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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 67

Original Article
Serum transaminases in Kyasanur forest disease— a preliminary report
Kalyan Banerjee
Reaction of Rattus rattus wroughtoni to Kyasanur forest disease virus
C R Anderson,M K Goverdhan
Epidemiology of poliomyelitis in Delhi
A Das,D S Choudhury,D Sharma,R R Arora,S Gangrade,S N Ray,Satya Prakash Gupta,V V Gujral
Prevalence of neutralizing antibodies against adenoviruses at Lucknow
Asha Mathur,G Singh,R M L Mehrotra,U C Chaturvedi,U K Singh
Isolation of Salmonella typhimurium from cephalhematoma and osteomyelitis
K B Sharma,N Diwan
Litmosoides carinii—soluble antigen in circulation and immunosuppression in vitro
A Dasgupta,Shukal Bala
Antigenic studies with Chandlerella hawkingi, the filarial parasite of Indian jungle crow, Corvus macrorhynchos
A Tandon,A B Sen,K C Saxena,R K Chatterjee,S Ghatak
Histochemical studies on experimental pups infected with canine and human strains of hookworms
A K Sinha,B N Sahai,G Prasad
Studies on Phlebotomid sandflies (Diptera : Phlebotomidae) of Poona, Maharashtra state
Govind B Modi,M K Goverdhan,V Dhanda
Serum LH, FSH, progesterone and estradiol-17B levels of normally menstruating Indian women
A K Jain,K R Laumas,P Jha,S A Rahman,Y G Dugwekar
Effect of childbirth on menstrual pattern
A N Gupta,Rekha Khatri
Rat testicular hyaluronidase-subcellular localization and interaction with isatin
H M Dani,K N Sareen,Parveen Kumar,S Trehan
Fallopian tube morphology in normal and abnormal menstrual cycle in south Indian women
Jayashree Nair,John A Thomas
Morphological changes in scalp hair of children with severe forms of protein calorie malnutrition
K Visweswara Rao,N Pralhad Rao,R Y P Bhatia
Premalignant and malignant lesions of cervix
C Syamala Bhaskaran,L Uma Rani,M Bhagyalakshmi
Chromatographic separation and colorimetric estimation of diethylcarbamazine and its metabolites
B Chandrasekaran,B C Harinath,S K B Patil
T and B cells in tonsils and peripheral blood of patients with tonsillitis
B K Aikat,S B Mohapatra,Shobha Sehgal,Usha Datta,Y N Mehra
Diagnostic significance of antinuclear antibodies
B K Aikat,Neelam Pasricha,S Sehgal
Immune reactivity in myocardial infarction to purified cardiac antigens
A Kumar,Asha Mathur,R K Sharma,S M Natu,U C Chaturvedi
Hepatic vein obstruction—a retrospective analysis of 72 autopsies and biopsies
B K Aikat,D V Datta,P N Chhuttani,S R Bhusnurmath
Morphology and functions of stomach in chronic obstructive lung disease
A P Shah,K N Ahmad,M Prasad,R Gupta,R U Khan,S G Tewari
Serum lipids in constitutionally under-weight males
L K Kothari,O L Paliwal
Possible factors involved in the methemoglobin reduction test for the G-6-PD deficiency
A J Baxi,H M Bhatia,J P Bapat
Biochemical studies on cataractous human lenses
R J Desai,U M Rawal,U S Patel
Synthesis and amoebicidal activity of novel substituted quinolines
K Kishor,K P Bhargava,K Shanker,M Sharma
Antibodies to arboviruses in humans of Rajasthan
B H Shaikh,F M Rodrigues,K R Sundaram,N P Gupta,S N Ghosh,V S Padbidri
Antiviral agent (6-MFA) from Aspergillus ochraceus-sensitivity of arboviruses in experimentally infected mice
B M Gupta,N P Gupta,R K Maheshwari,S N Ghosh
