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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 88

Original Article
Antibody response to lipopolysaccharide antigen in Shigella dysenteriae type 1 infection
A C Ghosh,A K Sinha,D Sen,M K Bhattacharya,M R Saha,S C Pal,S K Bhattacharya
Haemagglutination & electron microscopy of enterotoxigenic & nontoxigenic Escherichia coli
A Varghese,V G Ramachandran
Monoclonal antibodies against Mycobacterium avium / intracellular
Anthony R M Coates,C N Paramasivan,Denis A Mitchison,Douglas B Lowrie,Paul S Jackett
Phage types of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from the throats of school children
Santosh Saini,Uma Chaudhary,Uma Sabherwal
Comparison of ELISA with metabolism inhibition test for detection of Ureaplasma urealyticum antibodies in nongonococcal urethritis
Alka Gogate,Lina Deodhar,Manjiri Sonawala,Usha Joshi
Citrobacter as a frequent urinary pathogen in hospitalised patients
Ananthakrishnan Ramani,G N Kundaje,M S Rao,P G Shivananda,Rama Ramani
Status of biogenic amines in lungs of Mastomys natalensis during development of Brugia malayi infection
Anjulika Joshi,J K Saxena,P Kalpana Murthy,S Ghatak
Serological study of patients clinically suspected to have toxoplasmosis in Kashmir
C Wattal,M A Thokar,Nancy Malla
Toxic effect of seaweed extracts on mosquito larvae
K Kathiresan,T Subramonia Thangam
Extracts of Indian plants as mosquito larvicides
D A Evans,R Kaleysa Raj
Platelet functions in acute viral hepatitis
A J Veliath,H S Keshava Prasad,Prema Sivasankaran,Shashi Prakash
Serum & urinary follicle stimulating hormone in gastric carcinoma patients before & after gastrectomy
Anil R Sheth,Nandiai A Sheth,Pranoti S Mandrekar,Surekha A Shanbhag
Hepatic functions of albino rats during lactation
C R Maity,Utpal K Datta
Haemostatic status in prostatectomy & the effect of para-aminomethyl benzoic acid on anti-fibrinolysis
B Dube,K K Shukla,R K Dube,S S Ambasta
Prophylactic action of carbogen against noise induced hearing loss
R C Chaturvedi,R K Sharma,R M Rai
Glutathione & its redox system, superoxide anion & superoxide dismutases of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in essential hypertension
I Rahman,N Nath
Peri-anaesthetic variations in serum immunoglobulin levels
Iqbal Ahmad,Rashid M Khan,Tosifa Z Khan
Blood biochemical changes induced by insect repellent N, N-diethylphenylacetamide in rats
K M Rao,S S Rao,Shri Prakash
Neurochemical effects of phosphamidon on lipid fractions & lipid peroxidation in the rat central nervous system
Mahdi Hasan,S Saleem Haider,S M Z Naqvi
Insecticide induced acute neurobehavioural changes in rats & mice
A Sankaranarayanan,A K Agarwal,P L Sharma
Rehabilitative management of upper limb amputees.
