hospital Staff and Surgical Patients on Admission
J R Talwar,Lakshmi Srivastava,Shriniwas
Interaction of Antihistaminic Agents with Adrenoceptors
A K Dorle,C T Chopde,D M Brahmankar,M A Samra,Z Husain
Studies on Connective Tissue Metabolism in Rheumatoid Arthritis Cases
K P Sengupta,S K Chakravarti
A Correlative Study of the Cytomorphologic and Cytochemical Changes Accompanying Maturation and Growth in the Human Vaginal Epithelium
Satyavati M Sirsat,Sylla G Malvi
Precipitating Antibodies Against Entamoeba Histolytica in Liver Pus—A Preliminary Communication
D V Dutta,N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,P N Chhuttani,R C Mahajan
A Survey of Haematophagous Arthropods in Western Himalayas, Sikkim and Hill Districts of West Bengal: Records of Mosquitoes Collected from Himalayan Region of West Bengal and Sikkim with Ecological Notes
H R Bhat
HL-A Distribution Amongst Bengalee Population
P K Ralia
Alterations in Urinary 17-ketosteroid Levels Following Major and Minor Surgical Operations
J P N Chansouria,K N Udupa,R K Singh
Tissue Enzymes of Jejunal Mucosa in Skin Diseases
B N Tandon,L K Bhutani,T R Bedi
Yeasts in Superficial Mycosis I. Incidence, Isolation and Characterisation
G Ramananda Rao,M Sirsi,Vijaya Manohar
Nitroblue Tetrazolium Dye Test in Septic Meningitis
C K Gupta,G P Katiyar,K N Agarwal,P C Sen,S P Gupta
A Study of Prealbumin in Health and Diseases by Polyacrylamide Gel Disc Electrophoresis
C V Prasanna,G Rajagopal,P L Helen,S Ramakrishnan
Pepsin Secretion in Control Subjects and Patients with Duodenal Ulcer
D P Salvi,F P Antia,H G Desai,M P Zaveri
Serum Glycoproteins in Patients of Ischemic Heart Disease and Normal Controls
A K Chatterjee,J M Khanade,M Dutt,S R Rajan
A Study of Anticonvulsant Activity of N-Substituted Derivatives of Succinimides, Thiazolidinediones and their Structural Congeners
G B Singh,P K Das,P K Debnath,S B Acharya,S N Dube
The Distribution of Fluoride-Containing Water in Ceylon
Brian Senewiratne,Kamalini Senewratne
A Preliminary Report on the Neurological Manifestations of Cerbera Odollam Poisoning
G Vasudeva Iyer,M Narendranath
Evaluation of General Immune Responsiveness in Cancer Patients
Chitra S Joshi,M P Gollerkeri,Sudha G Gangal
Classification of Subjects as Slow or Rapid Inactivators of Isoniazid Oral Administration of a Slow-release Preparation of Isoniazid and Determination of the Ratio of Acetylisoniazid to Isoniazid in Urine
Chandra Immanuel,N G K Nair,S Kailasam,S Radhakrishna,S P Tripathy
Activation of EEG by Hyoscine
G Vijayan,J L Jhamb,Vimla Virmani
Search for Antifertility Agents from Indigenous Medicinal Plants
Anita Pakrashi,Bimalananda Basak,Nandita Mookerji
Incomplete Lippes Loop Expulsion Due to Cervical Translocation
Mahasara Gunaratne
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Infections in Infants and Children
A K Gulati,S Vaishanava,U Gupta
The Association Between Taste Sensitivity to Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) and Diabetes Mellitus
J Usha,K Sriram,V T Balaraman
Studies on Dengue in Bangalore City : Isolation of Virus from Man and Mosquitoes
R S Soman,Samuel George
Leucocytic Alterations in Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis
K N Agarwal,Subhadra Sen
Creeping Epithelium of the Human Anal Canal
Indar Jit
A Multivariate Approach in Assessment of Factors on Opinion on Family Size
I C Tiwari,J N P Gupta,N S Murthy,S M Marwah
The Oesophageal Electrocardiogram in Normal Indian Subjects
M Durairaj,R S Hoon,V Balasubramanian,V D Tiwari
A Comparative Quantitative Evaluation of VDRL and Treponema Pallidum Haemagglutination Tests
B Ravindran,B M S Bedi,Dymphna Fernandez,S C Agarwal