Role of viruses in myocarditis during the years 1973-76 in Pondicherry area
H N Madhavan,S Badrinath,S C Agarwal
Epidemiological investigations of an outbreak of infectious hepatitis in Ahmedabad city during 1975-76
K Baierjee,L H Vaghela,M A Sreenivasan,N J Desai,P G Pandya,P M Pandya,R R Kotak
O-agglutinin antibodies against Alcaligenes faecalis and Escherichia coli in hepatitis cases and normal subjects— a preliminary communication
Archana Ayyagari,B C Ramama,S R Pal
Antibiotic resistance pattern of Salmonella welteverden strains isolated from man, animals, sewage and water
D S Misra,K N Upadhyay
Seroprevalence of Q fever infection in human beings from southern region of Kerala State
J Shanmugam,M Raveendranath,Muriel Sukumaran
Immunoglobulin and complement levels in cases of invasive amoebiasis
A K Gupta,D V Datta,N K Ganguly,P N Chhuttani,R C Mahajan,Saroj Sharma
Modified Stuart medium—a transport and maintenance medium for Entamoeba histolytica
D Panigrahi,R C Mahajan,R E Chandanani
Evaluation of Kato thick smear technique for quantitative estimation of helminthic infections
P N Chhuttani,S C Sehgal,Usha Gupta,V K Vinayak
Sialic acid levels in serum and leucocytes during normal menstrual cycle and pregnancy
Meena Padmanabhan,Shanta S Rao,Umashashi C Hegde
Microsomal mixed function oxidase system in human placenta—lipid peroxidation
C H Sathe,M S Kachole,S J Makhija,S S Pawar
A prospective study of infant mortality and congenital malformations in relation to intra-uterine growth rates in south India
P S S Sundar Rao,S G Inbaraj
Studies on autoantibodies associated with acquired haemolytic anaemia
H M Bhatia,S R Joshi,Y S Iyer
Elevated ATP level, high activity of PK and hereditary spherocytosis—triple erythrocytic anomaly
S Swarup Mitra,S K Ghosh
Deficiency of T cells in blood and tissues and severity of infections in systemic lupus erythematosus
A N Malaviya,U N Bhuyan
Effect of alkaline pH on the antigenic determinant sites of a human cryoglobulin
Anil Saha,Parimal Chowdhury,Sheldon Sambury
An endoscopic and roentgenologic study of oesophageal varices
B Pastakia,M Berry,Rakesh K Tandon,Y Joshi
Neurological manifestations of frost-bite
A K Barat,G P Vijayan,H C Puri,M L Suri,Naumhal Singh
Teratogenic effects of chlorpromazine hydrochloride in rat foetuses
R Padmanabhan,Shamer Singh
Synthesis of quinazolone compounds as anticonvulsant agents
K N Dhawan,R N Pandey,Sunita Dhar,V S Misra
Synthesis of 3-arylimino-2-indolinones as excystment and cysticidal agents against Schizopyrenus russelli
Iftikhar Ali Khan,Rajendra S Varma
Effect of various prostaglandins on hexobarbitone— induced sleep in mice
M Sabir,V Raviprakash
Anti-tremorine effects of some ß-adrenoceptor blocking drugs in mice a preliminary communication
B P Srinivasan,G Jagadeesh,S D Seth
Changes in serum proteins, non-protein nitrogen and urea content in ergometric exercise— a preliminary communication
G K Tandon,H N Mehrota,M C Pant,V K Negi
Immunoglobulins and complement 3 in patients with thromboangitis obliterans
A Dasgupta,B M I Kapur,J R Talwar,M Bramdeo Roy
Epidemiological observation of non-parenteral infection of hepatitis type B — a possible mechanism
Archana Ayyagari,Charles Clements,D V Datta,P N Chhuttani,S Choudhury,S R Pal
