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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 72

Original Article
Recurrent Japanese encephalitis epidemics in West Bengal
A C Mitra,B Gupta,J K Sarkar,K K Mitra,K K Mukherjee,M S Chakraborty,S K Chakraborty
Prevalence of infection among unvaccinated children for tuberculosis surveillance
A K Charkraborty,G D Gothi,K T Ganapathy
Bacteriological characterization of Vibrio cholerae strains isolated during an outbreak of cholera in Raipur in 1977
B S Darbari,D Saxena,S Agarval
Biological characters and antimicrobial sensitivity of Staphylococcus epidermidis isolated from human source
L N Mohapatra,N Vijayalakshmi,R A Bhujwala
Immune status of rhesus monkeys infected with Plasmodium knowlesi after curative and suppressive chloroquine therapy
G P Dutta,Prati Pal Singh
Disturbed immunological responsiveness during Plasmodium berghei infection
A Aggarwal,A Bhatia,V K Vinayak
Suppression of mitogenic response to PHA and Con A in bancroftian filariasis
C K Rao,D Subrahmanyam,K Mehta,R K Sindhu
Effect of irradiation on the infectivity and immunogenicity of larvae of Litomosoides carinii
D Subrahmanyam,K Mehta,S Venkatarao,Y V B G Rao
Sharing of antigens between Wuchereria bancrofti and Litomosoides carinii
C K Rao,D Subrahmanyam,K Mehta,Y V B G Rao
A note on laboratory colonization of Anopheles subpictus Grassi
K N Panicker,M Geetha Bai
Comparative studies on the virulence of three strains of Bacillus sphaericus Meyer and Neide against mosquito larvae
K Balaraman
Mosquito fauna in certain places of Nagaland
D R Nath,H C Saikia,K M Rao,P K Das,P K Sarkar
Laboratory breeding of the sandflies Phlebotomus argentipes Annandale and Brunetti and P. papatasi Scopoli
A P Pandya
Effect of copper T and Lippes loop on catalase activity of human endometrium
P R Dasgupta,Rashmi Bansal
Uterine endocervical mucin histochemistry in altered menstrual cycle
John A Thomas,V Nirmala
Cervical cytology as a diagnostic aid in the assessment of folic acid deficiency in pregnancy
Gayatri Vijai,Pushpa Porwal,Rajyashri Das,Surekha Jain
Endemic goitre in Delhi
C S Pandav,K Ramachandran,L M Nath,M G Karmarkar,N Kochupillai,P G Gopinath
Possible role of prostaglandin E1 in the mediation of ACTH action
S Datta,S Sanyal
Alterations in synovial fluid levels of immunoglobulins and complement components in rheumatoid arthritis
Ashok Grover,K C Sood,Kunal Saha,P D Gulati,S N A Rizvi
Effect of vinblastine treatment on intestinal disaccharidases of rats
J Nagchaudhuri,Om Prakash
Analysis of proteins of cerebrospinal fluid in meningitis
Rajalakshmi Ramakrishna Aiyer,S Ramakrishnan
Evidence for the presence of a new trypsin inhibitor in human cerebrospinal fluid
A R Aroor,T N Pattabiraman
An evidence against airway closure in low lung volume
Satipati Chatterjee,Sunil Das
Effect of topical application of sesame oil polymer on skin.
