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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 69

Original Article
Suppression of tuberculin allergy by simultaneous BCG vaccination
R S Vallishayee,Rai Narain
Influence of nutrition on delayed skin hypersensitivity
A M Diwakara,Prema Lakshminarayana,R Narmada,R S Vallishayee,Raj Narain
Effect of metal ions on the production of vascular permeability factor by 569 B strain of Vibrio cholerae
C N Nagesha,I Karuna Sagar,J V Bhat
Evaluation of different methods for the transport of swabs for streptococci
C P Thangavelu,Grace Koshi,K N Brahmadathan,Rajeswari Pandian
Lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme pattern and drug resistance in Staphylococcus
A D Mondkar,A M Saoji,S S Kelkar
Studies on bacteria resembling Alcaligenes faecalis
M Banerjee,S C Sanyal
Distribution of human plasmodia in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu States in the reappearing phase of malaria in 1970 and 1975
C A K Shanmugham,K P Chakrapani,N M Madesayya,R B Ghosh,R G Roy
Phospholipids of Epidermophyton floccosum
G K Khuller
Mosquito breeding and the natural parasitism of larvae by a fungus, Coelomomyces and a mermithid nematode, Romanomermis, in paddy fields in Pondicherry
P K Rajagopalan,R K Chandrahas
A comparative study of ovitrap and single larva survey methods for the surveillance of Aedes aegypti in Pune city
G Geevarghese,H N Kaul
Mid trimester abortion by single dose of betamethasone
M Singh,Raj Baveja,U K Ghosh
Inhibiting effect of jasmine flowers on lactation
Mary Abraham,N Sarada Devi,R Sheela
Effect of three injections of norethisterone oenanthate on ovarian function
G K Rastogi,K Dhall,P K Devi,R J Dash,U Chadha
Discriminant function analysis-a case study for an evaluation of various forms of protein energy malnutrition
K Visweswara Rao,P J Reddy,T P Narayanan,V Subhadradevi
E and EAC rosette forming cell population in mouse spleen
Dilip D Vakharia,Mukesh R Vakharia,Shanta S Rao
A simple method of preparing anti-human IgA and its use in quantitation of serum IgA by radial immunodiffusion
S S Kelkar,Winata Warawdekar
Serum immunoglobulin levels in the first year of life
Kirthi Sunderarajan,S S Kelkar
Hypersensitivity reaction in tropical eosinophilia
A M Samuel,F E Udwadia,P B Parab,R D Ganatra
Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in the newborn
A R Sheth,Meena P Desai,R S Raikar,T Vishwanath
In vitro cell-mediated immunity to human pancreas in Indian diabetics
Krishna Ghuliani,Kunal Saha,P D Gulati
Congenital malformations in a study of 2398 consecutive births
H K Nashi,J P Goravalingappa
Cytogenetic profile of Downs syndrome in India
Ishwar C Verma,Ashok K Malhotra,Gulshan R Malik,Om P Ghai
Hepatoportal sclerosis—its relationship to intrahepatic portal venous thrombosis
A K Mukherjee,N C Nayak,V Ramalingaswami
Demonstration of hepatitis B virus surface component in human hepatocellular cancer cells
Asha Dhar,H N Seth,N C Nayak,Rajeev Sachdeva
Chronic aggressive hepatitis in north India
A G S Pathania,B K Aikat,S R Pal,Shobha Sehgal,V L Pandit
Effect of vagotomy and adrenalectomy on the ulcerogenesis and oxidative metabolism of the central nervous structures in stressed male rats
A Menendez Patterson,B Marin,J A Florez Lozano
Effect of RH-8, flurbiprofen and aspirin on platelet function and coagulation
G H Tilve,J M Mehta,Kusum C Gupta,Sushama Manikeri,Teresa Paul,U K Sheth,Vidya N Acharya
Effects of anticholinesterase agents on some isoprenaline induced changes in rat heart
P K Das,S N Dube
Isolation of Japanese encephalitis virus from mosquitoes collected in Bankura district (West Bengal) during October 1974 to December 1975
A C Mishra,G B Modi,G Geevarghese,H N Kaul,K Banerjee,M A Ilkal,P J George,P S Shetty,P V M Mahadev,V Dhanda
Outbreak of influenza A Victoria/3/75 infection in a probationer nurses school
D N Gupta,Jagdish Rai,S Krishnamurti,S M Osama
Antibodies against measles antigen in the laboratory housed rhesus and bonnet monkeys
M Balasubrahmanyan,S B Sharma,S M Saha
