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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 71

Original Article
Mosquito collection in heronries and antibodies to Japanese encephalitis virus in birds in Asansol-Dhanbad region
F U Khan,K Banerjee
Cellular immunity in rabies virus infection : leukocyte-migration inhibition in-Vitro
B C Ramanna,S R Pal
An antibody assay in Shiga dysentery by microtiter passive haemagglutination using human erythrocytes and chromium chloride as a coupling reagent
K M S Aziz,M Mujibur Rahaman,Ansaruddin Ahmed
Genetic studies on the co-existence of Col-plasmid(s) and R-plasmid(s) in S. wien and S. alachua
K B Sharma,M Bheem Bhat
Prevalence of resistance plasmids and the intricacies of ampicillin resistance transfer in S. newport strains isolated in Delhi (1975-77)
K B Sharma,M Bheem Bhat
Production of S and R pyocins by Pseudomonas aeruginosa— a preliminary study
N Venkateswar Sarma,R V Srinivas,Shriniwas
Aeruginocine typing and antibiotic sensitivity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
H Prabhakar
Prevalence of R-plasmid in Klebsiella pneumoniae
K B Sharma,S K Walia,T D Chugh
Alterations in the spermatogenic pattern after L-dopa
Dilip K Murthy,John A Thomas,Kavita S Reddy,Thangam Joseph
Effect of dietary fat on absorption of ß carotene from green leafy vegetables in children
M Mohanram,P Jayatajan,Vinodini Reddy
Prevalence of fluorosis in Pratabpura and Surajpura villages, district Ajmer (Rajasthan)
A P Mathur,B L Tamboli,G M Mathur,O P Goyal,S K Lalla
Follow-up of neonates treated with phototherapy
B Singh,K L Srivastava,P C Bajpai,P K Misra
A model for reconstruction of height from foot measurements in an adult population of North West India
Indar Jit,S D Deodhar,Suneel R Qamra
Effect of propranolol on serum T3, T4 and TSH, and the TRH induced T3, T4 and TSH responses in euthyroid men
G K Rastogi,R J Dash,R V Jayakumar
Cerebrospinal fluid cytology in patients with leukemias and lymphomas
K Verma,S K Shankar
HLA antigens in ankylosing spondylitis : the association of HLA-B27
G H Tiive,H M Bhatia,M M Mehta,Nafisa M Contractor,Uma M Bale
Identification of proteolytic enzyme in human amniotic fluid
A K Sanyal,C Ghosh
Bilirubin glucuronyl transferase activity in the human gastric and duodenal mucosa—a preliminary report
A Koshy,A P S Narang,B S Anand,D V Datta,J B Dilawari
Studies on the effect of experimental renal insufficiency on gestation
A K Ghosal,P K Dwaraknath,P L Arya,U K Vyas
Experimental model of B-cell deficiency in mice
A N Malaviya,D P Monga,L N Mohapatra,Pradip K Maiti,R Kumar,R G S Murthy
Cell growth rate of human brain tumours in vitro
G C Prasad,J Chaurasiya,S Mohanty
Methods for the estimation of pyrazinamide and pyrazinoic acid in body fluids
G Raghupati Sarma,N G K Nair,Prema Gurumurthy
Phenoxybenzamine and phentolamine as antiarrhythmic agents for spontaneous or catecholamine evoked arrhythmias in coronary occluded dog heart
A Dayal,R D Srivastava,T Bhargava,V M Bhatnagar
Physiological studies with Tylophora asthmatica in bronchial asthma
A Krishna Rao,Kunda V Gore,M N Guruswamy
In vitro antibacterial effect of the essential oil of Oenanthe javanica (Blume) DC
R R Bhagwat,S K Sharma,V P Singh
Polypeptides of Japanese encephalitis and West Nile viruses
K Banerjee,S L Deshmane
