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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 65

Original Article
Life history of Haemaphysalis Wellingtoni Nuttall and Warburton, 1907 (Acarina : Ixodidae)
H R Bhat,P G Jacob
Studies on Aedes aegypti in Bangalore city
R S Soman
Susceptibility of Lepus nigricollis Cuvier, to experimental infection with Kyasanur Forest Disease virus
H R Bhat,M A Sreenivasan
Distribution of Vibrios in Calcutta environment with particular reference to V. Parahaemolyticus
A Ghosh,B C Deb,B K Sircar,D Sen,J Sil,M Banerjee,P G Sengupta,S C Pai,S P De
Studies on Streptomycin dependent mutants of Vibrio cholerae
J W Bhattacharjee,V B Sinha
Efficacy of once-weekly Isoniazid-Streptomycin in preventing relapse of pulmonary tuberculosis
C V Ramakrishnan,O Nazareth,P R Somasundaram,R Parthasarathy,S P Tripathy,S Sivasubramanian,S Subbammal,T Santha
Studies on cutaneous diphtheria in and around Delhi
A Ayyagari,A Venugopalan,S N Ray
Effect of storage, different media constituents and dilution of axenic medium on the growth of Axenic culture of Entamoeba histolytica
G P Dutta,K Singh
A modified statistical method for analysis of periodicity of Microfilaria
M Das,T K Aikat
Serotypes, sporulation and Enteropathogenicity of Clostridium perfringens of faecal origin isolated in Delhi Area
K Prasad,R A Bhujwala,U Gupta
Sterols and sterol esters of Trichophyton rubrum
A B Banerjee,S K Das
Histological and biochemical changes produced in the dog testis after vascular occlusion
V P Dixit
Absorption of Chromium from Chromium treated parboiled rice
B S Narasinga Rao,C Nageswara Rao,C Vijayasarathy,V Nagarajan
Immunological studies in Indian childhood cirrhosis
B K Aikat,B N S Walia,S Sehgal,T Bhattacharya
Hepatitis B antigen and alpha fetoprotein in the sera of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
G Gandhi,L Krishnamurthy,N C Nayak,N Rajagopalan,S K Sama
Hypotensive response to repeated doses of amphetamine and mephentermine in experimental animals
U K Sharma,U K Sheth
Hormonal response to LHRH and combined LHRH-TRH in postpartum lactating and nonlactating women
G K Rastogi,K Vasista,R Sialy,Z Thomas
Red cell sodium and I131 tracer studies in thyroid disorders
B D Pimparkar,B M Amin,K A Choubal,P V Bodas
The causation of ureteric reflux in vesical calculus —an experimental study
K P Mittal,O P Bhardwaj,O P Taneja,S Balasubramanian
Mechanism of anti-inflammatory activity of substituted 4-quinazolone salicyl esters
K K Tangri,K P Bhargava,M B Gupta,R Kumar
Anti-inflammatory effect of berberine in rats injected locally with cholera toxin
M H Akhter,M Sabir,N K Bhide
Blood pressure in a rural adult population : Percentile distribution by age and sex
A Kumar,B L Verma,J P Srivastava,R N Srivastava
Studies in methods of haemoglobin estimation suitable for use in public health programmes
A Gammon,S J Baker
Immunological study of proteins in the amniotic fluid
P T Pathak,S S Kelkar
Ultrastructure of soluble complement fixing antigen and antibody of Japanese Encephalitis virus
Jagdish Rai,S K Basu,S N Ghosh
Incidence of tuberculosis among infected and non-infected children
K Naganna,R Narmada,R Shanmuga Sundaram,Raj Narain,V B Raju
Immune responses in experimental tuberculosis : Effect of cyclophosphamide treatment
A N Malaviya,L N Mohapatra,M Venkataraman,R Kumar,Shriniwas,U N Bhuyan
Study of urinary nitrogenous constituents in reactions of leprosy
K G Tanksale,R Ganapati,S S Naik
Blood and tissue levels of diamino diphenyl sulphone (DDS) in experimental mice
K V Desikan,S Balakrishnan
Immunoglobulin E levels in the sera and bronchial aspirates of the patients with various types of pulmonary eosinophilia
D D Kulpati,H K Dua,Kunal Saha
Humoral and cell-mediated immune response in systemic lupus erythematosus
A N Malaviya,C Chattopadhyay,R Kumar,S Uberoi,U N Bhuyan
Antigens of normal cerebro-spinal fluid
A B Deshmukh,S S Kelkar,V H Talib
Cholesterol and phospholipid concentrations in gall bladder and hepatic bile in patients with cholelithiasis
B L Talwar,D Subramanyam,M M Unni Mooppan,N M Gupta