Role of bandicoots in rabies transmission
A N D Nanavati,P Y Dighe,Sarojini Nair
Sero-survey of Rhesus monkeys for bacterial and viral antibodies
K Ray,M L Regis,S N Ray,S S Grover
Effect of immunization by BCG and phytohaemagglutinin-P on the kinetics of antibody response to V. cholerae
Asoke C Ghose
Changes in transaminase activity in plasma and liver of albino mice infected with Plasmodium berghei
D M Lal,Q Z Hussain
Indirect fluorescent antibody test in amoebiasis using axenic Entamoeba histolytica
H K Panigrahi,L N Mohapatra,S Mithal,Shyam Sunder
Growth pattern of axenic Entamoeba histolytica in different sera and the antiamoebic activity of specific antisera
G P Dutta,Kailash Singh,Pawan Sharma
Amoebic liver abscess —a clinicopathological study
A K Pal,B K Aikat,D V Datta,P N Chhuttani,S R Bhusnurmath
Antifertility effect of substituted biphenyl derivatives in female rats
S K Garg
Excretion and conjugation pattern of urinary 17-ketosteroids in surgical patients
J P N Chansouria,K N Udupa,R K Singh
Improved prognosis of fulminant hepatitis by a simple supportive therapeutic regimen
A Koshy,B N Tandon,M Narendranathan,M P Sharma,R K Tandon,T N L Mazumdar
Improvement of renal function in uraemic patients by furosemide and salt
Antonio Quintanilla,B K Sharma,George Schuster,Nathan W Levin
Cytogenetic studies in chronic myeloid leukemia
A G Khare,A N Bhisey,K J Ranadive,S H Advani
Urinary catecholamine excretion in permanent residents of high altitude
K S Chadha,Subhash C Sharma,V Balasubramanian
Haematological response among new arrival at high altitude
A K Chatterjee,S C Kapoor
Cytoplasmic vacuoles of immature eosinophilic cells in the bone marrow of patients with tropical pulmonary eosinophilia
R Saran
Effect of adrenaline and isoprenaline on circulating eosinophils in tropical pulmonary eosinophilia
R Saran
Individual steroid hormones in schizophrenic males
A Ghosh,M K P Anuria,V K Varma
Evaluation of propranolol in the preoperative control of thyrotoxicosis
K D Joshi,M M Kapur,N Ananthakrishnan,R Sarin,Vinod Kumar
Monitoring of DDT residue in livestock products*
M S Sastry,Y P Singh
Evaluation of working of model registration scheme in Ballabgarh block
K Ramachandran,L M Nath,V P Reddaiah
Age at menarche in different castes of Marwari community of Bhagalpur
Madan M Lall,Suresh P Sinha
Effect of some adrenergic drugs on fertility in rats—a preliminary communication
K Rajkumar,P L Sharma
Role of nutmeg in inhibiting prostaglandin biosynthesis
R N Misra,Veena Misra,W G Unger
Inhibition of rat brain monoamine oxidase by centazolone—a tranquillosedative*
T V Ananthanarayanan,V K Mohan Rao
Plasma prostaglandins in essential hypertension and ischaemic heart disease
A K Tandon,K N Udupa,R H Singh
Study of sex chromosomal aneuploidy in an Indian prison population
Ashok K Malhotra,Balakrishna M Prakhya,Ishwar C Verma
Teratogenic and embryotoxic effect of papain in rat
Sathi Devi,Shamer Singh
Extended studies on Chemoprophylaxis against leprosy
P N Neelan,S K Noordeen
Incidence of hepatitis B surface antigen and antibody in patients with liver diseases, blood donors and leprosy patients—a preliminary report
M Panchanadam,N Madanagopalan,S Subramanian,S P Thyagarajan,Suniti Solomon