Variation of Vi antigen and its relation to biological properties of Salmonella typhi
G Somasekhar,K B Sharma,S Vaze
Prevalence of Salmonella phage types in Madurai
A Uma,A K Muthu,K B Sharma,P Thirumalaikolundusubramanian,R Thiagarajan
Isolation of Salmonella (3, 10 : r :-) from cases of human food poisoning
B R Gupta,J C Verma,M P Singh,P K Uppal
Bacillary dysentery due to multidrug resistant Sh. dysenteriae type 1
B N Gokul,P Bhat,P Pereira,R Macaden
Aeniginocine typing of hospital strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
M Agarwal,M C R Vyas,S Jain,S N Chawla,T P Bhardwaj
Bacteriocin (Klebocin) sensitivity typing as an epidemiological marker of Klebsiella pneumoniae
S K Walia,T D Chugh,Uma Sabharwal
Cultivation of Leishmania donovani in vitro in a high yielding liquid culture medium
Asoke C Ghose,Ranjit Ray
Phagocytic function in amoebiasis
P C Sen,T N Ghosh
Antigenaemia in cases of amoebic liver abscess
A F Prothasis,B S Anand,J B Dliawari,N K Ganguly,R C Mahajan,R E Chandanani,S Sharma
Cultivation of Toxoplasma gondii in lamb testicular cell culture
O P Gautam,R M Bhardwaj,S L Gupta
Oral contraceptives and sex hormone binding globulin capacity
Kishore G Masurkar,Usha M Joshi
Cytogenetic abnormalities in male infertility
Ajit G Phadke,Joshua J Peter,Lalit M Ambani,Nayana R Rege,Rama A Vaidya,Vasanti V Gokarn
Maintenance of intact porcine corpora lutea in organ culture
Kiran Kucheria
Association of growth status and the prevalence of anaemia in preschool children
G Radhaiah,K Visweswara Rao,S V S Raju
Macrophage function in severe protein energy malnutrition
P Bhaskaram
Effect of heat exposure on plasma composition in protein malnourished rats
Ramesh Jani
Fluctuation of erythrocyte enzymes in an individual
A Lahiri,P Potdar,U Joshi
Law-like relationship between height and weight of infants and preschool children
K R Sundarara,Manju Gupta,Viralesh Seth
Skeletal maturation in children with birth weight of 2000 gramme or less
M K Bhan,N Chaudhary,Panna Choudhury,S Taneja,Santosh K Bhargava,Sudershan Kumari,V N Baijal
Urticaria neonatorum-An earliest marker of atopy
H S Sroa,Meharban Singh,N K Arora
Hepatic zinc levels in Indian childhood cirrhosis
Anand Jain,B D Gupta,Nirmal Miglani,Subhash Bhardwaj
Concanavalin A induced human suppressor cells
Indira Nath
A longitudinal study of fine motor-adaptive, personal-social, and language-speech developments of the children from birth to one year of age in an urban community
A Bhandari,B N Ghosh
Relative superiority of gelatin sedimentation method in enumeration of lymphocyte sub-populations
A K Kapoor,I U Khan,R M L Mehrotra,S Malhotra
Pattern of occurrence of HBeAg and anti-HBe among blood donors and patients with liver diseases in Tamil Nadu
M Panchanadam,N Madanagopalan,S Subramaniam,S P Thyagarajan,Suniti Solomon
Pharmacokinetics of phenylbutazone in chronic liver disease
C Adithan,C H Shashindran,D S Singh,I S Gandhi,J Balachandar
Peak expiratory flow rate of healthy north Indian teachers
H D Gupta,N Banga,P K Sharda,S K Jindal,S K Malik
Presence of urease in gastrointestinal tract
A P S Narang,D V Datta,M L Agarwalla,P N Chhuttani,S Sharma
Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) using ß-lactamase for the detection of antibodies to KFD virus
B H Shaikh,C N Dandawate,N P Gupta,P B Geetha,S N Ghosh
Prevalence of different aeruginocin types of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in India