S K Varma,Upinderpal Singh
Detection of HBsAg in circulating immune complexes in asymptomatic carriers & various hepatic disorders due to hepatitis B virus
B N Tandon,Hema Gupta
Comparison of sensitivity of Mycobacterium spp. to combinations of clavulanic acid & penicillins with certain antitubercular agents
A N Chakrabarty,C P Bhattacharya,Sujata G Dastidar
Hydrogen peroxide producing potential of alveolar macrophages & blood monocytes in pulmonary tuberculosis
P Selvaraj,P R Narayanan,R Prabhakar,Rajiswamy,V K Vijayan
Effect of subinhibitory concentration of gentamicin on adherence of Klebsiella aerogenes to uroepithelial cells in vitro
B R Panhotra,Bella Mahajan,Suman Lata Bhat
Stability of filaria diagnostic antigen (Brugia malayi)
A K Singh,J C Katiyar,K Tyagi,P Kalpana Murthy,R Chandra,V C Pandey
A sensitive ELISA for detection of circulating antigens in kala azar patients
Raghu Sinha,S Sehgal,Sunil K Arora
Role of microbial study in selection of subjects for in vitro fertilization & embryo transfer (IVF-ET)
Ajita P mehta,Indira N Hinduja,Kamala Gopalkrishnan,Phutane Latha
Interference of antithyroglobulin autoantibodies in serum thyroglobulin estimation by RIA
Ajay Kumar,B Rajashekharrao,D H Shah,S M Sharma
Serum HDL-cholesterol & urinary cholesterol in nephrotic syndrome
A Venkatesh,Annayya R Aroor,Meera Baliga,Nalini Bhaskaranand,P Vittal Rao,Sudhakar S Nayak
Globin synthesis in thalassemia syndromes among Indians— A preliminary report
Aruna R Pawar,H M Bhatia,Roshan S Pavri,Sangeeta R Naik
Platelet monoamine oxidase in unipolar & bipolar depression
J K Trivedi,Narottam Lat,P N Viswanathan,R P Singh
Effect of hormones on the development of various brush border enzymes across crypt-villus axis in rat intestine
A Mahmood,D Chakraborty,HS Babbar,Reena Gupta,V M S Jaswal
Effect of cellulose & ispaghula on intestinal function of hamsters maintained on diets of varying fibre content
R L Bijlani,S C Mahapatra,Usha Nayar
Development of paracetamol induced hepatocellular tolerance in albino rats
Arati Bhatia,S K Sood,Vikas
A preliminary report on influence of progesterone on bacterial multiplication in experimental mouse pyelonephritis
Kusum Kakar Harjai,Madhu Saraf,Saroj Sharma
Ocular biometry in primary angle closure glaucoma in Indians
H C Agarwal,N N Sood,R C Jain
Mechanism of anti-ulcerogenic effect of amentoflavone
G Das Gupta,R K Goel,S S Gambhir
Implications of prior BCG vaccination programmes in the community on the protective efficacy of new antileprosy vaccines
B Kishore Kumar,N G K Nair,P Jayabal,S Radhakrishna
Intraspecies differentiation of strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis obtained from Czechoslovakian, Mongolian and South Indian patients
C N Paramasivan,K J Ilampurnam,P Venkataraman,R Prabhakar
Protein sensitivity typing & protiein production by Proteus
D Pal,D R Arora,U Sabherwal
Blood leucocytes in Mastomys natalensis with filarial infections
A B Reddy,Manjari Mukherjee
Modulation of pathogenicity of Entamoeba histolytica by histamine
M A Khan,P C Sen
Malarial parasite density in infected pregnant women from Northern India
A N Gupta,R C Mahajan,R N Prasad,S L Sholapurkar
Circadian rhythm in serum acid phosphatase in young men with intravesical obstruction & elderly men with symptomatic prostatism
A K Mandal,Kewal Krishan,S Vaidyanathan,Y K Batra
HLA & other factors influencing survival of transplanted kidney
H M Bhatia,M M Mehta,Nafisa M Contractor,Uma A Chablani
Production & characterization of PL 1/54, a monoclonal antibody reactive with a functionally important platelet-associated antigen
A Das Gupta,M S Ashok Kumar,S C Shinde,S R Dhond