Structure Activity Relationships in a Series of Semisynthetic Esters of Protoverine in Skeletal Muscle
Pramod Kumar Gujral
Biochemical Assessment of Vitamin Nutritional Status and Inter-relationship Between Vitamins
Mahtab S Bamji
The Effects of Some Drugs of the Phenothiazide Group on Human Chromosomes in Vitro
Geeta Talukder
Influence of Intraventricular Administration of Norepinephrine, Dopamine and 5-Hydroxytryptamine on Motor Activity of Rats
P C Dandiya,S K Kulkarni
Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride (Lomotil) in the Management of Cholera
B K Sircar,S De,S P De
The Use of Nagarjunasagar Canal Water in the Control of Fluorosis in Andhra Pradesh —A Preliminary Study
K A V R Krishnamachari
Cyclophosphamide Induced Dysmelia in Chick Embryos
G Vijaya Lakshmy,P K Gupta,Shamer Singh
Reovirus Type 3 Infection of Laboratory Mice in India
A Rai,B B Mallick
Biological Properties of Reovirus Type 3 Isolated from Laboratory Mice
A Rai,B B Mallick
Renal Vein Obstruction and Hypertension (An Experimental Study in Dogs)
G S Mehrotra,H L Chhabra,H S Narula,Ramesh Kumar,Waryam Singh
Effect of Dietary Riboflavin Levels and Phenobarbital Pretreatment on Hepatic Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Lipid Peroxidation in Young Male Rats
N R Galdhar,S S Pawar
Effect of Protein Malnutrition on Hepatic Drug Metabolizing Enzymes in Adult Male and Female Rats
J M Patel,N R Galdhar,S S Pawar,Suniti Javalgekar
Serum Haptoglobins in Health and Disease
G Rajendran,N G Srinivasan,Rasika Dhara
Bacterial Flora and the Diabetic Skin
D J Rao,Gurmohan Singh
Pertussis Antibodies in Whooping Cough
B N S Walia,K C Agarwal,M Ray,N L Chitkara
Candida Albicans Infection in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Mice
A K Mukherji,K C Basu Mallik
Interaction Between Protein and Folate Status on the Cellular Development in the Fetal Rat
Meharban Singh
Halophilic Vibrios from Fish and Meat in Calcutta
D N Sengupta,N V Nair,Sudin Ghosh
A New Technique of Optimal Placement of the Tip of Atrial Catheter in Ventriculo-atrial Shunt Surgery in Children
M Rohatgi,R K Goulatia
Serum Immunoglobulins in Rheumatic Heart Disease
B V Agrawal,P N Somani,R M Gupta,V P Singh
Protein Calorie Malnutrition—A Follow-up Study
J S Teja,N N Wig,S Pasricha,S Thukral,Saroj Mehta
Active Immunization of Women in Pregnancy with Two Injections of Adsorbed Tetanus Toxoid for Prevention of Tetanus Neonatorum in Punjab, India
H Dhillon,P S Menon
Growth in Three Anthropometric Measures in Kashmiri Pandit School-going Boys with Some Observations on the Efficiency of Mixed- longitudinal analysis of human growth
S Kaul
Soluble Complement Fixing (SCF) Antibody to Japanese Encephalitis (JE) Virus in Human Sera
C N Dandawate,F M Rodrigues,Jagdish Rai,K Banerjee,N P Gupta,S N Ghosh
Neurotoxicity of Chronic Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Insecticide Poisoning-A Clinical and Electroencephalographic Study in Man
P C Gupta
A Study on the Diagnostic Value of the Cassel Group Level of Aspiration Test
M Sahay
Studies on the Basal Metabolic Rate-Pregnant and Lactating Women in Varanasi
A K De,J Nagchaudhuri
Chromatographic Separation of Sugars from Untreated Urine on Cellulose Thin Layers
A S Saini,H C Mehta
Physiological and Biochemical Studies on the Effect of Yogic and Certain Other Exercises
K N Udupa,R H Singh,R M Settiwar
Standardization of Reference Preparations—Factors Influencing Assay of Attenuated Polioviruses
S C Arya
Alpha Fetoprotein in Hepatomas
G G Menon,P M Khare,S S Kelkar,V H Talib
Estimation of Plasma Oxytocinase (Cystine Amino Peptidase) from Fingerprick Plasma
A D Harshey,K S Raghavan,S Jayaraman,V S Mathur
