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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 66

Original Article
Ultrastructural study on the genesis of immune complexes of hepatitis B antigen
S K Basu
Epidemiological and virological study of a conjunctivitis epidemic in Delhi in 1975
J P Gupta,M Sabestian,R R Arora
Transformation of vibrios with R factors from enterobacteria
A N Chakrabarty,M Ganguli,S Chaudhuri,S G Dastidar
Plate haemolysis test for detection of gonococcal antibodies—a preliminary communication
B Kumar,L D Arora,N K Ganguly,N L Chitkara,R C Mahajan,S Kaur,S Sharma
Malathion resistance in Anopheles culicifacies in Gujarat
R Rajagopal
Fluorescent antibody tests in immunodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis
M B Chhabra,N K Ganguly,R C Mahajan,R P Singh
Lactose intolerance during pregnancy in different Indian communities
K Lal,R K Tandon,S C Pandey,S N Mukherjee,U Goel
Effect of an Ayurvedic preparation on peripheral parameters of the menstrual cycle
Jayashree Joshi,K D Virkar,P K Devi
Biochemical studies on oxytocinase activities of human endometrium, uterine fluid and plasma
D Sarkar,J J Ghosh,S Ganguly
Buccal mucosal cytology and its relationship to the normal menstrual cycle
J A Thomas,U K Murthy
Follow-up study of aflatoxic hepatitis in parts of western India
K A V R Krishnamachari,R V Bhat
Anthropometry of the newborn and its relation to maternal factors
I Bhargava,K K Khanna,R K Puri,S Balakrishnan
Histological changes in pancreas following thiamine deficiency in rats
K G Prasannan,P Anbalagan,R Sundaresan
Effect of commonly used foods on human gastric secretion of acid and pepsin
B D Pimparkar,U M Donde
Hodgkins disease in childhood
K K Khanna,M Madhavan,R K Puri,M B Raghu
Serology of weaker H-variants and interaction with gene h in Indian families
H M Bhatia,M G Mutalik,M S Sathe
Alfa-feto protein in liver disorders in Indians
C V S Rao,H S Bajpai,I M Gupta,R M Gupta
Estimation of serum haptoglobin levels by using agarose gel electrophoresis
H P Wayachal,M D Hegiste
Studies on cytological effects of frusemide on meiotic cells of male mice
Jameela,S Subramanyam
Chromosomal alterations in a Chinese hamster cell line transformed in vitro by SV40 virus.
Saroj N Pathak
Inheritance of defective extremities
J C Sharma
Pulmonary emphysema and alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
J N Pande,J S Guleria,S P Gupta
Effects of physostigmine on cardiac acetylcholine and tissue glycogen in hypothermic frogs
P K Das,P N Singh,S N Dube
Potentiation of anticatatonic effect of antidepressants by amantadine
P C Dandiya,Y M Chopra
Histamine and histaminase levels in the blood
G P Dubey,K N Udupa,R H Singh,S S Dubey,V Rai
Additive effect of acetyl salicylic acid on some toxic chemicals—a study of liver function tests
A Balasubramanian,N V K Murthy,S Ramakrishnan
Antibody titres after measles vaccine
Santosh K Bhargava,Shanti Ghosh,Sudershan Kumar
Tree-hole breeding of Aedes aegypti in Poona city— a short note
G Geevarghese,P S Shetty
Correlation between the number of persons suffering from Kyasanur forest disease and the intensity of infection in the tick population
H R Bhat,K Banerjee
Vibrio parahemolyticus infection in man
A K Ghosh,B K Sirkar,D N Guha Mazumder,S P De
Impact of water supply on the incidence of diarrhoea and shigellosis among children in rural communities in Madurai
K A Pisharoti,P Rajasekaran,P R Dutt
Some aspects of transmission of Wuchereria bancrofti and ecology of the vector Culex pipiens fatigans in Pondicherry
P K Rajagopalan,S J Kazmi,T R Mani
Cytological monitoring of female genital tract in women using Cu-IUD
A B Mitra,A K Prabhakar,P Bhatnagar,Usha K Luthra
Effect of ethinyl oestradiol and megestrol acetate on carbohydrate metabolism in rabbits
B B Gaitonde,H J Kulkarni
Study of alpha-fetoprotein in amniotic fluid and its application in the prenatal diagnosis of neural tube defects.