Cognitive functions in patients of primary affective disorder on prophylactic lithium treatment
L Sharma,P Singh
Validity of Schofields predictive equations for basal metabolic rates of Indians
M J Soares,P S Shetty
Prealbumin levels of cerebrospinal fluid in neurological disorders
M V Bimanpalli,P S Ghaswala
Alteration in systemic hemodynamics & regional brain blood flow by isoprenaline
Anil Gulati,B N Dhawan,R C Srimal
Wound healing profile of copper salts of enfenamic acid & ibuprofen
Ashok Kumar,C Mallikarjuna Rao,D R Kulkarni
Effect of oryzanol on fructose induced hypertriglyceridaemia in rats
G S Seetharamaiah,N Chandrasekhara
Role of acidosis in the changes of rat brain monoamines after methanol administration & effect of blocking methanol metabolism by 4-methyl pyrazole& 3-amino-l,2,4-triazole
A Namasivayam,P S Jeganathan
Amyloid & amyloid-like deposits in basal cell epithelioma
H L Arora,R Gupta,R L Solanki,S K Gaur,V K Anand
Increased level of myelin basic protein in cerebrospinal fluid of patients of Japanese encephalitis
J P Thakare,K Banerjee,R S Wadia,S N Ghosh
Safety & efficacy of Japanese encephalitis vaccine produced in India
Akira Oya,Dipa Gowal,Gurpal Singh,Isao Yoshioka,L N Rao Bhau,Masayoshi Kobayashi,S N Saxena
Host cellular response in bancroftian filariasis
P C Sen,P N Gupta,T M Mohapatra
Cytotoxic potentialities of surface specific antibodies & complement to Giardia lamblia trophozoites
Kum Kum,R Khanna,V K Vinayak
Protean manifestations of brucellosis encountered at Vellore
A M Cherian,B M Pulimood,Grace Koshi,J Sulochana,K V Mathai,L John,S Krishna Swami
Prognostic value of killer cell activity & circulating immune complex levels in patients with breast cancer
L K Sharma,Pradeep Seth,Smritikana Kundu
Modified filter paper strip technique for transportation & rapid isolation of streptococci from throat swabs
Abraham Joseph,Grace Koshi,K N Brahmadathan,Rajeswari Pandian
Mechanism of antifertility action of neem oil
A K Kain,J Bardhan,Pauline Thomas,Rajinder Parshad,S S Riar
Cell mediated immunity in selected andrologic conditions
Pratima C Merchant,Shanti M Shahani
Incidence of antibodies to nuclear antigens, platelets & circulating immune complexes in leukaemias
A T Chablani,H M Bhatia,S S Badakere
Lipid changes in red cell membrane in leukaemia
J Athar,M Suhail,S I Rizvi
Oxidative injury to the red cell in thalassaemia & the protective role of antioxidants
A J Baxi,H M Bhatia,Roshan S Pavri
Platelet MAO activity in first degree relatives of chronic schizophrenics
Archana Saxena,Ashutosh K Gupta,B B Sethi,J K Trivedi,P N Viswanathan
Effect of lithium carbonate on central thermoregulation in rabbits
P N Saxena,Pankaj Saxena,Veena Varshney
Aerobic-anaerobic transition level of Indian middle & long distance runners
A Goswami,A K Ghosh,G L Khanna,P Mazumdar
Elevation of plasma angiotensin levels in dogs by Indian red scorpion (Buthus tamulus) venom & its reversal by administration of insulin+tolazoline
A E Vakil,K Radha Krishna Murthy
Human papillomavirus & herpes simplex virus type 2 DNA sequences with chronic cervicitis & invasive cervical cancer
G K Rath,Harvinder Kaur,N Manjunath,P Seth,Vijay Bhargava
Strep A-chek test as presumptive test for identification of group A streptococci
A Lakshmy,A K Kapoor,K Prakash
Group A streptococci resistant to erythromycin & lincomycin
D Chattopadhya,K Prakash
In vitro susceptibility of thiamphenicol against Salmonella typhi
A Ayyagari,Arti Kapil,K C Agarwal,R K Garg
Comparison of L-asparaginase activity in different species of Vibrio
S L Chakrabarty,Samir K Roy,Susanta K Dey,Syamal K Raha
Autogenous vaccine therapy in human cutaneous staphylococcosis
