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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 73

Original Article
Persistence of humoral immunity in Kyasanur forest disease
A P Patil,M S Jayadevaiah,T R Achar
Serological evidence of infection with Japanese encephalitis vims in mules of eastern Himalayan region
A C Mitra,D N Sardana,K K Mukherjee,,M S Chakrabarty,S K Chakravarti
Pattern of Shigella flexneri serotypes and drug-resistance in Dacca
A K M Golam Kibriya,L N Mutanda,M N Mansur
Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Colombo environment
C Palasuntheram,S Selvarajah
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for antibodies to group A streptococcal carbohydrate
Gopalan Sridharan,Grace Koshi
A retrospective epidemiological study of sexually transmitted diseases in the army
B D Varma
Study of neonatal listeriosis in north India
I C Verma,Meharban Singh,R A Bhujwala,S Thomas
Fertility status of men following vaso-vasostomy
A M Nagar,B K Jain,M L Mehrotra,R B Singh,R L Gupta
Relationship between thyrotropin, thyroid hormones, thyroxine-binding globulin and estradiol-17 ß levels in normal pregnancy
G K Rastogi,M Kumar,P K Devi,R C Sawhney,R J Dash
Frequency and pattern of association of acrocentric chromosomes in patients of Down syndrome and their mothers
D S Krishna Murthy,Lalit M Ambani
Acceptability of recommended balanced diets in adult males
Swaran Pasricha
Cell mediated immune response in childhood tuberculosis
A N Malaviya,K R Sundaram,Narinder Arora,Veena Sahai,Vimlesh Seth
Comparison between haemagglutination and toxin neutralisation for estimation of tetanus antibodies
M B Borkar,Malati Keskar,Maya Natu
Haemoglobin A2 levels in iron deficiency anaemia
B C Mehta,Neela Kurlekar
Haemoglobin abnormalities in haematological malignancies
Amar Das Gupta,Roshan S Pavri,Suresh H Advani
Inhibition of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase from sarcoma-180 ascites tumour cells by DNA-binding antitumour antibiotics
Indrani Chowdhury,Kanakendu Chowdhury,Rajat K Neogy
Small intestinal functions in Graves disease with special reference to thyroid antibodies
B K Ghosh,Bhaskar Rao,P Prakash,P S Gupta,P S Rao,R C Misra
Diagnostic indices in acute renal failure
G H Malik,K S Chugh,N Choudhry,P C Singhal,R Bhoopal,R L Mehta,S Chhabra,V Sakhuja
Diagnostic colonoscopy
Dinesh K Bhargava,J C Vij,M Berry
Toxoidation of venoms of poisonous Indian snakes
B B Gaitonde,Rekha M Baride
Immunological and biochemical studies on the formalised toxoid of red scorpion venom
B B Gaitonde,Rekha M Baride,S D Jain
Variability in in vitro neutralising capacity and cost efficiency ratio of liquid antacids
A Koshy,S L Broor,S R Naik
Experimental maternal renal insufficiency and the foetal growth pattern
P L Arya,U K Vyas
Effect of intrauterine position on foetal weight in CF rats
R Padmanabhan,Shamer Singh
Attenuated Langat E5 virus as a live virus vaccine against Kyasanur forest disease virus
Inderjit S Thind
Soluble antigen fluorescent antibody (SAFA) test in serodiagnosis of disseminated and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis
Shriniwas,O P Bhardwaj,V K Srivastava,K Balakrishnan,Shriniwas,O P Bhardwaj,V K Srivastava,K Balakrishnan
Antigenic relatedness between enterotoxins of Escherichia coli associated with adult and infantile diarrhoea
A Singh,Bahman Tabaraie,D V Vadehra,S C Sehgal
Experimental meningitis produced by Haemophilus influenzae type b in infant rats
Archana Ayyagari,J Mahanta,K C Agarwal,Meera Sharma,R N Chakravarti
Alpha and non-haemolytic streptococcal bacteraemia
A Ayyagari,D Panigrahi,K C Agarwal,R Usha,R K Garg
Alterations in induced oxytetracycline resistant Staphylococcus aureus
D R Arora,D V Vadehra,S K Walia,T D Chugh
Corynebacterium diphtheriae in surgical wounds
H L Chhabra,N K Midha,R G Sharma,S K Saini,T D Chugh
Sulpholipids of Nocardia species-a preliminary report