T T Jacob,Ishwar C Verma,V Hingorani
A health and nutrition survey of heavy manual workers
B N Tandon,K Ramachandran,M C Gupta,S Mithal
Activity of glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase in G-6-PD deficient subjects
Sushiela Swarup Mitra
Haemoglobin-S in Kurmi community of Madhya Pradesh— a preliminary report
P K Pradhan,S Agarwal,S G Ghatge
Significance of serum C3 in glomerulonephritis
C Prabha,K Saha,P D Gulati,S N A Rizvi,V Khanijo
Chronic bronchitis in an urban locality of New Delhi — an epidemiological survey
Ajit Singh,C K Gupta,N Mathur,T G Radha
Gastroionogram in duodenal ulcer
J N Gupta,P N Srivastava,P S Gupta,S Sachdev
Determination of lithogenicity of bile in Indian patients with cholelithiasis
B M L Kapur,B N Balakrishna Rao,N Ananthakrishnan,N B Singh
Thyroxine and tolazoline hydrochloride in the prevention of cold injury
Inder Singh,Lazar Mathew,M S Malhotra,S S Purkayastha
Effects of total body hyperthermia and regional hyperthermia on mouse fibrosarcoma
C V Patel,G B Parulkar,S G Vaidya
Study of some newly synthesized glutarimide compounds on skeletal muscle
M N Jindal,N B Patel,V K Patel
Comparative evaluation of cerebral and hepatic blood flow under d-tubocurarine and pancuronium in dogs
K B Minocha,P L Sharma,Y S Varma
Effect of centrally administered glucagon on blood glucose levels in dogs
G C Agarwala,S K Bapat
Citrate metabolism—a clinical and experimental study
A C Pinto,Prakash Rao,R A Bhalerao,S V Shetty,Save
A study of subvesical duct in corrosion casts
A K Arora,C D Gupta,S B Gupta,S C Gupta
Morphological study of the cerebellar nuclei in monkey
N H Keswani,S Wadhwa,V Bijlani
Hepatitis B antigen-carriers—a two and a half year follow-up
R K Mahajan,S S Kelkar
Effect of orange juice on attenuated rubella virus infection
Rama Ganguly,Robert H Waldman
Intragel adsorption studies on arbovirus soluble complement fixing antigens and antibodies
Jagdish Rai,S N Ghosh
A report on Phlebotomid sandflies (Diptera : Phlebotomidae) from Bankura district, West Bengal
A C Mishra,G B Modi,P S Shetty,P Y Guru,R S Soman
Surveillance of streptococcal infections in children in a south Indian community—a pilot survey
Grace Koshi,V Benjamin
Use of 20 TU RT 23 and 5 TU Battey antigen for estimation of prevalence of non-specific tuberculin sensitivity
A K Chakraborty,G D Gothi,K T Ganapathy,M J Jayalakshmi
A simple selective medium for isolation of vibrios with particular reference to vibrio parahaemolyticus
A Ghosh,D Sen,P C De,S C Pal,S P De
Role of L-forms of bacteria in recurrent urinary tract infection
B K Mundhra,C Mohan,K S Chugh,N K Ganguly,S Sharma
Value of serum antibody studies in urinary tract infections
D W Derrington,G Koshi,J R Lawrence,K V Johny,M Johny
Immunofluorescence in serodiagnosis of hookworm disease
R C Mahajan,T N Kaul
Comparative evaluation of diagnostic methods in giardiasis
B N Tandon,K Vinaychandran Nair,M P Sharma,S Mithal
Effect of radiation on some enzymes and metabolites of sperm suspensions from testis and epididymis of rats
N J Chinoy,R P Buch
Placental histological changes in maternal undernutrition
K N Agarwal,L S Murthy,Susheela Khanna
Health status of professional blood donors of Calcutta with special reference to Australia antigen
D Mahalanabis,K N Jalan,S K Agarwal,T K Maitra
Effect of red chilli powder on gastric mucosal barrier and acid secretion
F P Antia,H G Desai,K Venugopalan,M Philipose,M P Zaveri,R H Kalro
Selection of duodenal ulcer subjects for surgical vagotomy on the basis of medical vagotomy
B D Pimparkar,R A Bhalerao,U M Donde
Neurological manifestations of three organophosphate poisons
A V Gulavani,R B Amin,R H Bhirud,R S Wadia