Taxonomic studies on Vibrio and related genera
R K Agarwal,S C Parija,S C Sanyal
New types of Propionibacterium from lepromatous nodules and deep layers of normal skin
B D Chatterjee,J K Sarkar,S Ghosh
Klebsiella pneumoniae as the possible cause of an outbreak of diarrhoea in a neonatal special care unit
Manorama Deb,Meherban Singh,R A Bhujwala,Shriniwas
Coxiellosis in fowls of Karnataka State
I Chandrashekara,K N A Rao,S Stephen
Fungal flora in the armed forces : clinical and mycological studies
B S Rathore,L C Anand,U K Singh
Cervical cytology and endometrial biopsy in women using long acting injectable progesterone (DMPA)— a preliminary report
K D Virkar,Kamala Gopalkrishnan
Testosterone induced changes in rabbit semen
A K Arora,C D Gupta,D N Pande,R C Saxena,S Maewal,S K Saxena
Congenital malformations of the auditory apparatus induced by hypervitaminosis A in rat foetuses
Gurpreet Singh,R Padmanabhan,Shamer Singh
Blood platelet monoamine oxidase and acetylcholinesterase in thyrotoxicosis
F H Sarkar,H C Singh,K N Udupa,R H Singh
Transcobalamines in chronic myeloid leukaemia as the possible indicator of prognosis
A Mangalik,A K Saraya,S Bhaduri,S K Chopra
Haemoglobin-S in scheduled castes and scheduled tribes of Raipur (Madhya Pradesh) - a preliminary report
P K Pradhan,S Agarwal,V K Tiwary
Role of antiaortic antibodies in experimental arteriopathy: comparative antigenicity of pig intima-media preparation in pig and rabbit
P K Jain,S K Mukherjee
A simple radionuclide evaluation of cardiac left to right shunts
A M Samuel,G B Parulker,R D Ganatra,T P Peer
Spontaneous aortic atherosclerosis in chicken
G S Grewal,P P Gupta
Effect of aspirin and prostaglandins on the carbohydrate metabolism in albino rats : glucose oxidation through different pathways and glycolytic enzymes
A Balasubramanian,S Ramakrishnan
Characterisation of dopamine receptors of central thermoregulatory mechanism in pigeons*
B N Dhawan,M P Dubey,R C Srimal
Effect of dexamethasone and disodium cromoglycate on anaphylactic release and total content of histamine and 5-HT from sensitized guineapig tissues
M U Shah,N K Desai,U K Sheth,V N Dadkar
Comparative study on the sympathomimetic effect of guanethidine and cocaine on rat vas deferens
A K Batham,D S Shah,M P Patel,S P Rathod
Effect of Tromaril on platelet function and blood coagulation
C N Raghu,Sushama R Manikeri,U K Sheth,V N Dadkar
Species variation in platelet function and blood coagulation
C N Raghu,Sushama R Manikeri,U K Sheth,V N Dadkar
Quantitative assessment of gastrointestinal blood loss with anti-inflammatory drugs
B C Mehta,D S Katoch,N T Bhiwankar,S R Ramnath,Sharadini A Dahanukar,U K Sheth
Drug metabolism in leprosy
A Koshy,A P S Narang,B Kumar,D V Datta,S Kaur,S C Sharma
Critical analysis of clinical trials
H Datta,Ranjit Roy Chaudhury,T N Ravikiran
Drug-abuse in medical students in Calcutta-a preliminary study
A K Chakraborty,Mira Roy,S S Ganguly
Preservation of liver for 4 to 20 hours by the cold flushing-freeze storage technique
C Gopalakrishnan,D V Datta,I C Pathak,K N Mallik,L Karneswaran,P Kulanthaivel,R Bhatara,S Garg,S K Nazimuddeen,S Viswanathan,S K Mitra,S K Nazimuddeen,S Viswanathan,P Kulanthaivel,C Gopalakrishnan,L Karneswaran
Preservation of liver for 4 to 20 hours by cold flushing-freeze storage technique.
