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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 64

Original Article
Determination of Acetylator Phenotype Based on the Ratio of Acetylisoniazid to Isoniazid in Urine Following an Oral Dose of Ordinary Isoniazid
A S L Narayana,G Raghupati Sarma,M Kannapiran,S Radhakrishna,S P Tripathy
Succinic Dehydrogenase and Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Activities in Brain of Mice after Administration of Salmonella Typhi Endotoxin
A K Nag,A N Mehrotra,Debidas Ray,Kunal Saha
Epidemiological Study of Immunization Practices in Rural and Urban Field Practice Areas of Government Medical College, Patiala
Harcharan Singh,Surinder Singh,Virender Mohan
Field Trial on Frozen and Thawed Tetanus Toxoid
A K Thomas,G Sahai,M S Boparai,P S Menon,R G S Murthy,V B Joshi
Functional Dissociation Within Hippocampus : Correlates of Visceral and Behavioral Patterns Induced on Stimulation of Ventral Hippocampus in Cats.
R A Dhume,M G Gogate,J F de Mascarenhas,K N Sharma
Effect of Methylated Xanthines on Skeletal Muscle
M N Jindal,N B Patel,V A Patel,V K Patel
Histamine Levels in Serous Effusions
A K Abdullah,K C Singhal,S N Chawla,Sant Kumar
Isolation of Phlebotomus (Sandfly) fever Virus from Sandflies and Humans During the Same Season in Aurangabad District, Maharashtra State, India
C N Dandawate,G B Modi,K M Pavri,M K Goverdhan,P N Bhatt,R B Bhagwat,V Dhanda
Critical Evaluation of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus Neutralizing Antibodies Found in Bats (A Preliminary Report)
D A Gadkari,H R Bhat,K Banerjee
Primary Immunodeficiency States in Indian Children
O P Ghai,R K Chandra
Cycloserine Plus Ethionamide Plus Pyrazinamide in the Treatment of Patients Excreting Isoniazid-resistant Tubercle Bacilli following Previous Chemotherapy
C V Ramakrishnan,P R Somasundaram,R Parthasarathy,S Sambamoorthy,S Subbammal
Susceptibility of a Porcine Kidney (PS) Cell Line to Infection with Arboviruses Isolated in India.
S S Gogate
Seroepidemiological Study of Rubella in Calcutta
A C Mitra,B Gupta,B C Das,J K Sarkar,M K Mukherjee,M S Chakravarty
Optimum Dose of Pentagastrin for Maximal Gastric Acid and Pepsin Secretion in Indians
B D Pimparkar,P V Bodas,S M Dubhashi
Studies in Urolithiasis : II. X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Calculi from Delhi Region
J S Agarwal,M V R Rao,O P Taneja
A Simple Apparatus for Counterimmunoelectrophoresis and Electroimmunodiffusion
C Y Jad,S S Kelkar
Distribution of Pyocine Types of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa from Various Clinical Sources
Mohinder Singh,Yoginder K Chitkara
Virological and Serological Investigations of an Epidemic of Encephalitis Which Occurred at Bankura District, West Bengal
C N Dandawate,K Banerjee,N P Gupta,S N Sengupta,S S Tongaonkar
The Bromide Partition Test in Tuberculous Meningitis : A Re-evaluation
Geeta Rangan,Vimla Virmani
Centrally Mediated Pressor Response of Angiotensin II in Dogs
K N Singh,S Varma,S K Ghildyal,U R Bharadwaj
Growth and Development in Different Regions of Human Fetal Brain : Changes in Wet Weight, Moisture Content and Nucleic Acids
Kalluri Subba Rao,M K Janardana Sarma
Growth and Development In Different Regions of Human Fetal Brain : Changes in Protein and Lipids
Kalluri Subba Rao,M K Janardana Sarma
The Effect of Capsaicin on the DNA Content of Gastric Aspirate
F P Antia,H G Desai,K Venugopalan
Electrophoretic and Immunoelectrophoretic Studies of Sera from 16 to 26 Week-old Human Fetuses
S S Kelkar,V H Talib,V N Kulkarni
The Bromsulphthalein Excretion Test in Women Receiving Pill-a-Month and Injection-a-Month Steroid Contraceptives
Asha Adatia,Katayun Virkar,U M Donde,Vidya Iyengar
Effect of Altitude on General Cold Acclimatisation
A Dasgupta,C S Nair,O P Tiwari,P M Gopinathan
Using Heights and Weights, How Close are Our Estimates of Undernutrition in a Community?