Age and Order of Appearance of Elbow and Hand-wrist Ossific Centres in Punjabee Children from Rohtak
Surya Prakash
Evaluation of the Special Nutrition Programme in the Tribal Areas of Andhra Pradesh
A Nadamuni Naidu,D Hanumantha Rao,J Gowrinath Sastry,K Satyanarayana,K Vijayaraghavan,M C Swaminathan
Experimental Study on Mode of Action of Tylophora Asthmatica in Bronchial Asthma
P S R K Haranath,S Shyamalakumari
Virological And Pathological Study of Subacute Sclerosing Pan-encephalitis
A K Banerjee,B B Sawhney,J S Chopra,N L Chitkara,S Choudhury,S R Pal,Shobha Broor
Physiological Responses of High Altitude Cycle Race Competitors to Submaximal Exercise at 3300m
A H Chaphekar,C S Nair,O P Tiwari,P M Gopinath
Influence of Catecholamines on the Passage of Intravenously Infused Histamine into Liquor Space in Anesthetized Dogs
A Krishnamurty,H Venkatakrishna Bhatt,K Seshagirirao,P S R K Haranath
Effect of Stress, Adrenalectomy and Steroids on Brain Cholinesterase
S R Naik,S V Gokhale,U K Sheth
Effect of Fluorodeoxyuridine on the Synthesis of Tumour and Virion Antigens in Ad 12 Infected KB Cells
Hanmanlu Polasa
The Effect of Essential Oil (Active Principle) of Asafoetida on Alimentary Lipemia
Aran Bordia,S K Arora
A Clinico-epidemiological Study of Perinatal Mortality
Indira Murali,Prema Bali
Studies on the So-called NAG Vibrios
J Sil,S Mukerjee,S C Sanyal
Total Cholesterol Content of the Brain and Spinal Cord of Some Freshwater Fishes
A K Jafri,Kalpana D Shreni
Studies on Immediate Post-abortion Copper T Device
I Gupta,P K Devi
Studies on The Immediate Post-abortion Copper-T Device.
I Gupta,P K Devi
Australia Antigen Subtypes Among Blood Donors and Viral Hepatitis Cases at Delhi
R B Nanda,R N Dutta,R S Hoon
Role of Vaginal Cytology in Normal and Abnormal Pregnancies
Meera Aikat
Molecular Biology of Amoebic Encystment
C R Krishna Murti
Effect of Padmasana—A Yogic Exercise on Muscular Efficiency
D C Salgar,M J Jinturkar,V S Bisen
An Experimental Model of Aortic Coarctation in Rhesus Monkeys.
K K Modi,R K Suri,R N Chakravarti
Neonatal Septicemia due to Group B-Beta Hemolytic Streptococci
K Prakash,K B Sharma,P Narang,P C Ravindran
Delay in Rejection of Irradiated Skin Homograft: Report of an Experiment on Albino rats
K D Shastri,Muktesh Sharma
Circadian Periodicity of Plasma Cortisol (17-OHCS) Levels in Normal, Traumatized, Corticotrophin and Dexamethasone Treated Rabbits
J P N Chansouria,K N Udupa,R K Singh
Studies on Gall-Stone Composition II. Analysis of Biliary Calculi by X-ray Diffraction
B M L Kapur,B N Balkrishna Rao,N Ananthakrishnan,R K Mishra
Studies on Gall-stone Composition—III. Study of Biliary Calculi by Histochemical Staining
B M L Kapur,B N Balkrishna Rao,N Ananthakrishnan
Studies on Gall-stone Composition—IV. Analysis of Gall-stones by Microchemical Methods
B M L Kapur,B N Balkrishna Rao,N Ananthakrishnan
Penicillin Therapy in Gonorrhoea : Correlation of In Vitro Resistance of N. gonorrhoeae Strains with Clinical Response to Penicillin and its Blood Levels
A K Sharma,J S Pasricha,K C Kandhari,N C Bhargava,O P Singh,P Sood,R A Bhujwala
Studies on Cissus quadrangularis in Experimental Fracture Repair : Effect on Chemical Parameters in Blood
L C Datta,L P Gupta,M R Patel,S S Chopra
Wheat Thresher Hand Injuries
C Balakrishnan,P S Chari,Werlok Kharshiing
Pharmacological Investigations of Angelecin—A Tranquillosedative and Anticonvulsant Agent
B J Ray Ghatak,Nimmi Chandhoke
Ganglion Blocking Activity of a Few Quaternised Quinoline Derivatives
A K Sanyal,R Chakravarty
Onco-foetal Cross Reactivity Between Human Osteogenic Sarcoma and Foetal Periosteal Fibroblasts Grown In vitro
Sudha G Gangal,Sukanya S Agashe,P N M Nair,R S Rao,Kamal J Ranadive