Cletus J M DSouza,T R Ramaiah
Hypoglycaemic effect of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba Taub (gowar)
C Seshadri,G Santhakumari,N R Pillai
Growth of testicular size in upper class adolescent boys
K K Kaul,Omesh Khurana,R V Phadnis,V J Rajput,V S Puri
Electrophonograph and speech
K H Krishnamurthy
Epidemiology and prevention of measles in rural south India
Abraham Joseph,Janaki Radhakrishnan,Kuryan George,Rajdayal P D Singh,T Jacob John,T I George
Salmonella pattern in India
Multidrug resistant Salmonella typhimurium in Chandigarh
A Ayyagari,A K Goyal,B R Panhotra,J Mahanta,K C Agarwal,R K Garg
R-factors in enteropathogenic Escherichia coli associated with diarrhoeal disease in children
A N Rai Chowdhuri,R Sarkar
Biochemical speciation of alpha haemolytic streptococci isolated from various clinical sources
A Pasricha,K Prakash,K B Sharma,Preena Bhalla
Counter Immunoelectrophoresis for rapid testing of toxin producing Corynebacterium diphtheriae
S R Sengupta,V L Yemul
Response to 600 mg amodiaquine base with 45 mg primaquine as presumptive treatment in chloroquine resistant Plasmodium falciparum infection in Assam
B N Barkakaty,R G Roy,R P Deka,S Pattanayak,Silpi Das,Tapan Sen
Relative effectiveness of different methods of control of Brugian filariasis in India
Chandrasekharan,C K Rao,M V V L Narasimham,S M Kaul,S P Sharma
Attempts to establish Wuchereria bancrofti in slow loris, Loris tardigradus
A Gajanana,N Arunachalam,P K Rajagopalan,P S Shetty
Antigenic characterization of Toxoplasma gondii strains by gel diffusion method
M B Chhabra,N K Ganguly,R C Mahajan
Acquired resistance in experimental giardiasis
A Aggarwal,G L Sharma,S R Naik,V K Vinayak
Insecticide susceptibility status of some common mosquitoes in Pondicherry
K N Panicker,P K Das,R K Chandrahas
Insecticide susceptibility status of some common mosquitoes in Pondicherry 12/05/2009
P K Das,P K Rajagopalan
Mass production and storage of microbial agents for use in mosquito control
K Balaraman
Evaluation of repellency of N-toluyl piperidine and other chemicals against Haemadispa sylvestris (Blanchrd) and Hirudo medicinalis (L) 12/05/2009
K G K Sastry,M N Srinivasan,R Chandra,S K Ganguly,S P Singh,T Koshy
Comparative morbidity following tubal ligation by abdominal and vaginal routes
A N Gupta,C Rodrigues,I Gupta,P K Devi,S Jain
Anaemia in protein energy malnutrition in preschool children
A M Jain,B Bhandari,MK Dube,R K Agarwal
Nutritive value of mushrooms
B D Punekar,Shobha Udipi
Thyroid function studies in non-endemic non-toxic goitres
A A Narkar,A M Samuel,G V Kadival,M N Mehta,R D Ganatra
Effect of pregnancy or estrogens on circulating levels of thyroxine-binding proteins
G K Rastogi,Indra Rastogi,M Kumar,R C Sawhney
Infective endocarditis-an autopsy study
M L Bhatia,P Chopra,R Subramaniam
Alphafetoprotein and germ cell neoplasms
A D Deshpande,B R Solanki,N P Hayatnagarkar
Effects of constituents of artificial urine on spontaneous precipitation of calcium oxalate monohydrate (whewellite)
A Srinivasa Rao,A L Aurora,V Srimathi
Factors affecting the distribution of house-dust mites under domestic conditions in Lucknow
Kashi Ram Maurya,Zafar Jamil
Experimental study on osseous phlebography and fracture healing
K K Gupta,R C Gupta,S C Gupta
Effect of maternal administration of papain on rat foetal liver and kidney
Sathi Devi,Shamer Singh
Emergency upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in acute corrosive poisoning
B S Anand,J B Dilawari,S Singh
Respiratory syncytial virus infections in Madras
C S Lakshminarayana,S Krishna Prakash,S Subramanian,Savitri Sukumar
Mycobacterial sensitivity in Bangalore district
R S Vallishayee,Raj Narain
Advantages of co-agglutination over capillary precipitation technique for grouping streptococci
C P Thangavelu,Grace Koshi,Rajeswari Pandian
Isolation and selection of phages for characterization of untypable strains of Salmonella typhi
G Somasekhar,K B Sharma
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli from acute diarrhoeal disease in infants and children