Sero-prevalence of Q fever in Nainital tarai
C L Shukla,S K Negi
Satelliting streptococci causing infective endocarditis -a short communication
Grace Koshi,M K Lalitha
A search for enterotoxigenic strain in an outbreak of E. coli associated infantile diarrhoea in Manipur
U Ganguly
Pathogenicity of Entamoeba histolytica—effect of cholesterol on the virulence of strains of amoebae
K C Agarwal,P N Chhuttani,R N Chakravarti,S R Naik,V K Vinayak
Indirect immunofluorescence test against Dipetalonema viteae in detection of filariasis in Dhanbad coal mines area
H J Diesfeld,S N Dutta
Aedes aegypti (L.) in Maharashtra state—distribution and larval habitats
P S Shetty,P V M Mahadev,Vijai Dhanda
Anopheles varuna Iyengar, 1924 in Rameswaram island, Tamil Nadu state—a short communication
Aruma Pandy,Franco Samson,N L Sitaraman,R G Roy,V Balasubramaniam,Y Augustine
Survey of Phlebotomid sandflies from the Himalayan region, India (Diptera : Phlebotomidae)
G B Modi,H R Bhat,S M Kulkarni
Electrolyte studies after intra-amniotic instillation of 20 per cent sodium chloride
Maya N Hazra,N Haridas,P T Acharya,Rohit V Bhatt,Shobha Verma
Serum hCG and endometrial histology in early pregnancy
K Vasista,P K Devi,R J Dash,S K Gupta
Study of binding of L-ascorbic acid to ovarian tissue proteins
C W M Wilson,Subhash C Sharma
Chemical, nutritional and toxicological evaluation of the seed oil of Cleome viscosa
C Rukmini
A field study of lathyrism—some clinical aspects
B S Choubey,H C Attal,N D Palkar,P G Deotale,S W Kulkarni
Effect of a chemical radioprotector administered before irradiation on thyroid, testis and pituitary
F H Sarkar,G C Prasad,K N Udupa,S N Pandey,S S Hasan
Comparative effect of spironolactone and hydrochlorothiazide therapy in experimental renal hypertension of Rhesus monkeys
O P Gulati,P L Sharma,R N Chakravarti
A stochastic approach to the construction of a life table for follow-up of IUCD clinical trials
H D Gupta
Quality assessment of a typical rural water supply system in Nigeria
F A Adeniji,O Ogedengbe
Studies on H antigen in B group individuals—an evidence of B/ high H subgroup
H M Bhatia,Malti S Sathe
Effect of successful stapedectomy on bone conduction thresholds
P Ghosh,Radhika Roy,S K Kacker
Study of anaesthetic vapour concentrations in operation theatres by gas chromatography
A P Walvekar,Ch Venkateswarlu,O P Srivastava,P S Ramanathan
Interaction of physostigmine, insulin and glucose on the cardiac and hepatic glycogen contents and blood sugar of hypothermic dogs
P K Das,P N Singh
Role of acetylcholine in oxygen consumption and cardiac glycogen changes induced by hypoxia
P K Das,S N Dube
Role of biogenic amines in the ulcerogenic action of analgin and paracetamol in albino rats
G P Gupta,K P Bhargava,M B Gupta,M Daas
Trimipramine maleate induced malformations in chick embryos
A K Sanyal,Shamer Singh,Shyamal Basu
Transmission of Kyasanur forest disease virus by Haemaphysalis wellingtoni Nuttall and Warburton, 1907 (Acarina : Ixodidae)
H R Bhat,S V Naik
Antibody to Arthropod-borne viruses in small mammals of Pune district
S M Kulkarni,S N Ghosh,V Dhanda
Serological evidence for arboviral infection among horses— HI test by filter paper disc method.