S K Nazimuddeen,S Viswanathan,P Kulanthaivel,C Gopalakrishnan,L Karneswaran
CNS-depressant activity of some newly synthesised 4(3H)-quinazolones
B N Dhawan,C R Prasad,D D Mukerji,S R Nautiyal
Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli associated with diarrhoeal diseases in children
A N Rai Chowdhuri,H Sehgal,J K Dutta,J R Sarkar,Man Mohan
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli associated diarrhoea in children and adults at a hospital in Calcutta
D Sen,P Dutta,S C Pal,U Ganguly
Increasing resistance of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to penicillin and co-trimoxazole—an in vitro study
O P Singh,R A Bhujwala,R K Pandhi,Shriniwas
Immunoglobulins and C3 levels in Plasmodium vivax infection and their relationship to haemagglutination antibody titres
N K Ganguly,R C Mahajan,R E Chandanani,Saroj Sharma,V Vasudeva
Prevalence of human Q fever in south Kanara district, Karnataka
H Laxminarayan Rao,I Chandrashekara,K Govinda Rao,K N Achyutha Rao,S Stephen
Natural occurrence of Coxiella burnetii in domestic mammals of Karnataka State
I Chandrashekara,K Govinda Rao,K N Achyutha Rao,S Stephen
Toxoplasma antibodies and foetal wastage
Asha Oumachigui,P N Nayak,V N Bhatia
Cell-mediated immunity in experimental toxoplasmosis
D P Banerjee,O P Gautam,R M Bhardwaj,S L Gupta
Serum and intestinal immunoglobulins in patients of ancylostomiasis
D S Agarwal,H K Chuttani,K Saha,Nirmal Kumar,P S Gupta,R C Misra
Lactational amenorrhoea—a survey
F S Philips,K Prema
Serum copper and zinc in pregnancy
B A Ramalakshmi,K Prema,S Neelakumari
Predictive value of serum copper and zinc in normal and abnormal pregnancy
K Prema
Intravascular haemolysis and renal insufficiency in children with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, following antimalarial therapy
Nishi Madan,S K Sood,V P Choudhry
ABO incompatibility and neonatal jaundice
J S Murty,Mangutha N Rao,R Renuka Nair,T Seetha
Profile of T and B lymphocytes in malnourished children
Gauri Bazaz Malik,Hem Sehgal,Neera Lai
Use of intrathecal hyaluronidase in spinal arachnoiditis complicating tuberculous meningitis
M Gourie Devi,P Satish,R Padmini
Response of brain to butanol-soluble fraction of homologous liver and brain homogenate
D K Kochar,K D Gupta,K M Verma,P R Jatkar,U K Vyas
Diagnosis of focal glomerulonephritis and focal glomerulosclerosis by renal biopsies and necropsies
U N Bhuyan
Effect of succinic acid administration on urolithiasis
A K Malik,B N Datta,G Verma,S K Thind
Effect of insulin on liver transaminases in relation to gluconeogenesis
Joy Kanta Sarma,P Goswami
A Comparative study of anterior and posterior scans of the thyroid in nodular goitres
M A Padmanabha Rao,R K Mishra
Phosphoglucomutase (PGM) typing of blood stains
H L Bami,N K Aggarwal,O S Srivastava,R K Bhatnagar
Preliminary study on antirheumatic activity of curcumin (diferuloyl methane)
R Sethi,R C Srimal,S D Deodhar
Tryptaminergic effects of hexamethonium on rabbit duodenum
K Seshagiri Rao,P S R K Haranath
Effect of (+) INPEA, (+) sotalol and deoxysotalol on the in vitro production of prostaglandins E and F by the rat uterus
K Rajkumar,S K Garg
Anticholinergic agents on neuromuscular and tremorogenic action of harmine
S K Chaudhuri
Effect of pentobarbitone on body temperature and sleeping time in albino rats
A K Sanyal,S B Acharya,Y V Rao
Vascular responses to eserine in the frog (Rana tigrina)
P K Das,S S Gambhir
Preparation and standardisation of platelet rich plasma and platelet concentrates in a developing blood bank