Nature of malabsorption of fat in diabetes with pancreatic calculi
K Ramachandran,P J Geevarghese,Sunny Charles
Some organ-specific autoantibodies in Indian diabetics
A N Malaviya,Gautam Majumdar,M M S Ahuja,U N Bhuyan
A comparison of thyopac-3 and Ta-resin uptake for the calculation of free thyroxine index for assessing thyroid status
A Karunanidhi,A S Kanagasabapathy,T S Koshy
Arthropod allergy in Delhi—detection of insect specific reagins in the serum of insect sensitive bronchial asthma patients
D N Shivpuri,Kunal Saha,P L Shall
Cardiopulmonary responses to exercise during acclimatisation to altitude and cold
C S Nair,Jai Shankar,P M Gopinathan
Effects of increased pressure in the ventricular system of the brain on the cardiac rate in dogs
P Varma,S Mehrotra,Sarla Varma
Effect of chronic stress on brain cholinesterase
M R Kelkar,S R Naik,U K Sheth
Effect of drugs on the nerve-muscle complex of Setaria cervi
B R Madan,K C Singhal,P N Saxena
Epidemic gastroenteritis in children associated with rotavirus infection
C K J Paniker,Minnie M Mathan,Rajamani Dharmarajan,Sara Mathew,V I Mathan
Growth of arboviruses in cell cultures derived from the tick Haemaphysalis spinigera
K Banerjee,P Y Guru,V Dhanda
Immunoglobulin E in sera of patients of dengue haemorrhagic fever
B H Sheikh,Khorshed M Pavri,S N Ghosh,V P Chodankar
Prevalence of viruses in the throat—a one year family study at Lucknow
Asha Mathur,U C Chaturvedi
Utility of pyruvate medium for isolation of M. bovis and M. tuberculosis resistant to INH
N Naganathan,R Rajalakshmi
An investigation of cholera outbreak in Raipur district
B S Darbari,S Agarwal,S N Babar,V Sudarshan
Immunoglobulin studies in malaria and kala-azar infections
A B Chowdhury,Asoke C Ghose
Comparative values of C3 in normal Rhesus monkey and man
K S Chugh,N K Ganguly,R P Sapru,Yash Pal
Antigen-antibody crossed electrophoresis of alpha-fetoprotein in sera and liquor amnii
S S Kelkar,V H Talib
A prospective study of psychiatric and menstrual disturbances following tubal ligation
A N Gupta,N N Wig,R Khatri,S K Verma
Long term effects of vasectomy on pituitary-gonadal axis
A R Sheth,P K Devi,P S Susheela,S B Moodbidri,U M Joshi,V K Naik
Effects of normal blood androgens and exogenous human chorionic gonadotrophin on body weight and testes weight in growing rats
S P Singal,W R Gomes
An epidemiologic study of lathyrism in Amgaon block, Bhandara district
B S Choubey,H C Attal,S W Kulkarni
Human brain cholinesterases in infants with various birth weights
Suresh S Kaplay
Serum flavin levels and urinary excretion of riboflavin and riboflavin tetrabutyrate — a comparative evaluation
P Ramakrishnan,U K Sheth
Prevalence and pattern of drug abuse among Delhi University students
A K Prabhakar,D Mohan,P N Sharma
Prevalence of symptoms in a south Indian rural community and utilization of Area Health Centre
D R Nagpaul,G E Rupert Samuel,G V J Baily,M Prakash
Farther studies on bladder calculi
A L Aurora,M V R Rao,O P Taneja,S Ramakrishnan
Lungs in acromegaly
J N Pande,J S Gulerina,S P Gupta
Malformations of the ear induced by hypervitaminosis A in rat foetuses
Gurpreet Singh,R Padmanabhan,Shamer Singh
Some haemo-cardio-respiratory studies during hyperthermia in dogs
P C Hurkat,S B Chaturvedi,S P Mongia
Gastric secretory pattern in pre-term neonates
A K Sanyal,K N Agarwal,Nasreen Ahmed,P K Debnath,V Bhargava
Pharmacological investigations of vasicine and vasicinone — the alkaloids of Adhatoda vasica
B J Ray Ghatak,C K Atal,M L Sharma,O P Gupta
Effect of glucagon on some isolated venous preparations
A L Sharma,S Kishore,S S Mishra
Some statistical deficiencies in medical research in India