J Gowrinath Sastry,S G Srikantia
Assessment of Gestational Age in Indian Pregnant Women
K Rajalakshmi,Leela Raman
A Study of General Health Status of Persons Aged 60 years and above in the Rural Health Training Centre Area, Naila
C K Purohit,Rameshwar Sharma
Serum Immunoglobulins in Tropical Sprue
A N Malaviya,K Saha,R C Misra,S K Malhotra
Passage of Intravenously Infused Noradrenaline into the Cerebrospinal Fluid Space in Anesthetized Dogs
H Venkatakrishna Bhatt,P S R K Haranath,S Ramabhimaiah
Interrelationship of pH and Oxidation-Reduction Potential on Growth of Axenic Entamoeba Histolytica and the Influence of pH on Amoebicidal Activity of Drugs
G P Dutta,J N S Yadava
Blood Pressure of Military Recruits—An Epidemiological Study
A K Ganguly,A S Malhotra
Potent Female Antifertility Agents
K A N Narendranath,S K Garg,V J Dhar
Serological Classification of Ps. Aeruginosa and Prevalent Types in India
K C Agarwal,Pushpa Talwar
Alterations in Enzymal Activity of Liver and Kidney in Experimental Irreversible Hemorrhagic shock
M S Jaiswal,Pritam Das
Factors Influencing Lowered Fertility in Couples Who Never Practised Family Planning : A Study in Rural India
Ranajit Dutta,S C Seal
Further Observations on the Syndrome of Endemic Genu Valgum of South India
K A V R Krishnamachari
Serum and CSF Magnesium Levels in Patients with Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
A Sharma,H L Gupta,Harjit Singh,P S Dhatt
Pathology of Acute Encephalopathy Syndrome in Children in Summer
N K Patoria,S Sriramachari
Uncommon Manifestations of Salmonella Infections
Grace Koshi
Applicability of the WBGT Index of Heat Stress to Work Situations in India
C B Pandya,D J Parikh,N L Ramanathan
A Fresh Look at the Definition of Tuberculous Infection and New Infection
K Naganna,P Chandrasekhar,Raj Narain
Influence of Maternal Care, Parity and Birth Weight on Neonatal Mortality—A Prospective Study in an Urban Community
D Anand,D K Srinivasa,G N Prabhakara,M Danabalan,Mary Gnanasujayam
Weekly Variations in the Dietary Intake of Low-Socio Economic Group Families in an Urban Area
A Nadamuni Naidu,B V S Thimmayamma,T Prabhavathi
Bacteriological Study of Ganges Water at Varanasi
Dev K Agarwal,P C Sen,S D Gaur,S M Marwah
Serological Types of Streptococci Encountered in Southern India
Grace Koshi
Pertussis Agglutinins in Vaccinated Mice : Difficulty in Estimating the Type-specific Response
K C Agarwal,N W Preston
Transmissible Drug Resistance Among Enterobacteriaceae II. Incidence of R Factor among Enteric Organisms Isolated from Diarrhoea Cases and Normal Healthy Individuals
K M Wadhwa,M V Panse
Evaluation of Immunodiagnostic Techniques for Hydatid Disease
N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan
Differential Biological Characteristics of Vibrio Cholerae and Escherichia Coli Enterotoxins
Ajaib Singh,S K Sethi,Satish Gaind
Plasma Angiotensin Activity in Cirrhosis of the Liver and Idiopathic Portal Hypertension
B K Dass,D V Datta,P N Chhuttani,R R Chaudhury,V K Saini
Interrelationship Between Serum Enzymes and Hyperbilirubinemia in Human Subjects
Asok Bandyopadhyay,Deshvir Singh Jamwal
Excretion and Conjugation Pattern of Urinary 17-Ketosteroids in Normal Indians
K N Udupa,M C Bindal,R K Singh,S R Arora
The Use of Enzyme Markers for the Identification of Human Peripheral B Lymphocytes
G P Talwar,Indira Nath,Jill Curtis
Experimental Frostbite in Rats : A New Technique for Screening Antifrostbite Medicaments
H Faruqi,P R Pabrai,R K Srivastava
Cardiomegaly in Chronic Anaemia in Rats; Gross and Histologic Features
B N Datta,M D Silver
Experimental Pyelonephritis in rats
C L Pande,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi
