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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 90

Original Article
Development, characterization & potential clinical use of monoclonal antibodies against human alphafoetoprotein
Kishore M Amin,Shubhada V Chiplunkar,Sudha G Gangal
Synergestic promoter effect of diethylstilbesterol & phenobarbitone in diethylnitrosamine induced hepatic neoplasia in rats
Arati Bhatia,S K Sood,V K Arora
Efficacy of serum sialoglycoproteins as a biomarker of the disease activity & treatment monitoring in patients with base tongue malignancy
B H Joshi,D B Balar,K E Chitnis,M B Joshi,P S Patel
Diagnostic value of carcinoembryonic antigen assay of pleural & peritoneal effusions in malignancy
A K Gandhi,M Nayar,M Chandra,N Bihari
Biochemical studies on the in vitro effect of doxepin on Mg2+ & (Na+, K+)-ATPases of human foetal & adult brain
Amit Sirkar,D Sengupta,Trishna Sengupta,Uttam Kumar Saha
A simple method for preparation of good quality cryoprecipitate
D Banerjee,D K Bhattacharya,Manisha De,S Chandra
Aminopyrine-N-demethylase activity of rat liver after administration of crude cannabis extract
N Sethi,P K Agnihotri,S Srivastava
Prevalence of haemoglobin D in Uttar Pradesh
C Verma,N Kohli,S S Agarwal,Sarita Agarwal,U R Gupta
Structural changes in human cervical mucus
Asok K Bhattacharyya,Tandra Pal
Effect of chronic opioid administration on glycosylated haemoglobin levels in heroin addicts
A Sood,M M S Ahuja,V Thakur
Lipids changes in alcoholic & non-alcoholic cirrhotics
B M Gandhi,D K Bhargava,Manisha Dwivedi,Sarita Manocha
Cardiac sarcolemma enzymes & liver microsomal cytochrome P450 in isoproterenol treated rats
Narinder K Kapoor,Surabhi Kaul
Protein synthesis in human foetal brain & liver
B K Samanta,K L Mukherjee
Effect of an Ayurvedic compound preparation on the ability of rat urine to influence mineral phase formation
I B Sofat,Nandini Mago,R K Jethi
Detection of haemophilia A traits in carriers
D Banerjee,D K Bhattacharya,Manisha De,S Chandra
Preliminary findings on skin conductance measures in schizophrenics & normal individuals in India
C R Mukundan,Catherine Joseph
Primitive neuroectodermal tumours of the central nervous system— An electron microscopic & immunohistochemical study
Chitra Sarkar,P N Tandon,Subimal Roy
Synergistic anticonvulsant action of diazepam & clonazepam with amino-oxyacetic acid against isoniazid-induced convulsions in rats
M S Krishnamoorthy,Vanaja Paul
Morphine-like activity of substituted amides and imides of D-Ala2, Met5-enkephalin.
R Raghubir,G K Patnaik,S D Sharma,B J Dhotre,K B Mathur,B N Dhawan
Significance of transplant perfusion index in the diagnosis of acute rejection in live related renal allograft recipients
A K Basu,A K Padhy,D Mital,I K Dhawan,K Gupta,K G Reddy,K K Malhotra,P G Gopinath,S C Tewari,S N Mehta
Alterations in testicular functions in patients of scrotal hydrocele
M P Singh,Mastan Singh,S R Chawdhary,T C Goel
Serum alpha-feto protein in amoebic liver abscess
M Irshad,M P Sharma,N Verma
An in vitro assessment of the genotoxic potential of pan masalas
A H Trivedi,B J Dave,S G Adhvaryu
The role of fine needle aspiration cytology of breast lumps in the management of patients
Kusum Kapila,Kusum Verma
Immunological cross reactivity & paraspecificity of the scorpion Heterometrus bengalensis antivenom
A Basu,A Gomes,Aparna Gomes,S C Das Gupta,S C Lahiri
Glycogen content & structure & some enzymes of glycogen metabolism in human foetal organs
Gitanjali Guha Thakurta,K L Mukherjee,Sukla Ghosh
Effect of capsaicin on triglyceride accumulation & secretion in ethanol fed rats
K Sambaiah,M N Satyanarayana
Platelet function in type I (insulin dependent) diabetes without vascular disease
A K Dinda,A K Saraya,Rajive Kumar
Effect of mid-day meal programme on physical growth & mental function
D K Agarwal,K N Agarwal,S K Upadhyay
Ultrastructure of spermatozoa & non spermatozoal cells in human semen in genital tract infections
Indira Hinduja,Kamala Gopalkrishnan,T C Anand Kumar
Glycerylphosphorylcholine levels in the coagulational groups of human ejaculates
Arabinda Mandal,Asok Kumar Bhattacharyya,Sandip Kumar Batabyal
Monoamineoxidase activity in certain brain regions associated with xanthurenic acid excretion in rats on oral contraceptive steroids
A K Ghosh,Manika Bandyopadhyay
Mitoxantrone & adriamycin cytotoxicity enhanced by reserpine in human chronic myeloid leukaemia cells
M P Chitnis,N S Kamath,S H Advani
Serum & cerebrospinal fluid ferritin levels in children with acute leukaemia
Ashok Srinivasan,N K Anand,S K Sood,Usha Rusia
Central alpha-adrenoceptor influence over the cardiovascular reflexes activated by veratrine
J N Sinha,K K Pant,S Gurtu
Preventive effect of trifluoperazine on atherosclerosis induced by cholesterol & adrenaline in rabbits