Mitzi B DSouza Prakash,S Nagarkatti,K M Rao
One step growth cycle studies of rhinovirus type 20 in HeLa cells
S K Sethi
Transfer of polymyxin resistance among Enterobacteriaceae and Vibrio cholerae
A N Chakrabarty,Anjali Mozumder,S N Sarkar,Sujata G Dastidar
Sero-conversion following DPT immunization
B S Misra,K Ray,Man Mohan,S N Ray,S P Sharma,S S Grover
Antigenicity of mannophosphoinositides of Nocardia
A K Trana,G K Khuller
Ecological effects of production of biogas from human excreta on the enteric pathogens
K C Agarwal,M Kumar,N K Ganguly,P N Chhuttani,V K Vinayak
Host parasite relationship in bird malaria -haemoglobin and serum composition in susceptible and resistant birds
K L Mukherjee,Sivatosh Mukherjee,Tapati Basu
Evaluation of gel diffusion precipitation test in invasive amoebiasis
J P Gupta,M K Mishra,P C Sen,S C Sanyal,T M Mohapatra
Clearance of microfilaraemia among bancrofti carriers after diethylcarbamazine
C K Rao,Ch Krishna Rao,K H Kanoujia,K V P Sethumadhavan,S P Roychowdhury,T C Ravindranathan
Seasonal changes in egg-laying activity of Aedes species in Sonepat by the use of black jar ovitraps
G D Brooks,P K Das,R Reuben,S J Kazmi
Estimation of the volume of liquor in second trimester
Maya N Hazra,N Haridas,P T Acharya,Rohit V Bhatt,Shobha Verma
Critical evaluation of vaginal cytology, urinary oestriol and pregnanediol in pregnant women with bad obstetric history without obvious cause
A N Gupta,Meera Aikat
Validity of some clinical signs as early indicators of protein calorie malnutrition in preschool children
K Visweswara Rao
Serum protein bound fucose in diagnosis of breast malignancy
I N Ramdeo,K N Sachdev,R L Solanki
Fractionation of urinary estrogens and 17-ketosteroids in primary Eales disease
M Yunus,Nafees Ahmad,K Nath
Study of hormonal influences on mast cells in rats
C N Subramanian,L Kameswaran,M P Nareshkurnar,N Mohan Krishna,N Nanda Gopal,S Parvathavarthini
Lymphomas in Uttar Pradesh
K M Wahal,M Bagchi,M R S Kushwaha,R M L Mehrotra
Haemostatic disorders in suspected viral hepatitis and their prognostic significance
D Mahalanabis,K N Jalan,M L Chakraborty,S K Agarwal,T K Maitra
A noncryo-monoclonal IgM with auto anti-IgG activity in a case of lymphosarcoma
Maharani Chakarvarty,Ratan Mala Gupta,T Malati
Prevalence of atypical antibodies in blood bank practice with special emphasis on iso-immunisation
H M Bhatia,S R Joshi,S S Badakere
Modulation of hypothalamically induced aggressive behaviour following electrical stimulation of caudate nucleus
J F Mascarenhas,M G Gogate,R Gopalkrishnan,R A Dhume
Influence of Yoga training on thermoregulation*
A K Ganguly,O P Bhatnagar,V Anantharaman
Antagonism of some central pharmacological actions of prostaglandin E1 by prostaglandin F2a in rat
A K Sanyal,P K Debnath,S K Bhattacharya
Chromatographic separation of the venom of Enhydrina schistosa (common sea snake) and characterisation of its principal toxic component
M B Bhide,S P Gawade
Gastric changes in non-ulcer dyspepsia
A L Jain,G C Mehrotra,S C Srivastava,S N Chugh,S N Khosla
A study of certified sickness absence among workers of a textile mill
A K Dutta,R Sharma
Transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus by Culex bitaeniorhynchus Giles
K Banerjee,M A Ilkal,P K Deshmukh,V Dhanda
A continuous one year study for prevalence of enteroviruses in normal healthy children of a rural community
A K Kapoor,Asha Mathur,H O Tandon,S K Agrawal,S L Das,U C Chaturvedi
Immunological studies in typhoid : immunoglobulins, C3, lymphocyte subpopulation and rheumatoid factor
A N Malaviya,R Kumar,V N Balakrishna Sarma
Effect of SDDS (2-sulfamonyl-4, 4-diamino diphenylsulphone) on experimental infection with Toxoplasma gondii in rabbits