Immunotherapy of Methyl Cholanthrene Induced and Spontaneous Tumors in Mice by Use of Tumor Vaccine, Neuraminidase and BCG
B K Aikat,Savita Gautam
Effect of Normal Syngeneic Lymphoid Cells on Growth of Methyl Cholanthrene Induced Fibrosarcomas in Mice
B K Aikat,Savita Gautam
Effect of Syngeneic Sensitized Lymphoid Cells on Incidence and Growth of Methyl Cholanthrene-Induced and Spontaneous Tumors in Mice
B K Aikat,Savita Gautam
Tubal Occlusion by Hysteroscopic Electrocoagulation
A N Gupta,I Gupta
Perinatal Mortality : Clinico-Pathological Causes in 643 Autopsies
Arun Kumar,H M K Saxena,K Sagreiya,Santosh K Bhargava,Shanti Ghosh,Vijay Bhargava
Effect of a Low Dose of Medroxy Progesterone Acetate on the Reproductive Organs and Fertility of Male Rats
G P Bandopadhyaya,R P Das,Somnath Roy
Sequential Liver and Abdominal Area Imaging Procedure in the Differential Diagnosis of Jaundice
D S Singh,P G Gopinath
Urinary Photocatabolites of Bilirubin in Jaundiced Neonates
B Singh,C L Kapoor,C R Krishna Murti,Kusum L Srivastava,P C Bajpai
Nodular Lesions of the Thyroid in an Area of High Background Radiation in Coastal Kerala, India
M Thangavelu,N Kochu Pillai,V Ramalingaswami
Comparative Bioavailability of Drug Products : Principles, Design of Study and Data Analysis
A S Nanivadekar,P Das Gupta,S S Kulkarni
White Piedra— Mycotic Infection of the Hair
A Thammayya,Maya Sanyal
Isolation of Wanowrie Virus from Brain of a Fatal Human Case from Sri Lanka
C N Dandawate,Khorshed M Pavri,M Anandarajah,M Nayar,M R Wikramsinghe,Y E Hermon
Lethal Action of Bile on Axenically Grown E. Histolytica and the Influence of Bile Salts on the Amoebicidal Activity of Emetine and Metronidazole
G P Dutta,J N S Yadava
Susceptibility of Vandeleuria Oleracea Bennet, 1832 (Rodentia, Muridae) to Experimental Infection With Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus
H R Bhat,M A Sreenivasan
Cultivation of Axenic Entamoeba Histolytica from Small Inocula
G P Dutta
Effect of Ultra Low-Volume Aerial Spray of Phosphomidon (Organophosphorous Insecticide) on Human Volunteers : A Field Surveillance Study
S K Gupta,S K Kashyap
Studies on the Basal Metabolic Rate—Boys and Girls in Varanasi
A K De,J Nagchaudhuri
Sweat Loss of Nitrogen and Other Nutrients During Heavy Physical Activity
G S Thapar,I S Shenolikar,P G Tulpule
A Possible Mechanism of Leptaden Action by Inhibiting Prostaglandin F2a Synthesis
S C Sharma
Comparison of Anti-inflammatory Activity of Various Extracts of Curcuma Longa (Linn)
A P saraf,J H Balwani,Radha Yegnanarayan
Pulmonary Fat Deposition in Advanced Hemorrhagic Shock
Dharam Raj Singh,Pritam Das
A Simple Method of Preparing Anti-Human IgG and its use in Quantitation of Serum IgG by Radial Immunodiffusion
C Y Jad,R K Mahajan,S S Kelkar
A Comparison of Skinfold Measurements by Harpenden and Una Calipers
D Hanumantha Rao,J Gowrinath Sastry
Growth Pattern of Well-to-do Hyderabad Pre-School Children
D Hanumantha Rao,J Gowrinath Sastry,K Satyanarayana
Prevalence of Non-Specific Sensitivity to Tuberculin in a South Indian Rural Population
A K Chakraborty,K T Ganapathy,Kul Bhushan,S S Nair
Malarial Antibody Studies in Non-Cirrhotic Portal Fibrosis—A Preliminary Observation
D V Dutta,R C Mahajan
Haptoglobin, Transferrin and Hemoglobin Patterns in a Muslim Isolate of Hyderabad
J S Murty,T Padma,Tanveer Mahmood Ali
Immunoelectrophoresis Test in Amoebiasis
B N Tandon,G P Talwar,L N Mohapatra,Om Prakash,V K Vinayak
A Comparative Study of Gastric Acid Secretion with Histamine and Pentagastrin in Duodenal Ulcer Patients Before and After Vagotomy
J C Vijayan,R Mehra,S Ramakrishnan,S D Gupta
Tetanus Myopathy
A R Barua,B P Ghose,N C Pal
Cell Modulation in the Regenerating Liver Following Partial Hepatectomy : An Autoradiographic Study