Pelvic Lymph Node Dosages in Intracavitary Radiation Treatment of Carcinoma Cervix
A S Mathur,O P Trehon,P S Negi,R P Pandey
Effect of 4, 4-Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone on the Catalase and ATPase Activities of Rat Red Blood Cell
D C Dhar,O N Bhalla
Secretion of Blood Group Specific Substances in Gastric Fluid
M C Gupta,S Kumar,S G Tewari,S P Tyagi
Transmission of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus by Haemaphysalis Kyasanurensis Trapido, Hoogstraal and Rajagopalan, 1964 (Acarina : Ixodidae)
H R Bhat,M A Sreenivasan,M K Goverdhan,S V Naik
Bacillaemia in Leprosy
K V Desikan,M N Padma
A Case of Bisalbuminaemia : Studies on the Albumin Variant
Peter G Hill
Schwann Cell Changes in Lepromatous Leprosy— An Electronmicroscope Study
C K Job,Roy Verghese
Effect of Rapid Lowering of Blood Pressure on Renal Function in Hypertensives With Renal Failure
K S Chugh,P L Wahi,R Nath,S C Dash
Radiation Pneumonitis
K Lal,R N Chakravarti,T R Amla
Hepatitis B Antigen in Sporadic Acute Viral Hepatitis
M Dutt,P N Anand
Biochemical Basis of Psychosomatic Constitution
G P Dubey,K N Udupa,M B Singh,R H Singh,V Rai
Study of Immunoglobulins in Human Amniotic Fluid
Anima Biswas Sengupta,S K Biswas
Urinary Steroid Hormone Patterns :I. Random Levels in Indian Women With Normal and Abnormal Reproductive Functions
G Lakshmi Kumari,Inderjit S Allag,Somnath Roy,G Lakshmi Kumari,Somnath Roy,Inderjit S Allag
Urinary Steroid Hormone Patterns :I. Random Levels in Indian Women With The Normal and Abnormal Reproductive Functions..
G Lakshmi Kumari,Somnath Roy,Inderjit S Allag
Viraemia Studies on the Kyasanur Forest Disease Human Cases of 1966
B K Yashodhara Murthy,D P Narasimha Murthy,Sridhar Upadhyaya
Qualitative Assessment of Acoustical Properties in Preserved Human Tympanic Membranes
B M Abrol,K K Pujara,M V Raghavan
Alpha-Fetoprotein in Paired Cord-Blood and Maternal Sera
S S Kelkar,V H Talib
Germinal Centre and Plasma Cell Reaction of the Thymus in Rheumatic Heart Disease
U N Bhuyan
Serum Glycoprotein Levels and Diseases : An Evaluation
Alamela Venkataraman,Narendra G Mehta
Comparative Study of Augmented Histamine and Pentagastrin Tests on Gastric Secretion of Acid, Pepsin and Electrolytes in Normal Control and Duodenal Ulcer Subjects from Bombay
B D Pimparkar,B S Kulkarni,J M Mehta,N T Bhiwankar
Studies on the Effect of Some Antitumour Antibiotics on Mouse Fibrosarcoma
K S Prasad,M Sirsi,R Nayak
Comparison of Streptozyme Test With ASO in Rheumatic Fever
Chander Mohan,D Arya,N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan,R P Sapru,S Sharma
Significance of Serum Lactic Dehydrogen ase Enzyme in Hepatic Amoebiasis
Kartar Singh,N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan
Anti-Inflammatory and Related Activities of Some Recently Synthesized Thiamine Derivatives : An Experimental Study
B R Madan,D S Vyas,J L Godhwani
Histoplasma Capsulatum in the Soil of Gangetic Plain in India
A Thammayya,Maya Sanyal
Effect of Hypomagnesemia on Ouabain-induced Cardiac Arrhythmias in Dogs
P L Sharma,P L Wahi,V P Singh
Investigations into an Outbreak of Hepatitis in Parts of Western India
K A V R Krishnamachari,Ramesh V Bhat,T B G Tilak,V Nagarajan
Serum Immunoglobulins G, A and M in Tibetans
I M Gupta,R M Gupta,S M Marwah,V M Gupta
Studies on the Effect of Some Yogic Breathing Exercises (Pranayams) in Normal Persons
K N Udupa,R H Singh,R M Settiwar
A Comparative Study on the Effect of Some Individual Yogic Practices in Normal Persons
K N Udupa,R H Singh,R M Settiwar
A Comparative Evaluation of Rapid Hemagglutination and Discontinuous Immunoelectro-osmophoresis Methods for the Detection of Hepatitis B-Antigen.