Archana Ayyagari,B N S Walia,B R Panhotra,K C Agarwal,Parvati Joshi
Serological evidence of infection by spotted fever group rickettsiae in Karnataka State
H Laxminarayana Rao,K N Achyutha Rao,S Stephen
Ecological study on immature stages of phlebotomid sandflies in Gujarat
A K Niyogi,A P Pandya
Cryoglobulinemia and circulating immune complexes in progressive systemic sclerosis
A N Malaviya,Premavathy Rajagopalan,R L Taneja,Sudhir Gupta
Development and validation of radioimmunoassay of antidiuretic hormone in plasma
K S Raghavan,R P Sequeira,R R Chaudhury
Alpha fetoprotein in pregnant women and in products of conception
Asha Rawal,B G Kotwani,Kunal Saha
Nontoxicity of bilirubin photocatabolites on human erythrocytes
H K Kaul,P C Bajpai,P K Misra,Ravi Kaul
Identification of T lymphocytes with Fc receptors for IgG in normal Indians
Indira Nath,Sushama Singh
Immunoglobulin levels in maternal and cord blood
A N Gupta,I Gupta,N K Ganguli,P K Devi,R C Mahajan,S Sharma
Australia antigen study in massive blood transfusion
A J Baxi,H E R Figueredo,N S Savant,S H Joshi,S K Kulkarni,Seema S Manjure,Sushila C Shah
Interrelation of biliary infection and proteins to gallstone proteins in man
A K Srivastava,Rakesh K Tandon,Usha Gupta
Congenital heart disease in Delhi school children
N K Shrestha,S Padmavati
Effective heat load on agricultural workers during summer season
M G Malvankar,N C Sebastian,Pranab Kumar Nag
Plasma volume and electrolyte changes during varied thermal stress
P Ambwaney,U C Rai
Basopenia following cigarette smoking
N R Nancy,S Walter
Anti-inflammatory and ulcerogenic effects and pharmacokinetics of oxyphenbutazone in protein deficient rats
D R Varma
Effect of three dosage schedules of flurbiprofen on platelet function and coagulation
K C Gupta,P K Pispati,S Manikeri,T Paul,U K Sheth,V N Kulkarni
Potentiation by oral and intraperitoneal (+) sotalol and deoxysotalol of responses of rat uterus evoked by prostaglandin F2a
K A Narendranath,P L Sharma
Simulated altitude and plasma renin activity in rats
H Rahman,H H Siddiqui,Ramesh Kumar
Role of putative neurotransmitters in cannabis-induced analgesia in rats
P Ghosh,S K Bhattacharya
Fibrinogen, fibrinogen degradation products and fibrinolytic activity in cerebrospinal fluid in stroke
B Dube,B C Katiyar,P K Sahaa,P V B Rao,Rama Kanta Dube
Isocitric dehydrogenase of the cerebrospinal fluid in brain tumours and meningitis
A Sharma,A K Chatterji,R S Dharker,S R Dharker
Absence of hyperlipidaemia in patients of chronic renal failure in Chandigarh
B Gupta,B K Sharma,D S Rana,M Kumar,S K Jindal
Venous segments in the human spleen
C D Gupta,S B Gupta,S C Gupta
Laboratory confirmed cases of Japanese encephalitis in Maharashtra State
B H Shaikh,Jeanette J Rodrigues,S G Ramdasi,S P Shendarkar
Biochemical changes in experimental rabies : brain monoamines and free amino acids
B B Gaitonde,Rekha M Baride
A study on Vibrio cholerae strains isolated in Tamil Nadu during 1976-79
K V Murthy,S L Shantha Kumari,S P Sundaram
Characterization of phospholipase A in Streptomyces griseus
D Subrahmanyam,G K Khuller,J N Verma,V S Bansal
Occurrence of avian malaria parasite species with resemblance to Plasmodium (Novyella) hexamerium outside its recorded habitat
A Gajanana,M Naseema
Refractoriness of the slender loris, Loris tardigradus to Plasmodium vivax
A Gajanana,P K Rajagopalan,R Reuben
Insecticide resistance in Culex pipiens fatigans and its relevance to vector control
P K Das,P K Rajagopalan
Serum progesterone in women with lactational amenorrhoea
A R Adatia,J V Joshi,K T Hazari,R Joseph,S Mehta,U M Joshi,V N Choudhary
Left ventricular function during pregnancy by noninvasive technique
D N Grover,H L Kher,M Durairaj
Effect of growth retardation in early life on immunocompetence in later life
A Nadamuni Naidu,J Siva Prasad,K Satyanarayana,P Bhaskaram,V Jagadeesan,Vinodini Reddy
Skeletal growth in healthy children from a public school in Delhi
B N Gaind,G S Sarin,S Satya Nath,Shanti Ghosh
Clinical grading of lingual lesions in vitamin B-complex deficiency
K Prema,S G Srikantia