L N Mohapatra,Prema S Kumar,R Kumar
Indirect haemagglutination test and indirect fluorescent antibody tests in suspected cases of toxoplasmosis
H Panigrahi,K Shyam Sunder,L N Mohapatra,S Mithal
Malaria in Lakshadweep islands
C Mohamed Hussain,C T Joy,K Mohamed Ismail,R G Roy
Resnlts of treatment of Plasmodium falciparum infection with chloroquine in some parts of Tamil Nadu
C A K Shrrmugham,K P Chakrapani,R B Ghosh,R G Roy
Mycotic infections of the eye in Chandigarh and neighbouring areas
P Talwar,S C Sehgal
Evaluation of kerosene as a substitute for ether in the formol-ether concentration technique
Asha Pasricha,Pratibha Narang
Studies on diel periodicity in the landing of Aedes aegypti on man in Bangalore city
R S Soman
A year round study of Aedes aegypti in Barsi town, Maharashtra State
P S Shetty,R B Deobhankar,V Dhanda
Susceptibility of A. stephensi from some urban areas in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to some commonly used insecticides
A Chandrahasan,Aruma Pandy,C V Ponnappan,Franco Samson,N L Sitaraman,R Balakrishnan,R B Ghosh,R G Roy,Y Augustine
Cervical cytological studies in Lippes loop users
A D Engineer,J S Misra,P Tandon
Effect of metepa on the reproductive potential of albino rat
M Nirmala,Usman M Adhami
Serum complement and lysozyme levels in light-for-date infants
V Jagadeesan,Vinodini Reddy
Metabolic adaptation in nutritionally small-for-date rat brain—flow of glucose carbons in vitro into glyco- and phospholipids
B K Tiwari,K N Singh,Kalluri Subba Rao
Effect of phenylhydrazine administration on lipid composition of liver and spleen of rats
D Subrahmanyam,R N Chakravarti,S K Jain
The role of exfoliative cytology in diagnosis of oesophageal malignancy
M K Korgaonker,Meera Aikat,P I Chahal,R K Suri
Profile of T and B lymphocytes of peripheral blood and lymphoid organs of protein deficient guineapigs
A N Malaviya,B Prabha,Indira Nath,Ramesh Kumar,U N Bhuyan
Diagnostic significance of anti-DNA antibody in clinical autoimmunity
A N Malaviya,R L Taneja,U N Bhuyan
Does airway closure occur in low lung volume ?
Satipati Chatterjee,Sunil Das
Choledochoplasty with seromuscular layer of intact bowel loop—an experimental study
B Iyengar,K K Pandey,S M Gulati,Satyanand,T K Thusoo
Study of erythropoiesis, erythropoietin and haematological adjustments in congenital cyanotic heart disease
B Gupta,D Mohanty,K C Das,P L Wahi,P S Bidwai,S K Jindal
Role of serotonin in human cerebral oedema and contusion
S Mazumdar,S Mohanty
Birth and death registration in the rural area of Comprehensive Rural Health Services project, Ballabgarh
L M Nath,V P Reddaiah
Role of lytic cocktail and atropine in neutralizing scorpion venom effects
B S Gajalakshmi
Nialamide-induced potentiation of the anticonvulsant action of phenobarbitone in rat—role of brain monoamines
R Bose,S K Bhattacharya
Innervated Straubs heart-a simple method for adrenergic neurone blocking studies
H C Tripathi,S S Gambhir
Book Review
Human Sleep and its Disorders
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Family formation Patterns and Health: an International Collaborative Study in India, Iran, Lebanon, Philippines and Turkey,
Social and Health aspects of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Principles of control measures.
The Primary Health Worker
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A Multi-axial Classification of Child Psychiatric Disorders
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Air pollution and Cancer in Man
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Chemotherapy of Solid Tumours
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