Histological and functional studies of gastric mucosa in duodenal ulcer
A Chitale,Anilkumar,F P Antia,H G Desai,S M Purandare
Metabolic anomalies detected daring a systematic Biochemical screening of mentally retarded cases
B S Sridhara Rama Rao,H S Narayanan,M N Subhash
A modified method for detection and estimation of polycyclic hydrocarbons in solvent extracted edible oils
C Rukmini
Aerosol lung imaging in chronic obstructive long disease
A K Basu,J N Pande,J S Guleria,S K Chopra
Plasmapheresis in hyperimmunized horses-Technique and observations
A K Thomas,G Sahai,K R Bhardwaj
Estimation of the mediam age at which chest circumference overtakes head circumference in children
A D Taskar,I M S Lamba,K R Sundaram,Shantha Madhavan
Biogenic amines in the pathogenesis of gastric ulceration induced by aspirin in rats
G P Gupta,K P Bhargava,M Daas,M B Gupta
Determination of total sugar, true glucose and pentose levels of blood samples using a mixed sugar standard
K Venkatesan,K G Prasannan,R Sankaran
Biochemical changes in brain in methanol poisoning—an experimental study
A L Aurora,K R Rao,S Muthaiyan,S Ramakrishnan
Rapid paper electrophoresis of human serum proteins
C Y Jad,S S Kelkar
Systemic effect of Vibrio cholerae and Escherichia coli enterotoxins on plasma glucose and alkaline phosphatase
A Singh,D V Vadehra,S Gaind,S K Sethi
Antagonism of cholera toxin by berberine in the gastrointestinal tract of adult rats
M Sabir,M H Akhter,N K Bhide
A study of anti-semliki forest virus activity of poly Ne-(2-aryl-2-thiazoline-4-carbonyl-L-lysines) in mice
B M Gupta,K B Mathur,K Chandra,M M Dhar,Rama Kant,V Kishore
A massive outbreak of gastroenteritis amongst children in Manipur, 1973-1974
Amusna Singh,B C Deb,P K Singh,S C Pal,S P De
Thiacetazone therapy in childhood tuberculosis with special reference to hepatotoxicity
H Singh,H C Mehta,H L Gupta,I S Gulati,P S Dhatt
Study of mycobacteria isolated from cases of bone and joint tuberculosis
D S Agarwal,M Mathur,M G Abbot,V N Bhatia
Role of cellwall vaccine in prophylaxis of tuberculosis
D P Pal,Shriniwas
The effect of malnutrition on filarial infection in albino rats
D Subrahmanyam,M Jayapragasam,R C Bagai
A possible role of prostaglandin E1 in the mechanism of action of intrauterine contraceptive device
H J Hrishikeshwan,J S Bapna,P C Dandiya,Rajyashri Das,Shashi Ramesh
35S induced dominant lethals in immature oocytes of mice
K Satyanarayana Reddy,O S Reddi,P P Reddy
Latent iron deficiency—prevalence and clinical spectrum
R K Arya,R K Guliani,S P Gupta
Effect of thiamine deficiency on the secretion of pentose, pyruvate and proteins by rat pancreatic slices in vitro —a preliminary communication
K Venkatesan,K G Prasannan,R Sundaresan
Development of thymus enzymes in rats fed with normal and low protein diet
H Abdi,M K Sahib
Relationship between prolonged hypovolaemic shock and myocardial failure
H N Singh,M P Vaidya,S K Roy
Long term clinical studies on the hypolipidaemic effect of Commiphora mukul (Guggulu) and Clofibrate
K R Sundaram,M M S Ahuja,S C Malhotra
A biochemical, serological and radiological survey of professional blood donors
B D Khan,M Prasad,S Hameed,S A Rizvi,S P Tyagi
A study on characterization of adrenoceptors mediating eosinopenia in rabbits
D N Prasad,G Tayal,R K Srivastava,V Bhasin,V K Srivastava
Prophylactic and therapeutic use of phenobarbitone in the management of neonatal jaundice
P C Bajpai,P K Misra,S S Agrawal,V K Upadhyay
Alpha foetoprotein in liver disease
B K Aikat,S Sehgal
Antihyperglycemic effect of onion : effect on fasting blood sugar and induced hyperglycemia in man
K C Samuel,K K Sharma,R K Gupta,S Gupta
Standardization of normal threshold of hearing in India - a preliminary study
M Pancholy,P Ghosh,R Rangaswamy,Rajpal,S K Kacker
Neuromuscular blocking activity of a new series of semisynthetic quaternary pyrrolidines
B J Ray Ghatak,C K Atal,M Mohamed Ali,O P Gupta
Sympathomimetic effects of a newly synthesised compound (SBS-I)
U K Bajaj,V N Sharma
Arthropod-borne finises in north-eastern India : a serological survey of Arunachal Pradesh and northern Assam