Prevalence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Port Blair
A K Bose,D Sen,M R Saha,N C Palchowdhury,R Lall,S C Pal,S P De
Klebocin typing of Klebsiella pneumoniae
D R Arora,S K Walia,T D Chugh,U Sabherwal
Prevalence of Escherichia coli serotypes enteropathogenic to man at Lucknow
A Kumar,A M Khan,L Tewari,R M L Mehrotra,S K Agarwal
Enterotoxicity of Escherichia coli isolated from infantile diarrhoea in rabbits and infant mice
A Kumar,A M Khan,L Tewari,R M L Mehrotra,S K Agarwal
Incidence of transferable drug resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: transfer of carbenicillin resistance to Escherichia coli K12 (F-)-a preliminary report
Shriniwas,V M Katoch
Q fever in South Kanara district: natural occurrence of Coxiella burnetii in the tick (Aponomma gervaisi) -preliminary report
K N Achyutha Rao,S Stephen
Comparative evaluation of slide hemagglutination and tube hemagglutination test in toxoplasmosis
B C Mahajan,R M Joshi
Suppression of malaria infection by starvation— a biochemical study
A B Sen,Chanan Singh,O P Sharma,R P Shukla
Leucocyte migration inhibition and skin tests in candidiasis
K N Achyutha Rao,Mira Mohan,P G Shivananda
Assessment of thyroid function in normal pregnancy
A Karunanidhi,A S Kanagasabapathy,S X Charles
Role of dietary phytate in the aetiology of nutritional rickets
C Bhaskaram,Vinodini Reddy
Effects of feeding mustard oil to rats on the in vivo lipid metabolism in heart and lungs
A K Sharma,I S Bhatia,P P Gupta,S P Ahuja
Effect of cyclophosphamide and mitomycin C on Walker carcinosarcoma 256 grown in liver and muscle
H P Gupta,I S Mathur,N B Singh,S K Gupta
Effect of induced skin cancer on the concentrations of some trace elements in the mouse
K B Verma,P C Mangal
Minocycline in paediatric infections
K Vasuki,O P Ghai,Vimlesh Seth
Etiology and morbid anatomical changes in osteoarthrosis of the knee joint in Indians an autopsy study
A K Singhal,O P Khanduri,R C Gupta,S C Gupta,U S Misra
Vitiligo and intralesional steroids
Gurmohan Singh,L K Vasistha
Effects of hyperthermia on renal functions
S Bhalla,S Logawney Malik,S Thomas
Reproducibility of the forced expiratory spirogram
N R Nancy,S Walter
Aerobic capacity of young girls
P K Banerjee,Pratima Chatterjee,S Chatterjee,S R Maitra
Effect of UCB-6215 on retention of CAR in rat under experimental seizure induced hypoxia
S R Naik,Sulekha P Valame,U K Sheth
Changes in the brain following experimental extirpation of pia
G C Sensharma,Samar Deb,Shamer Singh
Serum lysozyme levels in healthy Indian subjects at Lucknow
O P Shukla,V K Jain,Zafar Jamil
Water supply in North Eastern Railways
Gopal Krishna,J S Mathur,K N Singh,R K Gupta,R P Das,S B Kulshrestha,S N Sharma
Viral infections in laboratory personnel
K Banerjee,M K Goverdhan,N P Gupta
Possible association of the antiviral and antitumour activities of chick interferon with different protein fractions constituting it
O P Babbar,Savitri Sharma
Enhancement of protection against experimental cholera in rabbits by prior immunization of BCG along with Vibrio cholerae
Anis S Majumdar,Asoke C Ghose
Isolation of Salmonella paratyphi B and Salmonella typhimurium from guineapigs
A A Kumar,B B Mallick,P K Uppal
Shigella serotypes in recent isolations at Lucknow
A M Khan,R M L Mehrotra,S K Agrawal,Satya Vrat
Evaluation of aeruginocin and serological typing methods in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection
A K Gulati,D S Agarwal,Usha Baveja
Urban malaria and its vectors in Salem (Tamil Nadu): Natural and induced infection with human Plasmodia in mosquitoes
C P Batra,P K Das,R Reuben
Cellular reactions to amoebic antigen in invasive amoebiasis: A preliminary communication
A K Gupta,D V Dutta,N K Ganguly,P N Chhuttani,R C Mahajan,R E Chandanani,Saroj Sharma
Immune response of L. carinii infection in rodent model
Easwari Nayar
A note on the tolerance of the mermithid nematode, Romanomermis sp. to different pH and salinity
A Gajanana,P K Rajagopalan,U S Bheema Rao
Histoplasmosis with cutaneous nodules and oral granuloma caused by Histoplasma capsulatum in a Bengalee