Ambika Nanu,Nirmal Taneja,S K Sood
Oral polio vaccination and factors affecting its efficacy
Asha Mathur,M Z Idris,N L Sharma,P Shaima,U C Chaturvedi
Distribution of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Porto Novo environment
G Balakrish Nair,Martin Abraham,R Natarajan
Enterotoxigenic staphylococci from non-faecal human sources
Girija,S Mithal,Usha Gupta
Streptococcal pyoderma and acute glomerulonephritis in children
Geeta Mehta,K Prakash,K B Sharma
Bacteroides in clinical infections
Grace Koshi,M K Lalitha
Microplate enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for visceral leishmaniasis
L S Prasad,P Sells,R Saran
Epidemiological studies on bancroftian filariasis in East Godavari district (Andhra Pradesh) : baseline filariometric indices
C K Rao,Ch Krishna Rao,J Sundara Rao,K Ramaprasad,K K Datta,M Das,M Venkatanarayana,P Krishna Rao,R M Sundaram,S P Sharma,V V N Nath
Murine rickettsiosis along the western ghats of Maharashtra State, India
G Geevarghese,M V Joshi,P V M Mahadev,S M Kulkarni,V S Padbidri
Relative importance of different types of breeding habitats in contributing to the population of Culex pipiens fatigans in Pondicherry
P K Rajagopalan,P K B Menon
Kidney, liver and erythrocyte membrane Na+-K+ adenosine triphosphatase in oral contraceptive treated rats
M Ramanadham,S S Kaplay,S W Pimplikar
Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase in amniotic fluid and blood during pregnancy
A Padma Rao,K Rambabu,T N Pattabiraman
Serum immunoglobulin levels in pregnant Indian women
A N Gupta,I Gupta,N K Ganguli,P K Devi,R C Mahajan,S Sharma
Double surface phototherapy versus single surface phototherapy in neonatal jaundice
Kusum L Srivastava,P C Bajpai,P K Misra,R Kaul
The growth pattern of bi-acromial and chest measurements during adolescence
D K Agarwal,K N Agarwal,K S Sathyavathi,N S N Rao
Effect of low quality dietary proteins on brain protein and enzymes of glutamic acid metabolism in rats
C Prasad,K N Agarwal,Veena Taneja
Serum minocycline kinetics in children
K Vasuki,O P Ghai,Vimlesh Seth
Acute effects of histamine H1- and H2-receptor antagonists on pituitary hormone secretion in man
J C Kaul,R Sialy,R J Dash,S L Broor
Histologic evidence of acute tubular necrosis with acute renal failure
U N Bhuyan
Study of blood coagulation following portal hypertension surgery
M S Rao,P N Rao,R A Bhalerao,S V Purandare
Buccal mucosal X-chromatin frequency in the female
Amitava Chakravaity,Hema Purandare
Sex chromatin in carcinoma of the uterine cervix
B Sanyal,Saroj Gupta,Y N Gupta
Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase activity in the psoriatic skin
G H Hajini,S T Hussain
Electrophysiological study of peripheral nerves in secondary polycythemia
K T Shenoy,M Ravindran,P K Saha
Mechanisms of curcumin induced gastric ulcer in rats
B Gupta,D N Prasad,R K Srivastava,V K Kulshrestha
Effect of biflavonoids of Taxus baccata on the central nervous system
Ishwar Kumar,M S Y Khan,S B Vohora,Shaukat A Shah
A sequential study of capillaries in the infarcted area of primate brain
Deepa Theodore,Jacob Abraham
Effect of prior immunisation and subsequent challenge with rabies virus in mice
B B Gaitonde,Rekha M Baride
Passage of poliovirus antibodies across the placental barrier
K L Mukherjee,K P Sengupta,Pratima Mukherjee
Salmonella typhi Vi-phage types in different regions of India during 1973-1977
G Somasekhar,K Prakash,K B Sharma,S Vaze