A K Seth,N S Murthy,N S N Rao,S M Marwah
Experimental viraemia and transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus by mosquitoes in ardeid birds
F M Rodrigues,P Y Guru,R S Soman,S N Guttikar
Kaikalur virus—a new arthropod-borne virus belonging to the Simbu group isolated in India from Culex tritaeniorhynchus (Giles)
C N Dandawate,F M Rodrigues,P Bright Singh,P N Bhatt,R S Soman
Serological studies on Dhori virus
C N Dandawate,Jaspal Sokhey,N P Gupta,S N Ghosh,S S Gogate
Assessment of school surveys as a method of case detection in an urban area endemic for leprosy
N G A Desouza,R Ganapati,S S Naik,S S Pandya,V V Dongre
Evaluation of intradermal test in ancylostomiasis
S R Naik,Trilochan Singh,V K Vinayak
Human ascaris—purification of chymotrypsin inhibitor and properties of partially purified chymotrypsin and trypsin inhibitors
K C Saxena,Krishna Mukerji,P K Misra,S Ghatak
Haemagglutination antigen from Toxoplasma gondii grown in tissue culture
L N Mohapatra,Prema S Kumar,R Kumar,S Balaya
Mosquito control potential of some species of indigenous fishes in Pondicherry
P K Rajagopalan,P K B Menon
Biological control potential of Anisops bouvieri Kirkaldy (Hemiptera : Notonectidae)
K N Panicker,P K Rajagopalan
Endemic familial arthritis of Malnad- An epidemiological study
K A V R Krishnamachari,Ramesh V Bhat
Development of radioimmunoassay for oxytocin
J K Chhabra,Jogender Singh,K S Raghavan
Glutamic oxaloacetic and glutamic pyruvate transaminases in the placenta, maternal and cord sera of undernourished mothers and non-pregnant women
B D Bhatia,G P Katiyar,K N Agarwal
Comparative evaluation of the anti-hyaluronidase, anti-streptolysin O and streptozyme tests in acute rheumatic activity
N K Ganguly,R P Sapru,C Mohan
Abnormal haemoglobins in Nepali Gorkhas
A K Agarwal,H K Mehrotra,K K Kapoor,N P Sharma,S C Gupta,T N Mehrotra
Serum copper estimation in lymphomas
M Rawat,R Vijayvargiya
Proteins in normal human brain and brain tumour
Firoz Ahmad,S A M Khairul Bashar
Blocking of oncofoetal cross-reactivity in human osteogenic sarcoma with solubilized tumour antigen
P N M Nair,R S Rao,Sudha G Gangal,Sukanya S Agashe
Activity and inducibility of hepatic microsomal enzymes in liver diseases
A L Kakrani,D Singh,R Vijayvargiya
Blood lipids in renal stone disorder
A Venugopal,G Varalakshmi,K Radha Shanmuga Sundaram
Induction of dominant lethal mutations in mice with chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride
K Prabhakar Rao,M Sanjeeva Rao
Oxidative metabolism of different structures of the central nervous system and its correlation with gastric ulcers by immobilization
A Menendez Patterson,B Marin,J A Florez Lozano
Skin resistance to electric current and its correlation with sweat gland histology in vitiligo
B B Gokhale,Lata N Mehta,P S Damle
Potent uterine activity of alkaloid vasicine
B J Ray Ghatak,C K Atal,M L Sharma,O P Gupta
Diazepam in combination with antiepileptic drugs— an experimental study
A K Batham,A Q Saifi,V H Bhavsar
Experimental viraemia and transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus by mosquitoes in domestic ducks
K Banerjee,M A Ilkal,P K Deshmukh,V Dhanda
In vitro resistance to influenza virus infection of macrophages induced by BCG
J C Spencer,K P Czaruk,R Ganguly,R H Waldman
In vivo and in vitro reactivation of heat inactivated Ranikhet disease virus
B L Chowdhury,O P Babbar
Control of tetanus neonatorum in rural communities-immunization effects of high-dose calcium phosphate-adsorbed tetanus toxoid
A A Kielmann,Sanyukta R Vohra
Minocycline, tetracycline and furazolidone in the treatment of cholera
B K Sircar,D N Guha Mazumdar,S De,S P De