P Sengupta
Density Effect on Survival of Immature Stages of Culex Pipiens Fatigans in Breeding Sites in Delhi Villages
M Yasuno,P K Rajagopalan,P K B Menon
A Note on Culex Tritaeniorhynchus Giles, 1901, in Villages Near Delhi
P K Rajagopalan,P K B Menon
Double Aetiology Involving Parasites and Viruses Proposed for Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever and Shock Syndrome
Khorshed M Pavri
Studies on the Nature of the Inhibition of the Tumour Forming Ability of Walker Carcinosarcoma Cells in Rats by Chick Interferon
D P Singh,O P Babbar,S K Bajpai
Efficacy of an Indigenous Compound Preparation (Liv-52) in Acute Viral Hepatitis—A Double Blind Study
K Ramachandran,Krishan Lal,L Krishnamurthy,S K Sama
Effect of Monoamine Depletors on Brain ?-Aminobutyric Acid Content of Mice
N K Dadkar,S M Pohujani,U K Sheth
Effect of Adenergic Blocking Agents on the Brain ?- Aminobutyric Acid Content of Mice
N K Dadkar,S M Pohujani,U K Sheth
Hypoglycaemic Activity of Acacia Catechu, Acacia Suma, and Albizzia Odoratissima Seed Diets in Normal Albino Rats
K C Barthwal,K N Singh,R K Mittal
Experimental Hemorrhagic Shock : Fluid Requirements
Dhirendra Goel,Pritam Das
Acute Oral Toxicity of Hexachlorocyclohexane (BHC) in Albino Rats
H Venkatakrishna Bhatt,M P Shah,S K Gupta,S K Kashyap
Times of Appearance and Fusion of Epiphysis at the Medial End of the Clavicle
Indar Jit,Mangala Kulkarni
Effect of Oral (Combination and Progestogen Alone) and Injectable Contraceptives on Serum Copper Levels
Katayun Virkar,U M Donde
Activities of Deoxyribonucleases and Ribonucleases in Human Placenta
G C Sarkar,Geeta Mukherjee
Toxoplasmosis—Its Role in Abortion
A N Gupta,I Gupta,M B Chhabra,N K Ganguli,P K Devi,R C Mahajan
Epidemic of Japanese Encephalitis in Bankura (1973) : Clinico-pathological Findings
D Roychoudhury,M Bose,N Banerji,N K Nundy,R Chatterji,R Sarkar,S Mukherji,S C Saha,S K Biswas,S N Bose
A Report on the Mosquitoes Collected during an Epidemic of Encephalitis in Burdwan and Bankura Districts, West Bengal
G B Modi,H N Kaul,P Y Guru,R S Soman,S N Guttikar,V Dhanda
Antibody Response to Chandipura Virus in Experimental Animals
S D Kelkar
Studies on the Possible Role of Lytic Enzymes in the Intracellular Viral Decoating Using an In Vitro Virus Trimming System
B L Chowdhury,O P Babbar
Sero-Epidemiology of Human and Canine Influenza in Pondicherry, South India, During 1971-1974
H N Madhavan,S C Agarwal
Phage Typing of Enteropathogenic Serotypes of Escherichia Coli from Sporadic Cases of Acute and Chronic Diarrhoea and Gastroenteritis in Allahabad
R C Pande,S C Gupta,T N Mehrotra,V S Rajvanshi
Salmonella Serotypes from Sewage and Water Sources in India
H Singh,M L Dewan,S Basu
The in vitro Antimicrobial Efficiency of Some Essential Oils
M M Bokadia,S K Joshi,S K Zutshi
An Epidemiological Study of Domestic Accidents in the Families of Army Personnel at a Peace Station
A Indrayan,G Singh,S C Bagchi,S C Luthra
Health Hazard Amongst Chrome Industry Workers with Special Reference to Nasal Septum Perforation
Gopal Krishna,J S Mathur,R K Gupta
Distribution of Human Blood Group ABO, Rh, MN and ABO(H) Secretion in 9 Endogamous Group of Kumbhars from Maharashtra
R K Gulati,R N Dutta
Abnormal Haemoglobins in the Pakistani Armed Forces Personnel
A K Agarwal,K K Kapoor,N P Sharma,P R Atal,S C Gupta,T N Mehrotra
Anti-Gm And Anti-Globulin Antibodies in Normals and Disease Conditions
H M Bhatia,S H Joshi
Antinuclear Antibodies and Patterns of Nuclear Immunofluorescence in Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus and other Collagen Vascular Diseases
A N Malaviya,U N Bhuyan
Periston and Periston-N in the Prevention of Reformation of Peritoneal Adhesions in Monkeys