C N Dandawate,F M Rodrigues
Field trials for the control of Aedes aegypti with Abate in Poona city and suburbs
G Geevarghese,P N Ranga Rao,R B Deobhankar,V Dhanda
Hepatitis B antigen in endemic hepatitis in a rural area
B N Joshi,C A Dharmadhikari
Detection of hepatitis B surface antigen among blood donors- a comparative study on methods
G S Tawil,K Rahyalakshmi,M L Regis,R Narayanan,S N Ray,S P Sharma
Serum alpha-fetoprotein and hepatitis B antigen in subjects with hepatoma in south India
N Madanagopalan,P G Hill,S Johnson
Biochemical characters to differentiate strains of Corynebacterium diphtheriae, C. xerosis and C. hofmannii
I Ray,R Sen
Association of Clostridium perfringens type A with human diarrhoeal cases
A K Chakrabarty,K G Narayan,N K Chandiramani
Preservation of streptococci and other bacteria by sand desiccation and filter paper techniques
Grace Koshi,K Rajeshwari,Lila Philipose
Characterization of Micrococcaceae in Clinical isolates
D R Arora,T D Chugh
Evaluation of Kato thick smear technique for the detection of helminthic ova in faeces
S C Sehgal,Usha Gupta,V K Vinayak
Epidemic scabies
A Joseph,B K H Nair,M Kandamuthan
Serum prolactin and its response to thyrotropin releasing hormone in normal pregnancy
A N Gupta,G K Rastogi,R Sialy
Placental acetylcholine and toxaemias of pregnancy
A K Ganguly,N V Adinarayana Murthy,O P Bhatnagar
Effect of (+) INPEA on the dose-response curves of various prostaglandins in the isolated rat uterus
K A Narendranath,P L Sharma
Plasma vitamin-A and erythrocyte riboflavin in school children
Bhavani Belavady,S Murugan,T P Susheela
Fluoride retention in humans on sorghum and rice based diets
N Lakshmaiah,S G Srikantia
Absorption of chloramphenicol by various routes of administration
J D Souza,K K Dattani,P N Shah
Immunopathogenicity of the purified cardiac protein antigens
S M Natu,U C Chaturvedi
Clinical usefulness of rheumatoid factor in urinary bladder tumours—a preliminary report
A N Malaviya,N P Gupta,S M Singh
Serum LDH and its isoenzymes in buccal mucosa cancer
I K Dhawan,L M Srivastava,S Hariharan,U Sharma
Response of mouse embryos to tumour cell and embryonic cell dialysate
B K Batra,P Raveendran,V Maharajan
Effect of technical grade D.D.T. on neonatal mice
A B Karnik,Ashok Kumar,R C Gupta,S K Kashyap,S K Nigam
Gastric secretory pattern in thermal burns
A K Sanyal,Chhabi Dey,D K Gupta,P K Debnath,S K Roy
Prevalence of cytomegalovirus antibody in young children in Vellore
M Jadhav,P Mukundan,T Jacob John
Coxsackievirus A24 variant EH 24/70 and enterovirus type 70 in an epidemic of acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis—a preliminary report
S Christopher,S Ray,T Jacob John,V Charles
Comparative biological studies on Indian strains of West Nile virus isolated from different sources
K M Pavri,M D Umrigar
Comparative serological studies on Indian strains of West Nile virus isolated from different sources
K M Pavri,M D Umrigar
Investigation on an epidemic of dengue in Jammu, 1974
A N Raichaudhari,J C Suri,J P Gupta,K K Mathur,N K Suri,P Lal,R R Arora,S R Bhola,T Mathew
Serratia marcescens septicaemia in newborn
M Bose,R A Bhujwala,Shriniwas,V Kalra
Antibiotic sensitivity of V. parahaemolyticus from cases of gastroenteritis
A Ghosh,D Sen,D K Chanda,S C Pal,S N Ghosh,S P De
A study of motor and sensory nerve conduction in leprosy
B Kumar,B B Sawhney,J S Chopra,S Kaur,T Singh
Tuberculin conversion in apparently healthy school children and its implications in chemotherapy of tuberculin positive children
A M Berry,Man Mohan,Shanti Ghosh,V S Rao
Aeruginocine typing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
R K Keswani,T D Chugh,U Sabharwal
Efficacy of 5-day radical treatment of P. vivax infection in Tamil Nadu
D Dhinagaran,K P Chakrapani,N L Sitaraman,R B Ghosh,R G Roy
Phospholipid composition of Nocardia species
G K Khuller
Hysteroscopic removal of intrauterine contraceptive devices with missing threads
A N Gupta,I Gupta,P K Devi
A comparative study of the exponential model and life table methodology in estimation of retention rates in IUCD research.