A M Das,V L Paranjape
A simple & rapid Dot-ELISA dipstick technique for detection of antibodies to Entamoeba histolytica in amoebic liver abscess
M Sharma,A Saxena,S Ghosh,J C Samantaray,G P Talwar
Comparison of clotrimazole with nystatin in preventing oral candidiasis in neutropaenic patients
A Modi,B S Charak,P M Parikh,R Gopal,S D Banavali,S H Advani,T K Saikia
Seminal plasma & sperm antibody activity in vaginal fluid of infertile women
Amita Gupta,K Tewari,Rashid Ali
Vascular adrenoceptor sensitivity to graded doses of norepinephrine infusions in undernourished subjects
A V Kurpad,P S Shetty,R N Kulkarni
Role of imprint cytology in the diagnosis of lymphoproliferative disorders
G V Talvalkar,K Lakshminarayanan,S S Shrikhande
A protocol to detect neurological disorders in the community
M Gourie Devi,R Prakashi,V N Rao
Reversal of metabolic & electrocardiographic changes induced by Indian red scorpion (Buthus tamulus) venom by administration of insulin, alpha blocker & sodium bicarbonate
A E Vakil,K Radha Krishna Murthy,M E Yeolekar,Y E Vakil
Sperm immobilizing activity of betaine obtained from Malvaviscus conzattii flower extract
Anita Pakrashi,Basudeb Achari,Herambananda Ray,Nanda Ghoshal,Satyesh C Pakrashi
Coliform count in water sources in an urban slum community in Burdwan, West Bengal
Aparna Lahiri,H L Lahiri,S K Ray,Somen Das
Enterotoxigenicity & antibiotic resistance behaviour of Escherichia coli of animal origin
J N S Yadava,M A Choudhry,Mahipal Singh
Possible role of streptococci in pathogenesis of ankylosing spondylitis
A C Dwivedy,A K Gupta,A K Kapoor,G G Sanwal,L M Bahuguna
Plasmid mediated drug resistance in Shigella flexneri serotypes 1-6 during 1974-85
Afeworki Gebre Yohannes,Bohumil S Drasar
Effect of vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy on foetal growth
K Sangwan,R K Marya,S, Rathee,V Dua
Functional & phenotypic studies on leukaemic T cells from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Madhuri N Desai,R Somasundaram,S G Gangal,S H Advani
Platelet procoagulant activity & heterologous antiplatelet antibody
D Mohanty,K C Das,M I Quadri
Evidence to show HLA-linked susceptibility to rheumatic heart disease
B Jhinghan,K S Reddy,M C Vaidya,M L Bhatia,N K Mehra,R Tandon,S Srivastava,V Taneja
Effect of low dosage of polidocanol in treatment of esophageal varices in cirrhotic patients
D K Bhargava,K R Sundaram,M Dwivedi,S K Acharya
Blood carboxyhaemoglobin levels following acute exposure to smoke of biomass fuel
D Behera,S Dash,S K Malik
The enterocyte height & number in children with protracted diarrhoea
A D Phillips,J A Walker Smith,M Mathur,M K Bhan,V Khoshoo
Erythrocyte lipids in alcohol dependence
K Taranath Shetty,N Janakiramaiah,Rajat Ray,Sanjeev Jain
Erythrocyte Na+-K+ ATPase activity inhibition & increase in red cell fragility in experimental myocarditis produced by Indian red scorpion venom
A G Anita,B N Dave,F R Billimoria,K Radha Krishna Murthy
Ascending pyelonephritis model in Swiss Webster (LACA) mice
Kusum Harjai,Nivedita Sinha,Saroj Sharma
Postmortem changes of blood urea, creatinine, non-protein nitrogen, uric acid & ammonia levels in rabbit
J A Usmani,S J Rjzvi
Hypolipidemic effect of guar gum in rats & rabbits
Latika Singh,Swarn Nityanand
Histamine & kinin system in experimental malaria
B Sarangi,P K Kar,S Roy,S C Lahiri,U Bhattacharya
Short Research Communication
Treatment of 54 clinically diagnosed rabies patients with two survivals
Book Review
Infant mortality in India—Differentials and determinants
Sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia







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