A V Prabhudesai,G K Khuller,S Kaur
Effect of insertion of a silk thread suture in early pregnancy in rats
Harpreet Kaur,K Rajkumar,K C Saini,P Pandhi,R R Chaudhury
A nutritional status study on privileged adolescent Gujarati boys
Indu Kapoor,Tara Gopaldas
Lymphocyte subpopulation study in cord blood of newborns with reference to maternal anaemia
R Shanker,S Upreti,Usha Kapoor,V S Rajvanshi
Quantitative determination of argemone oil in edible oils by thin layer chromatography
B V Ramasastri,G S Thapar,I S Shenolikar,S Babu
The pharmacokinetic profile of chloramphenicol in protein-malnourished rats
I N Bhatt,K Kohli,K K Aggarwal
Frequency of trisomy 21, translocation, mosaicism and familial cases of Downs syndrome in Bombay
D S Krishna Murthy,Lalit M Ambani,Sushma A Khanna,Vincent Danthi,Zareen M Patel
Thyroid function studies in young Downs syndrome
A M Samuel,D S Krishna Murthy,G V Kadival,L M Ambani,M N Mehta,R D Ganatra,Z M Patel
ffect of hydrocortisone on bactericidal activity of human neutrophils in vitro
I N Ramdeo,P M Sareen,R K Vijay,S K Lodha,V B Kalra
Cell mediated injury of arterial endothelium in human renal allografts
I K Dhawan,K K Malhotra,S C Dash,U N Bhuyan
Raised reverse triiodothyronine in patients with chronic renal failure
A Karunanidhi,A S Kanagasabapathy,J C M Shastry,Lily John,P Neela
Fiberoptic endoscopy, biopsy and directed brusb cytology in esophageal carcinoma
Dinesh K Bhargava,Kusum Verma
Delta-beta thalassemia in 36 cases from 14 families
B C Mehta,M B Agarwal
Comparative data on the detection of hepatitis-B surface antigen by six centres
A J Baxis,G N Vyas,H M Bhatia,K V Kulkarni,N C Nayak,R N Duua,S H Joshi,S R Pal,T Jacob John
Serum electrophoretic pattern in amyloidosis complicating pulmonary tuberculosis
B S Patra,C I Jhala,S B Patra
First aid for cobra (Naja naja) bites
A R Coulter,K E Lovering,R D Harris,S K Sutherland
Neurological aspects of ophitoxemia (Indian krait)— A clinico-electromyographic study
J K Rastogi,P K Sethi
Metallic ions in cervical mucus
A R Chowdhury,D Kutty,Sushma Singh,V P Kamboj
Pre-operative and post-operative changes in immunoglobulin levels in open heart surgery
Saroj P Taskar,Seema V Velangi
Immunopathogenicity of rat cardiac antigen II and its comparison with other cardiac antigens
A Kumar,Asha Mathur,S M Natu,U C Chaturvedi
Changes in cyanide as a function of storage time in autopsy material by UV spectrometry
K Narayanaswami,P Nath,R S Kotangale,Sarita J,V S Bisaria
Variations in the articular facets of the adult cuneiform bones
A K Agarwal,A K Srivastava,C D Gupta,P Jeyasingh,S C Gupta
Newcastle disease virus antibodies in human sera
L P Agarwal,Shiv Charan,V M Mahajan
Transferable drug resistance (R-factor) in Escherichia coli isolated from children having acute diarrhoea
B N S Walia,B R Panhotra,K N Agarwal,Vandana Agnihotri
Preliminary evaluation of a rapid sensitivity testing method for common Gram negative enteric bacilli
D Pal,P C Sen,S C Sanyal
Phagocytosis and intracellular growth of Candida albicans in mouse peritoneal macrophages
L N Mohapatra,Pradip K Maity,R Kumar
Metabolism of lipids in Epidermophyton floccosum
A Chopra,G K Khuller
Mosquito fauna in certain places of Dibrugarh district in Assam
K M Rao,N G Das,P K Sarkar
Role of intra-amniotic instillation of betamethasone in prolonged pregnancy
Nalini Gupta,Nirmala Agarwal,R K Agarwal,Tara Mathur,Vijaya Sharma
Role of H-Y antigen in gonadal differentiation
C S Rao,L M Ambani,R A Vaidya,Z M Patel
Effect of wheat and Bengal gram diets on glutamic acid metabolism in rat brain
C Prasad,K N Agarval
Effects of long term feeding of chromate treated parboiled rice in rats
B S Narasinga Rao,C Nageswara Rao
Lipids and bile salt stimulated lipase in human milk of Indian mothers
B Belavady,P Srinivasa Rao
Developmental milestones of Downs syndrome patients in north India