A Thammayya,Maya Sanyal
Serum prolactin levels in women before and after the use of copper IUD
A R Sheth,J Joshi,K D Virkar,R S Raikar,Suman Mehta
Late metabolic acidosis in preterm infants: Clinical profile and response to oral sodium biocarbonate therapy
Meharban Singh,R K Marwah,Sunit Singhi
Anaemia and morbidity in rural preschool children
A Nadamuni Naidu,K V Rameshwar Sarma,Malathi Damodaran
A longitudinal study of morbidity in children up to 5 years in an urban community
B K Purohit,R Sharma,V Sharma
Red cell adenosine triphosphate and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in haematoiogical disorders
A J Baxi,Roshan S Pavri
Presence of complete plasminogen activator in the cerebrospinal fluid
B C Katiyar,B Dube,Nasreen Ahmad,P K Saha,P V B Rao,Rama Kanta Dube
Physiological characteristics of upper airway obstruction
J N Pande,J S Bhalla,J S Guleria
Possible relationship between antibody responsive capacity of the host and growth of transplantable tumour
R K Mallik,R K Sarkar,S R Dutta,Santosh Mitra
Effect of various doses of lithium on the level of biogenic amines in discrete areas of rat brain
M Hasan,S A Khan
In vivo intestinal transport of D-glucose and D-xylose in vinblastine treated rats
J Nagchaudhuri,Om Prakash,R K Sharma,Shobha Das
Hepatic indocyanine green extraction in patients with idiopathic portal hypertension
A P S Narang,D V Datta,P N Chhuttani
Acetylcholine, 5-HT and histamine in the venom of the wasp Vespa cincta Fabr.
Bandita Sarangi,S C Lahiri
Pharmacological investigations of tylophorine, the major alkaloid of Tylophora indica
C Gopalakrishnan,David Shankaranarayan,L Kameswaran,S Natarajan
Effect of alpha adrenergic blocker and antihistamine on adrenaline induced acute pulmonary edema in rats
C Jayachandran,G Achari,N Prakash
Effect of indomethacin and prostaglandin F2a on liver regeneration
Geetha Cherian,Lalitha Kameswaran
Susceptibility of Rousettus leschenaulti to infection with Kyisanur forest disease virus—a note
H R Bhat,K Banerjee,M A Sreenivasan,S V Naik
Isolation of dengue virus from Trichur district (Kerala State)
C K Jayaram Panikar,C N Venkateshan,F M Rodrigues,M A Sreenivasan
Virus inhibition by tea, caffeine and tannic acid
P Mukundan,T Jacob John
Pattern of some viruses in acute respiratory illness during 1972-73 at Lucknow
Asha Mathur,H O Tandon,U C Chaturvedi,U K Singh
Serum beta-glucuronidase in leprosy- a preliminary report
G Ramu,K Venkatesan,K V Desikan,V P Bharadwaj
Serological investigations on arbovirus activity in and around Delhi-a five year study
J C Suri,J P Gupta,Mohini Nayar,N K Suri,S Pattanayak,S R Bhola,T K Ghosh,Thankam Mathew,V Talwar
Glucose tolerance and serum free fatty acid levels in leprosy
G Ramu,K Venkatesan,K V Desikan,V P Bharadwaj
Inhibition of some erythrocytic enzymes in kala-azar
A K Roy Chowdhury,M Sarkar,S Swarup Mitra
Selection of pyrimethamine resistant strain of Plasmodium berghei
G P Dutta,Krishna Agarwal,S K Puri
Studies of day-time resting places of Anopheles stephensi Liston in Salem (Tamil Nadu)
C P Batra,P K Das,R Reuben
Mosquito collections in Pattukottai and adjacent localities in Thanjavur district (Tamil Nadu), with particular reference to Anopheles culicifacies Giles
K N Panicker,P K Rajagopalan,R K Chandrahas
Deterioration kinetics of antibiotics in different antibiotic media
A Nag Biswas,A N Chakrabarty,Sujata G Dastidar
Effect of medical termination of pregnancy on haemoglobin status
B A Ramalakshmi,K Prema
Preeclampsia, neonatal asphyxia and ABO blood group incompatibility
J S Murty,Mangutha N Rao,R Renuka Nair,T Seetha
Mortality pattern in an urban birth cohort
Santha Madhavan,Shanti Ghosh,T K T S Ramanujacharyulu,Vijaya Hooja
Controlled trial of levodopa in fulminant hepatitis
B N Tandon,J C Vij
Anaesthesia for radiotherapy in childhood malignancy
H Singh,M Venugopal,T K Dutta,Y K Batra
Serological survey of measles virus infection in children in Pondicherry area
H N Madhavan,L Narasinga Rao Bhau,S C Agarwal
Calcium-45 uptake in blood and urine in experimental urolithiasis and idiopathic stoneformers