B M L Kapur,N Ananthakrishnan,R K Sarangee
Effect of Ragi Feeding on Serum Cholesterol Level
M S Pore,N G Magar
Effect of Phenformin and Ethyloestrenol on Blood Fibrinolytic Activity of Rabbits Maintained on High Cholesterol Diet
Asha Lata Sharma,K K Sharma,N K Chowdhury
Effects of Spermidine, Spermine and N-ethylmaleimide on the Structure of the Rat Liver Ribosome
D P Burma,S Ghosh
Effects of Thermal Trauma on the Respiratory Tract in Experimental Animals
C P Sawhney,M L Babu,R N Chakravarti
Analysis of Maternal Rh Immunisation in Relation to Parity, Foetal Loss and Family Size
Daxa M Mehta,H M Bhatia,S C Gupte
The Effect of Spacing of Children on the Nutrition and Mortality of Under-Fives
P M Shah,S N Mudkhedkar
Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in the Uteri of Rats and Guinea-Pigs fed an Ayurvedic Antifertility Agent
Geeta Raman,Safia R Munshi,Shanta S Rao
Measurement of Serum Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in Normal Pregnancy
B R Sharma,G K Rastogi,K Vasisth,P K Devi,R J Dash
The 1973 Epidemic of Japanese Encephalitis in West Bengal : A Serological Survey of Domestic Animals
F M Rodrigues,J Vidyasagar,M V Joshi,N P Gupta ,P Bright Singh,S N Ghosh,S N Guttikar
Studies on Soluble Complement Fixing Antigen of Japanese Encephalitis Virus
Jagdish Rai,S N Ghosh
Experimental Development of Antibiotic Resistance in Vibrio Cholerae
A N Chakrabarty,Anamika Chakrabarty,Anjali Mozumdar,Sujata, G Dastidar
Group B Beta Haemolytic Streptococci and Their Serological Types in Human Infections
K Prakash,K B Sharma,P C Ravindran
Mice Virulence of Staphylococcus Aureus in Relation to Phage Types
Gurmohan Singh,Raghubir Singh
Experimental Giardiasis in Albino Rats
A K Sehgal,M C Deka,M S Grewal,P N Chhuttani,R N Chakravarti,S L Broor
Regional Variation of Australia Antigen Subtypes and Levels of Serum Immunoglobin Classes : Ladakhis and Non-Ladakhis
Kunal Saha,R N Dutta
Hepatitis B-Surface Antigen in the Liver—Its Appearance in Conventional Paraffin Sections
H N Seth,N C Nayak,Rajeev Sachdeva,S K Sama
A Study of the Comparative Values of Coliform and Faecal Streptococci as Presumptive Pollution Indicator in Rural Drinking Water
A Indrayan,G Anjaneyulu,S C Banerji
Cell Cultures Derived from the Developing Adults of Three Species of Ticks, by a Simplified Technique
N P Gupta,P Y Guru,V Dhanda
Mechanism of the Anaemia of Chronic Infection A Re-examination of the Role of Functional Iron Deficiency in its Causation
Ramesh Kumar
A Clinical, Electroencephalographic Correlation of Seizures on a Ketogenic Diet
J K Baruah,M K Rashid,M S Gulati,S Janaki,S R Jayaram,V K Saxena
Liver in Epidemic Dropsy
B N Tandon,H D Tandon,N C Nayak,Rakesh K Tandon
Hepatic Bromasulphthalein-Glutathione Conjugating Enzyme Activity in Patients with Liver Disease with Particular Reference to Effects of Enzyme Inducer
C R Nair,D V Datta,P N Chhuttani,Radha Nair,Sarban Singh
Antiulcerogenic Action of Metronidazole in Rats and Guinea-Pigs
K K Tangri,K P Bhargava,M B Gupta,R Nath
Effect of Mountaineering on the Cardio-Pulmonary Response to Submaximal Exercise of Women Mountaineers
A Dasgupta,C S Nair,P M Gopinathan
Ventilation and Diffusion at Rest and During Exercise in Normal Subjects and in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease
J N Pande,J S Guleria,S P Gupta
Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Agents on Plasma Fibrinolytic Activity
K K Tangri,K P Bhargava,R Nath
Spin-off Benefits in Nutrition Programmes
K Vijayaraghavan,N Pralhad Rao
Management of Kwashiorkor in its Milieu-A Follow-up for Fifteen Months
A R Junnarkar,P M Shah,R D Khare
Removal of Sanguinarine from Edible Oils Contaminated with Argemone Oil