H P S Sachdev,I C Verma,O P Ghai,P S N Menon
Integrated child development services in India : objectives, organization and baseline survey of the project population
B N Tandon,K Ramachandran,S Bhatnagar
Integrated child development service in India: evaluation of the delivery of nutrition and health services and the effect on the nutritional status of the children
B N Tandon,K Ramachandran,S Bhatnagar
The role of excess hepatic copper in the evolution of Indian childhood cirrhosis
N C Nayak,Neelam Marwaha,O P Ghai,Sheila Roy,Veena Kalra
Enzymatic measurement of tissue flavin adenine dinucleotide using rat kidney apo D-amino acid oxidase
C M Jacob,F Ahmed,Mahtab S Bamji
Cell-mediated and humoral antibody responses to virally induced tumours
A S Walia,E W Lamon
Immunoelectrophoretic studies of cerebrospinal fluid in pyogenic and tuberculous meningitis
A B Deshmukh,M P Bansal,S S Kelkar
Incidence of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in a hospital population of Delhi
Abha Maheshwari,Neera Talwar,Nishi Madan,S K Sood
Histological and biochemical assessment of severity of renal amyloidosis
U N Bhuyan
Lowering of maximum urethral closure pressure by phentolamine and by terbutaline
B C Bapna,D Chandrasekar,K S N Chary,M S Rao,R P Swamy,S Vaidyanathan
Anti-stress activity of Ocimura sanctum Linn
K P Bhargava,N Singh
Evaluation of attenuation characteristics of Indian ear protectors
Apama Roy,S K Bhattacharya,S K Chatterjee
Study of human heart rate during voluntarily controlled deep inspirations and deep expirations performed at varying rates
l D Saxena,S B Shukla
Effects of hyperthermic temperatures on monosynaptic and polysynaptic reflex responses
Baldev Singh,G S Chhina,Neena Bhattacharya
Bilateral asymmetry in H-reflex latency in the human lower limbs
B K Maini,Inderbir Singh,Pardaman I Singh
Ergothioneine content in normal and senile human cataractous lenses
K P Khuteta,O P Kulshrestha,Y Shukla
Seroepidemiologic study of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 in Delhi
J C Samantaray,K R Sundaram,Pradeep Seth,S S Prakash
Typhoid fever due to chloramphenicol resistant Salmonella typhi associated with R-plasmid
B R Panhotra,J Mahanta,K C Agarwal,R K Garg,V K Arya
Transferable drug resistance in Salmonella typhimurium
B R Panhotra,J Mahanta,K C Agarwal,R K Garg
Multiresistant Staphylococcus aureus in hospital practice
C H Gidvani,C L Piplani,D Raghunath,Indu Ramdev,P S Reddy
Preliminary report on beta-lactamase isoenzymes of clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and carbenicillin-resistance
A M Saoji,S S Kelkar
Human milk as a source of Q-fever infection in breast-fed babies
A Kumar,M P Yadav,S Kakkar
Prevalence of dermatomycoses in Madras city
A Kamalam,A S Thambiah
Lymphocyte subpopulations in normal human pregnancy
R Shanker,S Upreti,Usha Kapoor,V S Rajvanshi
Steady state of chloramphenicol in malnourished children
B Sharma,C K Nain,S Mehta,V S Mathur
Detection of HBs-Ag by CIEP and RPHA techniques in healthy individuals and cardiac patients
J Shanmugam,Jasper Daniel,Molly Thomas,P A Jayaprakash
Sickle cell trait, thalassaemia and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in the Bhil tribe of southern Rajasthan
A M R Andrew,J Mehta,K C Joshi,N L Mehta,O P Gupta,R C Jain
Haemoglobin D disorders in 13 unrelated families
A B Bhargava,B C Mehta,D G Varandani,M B Agarwal,R H Joshi
A study of hypoplastic anaemia
D Mohanty,G Garewal,K C Das
Platelet factor 3-A time (PF3-A time) in uraemia
J M Dhar,P D Gulati,R G Goel,S N A Rizvi,Sudha Rani
Epidemiological study of periodontal diseases in rural areas
Dinesh Jain,T P Jain,Vandna Sen
Cleft lip with or without cleft palate and isolated cleft palate, as two aetiological entities— a dermatoglyphic evidence
M S Grewal,R N Deshmukh,S S Sidhu
Qualitative evaluation of maternal care in rural areas of Varanasi
D Sharma,I C Tiwari,Satish Kumar,Vibha