H D Gupta
Aetiopathogenesis of endemic ascites in Surguja district of Madhya Pradesh
D Krishnamurthi Kamala Krishnaswamy,K A V R Krishnamachari,Kamala Krishnaswamy,R V Bhat,V Nagarajan
A pathological study of the liver in an epidemic outbreak of veno-occlusive disease
B N Tandon,H D Tandon,N C Nayak,R Tandon
Hyaline membrane disease in Indian children— a preliminary report
A Chetty
Heat injury in the newborn
A Kumar,S Ghosh,S Kumari,S K Bhargava,S K Mittal
Bioavailability of different brands of tetracyclines
A N Naidu,Kamala Krishnaswamy,T C Raghuram
ABO gene distribution in the state of Rajasthan
B N Lal,P C Hurkat
Angiotensin II induced changes in leucocyte count, serum protein and blood glucose level
K N Singh,M Singh,V Chandra
Interaction between frusemide and tolbutamide on carbohydrate and uric acid metabolism
K U Ansari,S Shukla,V Chandra
Effect of centrally administered glucose on blood glucose level in dogs
G C Agarwala,K N Singh,R K Mittal,V Bapat
A study of hypo and hyperthermia induced changes in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in dogs
B B Maitrya,N Khalsa,P C Hurkat,P K Sharma
Paraplegia observed during maximal electroshock seizure test in rats
A K Batham,A Q Saifi,V H Bhavsar
A simple and reproducible method for separating Y-bearing spermatozoa from human semen
P R Shastry,S S Rao,U C Hegde
Isolation, identification and serological diagnosis of influenza epidemic in Hyderabad during 1972-73
K Rajyalaxmi,P Prabhakar
Experimental transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus through Anopheles tessellatus and Culex fatigans mosquitoes
K Banerjee,M A Ilkal,P K Deshmukh,V Dhanda
Mumps virus cytopathic effect in bonnet monkey kidney cell cultures
P Mukundan,S Christopher,T Jacob John
Revaccination studies in children with graded potency of smallpox vaccines
C L Sehgal,P Vijayan,S Choudhury,S Pattanayak
Comparative growth studies of rhinoviruses in HeLa cells and human diploid cell strain
S K Sethi
Hepatitis B antigen detection by reversed passive haemagglutination method—comparative data
A J Baxi,J P Bapat,K V Kulkarni,S K Kulkarni
Isolation and characterisation of a non-toxinogenic mutant of V. cholerae and possibility of a live oral cholera vaccine
A Datta,D Sasmal,G C Datta,S C Pal
Studies on immunologic cross-reactions of enterotoxins from Escherichia coli and Vibrio cholerae
A Singh,K S Mohan,S K Sethi
T-serotypes of Group A streptococci in various clinical conditions and school children in north India
K Prakash,K B Sharma,P C Ravindran
Anaerobic cocci in human infections
U Gupta
Kala-azar in Tamil Nadu state during 1945-75-a retrospective and prospective study
A V Ganesan,C A K Shanmugham,R G Roy
Development of an enzyme-linked immunoassay for human chorionic gonadotropin
A R Sheth,U M Joshi,V Raghavan
Effects of copper intravasal device on the fertility of rat
H Chandra,N K Sud
Pathogenesis of immunologically induced injury in guineapig testes
A Gupta,I M Gupta,J P Thapliyal,R M Gupta
Presence of proteolytic activity in the amniotic fluid
A K Sanyal,C Dey,D Sharma,P K Debnath,R Chatterjee
Antifertility activity of plumbagin
G Santhakumari,K Rathinam,P Premakumari
The Balwadi as an outlet for anaemia prophylaxis programme
A Nadamuni Naidu,K V Rameshwar Sarma,Malathi Damodaran
Evaluation of maternal and child health services
D K Srinivasa,M V Narayana Rao,R Pankajam
Quantitative assessment of some correlates of opinion on ideal family size in a rural community
B L Verma,R N Srivastava
Role of consanguinity in chromosomal syndromes
I Bhargava,K K Khanna,R K Puri,S Balakrishnan
Ascorbic acid status of hyperthyroid patients
K N Udupa,R P Singh,S S Dubey
T- and B-cells in thymus and blood in myasthenia gravis
I Nath,N Singh,S N Prusty,U N Bhuyan
Serum complement levels in glomerulonephritis using immunobioiogical methods
B K Sharma,K S Chugh,N K Ganguly,S Goyal,S Sharma
Effect of some B-adrenoceptor blockers on gastric secretion and ulceration in shay rats
A K Sanyal,C Dey,P K Debnath,R K Goel
Effect of female sex hormones in experimentally induced acute gastric ulceration
K J Namaji,M S Manekar
Thermal strain in foundry operations in the small scale sector
C B Pandya,D J Parikh,N L Ramanathan
Serial tangential excision and skin grafting in analgesic burns—a preliminary report
J L Gupta,J L Srivastava,K L Takkar,S C Bhatia







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