Response of P. vivax and P. falciparum cases to presumptive treatment with chloroquine in some districts of Karnataka
N L Sitaraman,N M Madesayya,R B Ghosh,R G Roy,T N Ramakrishnan,T R Nair,V Balasubramaniam
Immune complex extracted from acutely infected malarious chicken kidneys—immunological properties of the antibody component
H W Cox,J L Soni
Pathogenicity of Entamoeba histolytica virulence of strains of amoebae from symptomatic and asymptomatic cases of amoebiasis
Nirpal Sehmi,P N Chhuttani,S R Naik,Sunita Sawhney,V K Vinayak
Cytological evaluation of long term effect of Lippes loop and copper IUDs
A D Engineer,J S Misra,K Sanwal,P Tandon
Effect of ethinyloestradiol on protein, nucleic acids and nucleases in the rat liver
M A Mukundan,Mahtab S Bamji
Growth pattern of well-to-do Indian adolescents and young adults
D Hanumantha Rao,J Gowrinath Sastry
Profile of autoantibodies in autoimmune diseases seen in India
A N Malaviya,Kanchan Bala,R Kumar,U N Bhuyan
Frequency and severity of renal lesions in systemic lupus erythematosus in north India
A N Malaviya,H D Tandon,K K Malhotra,R Kumar,U N Bhuyan
Distribution of Ina blood group in Hyderabad population
T Padma,V Vasantha valli
Blood histamine and histaminase in leprosy patients— a short communication
Gurmohan Singh,K N Udupa,R H Singh,V Rai
Pharmacological evaluation of some newer substituted indoles as antiovulatory agents
A K Agarwal,K P Bhargava,M L Gupta
Screening of substituted nitrobenzene derivatives as postcoital antifertility agents
S K Garg
Biological properties of interceptive agents from Aristolochia indica Linn.
Anita Pakrashi,Bulbul Chakrabarty
Alterations in gastric acidity and pepsin on stimulation of caudate nucleus
A S Borkar,D P Thombre,M G Gogate,V K Mulgaonkar
Effect of prostaglandins on gastrointestinal smooth muscle
A K Sanyal,Chhabi Dey,P K Debnath,S B Acharya
Effect of psychotropic drugs on carrageenin induced oedema in rats
S R Naik,Sulekha P Valame,Surekha N Ghorpade,U K Sheth
Comparative study of propranolol, sotalol and INPEA in ouabain-induced cardiac arrhythmias
D P Nag,P L Sharma,S C Chopra
Isolated auricles of frog in pharmacological evaluation of cardioactive drugs
R M Tripathi,S S Gambhir
Effect of verapamil in tachyrrhythmias—a short communication
R N Chugh,Rajat K Mahapatra,V M Katoch
Distribution and degradation of albumin in tropical sprue— multivariate statistical analysis of parameters derived from turnover studies
B Singh,G P Phondke,J S Bisht,K Sundaram,V R Shah
Height and weight measurements in Gujarat University students
C R Trivedi
Book Review
Clinical Haematology
Mechanisms in Transmission of Signals for Conscious Behaviour
Food and Nutrition Strategies in National Development
International Histological Classification of Tumours: No. 14
Methodology of Nutritional Surveillance.
Selected Topics in Environmental Biology
Advances in Neurology, Volume 15
Nuclear Medicine
Advances in the drug therapy of mental illness
Selected methods of measuring air pollutants
Text Book of Physiology Vol. 1
Nutrition in Preventive Medicine
New trends and approaches in the Delivery of Maternal and Child Care in Health Services
Cancer Incidence in Five Continents, Volume III
The Neutrophil
Pain mechanisms
Contemporary Topics in Immwiobiology—Vol. 5
Oncogenesis and Herpesviruses II : Proceedings of a Symposium held in Nuremberg, Federal Republic of Germany, 14-16 October 1974, Part 1 and Part 2
Adrances in Methods of Fertility Regulation
IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man, Volume 8
Environmental N. Nitroso Compounds
Influenza—The Viruses and the Disease
Viral Infections of Humans







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