Drug use among physicians and medical students
Gurmeet Singh,K C Jindal,Rajpal Singh
Naturally occurring athero-arteriosclerosis in rhesus monkeys
R N Chakravarti,R S Kukreja
Distinctive immunologic and ischemic injury of the glomerulus in the renal allograft
I K Dhawan,K K Malhotra,S C Dash,U N Bhuyan
Nifedipine a new calcium antagonist in experimental myocardial necrosis
L M, Srivastava,M P Gupta,P K Ganguly,P S Bora,S D Seth
Effect of verapamil (isoptin) on experimental myocardial infarction in rhesus monkeys
I S Anand,P Alamelu Manga,P L Sharma,P L Wahi,R N Chakravarti
Role of liver scan in fever of unknown origin
Ajit Kumar Padhy,P O Gopinath
Uterine prostaglandins E and F levels during pregnancy in the rat
S K Garg
Potentiation of prostaglandins evoked contractions of isolated rat uterus by vasicine hydrochloride
P L Sharma,Ramesh Lal
Antiulcer activity of some plant triterpenoids
G P Gupta,K P Bhargava,M B Gupta,R Nath
Effects of fluoxetine on a specific serotonergic syndrome in rats
H J Hrishi Keshavan,N K Gurbani,P C Dandiya
Neuroembryopathy following experimental ischaemic anoxia in foetal spinal cord
G C Sensharma,P K Chinara,Shamer Singh
Antibody response in ardeid birds following experimental infection with Japanese encephalitis virus
B D Pinto,F M Rodrigues,R S Soman,S N Guttikar
Serum immunoglobulins G, M and A in The acute viral hepatitis.
S S Kelkar,Winata Warawdekar,Ketayun Dhunjibhoy
A serological study of cytomegalovirus infection at Lucknow
Asha Mathur,I Jindal,U C Chaturvedi
Reverse phage typing of the untypable strains of Staphylococcus aureus
D S Agarwal,R Natarajan,Rajesh Bhatia
Change in the O serotype of Pseudomonas aeruginosa after lysogenisation with bacteriophages
K Prakash,K B Sharma,Madhubala
Isolation of Salmonella (3,10: r: -) from animals and its public health importance
A A Kumar,B B Mallick,B R Gupta,J C Verma
Bacteriological study of infection in patients with burns
D S Agarwal,Satyanand,V K Sharma
Prevalence of group B streptococci in obstetrical cases
T D Chugh,Uma Chaudhary,Uma Sabherwal
Mycoplasmas in male genital tract infections
Bhushan Kumar,D V Vadehra,P J Asnani,Surrinder Kaur,Tarun Kumar
Complement fixation tests in systemic candidiasis
Anita Elias,J N Sarvamangala,K N Achyutha Rao,P G Shivananda
Antifilarial action of furazolidone
A B Sen,R K Chatterjee,Shailja Misra
Evaluation of two methods for the detection of the enzyme penicillinase
A Varghese,D S Agarwal,Rajesh Bhatia
An improved technique for blood culture
Grace Koshi,Thangam Menon,Wilsy Alex
Age determination of man-biting population of Culex pipiens fatigans with particular reference to transmission of Wuchereria bancrofti in Pondicherry
M Geetha Bai,N Arunachalam,P K Rajagopalan
Cell mediated immunity in cutaneous tuberculosis
Archana Sharma,Geeta Talukder,L K Sengupta,S K Panja
Inhibitory effect on the blastogenic response to mitogen by placental protein SP-1
A N Gupta,B C Bapna,D Subrahmanyam,M K Mapa,P K Devi,S Majumdar
Osteomalacia in Hindu population of Haryana
A S Saini,R K Marya,S Rathee,S R Arora
Cytology as a diagnostic aid in arthritis
Arati Bhatia,G K Vishawakarma,Geeta Ashokraj,K Sagreiya,S Kapoor
Lithium excretion and therapeutic response in mania
B S Sridhara Rama Rao,G Sampath,M N Subhash,S M Channabasavanna
Eruption of deciduous teeth among the children of Gulbarga, south India
V Rami Reddy
Uterine prostaglandin levels in pregnant ovariectomized rats
P Pandhi,S K Garg
Possible interrelationship between the antinociceptive effect of morphine and brain 5-hydroxytryptamine in albino rats
A K Sanyal,D N Srivastava,S K Bhattacharya
Permeability alteration of blood brain barrier by alcohols
A Gulati,C Nath,K Shanker,K N Dhawan,K P Bhargava
Anticholinesterase effect of sotalol
M Alkondon,P Sen,S Bhatia,S P Sivam
Hypersensitivity to certain drugs in a rural population
C Nath,Madhu Srivastava,V K Srivastava
