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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 96

Original Article
Estrogen & progesterone receptors measurement in breast cancer with enzyme-immunoassay & correlation with other prognostic factors
A A Redkar,I Mittra,S S Kabre
Incidence & immunological profile of multiple myeloma patients
Asif Ali,S Bisati,S A Siddiqui
Etiology of febrile episodes in children with acute lymphocytic leukaemia
G K Ratht,L Tokuhochishi,L S Arya,Usha Gupta,V P Choudhry
Protective & risk DR phenotypes in Asian Indian patients with rheumatoid arthritis
A N Malaviya,C Anand,N K Mehra,S Kailash,Veena Taneja
Immunoreactivity with S100 protein as an indicator of pregnancy
Sarla Agarwal,Usha Rani Singh
Atmospheric temperature & anovulation in south Indian women with primary infertility
As Mohammed,John A Thomas,Karuna Rameshkumar
Evaluation of a home care programme for the mentally retarded children through training of the mother
Poonam Kapoor,S K Verma,V K Varma
Organ weights in autopsy cases from an urban apex hospital
A Nagaratnam,A R Reddy,N Chandrashekhar,S C Jain,S C Mehta,T D Dogra
Importance of periodic measurements in evaluating feeding programmes
Shobha Rao,Smita Joshi
Effect of skim milk on progression of atherosclerosis in cholesterol-fed rabbits
Rajeev A K Aggarwal,V K Kansal
Influence of serum albumin & total protein on fructosamine measurement
B S Das,S Mohanty,S K Satpathy,T K Bose
Effect of acute & chronic imipramine treatment on glucose homeostasis
A Awasthi,B Gupta,B P Jaju
Morphometry of mitochondria in the choroidal ependyma of hydrocephalic guineapigs
C Madhavi,M Jacob
Auditory evoked response in patients of diabetes mellitus
L Thakur,M L Sapra,R C Chaturvedi,R M Dhamija,S Mukhopadhyay,W Selvamurthy
Prevalence & pathogenesis of hypophosphatemia in ventilated patients
A M Cherian,A S Kanagasabapathy,D Charles,David Srinivasagam,J V Peter,M S Seshadri
Secondary immune defects in non-Hodgkins lymphoma
K V S Bhaskar,Kiranjit Kaur,S Sehgal,S C Varma,U Datta
Characterization of G6PD Rohini — a new class III Indian variant
M B Mukherjee,Roshan Colah,Snehalata Gupte,V C Mudera,Zumera Sayyed
Intermittent intravenous pulse cyclophosphamide treatment in systemic lupus erythematosus
A Kumar,A N Malaviya,K Ramachandaran,P C Negi,R Malaviya,R Sindhwani,R K Ahuja,R R Singh,S D Khare,U N Bhuyan,Y N Singh
In vitro effect of intravenous immunoglobulin supplementation on serum opsonic activity in tracheostomised patients
D Karnard,G H Tilve,N A Kshirsagar,R S Chandra,U P Dandekar
Alloimmunisation to platelet transfusions in the Indian patients
Ajeet Taneja,Ambika Nanu
Epidemiological study of coronary heart disease in Gujaratis in Delhi (India)
K Ramachandran,N Gopinath,S L Chadha
A rapid survey on substance abuse disorders in the urban slums of New Delhi
A Chopra,D Mohan,Hem Sethi,N G Desai
Antihistaminic efficacy of Ranitidine with & without Dimethendine maleate on histamine-induced cutaneous reactions
C K Chauhan,S R Shahani
Comparative influence of vanillin & capsaicin on liver & blood lipids in the rat
M R Srinivasan,N Chandrasekhara
Comparative study on determination of a-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme LDH-1 by adsorption on DEAE Sephadex A-50 & electrophoresis
A V Sirsat,M M Khanolkar
Computed tomographic evaluation of pineal calcification
Harsh Rastogi,Neera Kohli,S Bhadury,V K Tandon
Antimutagenic activity of plumbagin in Ames Salmonella typhimurium test
H Polasa,Padma Sridhar,Rama Durga
Fibrinolytic activity in bleeding associated with intrauterine contraceptive devices
A K Biswas,A K Khanna,Anuradha Khanna,B Dubey
Post-coital antifertility activity of the marine plant, Achrostichum aureum L. in rat
B S Setty,D S Bhakuni,J D Dhar,V Lakshmi
Immunosuppression by human seminal plasma as evaluated by effect on natural killer cell cytotoxicity
John M Bartkus,Richard J Ablin
Socio-economic differentials in mothers at risk based on pre-pregnancy weights & heights
L K Samuel,P S S Rao
Distribution of iodine in marine foods from different regions of India
D Sreeramulu,S V Suryanarayana Rao
Inhibition of aflatoxin production & growth of Aspergillus flavus by eugenol & onion & garlic extracts
A K Sinha,K K Sinha,K S Bilgrami
Peroxidative changes in experimental diabetes mellitus
J S Suresh Kumar,V P Menon
Psychological assessment of blood related renal donors
Anju Sarup,Kusum Sharma,R V S Yadav,Vijoy K Varma
Antibiotics & glycosaminoglycan metabolism in rats
K S Vijayalakshmi Amma,S Leelamma
Lipofuscin accumulation in ageing myocardium & its removal by meclophenoxate