I S Shenolikar
Antifertility Screening of Plants—Effect of Four Indigenous Plants on Early Pregnancy in Female Albino Rats
S K Garg
Serological Investigations of an Epidemic of Fever by Group B Arboviruses in Jaipur (1973)
J C Suri,N K Suri,R R Arora,S K Lahiri,S R Bhola,Thankam Mathew
Histopathological Studies of Brains (and Other Viscera) from Cases of JE Virus Encephalitis During 1973 Epidemic at Bankura
A K Mukherji,S K Biswas
Estimation of Prevalence of Bacillary Tuberculosis on the Basis of Chest X-ray and/or Symptomatic Screening
A K Chakraborty,G D Gothi,N Srikantaramu,Radha Narayan,S S Nair
Experimental Study of the Antitrachoma Action of Berberine
L N Mohapatra,M Sabir,N K Bhide,V M Mahajan
Prevention of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection with Methanamine Mandelate
Jagbir Singh Beniwal,R K Keswani,R S Hooda,T D Chugh
Counterimmunoelectrophoresis for Rapid Serodiagnosis of Human Hydatid Disease
N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan,R E Chandnani,Saroj Sharma
Immune Complex Extracted from Acutely Infected Malarious Chicken Kidneys : Physico-Chemical Properties of Antigen Part
H W Cox,J L Soni
Action of Metabolic Inhibitors On Axenically Grown Entamoeba Histolytica
G P Dutta,Kailash Singh
Morphological Studies of Hookworms Infecting Man and Dog at Patna, Bihar
A K Sinha,B N Sahai
Biologically Active Components of Cobra Venom in Relation to Cancer Research
Beatriz M Braganca
Effect of Various Types of Treatment on the Enzymes in the Carcinoma of the Breast
Gurdas Singh,I S Shergill,K S Kochhar
Skin as the Site of Photoconversion of Bilirubin in Hyperbilirubinaemia of the New Born
C L Kapoor,C R Krishna Murti,P C Bajpai,S S, Agarwal
Distribution of Carbon, Nitrogen, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus in Some Common Mammalian Eye Lenses
Newton Ram,Vishnu Bhagwan Agarwal
A Study of Amino Acid Absorption from Small Intestines of Vinblastin-Treated Rats with Altered Mucosal Morphology
J Nagchaudhuri,R K Sharma
Uptake of Labelled Tri-Iodothyronine by Albumin Coated Charcoal as a Test of Thyroid Function
K B Desai,L S Mani,M N Mehta,R D Ganatra
Serum Protein and Enzyme Polymorphism in the Dhangars of Maharashtra
B N Mukherjee,K C Malhotra,S K Das
A Study of Blood Group Antigens in Saliva
S Bhasin,V Bhalla
Cytological Studies in Women Using Intrauterine Contraception
A D Engineer,J S Misra
Effect of Vitamin A Supplementation on Plasma Progesterone Levels in Pregnancy
Kamala S Jaya Rao,Veena Shatrugna
Comparison of Vaginal Cytology with Plasma Progesterone Levels in Early Human Pregnancy
Ewa Radwanska,G I M Swyer,Indira Khanna
Leucocyte Alkaline Phosphatase in Pregnancy
Kusum Saxena,Nishat I Ashraf,S P Tyagi,Sami Hameed
Outbreak of Gastroenteritis Due to Salmonella Weltevreden in a Hospital
Manjit K Gill,Yoginder K Chitkara
An Outbreak of Coxsackie B6 Infection in Pondicherry, South India
H N Madhavan,S Badrinath,S C Agarwal
An Epidemiological Study of Rhinosporidiosis in and around Raipur
B S Darbari,M M Arora,M P Dwivedi,O P Billore,R L Gupta
Isolation of Salmonella Hindmarsh (8: r; 1: 5) in India
G Koshi,H Singh,M L Dewan,T Kurien
Phlebotomine Sandflies From Orissa State, India (Diptera: Psychodidae)
H N Kaul,G B Modi,A C Mishra,V Dhanda
Prevalence and Blood Meal Sources of Phlebotomus Argentipes in West Bengal in 1972-73
N C Bhattacharya,P C Sen Gupta,P F L Boreham,S Das
Treatment of P. falciparum Infection with Chloroquine and Primaquine in Salem and Sathyamangalam Towns of Tamil Nadu
A Murigappan,A V Ganesan,C A K Shanmugam,K Gopalakrishnan,K P Chakrapani,N L Sitaraman,R B Ghosh,R G Roy
Antifungal Activity of the Essential Oil of Curcuma Caesia Roxb.