D V Dutta,N L Chitkara,S R Pal
Frequency-Modulation of Hippocampal Stimulation Effects on Cardio-Respiratory Responses in Monkeys
K N Sharma,M G Gogate,P P Irudayaraj,R A Dhume,S Dua Sharma,W Selvamurthy
Studies on Bacteriology of Cholera Infection in Varanasi
Hardas Singh,I C Tewari,P C Sen,R Sakazaki,S C Sanyal,S J Singh,S M Marwah,T Shimada
Prevalence of Non-specific Sensitivity in Some Parts of India
D S Anantharaman,M S Krishnamurthy,Raj Narain
Drug Hypersensitivity : A Comparative Study of in vitro Lymphocyte Stimulation Test With in vivo Skin Window Technique and Other Skin Tests
Devinder Kaur,Kunal Saha,Ratan Singh
Quantitative Estimation of Plasma Fibrinogen by Turbidity with Heat
C V Jose,P D Sethi,S Ranganathan,V Gopal Rao
Intrahepatic Pattern of the Biliary Ducts and their Major Variations
C D Gupta,S C Gupta,V K Mittal
Secretion of Exocrine Pancreatic Enzymes in Patients with Tropical Sprue, Following Stimulation by a Test Meal
C Swarnabai,C R Kapadia,G Balagopal,R Jacob,S J Baker,V I Mathan
Influence of Protein Deficiency on Homograft Rejection and Histocompatibility Antigens in Rats
B M L Kapoor,M G Deo,S Purkayastha
Observations on the Re-establishment of Aedes Aegypti Population in Poona City and Suburbs, Maharashtra State, India
G Geevarghese,H N Kaul,Vijai Dhanda
Epidemiological Studies on the Encephalitis Epidemic in Bankura
A K Chatterjee,K Banerjee
Studies on Physicochemical and Biological Properties of Two Ungrouped Arboviruses : Minnal and Arkonam
C N Dandawate,R E Shope
Protein Loss During Peritoneal Dialysis— A Typical Case Study
Parimal Chowdhury,Stuart Baskin
Hepatitis-B Antigen in Professional Blood Donors at AIIMS Hospital
B Pastakia,G S Gandhi,S K Sama,Shashi Anand
Lesions by Hepatitis-B Antigen-Containing Sera in Tobacco Plants (Nicotiana Tabaccum Variety Xanthi)
K B Deshpande,L V Gangawane,S R Sengupta,S S Kelkar
Measurement of Tetanus Immunity in Army Personnel
M S Boparai,N G Chanderkar,R G S Murthy,R N Varma
Inhibitor of Calcium Oxalate Crystallisation in Urine of Normals and Stone Formers
M Teotia,S P S Teotia
Arboviruses and Their Vectors in India
T Ramachandra Rao
Sialic Acid in the Semen of Normal Vasectomized and Hypospermatogenic Individuals
A K Poddar,Aparna Kar,R P Das,Somnath Roy
Endogenous Viruses in Primary Rhesus Kidney Cultures
S C Arya
A Survey of Minimum Muscular Fitness on School Children
M L Gharote,S K Ganguly
Cysticidal Effect of Emetine in Conjunction with Surfactant and Enzymes in Experimental Amoebiasis of Rat
Syed A Imam
Ataxia Telangiectasia : A Clinical, Genetic and Electrophysiological Study
A N Malaviya,K K Sachdev,M S Grewal,Naunihal Singh
Endotoxemia in Typhoid Encephalopathy
A K Nag,A N Mehrotra,Debidas Ray,Kunal Saha
A Comparative Study of Modified Media for Cultivation of Leishmania tropica
J C Suri,Krishna Mohan,Meera Madan
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin and Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
N Raghuramulu,Vinodini Reddy
Enigma in Histological Classification of Bronchial Carcinoma
M Ray Chaudhuri
One-tube Method for the Detection of Oxidation-fermentation Reactions
J Daniel,M J Albert,P Bhat
Gm(l) and Gm(2) Factors in some of the Endogamous Caste Groups
H M Bhatia,S H Joshi,Shaila Shanbhag
Effect of Combined Alpha and Beta Adrenoceptor Blockade on Adrenaline-Evoked Cardiac Arrhythmias in Dogs Anesthetized With Cyclopropane