Carbon tetrachloride toxicity : failure of promethazine to prevent in vivo liver injury
N C Nayak,P Chopra
Leucocyte migration inhibition test in rheumatic heart disease
K B Bhatia,M K Mitra,R C Ahuja,S K Agarwal,U C Chaturvedi
Purification of rat cardiac antigen II and comparison of its properties with other cardiac antigens
A Kumar,Asha Mathur,S M Natu,U C Chaturvedi
X-linked glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in relation to X-chromatin frequency during menstrual cycle
A Chakravarty,B P Chakravarty,H Purandare,L N Mehta,M Bajaj,P Joshi
Biochemical studies on the toxoids of venoms of poisonous Indian snakes
B B Gaitonde,Rekha M Baride,S D Jain
Pesticide residues in human foods in Calcutta
B N Ghosh,B R Roy,D Mukherjee,J Chakraborty
Pesticide residues in human tissues in Calcutta
B N Ghosh,B R Roy,D Mukherjee,J Chakraborty
A double-blind clinical trial of Arogya-wardhani-an Ayurvedic drug—in acute viral hepatitis
A V Athavale,Ashok B Vaidya,D S Antarkar,J C Doshi,K S Vinchoo,M R Natekar,Neela Kale,P S Tathed,Vijaya Ramesh
Alphafetoprotein in acute viral hepatitis— a preliminary report
D K Kak,Kunal Saha,Nirmal Kumar,P S Gupta,R C Misra
Antifertility activity of Lygodium flexosum
B B Gaitonde,R T Mahajan
Cannabis-induced catalepsy in mice : role of putative neurotransmitters
P Ghosh,R Bose,S K Bhattacharya
Beneficial effect of endurance training at moderate altitude on adaptation to high altitude
B R Goyle,J Sen Gupta
Occurrence of Kanagawa positive Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains around Mangalore (south India)
I Karuna Sagar,K C Mohankumar
Numerical code system for the identification of Enterobacteriaceae and other groups not fermenting lactose
Betty C Hobbs,Narinder Midha,Shobha Ram,Trilochan Singh
Counter current immunoelectrophoresis in the rapid diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis
Archana Ayyagari,K C Agarwal,Lata Kumar,Meera Sharma,S N Chitlangya
Selection of a sulphanilamide resistant strain of Plasmodium berghei
G P Dutta,Mahmood Kazim
Preservation of Toxoplasma gondii by freezing
J C Samantaray,L N Mohapatra,S Mithal
Experimental cryptococcosis in normal and T cell deficient mice
A N Malaviya,D P Monga,L N Mohapatra,R Kumar
Temperature dependence of phospholipids in Nocardia polychromogenes
A K Trana,D Subrahmanyam,G K Khuller
Susceptibility status of Anopheles fluviatilis in some areas of Karnataka, Kerala and Goa (1973-78)
C P Vijayan,R G Roy,S Pattanayak
Copper containing intrauterine devices and cervical carcinogenesis-48 months follow up
A B Mitra,A K Prabhakar,P Bhatnagar,S S Agarwal,Usha K Luthra
Use of a portable battery-operated apparatus for occlusive intraluminal vas fulguration in dogs
B C Bapna,M S Rao,R N Chakravarti,R S Khandpur,S Vaidyanathan,T R Subramanian
Foetal pulmonary maturation in abnormal pregnancy
C Rodrigues,C R Nair,K Dhall,O N Bhakoo,S Anand
A longitudinal study on child development in relation to socio-economic factors
A Bhandari,B N Ghosh
Intrathecal anti-tetanus serum in management of tetanus neonatorum
B Bhandari,N K Ajmera,P R Jagetiya
Immunomodulation of chemically induced fibrosarcoma by Corynebacterium parvum
B K Aikat,Neelam Gupta,S Sehgal
Corticosteroids in Sydenhams chorea
O P Ghai,Veena Kalra
Pattern of alcohol consumption of rural Punjab males
D Mohan,H K Sharma,J S Neki,K R Sundaram
Monitoring of serum lithium levels in manic depressive psychosis
B S Sridhara Rama Rao,H S Narayanan,M N Subhash,S M Channabasavanna
I, i and I T antigens in lymphoma, Hodgkins disease and multiple myeloma
H M Bhatia,S H Advani,S R Joshi
Combination chemotherapy for advanced non-Hodgkins lymphoma
D J Jussawalla,K S Nadkarni,M B Sampat,P A Shetty,R S Balavat
Effect of pH on blood preservation in acid-citrate and citrate-phosphate dextrose
A J Baxi,H M Bhatia,S K Kulkami
A prospective study of lipid and coagulation parameters in stroke in young
D Mohanty,J S Chopra,K C Dass,R N Chakravarty,S Prabhakar
Spontaneous unit activity of Purkinje cells in the developing rat cerebellum
K P Puthuraya,M G Deo,S K Manchanda,U Nayar
Preparation of monovalent common Indian sea snake (Enhydrina schistosa) antivenin