Anup Banerjee,S S Nigam
Yeasts in Superficial Mycosis : Pathogenicity of Candida Species to Swiss Albino Mice
M Sirsi,G Ramananda Rao,Vijaya Manohar
Normal Levels of C2 and C(B1C) by3 Haemolytic and Immunoadhesion Method in Healthy Indian Subjects at Chandigarh
Arya Devika,N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara
A Study of Immunological Effects of Intrathymic Injection of Carcinogen in Adult Albino Rats
K Kanakambal,L Kameshwaran
Role of Ad-2 Virus DNA Synthesis in the Production of Virion Antigens
Hanmanlu Polasa
Evaluation of a Simple and Rapid Faecal Concentration Technique for Helminthic Ova and Protozoal Cysts
S C Sehgal,V K Vinayak
A Study of Factors in Relation to Vascular Disease in Indian Diabetics
M M S Ahuja,Nirmala Menon,S C Malhotra,S K Kapoor,Vinod Kumar
Isolation and Characterization of the Egyptian Cobra (Naja Haje) Venom
A Khalifa,A H Mohamed,M A Darwish,M A El Karimy,M A Ramadan
Studies on Cissus Quadrangularis in Experimental Fracture Repair : A Histopathological Study
M R Patel,R P Awadhiya,S S Chopra
Visceral Responses Induced on Excitation of Caudate Nucleus, Putamen and Globus Pallidus
M Ghosh,M G Gogate
Chronic Active Hepatitis
B N Tandon,D S Singh,H D Tandon,L Krishnamurthy
Clinical Profile of the Epidemic of Japanese Encephalitis at Bankura
B B Rath,D P Bhattacharya,M K Sen,P K Das,S N Sen Gupta
Presence of Antibody to Arboviruses of the Crimean Haemorrhagic Fever-Congo (CHF-Congo) Group in Human Beings and Domestic Animals in India
J Shanmugam,M P Chumakov,S E Smirnova
A Study on Cell Mediated Immunity to Rabies Virus : Lymphocyte-Mediated Cytotoxicity in Vitro
B C Ramanna,N L Chitkara,R R Sharma,S R Pal
Extraction of Vaccinia Virus and Purification of Vaccinia Elementary Body Suspension with Mafron 11
K V Rao,P K Topa
Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of V. Cholerae Strains Isolated in 1974
A Datta,G C Datta,S C Pal
Bacteriological Study of Group D Streptococci
D P Sharma,R A Bhujwala,Shriniwas
Selective Ability of Entamoeba Histolytica to Haemolyse Red Blood Cells—A Preliminary Communication
N L Chitkara,V K Vinayak
Search For Laredo Type Amoebae Among Entamoeba Histolytica
N L Chitkara,V K Vinayak
Study on Inhalation Therapy by an Indigenous Compound on P. vivax and P. falciparum Infections—A Preliminary Communication
D V Gopalakrishnan,N L Sitaraman,N M Madesayaa,N N Murthy,R B Ghosh,R G Roy,T J Dorairaj
Classification of Subjects as Slow or Rapid Inactivators of Isoniazid Based on the Ratio of Acetylisoniazid to Isoniazid in Urine Determined by a Simple Colorimetric Method
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