P L Sharma
Relation of Phosphatases in Human Semen to Sperm Count and Motility
A K Poddar,R P Das,Somnath Roy
Serological Evidence of Arbovirus Activity in Birds of KFD Epizootic—Epidemic Area, Shimoga District, Karnataka, India
G K Singh,H R Bhat,P K Rajagopalan,S N Ghosh
Freeze Dried BCG Vaccine Sealed in Presence of Nitrogen
G V J Baily,K T Ganapathy,Kul Bhushan,S S Nair,Vijay Singh
Epidemiological Trial in Domestic Accidents
A Indrayan,B N Mittal,R K Sengupta,S C Bagchi
A Study on Toxicity of Argemone Oil in Experimental Animals
B V Ramasastri,S Babu
Blood and Urine Concentration of Chrome in Chrome Industry Workers
Gopal Krishna,J S Mathur,M M Alamkhan,S K Mehrotra,S N Sharma
Association of Anomalous Lactate Dehydrogenase Band with Hepatitis-B (Australia) Antigen — A Preliminary Study
A J Baxi,J P Bapat,R M Rajpal,R V TaIavadekar,S R Damle
Effects of Yogic Exercises on Human Physical Efficiency
H S Nayar,R M Mathur,R Sampath Kumar
Immunological Studies in Protein Malnutrition : IV. Lymphoid Cell Proliferation in Malnourished Mice after SRBC Administration
B K Aikat,S Sehgal,S C Gautam
Epidemiological Typing of Ps. Aeruginosa : Aeruginocine Typing of Ps. Aeruginosa Isolated from Heterogenous Clinical Material and its Comparison with Gillies and Govan Pyocine Typing Method
Hepatic Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Lipid Peroxidation in Young Growing Male Rats During Treatment with an Organophosphorus Insecticide Take-20 (0,0-Dimethyl Malathion)
Sitaram S Pawar,Surinder J Makhija
D R Arora,H L Chhabra,T D Chugh,U Sabherwal
Effect of dl-Norgestrel (13ß-Ethyl-17a-Ethynyl-19-Nortestosterone, Wy 3707) on the Reproductive Organs of Rabbit
A K Srivastava,J K Pande,P R Dasgupta
Antiviral Activity of Isoquinolines Carbazoles and Other Miscellaneous Synthetic Chemicals in Mice
B M Gupta,P K Ganguly
Variants of MN Blood Groups Using Anti-M and Anti-N Lectins
H M Bhatia,S R Joshi
Rubella as an Aetiological Factor of Congenital Malformation in Calcutta—A Serological Study
B C Das,Bibek Gupta,J K Sarkar,M S Chakrabarty
Effect of Folic Acid on Serum and Liver Cholesterol in Rats Fed Casein at Two Levels
B V Hatwalne
Abnormalities of Thymus and Results of Thymectomy in Myasthenia gravis. Correlative Clinical, Histologic and Immunofluorescent Studies
N Singh,S Prusty,U N Bhuyan
Ataxia-Telangiectasia Syndrome in 2 Siblings
Lata Kumar,Shobha Sehgal
Response of P. falciparum Infection to Chloroquine Therapy in Some Parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka States
A Panchapakesan,K P Chakrapani,N L Sitaraman,N M Madesayya,R B Ghosh,R G Roy
Treatment of P. falciparum with Chloroquine and Primaquine in Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu
A Panchapakesan,K P Chakrapani,N L Sitaraman,R B Ghosh,R G Roy
Investigations on the Outbreak of Japanese Encephalitis in Burdwan District, West Bengal Part II. Serological Survey of Human Population
F M Rodrigues,G P Seth,N P Gupta,S N Ghosh,S S Tongaonkar,V S Padbidri
A Post-epidemic Serological Survey of Humans in Bankura District, West Bengal, following the Epidemic of Japanese Encephalitis in 1973
A K Chatterjee,F M Rodrigues,K Banerjee,N P Gupta,S N Ghosh
Observations on the Phagocytic Activities of Eosinophils
R Saran
Salmonellosis in Poultry in India During 1958-1973
J C Suri,M L Dewan,S Basu
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