B B Gaitonde,D P Buduk,S P Gawade
Evidence for an additional spinal locus of action of clonidine in man
K P Bhargava,M Hasan,N N Gupta,R C Ahuja,R K Saran
A possible mechanism of oliguria during vesical distension
B P Jaju,P L Shukla,Y P Srivastava
Calophyllolide -a new non-steroidal antiinflammatory agent
Gopal Misra,K P Bhargava,R C Saxena,S K Nigam,T N Bhalla
Effect of maternal starvation during pregnancy on the postnatal growth in rats
R Padmanabhan,Shamer Singh
Single intubation technique for the assessment of malabsorption and exocrine pancreatic function
B S Anand,J B Dilawari,S K Sharma
Serological evidence of arboviral infections (flaviviruses) in Kerala
J Shanmugam,M Raveendranath
Studies on Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Bangalore
B N Gokul,P Bhat,P Pereira
R-plasmids in intestinal Escherichia coli of normal and hospital population
K Prakash,K B Sharma,M Bheem Bhat,R Dutta
Antibiotic sensitivity and phage typing of Staphylococcus aureus from skin lesions at a rural dispensary
A N Rai Chowdhuri,D S Agarwal,Krishna Ray
Staphylococcal wound infection in a surgical ward at Lucknow
A B Srivastava,A M Khan,R M L Mehrotra,Raj Mehrotra,S K Agrawal
Entomotoxic action of Bacillus sphaericus cultured in different substrates
K Balaraman,L M Manonmani
Antibody response against pertussis vaccine in rabbits and guineapigs
G Saran,M Balasubrahmanyan,Sarita S Angra
Some errors in tuberculosis surveys
R S Vallishayee,Raj Narain
Infant feeding practices of working mothers in an urban area
B V S Thimmayamma,Bhavani Belavady,M Vidyavati
Antibody response to tetanus toxoid during pregnancy
Leela Raman,Vasanti R Rao
Erythrocytic osmotic fragility in neonates born following oxytocin infusion during labour.
Sunit Singhi,Meharban Singh
Community level malnutrition vis-a-vis the role of nutrition rehabilitation centre
A K Roy,Amla Rama Rao,D K Srinivas,M N Ghosh
Profile of childhood empyema thoracis in north India
Achleshwar Prasad Gupta,Archana Ayyagari,Brijnandan Singh Walia,Iqbal Chand Pathak,Krishna Yadev,Lata Kumar,Soumen Mitra,Vijay Kumar
Serum proteins and immunoglobulins in infancy and childhood
Gauri Bazaz Malik,Hem Sehgal,Rajbala Yadav
Lymphocyte subpopulations in Guillain-Barre syndrome
M M Gore,R S Wadia,S N Ghosh
Lysosomal enzymes in cerebrospinal fluid in patients with brain tumours
A S Balasubramanian,Jacob Abraham,R K S Raghuwanshi,Rebecca Cherian
Study of immune status of patients with severe burns
D S Agarwal,Kunal Saha,Satyanand,V K Sharma
Vascular and interstitial patterns of amyloidosis of the gastrointestinal tract
U N Bhuyan
Radial Immunoelectrophoresis and counter Immunoelectrophoresis on cellulose acetate membranes
K M Rao,S S Rao
Comparison of conventional and discontinuous counter Immunoelectrophoresis for the detection of HBsAg
M S Rajagopalan,T Jacob John
Leukocyte migration test against hepatitis B surface antigen in cryptogenic cirrhosis : A preliminary report
Bipin B Gupta,Kunal Saha,P S Gupta,R C Misra,S K Agarwal
Immunological studies on monovalent Enhydrina schistosa antivenin
B B Gaitonde,S P Gawade
Prescriptive zones of hot and humid environments for acclimatised Indians
B R Goyle,H S Nayar,S S Verma,Surjit Singh,V K Kalhan
Lithium response in the treatment of manic symptomatology
B S S Rao,D K Subba Krishna,G Sampath,S M Channabasavanna,Y Vikram Kumar
In vivo and in vitro availability of commercial phenytoin formulations containing phenobarbitone
H P Tipnis,P S Worlikar,R D Gokhale,R D Kulkarni,U A Shukla
Bioavailability in humans of solid dosage forms of phenytoin marketed in India
A R Baichwal,H P Tipnis,P S Worlikar,R D Kulkami
Availability of ampicillin in biological fluids
H J Hrishi Keshavan,N K Gurbani,P C Dandiya,R G Sharma,V Batra
Effect of drugs interacting with adrenergic mechanisms and of adrenalectomy on pilocarpine-induced salivation in mice
R J Jha,V V Kelkar
Increased pain-reactivity in rat after naloxone : role of endogenous opiate peptides
J S Bapna,K K Sharma,P Sen,T Khanna
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