Three tube method for the identification of enterobacteriaceae
A Ayyagari,Ashok Kumar Goyal,B R Panhotra,K C Agarwal
Modified rapid method of grouping beta haemolytic streptococci using sensitized protein A-containing staphylococci
A Lakshmy,K Prakash,K B Sharma,P C Ravindran
Natural occurrence of Coxiella burnetii in the brown dog tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus
I Chandrashekara,K N Achyutha Rao,S Stephen
Natural occurrence of spotted fever group rickettsiae in the dog flea Ctenocephalides canis in Karnataka
K N Achyutha Rao,S Stephen
Note on an outbreak of malaria in Cuddalore, South Arcot district, Tamil Nadu
K N Panicker,P K Das,R K Chandrahas
Evaluation of N-toluyl piperidine as an effective repellent against Aedes aegypti (L)
M N Srinivasan,R Chandra,S K Ganguly,S P Singh,T Koshy
Long term effects of copper intrauterine devices on cervical epithelium and endometrium
Meera Aikat,Usha Chadda
Uterine endocervical morphology in altered menstrual cycle
John A Thomas,P S Revadi
Site variations in scalp hair morphology in pre-school children
K Visweswara Rao,N Pralhad Rao,R Y P Bhatia
Serum immunoglobulin profile in patients with cancer cervix
H S Shukla,P A Singh,S C Gupta,T N Mehrotra
Evaluation of brush cytology in the diagnosis of oesophageal malignancy
Meera Aikat
Evaluation of Lundh test for pancreatic function in Indian subjects on the Ganges delta
D Mahalanabis,F C Patra,K N Jalan,S K Agarwal,T K Maitra
Lithogenicity of bile in Indian patients with cholesterol gallstones
A K Bhaskar,A K Srivastava,K Lal,P C Gupta,Rakesh K Tandon
Haptoglobin pattern in retinal detachments
J S Murty,M Satapathy,T Padma
Renal involvement in viperine snakebite
A Sarangi,A K Swain,B C Patnaik,G Misra,G C Das,G K Das,N Tripathy
Effect of subdiaphragmatic vagotomy on gastric mucosal polysaccharide content in pylorus ligated albino rats
A K Ganguly,K S Sreepathi Rao,O P Bhatnagar,S S Sathiamoorthy
Pharmacological study of aspirin induced acute gastric ulceration in rabbit
M L Waghmare,M S Manekar
Drug interaction studies on amphibian vasoconstrictor responses to mast cell degranulators
P K Das,S S Gambhir
Effect of tylophorine, a major alkaloid of Tylophora indica, on immunopathological and inflammatory reactions
David Shankaranarayanan,G Gopalakrishnan,Lalitha Kameswaran,S K Nazimudeen
Cannabis-induced inhibition of conditioned avoidance response in rats : role of putative neurotransmitters
P Ghosh,S K Bhattacharya
Effects of prostaglandins on some central pharmacological actions of cannabis
A K Sanyal,P Ghosh,S K Bhattacharya
Energy metabolism in male college students
Bishanbindu Bandyopadhyay,Haripada Chattopadhyay
A spectrophotometric assay of blood porphyrins in Punjabis—a pilot study
Adarsh Chopra,F Handa,K S Sidhu
Utilization of services of community health workers by the rural population
B C Srivastava,R Chandra,S C Saxena,S L Bagga,V K Srivastava
Book Review
The Immunopathology of the Kidney
IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Human, Volumes 19 : Some Monomers, Plastic and Synthetic Elastomers and Acrolein
Carcinogenic Risks : Strategies for Intervention Proceeding of a Symposlum Organized by IARC and the Frech National Institute of Health and Medical Research, held at the International Agency for Research for Cancer
The Control of Endemic Goitre
Enviromental Health Criteria
Guidelines for progammes for the Prevention of Blindness.
Studies in Drug Utilization.







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