A Mohindroo,D Kaul,R S Kukreja
Efficacy & dose-response of intrathecal pentazocine for postoperative pain relief
G R Gode,M K Arora,Rajiv Chawla,Ravi Saksena
Role of dopaminergic mechanisms in the central amygdalar nucleus in the regulation of stress-induced gastric ulcer formation in rats
A Ray,P G Henke
Relationship of immunoglobulins with the number & duration of schizophrenic episodes
J K Trivedi,N Lal,S C Tiwari,S L Varma
Evaluation of goblet cells in conjunctival impression cytology by multiple-step & two-step staining techniques
Barbara A Underwood,Savitri Sharma
Serum phospholipid fractions measured by two dimensional thin layer chromatography in normal pregnancy
A Ghosh,B Mitra,C S Dawn,S Chaudhuri,S K Batabyal
Influence of malnutrition on social maturity, visual motor coordination & memory in rural school children
D K Agarwal,K N Agarwal,S K Upadhyay
Protein energy ratio as a critical factor in determining growth & glycogen content of muscles in rats
I D Saxena,K S Rao,M B Mandal,S B Deshpande
Coagulation abnormalities in systemic lupus erythematosus
A K Saraya,A N Malaviya,K Padmakumar,R Rai,R R Singh,Renu Saxena
Effect of post-hypoxic acclimatization on extremity temperature during exposure to acute cold stress in man
C S Nair,D Misra,R K Gauttam
Restriction endonuclease analysis of DNA in sickle cell lesions among tribals of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat & Rajasthan
R C Jain
Immunological status of patients of Eales disease
H R Chakkalath,Kalpana Rengarajan,P Namperumalsamy,VR Muthukkaruppan
Clinical pharmacological studies on centpropazine—A new antidepressant compound
A N Tangri,B N Dhawan,O P Asthana,P P Gupta
Effect of trisodium pentetat on the distribution of cadmium in some body organs & on hepatic metallothionein in rats
S J S Flora,S K Tandon
Synergistic effect of allyl isopropyl acetamide with cadmium on hepatic heme synthesis in chick embryo
A R K Prasad,K Datta
Effect of centrally administered glucagon on liver glycogen & enzymes in anaesthetised dogs
G Jaiswal,G C Agarwala,R Mishra,V Bapat
Effect of dorsal hippocampal lesion compared to dorsal hippocampal blockade by atropine on reference memory in vision deprived rats
A Noronha,J F Mascarenhas,M D Nagwekar,R A Dhume
Bronchoalveolar lavage study in victims of toxic gas leak at Bhopal
B S Darbari,K Sankaran,N P Misra,V K Vijayan,V P Pandey,Y Mehrotra
Impact of acute diarrhoea & oral rehydration solution on nutritional status of preschool children
B N S Walia,S K Gambhir,S R Sroa,S Singhi
Efficacy & safety of glycine fortified oral rehydration solution in the treatment of acute dehydrating diarrhoea in children
A K Sinha,D Dutta,H N Mukerjee,J N Nashipuri,M K Bhattacharya,P Dutta,S C Pal,S K Bhattacharya,U Mitra
Influence of malnutrition on intellectual development
Dev K Agarwal,K N Agarwal,S K Upadhyay
Ponderal index as a marker of intrauterine growth
Arun Kumar,Man Mohan,S R Shiv Prasad,Vinod Kapani
Effect of vitamin A deficiency on rat intestinal digestive & absorptive functions
Mridul J Chauhan,Vinod K Kansal
Comparative evaluation of oral prostaglandin E2 & intravenous oxytocin for induction of labour
K Atam,M Kalia,M Kochhar
Detection of alpha thalassaemia in sickle cell trait patients by Hb-Barts screening & quantitation of Hb-A & Hb-S
R C Misra
Strain dependent & selective modulation of murine humoral immune response by carrageenan
V Palanivel,VR Muthukkaruppan
Effect of vitamin E on the severity of myocardial infarction induced by isoproterenol
Abraham Varghese,D Muraleedharan,S Sushama Kumari,Venugopal P Menon
Hepatoprotective activity of silymarin against hepatic damage in Mastomys natalensis infected with Plasmodium berghei
B N Dhawan,N K Kapoor,Ramesh Chander
Modulation of immunosuppression in obstructive jaundice by Tinospora cordifolia
H M Nazareth,N N Rege,R D Bapat,S A Dahanukar
Atypical cilia in the choroid plexus of guineapig
C Madhavi,M Jacob
Sinusoidal endothelial hyperplasia in pathogenesis of perilobular fibrosis in rabbit after experimental ligation of common bile duct
A Faruqi,A K Verma,D N Kaushik,F Hameed,M Azfar,M I Hasan,M Naim
Irritable bowel syndrome : therapeutic evaluation of indigenous drugs
A K Jain,J P Gupta,S K Yadav,S N Tripathi
Book Review
Biology of the peoples of Indian region
Biology of the peoples of Indian region
Carcinogenicity of alkylating cytostatic drugs
The Rajasthan health scenario
Trends in cancer incidence in Singapore
The pharmacological action of an alkaloid obtained from Rauwolfia serpentina, Benth A preliminary note
Endemic flurorsis in South India A study of the factors involved in the production of mottled enamel in children and severe bone manifestations in adults







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