B C Bapna,M S Rao,R Nath,S K Aggarwal,S K Thind
Immunoregulatory T cells in patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases
Asha Kapadia,Neena Kapoor,Robert A Good,Sudhir Gupta
Role of 5-HT in acute inflammation and anaphylaxis
M B Bhide,R M Gupta
Gut associated immunoglobulins in bowel diseases
Kunal Saha,P Devi Chand,P S Gupta,R C Misra,S K Agarwal
Effect of chronic oral administration of Tween-80 in Charles Foster rats
Narinder K Kapoor,Swarn Nityanand
Maternal administration of papain and its effect on the brain of rat foetuses
Sathi Devi,Shamer Singh
A study of casts and qualitative changes in urine in ergometric exercise
G K Tandon,H N Mehrotra,M C Pant,S R Arora,S S L Sriwastawa,V K Negi
Effect of minor tranquillisers on experimentally induced acute gastric ulceration
M L Waghmare,M S Manekar,S C Inamdar
Effect of some adrenergic beta-receptor blocking agents on experimental atrial arrhythmias
B R Madan,R K Soni,V K Pendse
Susceptibility of common giant flying squirrel to experimental infection with KFD virus
H R Bhat,M A Sreenivasan,S V Naik
Experimental transmission of Kyasanur forest disease virus by Dermacentor auratus Supino
H R Bhat,M A Sreenivasan,S V Naik
Studies on the transmission of Kyasanur forest disease virus by partly fed ixodid ticks
H R Bhat,M A Sreenivasan,P K Rajagopalan
Surveillance of formolized KFD virus vaccine administration in Sagar-Sorab talukas of Shimoga district
C N Dandawate,K Banerjee,Sridhar Upadhyaya
Multi-drug resistant Salmonella newport in Delhi during the years 1975-1977
Asha Pasricha,K B Sharma,M Bheem Bhat,N Diwan,S Vaze
Isolation and identification of mycoplasma species in respiratory tract infection
D V Vadehra,P J Asnani,Teo Sun Sew
Immunity to rodent malaria : Isolation and characterization of protective antibody
D Subrahmanyam,M Ananthanarayanan,N Gupta
Relationship of the annual parasite incidence with the child spleen and parasite rates in resurgent malaria in Karnataka State
R B Ghosh,R G Roy
Isolation of Toxoplasma gondii from suspected human cases
M B Chhabra,M K Mahajan,R C Mahajan
Virulence of some isolates of Toxoplasma gondii
M B Chhabra,R C Mahajan
Haemoglobin levels in contraceptive users
K Prema
Uterine endocervical mucin histochemistry in the normal menstrual cycle
John A Thomas,V Nirmala
Morbidity following vaginal tubal ligation
A N Gupta,H Bajwa,I Gupta,P K Devi,Parmjit Singh
Effect of dietary garlic and onion on serum lipid profile in Jain community
D B Desai,D V Pise,G S Sainani,N H Gorhe,P G Sainani,S M Natu
A clinicopathologic study of chronic hepatitis
A N Srivastava,R M L Mehrotra,Raj Mehrotra
Hyperlipoproteinaemia in cord blood of neonates in Chandigarh area
Aruna Gupta,M Kumar,N D Bhatia,P K Devi,P L Wahi,R N Chakravarti
Thyroid function in patients with chronic renal failure
A Karunanidhi,A S Kanagasabapathy,J C M Shastry,T S Koshy
Serum and urinary protease inhibitors in renal disorders
A R Aroor,T N Pattabiraman
Quantitative correlation between the electronic structure and diuretic activity of azanaphthalene derivatives
P Singh,S P Gupta
Incorporation of leucine- 14C into proteins in vitro by pancreatic slices of normal, thiamine deficient and pair-fed control rats
K G Prasannan,K Venkatesan,R Sundaresan
Effect of intestinal mucosal extracts on L-proline absorption from small intestine in vivo
J Nagchaudhuri,R K Sharma
Prevalence of rheumatic heart disease in Delhi school children
N K Shrestha,S Padmavati
Age and sex related treads in blood pressure in the general population of Haryana
S B Siwach,S P Gupta,V K Moda
Role of H1 and H2 receptors in histamine induced bronchospasm
G Palit,K P Bhargava,K S Dixit
Sexual dimorphism in hip bone
P B Raju,Shamer Singh
Improvement in laboratory performance by an interlaboratory quality control programme
A S Kanagasabapathy,Peter G Hill
Interferon induction by arboviruses
S N Ghosh,S S Tongaonkar
Possible role of viruses or virus-like factor(s) in malignancies of animal and microbial cells
O P Babbar