Characterization of the metabolites of e-dinitrophenylated lysine from the urine of rat
M B Sahasrabudhe,P K Iyer,U K Ganu
Effect of environmental heat shock on developing foetuses of hamsters
G C Sensharma,S Sengupta,Shamer Singh
An investigation of delay in treatment of breast cancer
H S Shukla,Kiran Avasthi,Sandeep Kumar,Y P Naithani
Epidemiological characterization of untypable Vi-strains (UVS) of Salmonella typhi
G Somasckhar,K B Sharma
Epidemiological investigations on Vi-negative strains of Salmonella typhi isolated from Bangalore and Kurnool in south India
G Somasekhar,K B Sharma
Isolation and identification of lysogenic phages from untypable strains of Salmonella typhi
G Somasekhar,K B Sharma
Isolation of new phages of Staphylococcus aureus and evaluation of their typing potentialities
D S Agarwal,R Natarajan,Rajesh Bhatia
Enteropathogenicity of Salmonella typhimurium
B R Panhotra,J Mahanta,K C Agarwal
Beta haemolytic streptococcal throat carriage in a rural population of Lucknow
J V Singh,M R Chandra,S K Agarwal,V Narayan,V K Srivastava
Klebocin types of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from normal and diarrhoeal stool
D R Arora,T D Chugh
Anaerobic bacteria in chronic suppurative otitis media
A Ayyagari,A Goswami,K C Agarwal,S C Pandhi,V K Pancholi,Y N Mehra
Control of bancroftian filariasis with common salt medicated with diethylcarbamazine in Lakshadweep
A Chandrasekharan,C K Rao,Ch Krishna Rao,K K Hamzakoya,P Panduranga Rao,S P Roychowdhury,S Russel
Comparison of ELISA with indirect haemagglutination and indirect fluorescent antibody tests in malaria
M Thadani,N K Ganguly,Nivanjit Gill,R C Mahajan,R E Chandnani
Ixodid ticks on cattle and buffaloes in the Kyasanur forest disease area of Karnataka State
M A Sreenivasan,P K Rajagopalan
Dose determination with temephos against Anopheles stephensi Liston in wells
C P Batra,R Reuben,S C Tewari
Serum triiodothyronine and free triiodothyronine index in normal pregnancy
A Karunanidhi,A S Kanagasabapathy,S X Charles
Cord blood Cortisol levels among high-risk newborn infants vis-a-vis idiopathic respiratory distress syndrome
L S Arya,M G Karmarkar,Meharban Singh
Trace element content of Indian foods and the dietaries
B S Narasinga Rao,C Nageswara Rao
Immune response to spermatozoal antigens in vasectomized normal and atherogenic diet fed rabbits
N D Bhatia,R N Chakravarti,S Majumdar
Effect of protein restricted diet on 3-methyl cholanthrene induced fibrosarcoma in C-57 mice
B K Aikat,Shobha Sehgal,Sita Naik
Countercurrentimmunoelectrophoresis as a diagnostic aid in meningoencephalitis in children
H P S Sachdev,M Deb,O P Ghai,R A Bhujwala,V Kalra
Circulating immune complexes in cervical cancer : simple method for detection and characterisation
Pradeep Seth,R V Srinivas
Presence of structurally abnormal molecules in monoclonal G immunoglobulins in human myelomas
Maharani Chakravorty,Ratan Mala Gupta,T Malati
Muramidase in relation to morphologic types of acute leukaemia
A Srivastava,B Dube,B B Sahu,Ramakanta Dube,V P Singh
Serum proteinase inhibitors in cerebrospinal fluid
A R Aroor,K A Krishnan,T N Pattabiraman
Serum haptoglobins in health and disease
A Salahuddin,Ghazala Bilgrami,S P Tyagi
Cerebrospinal fluid enzyme activity after hyaluronidase administration in spinal arachnoiditis
B S Sridhara Rama Rao,M Gourie Devi,M N Subhash
Bioavailability of chloramphenicol in presence of vitamin C and vitamin B complex
Ashok Omray,K C Varma
Modification of antifungal activity of econazole in presence of betamethazone
Bipin Nair,Ketan Shah,Shailaja Rao,V V Modi
Adrenergic reaction pattern in isolated rabbit atria at low temperatures
D Hammad,S Varma,S A Omar
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Immunology of Contraception
Management of Persons Accidently Contaminated with Radinuclides
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