I K Patro,Nisha Patro,S P Sharma
Confidence intervals in medical research
B N Murthy,N G K Nair,P Jayabal,R Jayasri,S Radhakrishna
Ultrastructural study of mixed growth hormone & prolactin secreting pituitary adenomas
A K Dinda,Chitra Sarkar,Kusum Kharbanda,N Kochupillai,P N Tandon,Subimal Roy
Incidence of abnormalities in sperm morphology as an indicator of its fertilizing potential
Indira Hinduja,Kamala Gopalkrishnan,T C Anand Kumar
Neutralization potency of Russells viper venom toxoid antivenom, as compared with standard antivenom
A K Hati,M Mandal,R N Hati
DNA analysis of breast cancer by flow cytometry & correlation with other prognostic parameters
A A Redkar,A N Bhisey,B R Balsara,I Mittra,M B Sampat
Impairment in cellular protein phosphorylation by mitogen activated lymphocytes from patients with Hodgkins disease
R N Damle,S G Gangal,S H Advani
Isolation & characterization of angiogenic factors from cultured cells & conditioned media
Sucheta Kulkarni,Y I Shethna
Immunohistochemical, ultrastructural & immunoelectron microscopic study of glial fibrillary acidic protein in corpora amylacea
A K Dinda,Chitra Sarkar,Kusum Kharbanda,S Roy
Energy intake & resting metabolic rate of young Indian men & women
M K Gokhale,S A Chiplonkar,S T Mane,V V Agte,V V Kulkarni
Reliability of skinfold calipers as a tool for measuring body fat in human beings
A K Bhalla,B N S Walia,S Suri
Use of rat jejunum for assay of acetylcholine
A A Bashir,K Vasudevan,P S R K Haranath,V Vasanthi
Analysis of the major surfactant-associated proteins in human lung
A Wali,K Dhall,R Juneja,S Majumdar,S N Sanyal
Ascorbic acid status in uremics
Arvind Kumar Gupta,Manjuli Rani Sharma,Rana Gopal Singh,Sheo Shanker Dubey,Usha
Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase of mice erythrocytes & synaptosomes by dimethylsulfoxide
S K Jagota
Influence of exposure to tobacco smoke on serum alpha fetoprotein levels of women in midtrimester pregnancy
Alyson Skinner,Kevin Lawton,Matthews Mathai,Michael Weindling
Serum lipids & lipoprotein profiles of cigarette smokers & passive smokers
A K Bansal,C B Singh,G L Soni,J Whig
Effect on curcumin on cholesterol gall-stone induction in mice
M S Hussain,N Chandrasekhara
Effect of three antibacterial drugs in lowering blood & stool ammonia production in hepatic encephalopathy
A M Cherian,Kanakasabapathy,Kurien Thomas,Thomas Alexander
Detection of gene deletion in patients of Duchenne muscular dystrophy/Becker muscular dystrophy using polymerase chain reaction
B Mittal,R D Mittal,S Pradhan,S Sinha
Induction of sister chromatid exchanges in phenytoin treated & untreated patients with epilepsy
J K Tandon,K Kucheria,M C Maheswari,Neelam Taneja,S Jain
Effect of alcohol on serum lipids & lipoproteins in male drinkers
L M Srivastava,M C Pant,Suman Vasisht
An interactive image analysis system for quantitative cytology & to classify cervical cells
B V Ramesh,C A Verghese,D Hazarika,K S Hegde,V C Padaki
A simple radioassay for detection of antithyroglobulin autoantibodies
Ajay Kumar,D H Shah
An immunoradiometric assay for measurement of serum thyroglobulin
A Velumani,Ajay Kumar,B Rajashekharrao,D H Shah
Detection of human papilloma virus types 16 & 18 DNA in cervical lesions of Indian women using in situ hybridization
H Kaur,K Verma,P Seth,S Sarkar
Volume of semen as a parameter of its quality
Indira N Hinduja,Kamala Gopalkrishnan,T C Anand Kumar
Cytogenetic investigations in Down syndrome patients & their parents
I M Thomas,S Hegde,S Rajangam
Serum leucine amino peptidase levels as a marker in testicular tumours
A V Sirsat,M M Khanolkar,M R Kamat,V H Deshmane
Book Review
Psychiatric social work in India
Chromosomes, 3rd ed.
Dictionary of Indian folk medicine and ethnobotany
Accidents in childhood and adolescence: The role of research
Population education: A national source book, Vol.I
Food and health data: Their use in nutrition policy making
Textbook of preventive and social medicine
Clinical pharmacology : The European challenge
Evaluation of methods for the treatment of mental disorders
Community genetics services in Europe Report on a survey
Essential elements of obstetric care at first referral
R. Ghoshs modem concepts on pharmacology and therapeutics
Surface water drainage for low income communities
Book Received
Ethics and epidemiology : International guidelines
Health promotion and chronic illness, Discovering a new quality of health
Basic tests for pharmaceutical dosage forms
Strategies for assessing the safety of foods produced by biotechnology
Health dimensions of economic reform







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