Effect on tuberculin allergy of tuberculin tests given 18 months earlier
C V Shyama Sunder,G D Gothi,K T Ganapathy,Raj Narain
Evaluation of sputum smears prepared by different methods
K T Ganapathy,N Naganathan,R Rajalakshmi
An outbreak of Salmonella anatum infection in a premature nursery at Chandigarh
A Ayyagari,B R Panhotra,Deepa Pandey,K C Agarwal,O N Bhakoo
Phage types, antimicrobial resistance and R factors in salmonella isolated from cases of enteric fever in Delhi
L N Mohapatra,U Gupta,V Kalyugaperumal
Biological properties of Salmonella typhi used for further categorising major phage types
C N Paramasivan,K B Sharma,N Shanmugasundaram,S Subramaniam
In vitro studies on biopsies from leprosy cases
Shobha Goyle,Vimla Virmani
Serological typing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Beta-haemolytic streptococci group A in the skin and throat of patients of scabies with nephritis
Ratan Singh,Sudershan Kumari,V P Jerath
A note on in vivo chloroquine sensitivity tests in P. falciparum in some parts of Karnataka State
H V Prasad,R G Roy
Results of 5-day course of radical treatment of Plasmodium vivax in six districts of Tamil Nadu
A V Ganesan,C A K Shanmugham,K P Chakrapani,R G Roy
Alterations in some biochemical parameters in mouse liver and spleen during infection with Plasmodium berghei
A B Sen,Chanan Singh,O P Sharma,R P Shukla
A comparison of adult and larval house indices for Aedes aegypti in towns in southern India
R Reuben,R S Soman
Serum estrogens and progesterone in normal and complicated pregnancies
G M Sankolli,Janaki Panjabi,P K Devi,Usha Joshi,Usha Krishna,Usha Rajani
Primary causes of perinatal mortality—autopsy study of 134 cases
A N Gupta,Omkar N Bhakoo,Sarla Gopalan,Vijay V joshi
T and B cells in health and acute infective diarrhoeal disease of children
Arun Mittal,Gauri Bazaz Malik,Hem Sehgal,Raj Bala Yadav
Prevalence of hepatitis-B surface antigen by rapid passive haemagglutination inhibition technique
A J Baxi,H M Bhatia,S H Joshi
Tylophora indica in bronchial asthma—a double blind study
K R Sundaram,Patrick George,Saroj Gupta,Veena Gupta,Vinod R Tandon
Personality and attitude correlates of drug abuse amongst students of a high school in Delhi: a replicated study
D Mohan,G G Prabhu,G Sahasi,M G Thomas
Chronic cannabis use and cognitive functions
D Mohan,G G Prabhu,J S Neki,L M Nath,R Ray
The role of serotonin in cerebral oedema
A K Ray,P K Dey,S Mohanty
Central effects of some synthetic quinazolones
J N Sinha,K P Bhargava,S K Rastogi
Sequential study on the effect of autologous haemolysed blood infusion on pulmonary vasculature in rhesus monkeys
D K Das,K R Kottoor,P L Wahi,R N Chakravarti
Alterations in kidney tissue glycosaminoglycans in experimental urolithiasis
Bhickoo Anandam,P Varalakshmi
Irradiation of gut associated lymphoid tissue and immune response of guineapig
Anjana Gupta,G C Pant,I M Gupta,R M Gupta
Macrophage population in experimental fibrosarcoma
B K Aikat,Neelam Gupta,S Sengupta
Book Review
The Management of Nutritional Emergencies in large Populations
Manual of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases, Injuries and Causes of Death
Lay Reporting of Health Information
Health Manpower Planning : Principles, Methods, Issues
Cancer—A Comprehensive Treatise in Radiotherapy, Surgery and Immunotherapy.
Research in Human Reproduction
Immunobiology of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Animal Origin Drugs Used in Unani Medicine.
Health Implications of Nuclear Power Production.
International Histological Classification of Tumours. No. 18 : Histological Typing of Gastric and Oesophageal Tumour.
Environmental Health Criteria 5 : Nitrates, Nitrites, and N-Nitroso Compounds
IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Humans
Habitual Physical Activity and Health
The Promotion and Development of Traditional Medicine
Field Guide to the Detection and Control of Xerophthalmia
Environmental Aspects of JV-Nitroso Compounds.
Environmental Carcinogens-Selected Method of Analysis, Volume I







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