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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 98

Original Article
Emerging concepts in the management of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Vinod Kochupillai
Prognostic significance of myeloperoxidase containing blast cells in acute myelogenous leukaemia
C N Nair,K S Nadkarni,P A Kurkure,R Gopal,R S Iyer,S H Advani,S K Pai,T K Saikia,U P Hegde,V R Pai
Ultrastructural changes in esophageal mucosa of chronic tobacco chewers
H G Desai,K Shankaran,Q Q Contractor,R H Kalro,S V Kandarkar
A field study on follow up at 10 years of prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease & peak expiratory flow rate
S K Jindal
Effect of aspirin on isoproterenol induced changes in lipid metabolism in rats
C S Shyamala Devi,T S Manjula
Enhancement of anti-inflammatory activity of aspirin by verapamil
Ch Kasi Viswanadham,P A Patil
Frusemide-induced diabetes mellitus in insulin pretreated rabbits as an experimental model
C C Sahana,C R Maity,D Sarkar,D N Das,G Roy,K Ray,M K Chowdhury,S Mondal,S B Chaudhuri
Characterization of drowning by diatom test
Bandla S Giri,C B Tripathi,Y B K Chowdary
Effect of nicotine administration on lipid metabolism in rats
M S Latha,P A Kurup,P L Vijayammal
Postoperative pulmonary complications in patients with preoperative lung disease
H L Kaul,J N Pande,K R Sundaram,Lokesh Kashyap,Monica Khoshoo
Immunocytochemical detection of prolactin binding sites in fine needle aspiration smears of breast lesions
Anuj Goel,Kusum Lata Mishra,Padam Kumari Agarwal,Sandeep Kumar,Sarita Tandon
A hospital-based study on the use of paramedical personnel for clinical downstaging of cancer cervix
K Verma,P N Anandalakshmy,R Sharma,S Batra,V L Bhargava
A preliminary open trial on interferon stimulator (SNMC) derived from Glycyrrhiza glabra in the treatment of subacute hepatic failure
A Tandon,B N Tandon,S Dasarathy,S K Acharya,Y K Joshi
Preclinical & pharmaceutical testing of liposomal amphotericin B
N A Kshirsagar,P C Gokhale,R N Kotwani,S K Pandya,S Y Dange
Lactose intolerance in idiopathic ulcerative colitis in north Indians
Dolly Gupta,J J Mukherjee,M K Goenka,R Kochhar,S K Mehta,S V Rana
Effect of phenobarbitone on pituitary gland of male albino mice
D Chakraborty,S Karanth
Evaluation of a modified IRMA for anti-D quantitation, using 3H protein A
Almitra Dumasia,Snehalata Gupte
Changing profile of haematogenous osteomyelitis in a teaching hospital
G N Khare,N Bhalla,S K Saraf,S V Sharma
Effect of tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate on hen nervous system
A K Bhattacharyya,S K Biswas,Sujata Biswas
T-cell antigen receptor gamma chain polymorphisms in Type 1 diabetes
Eesh Bhatia,R A Jackson
Adrenal function & the pattern of glucocorticoid induced eosinopenia in tropical pulmonary eosinophilia
A S Kanagasabapathy,Debidas Ray
Screening for genital chlamydial infection in symptomatic women
Aruna Mittal,Sujala Kapur,Sunanda Gupta
A case control study of selenium in cancer
K Krishnaswamy,M P R Prasad,S Pasricha,T P Krishna
Differential patterns of malnutrition among kindergarten children in Pune city
Leena Karkhanis,Shobha Rao
Effect of feeding high fat, high fiber diet on brush border enzymes in mice intestine
Akhtar Mahmood,Jyotdeep Kaur,Reena Gupta,Virender M S Jaswal
Dermatoglyphic patterns of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
C Anand,N K Mehra,Neelam Taneja,Veena Taneja
Serum protein, ascorbic acid & iron & tissue collagen in oral submucous fibrosis—a preliminary study
C D Anuradha,C S Shyamala Devi
Serum, CSF, RBC & urinary levels of magnesium & calcium in idiopathic generalised tonic clonic seizures
A K Sood,B S Gupta,R Handa,R C Malhotra
Dopaminergic involvement in the effects of piracetam on foot shock induced aggression in mice
C Nath,K K Pant
Role of enteral hyperalimentation in patients of carcinoma oesophagus
B M L Kapur,M C Misra,R Parshad,Y K Joshi
Loading dose diazepam therapy for alcohol withdrawal state
B M Tripathi,B S Chavan,S Manikant
Midazolam as an induction agent in mitral stenosis patients for closed mitral commissurotomy
G D Puri,H Singh,J S Gujral,P Chari,S Palvannan
Experimental studies on the treatment of frostbite in rats
P C Chhabra,S S Purkayastha,S S Verma,W Selvamurthy
Stimulation of gastric acid secretion by central administration of FMRFamide in rats
A V Muthal,C T Chopde
Effect of some steroidal & non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on purified goat brain cathepsin L
H Singh,Neera Raghav,R C Kamboj
Effect of toxaphene toxicity on enzyme activity & residue levels in vital organs of guineapig
G Durairaj,J Chandra
Detection & elimination of preanalytical errors in the determination of zinc in biological samples
A S Kanagasabapathy,Geetha Srikrishna,M S Seshadri,Punnoose Mathew,S Swaminathan
Application of silver colloidal staining method in the diagnosis of intracranial glioma
D Rout,N S Radhakrishnan,V V Radhakrishnan
Identification of infertile couples in a rural area of northern India
A J Singh,L K Dhaliwal
Comparative evaluation of dopamine infusion & treadmill exercise tests in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease
Abha Dua,D Sharma,S B Siwach
Effect of halothane exposure on motor skills & memory in anaesthetists
Dwarka Pershad,Hariwir Singh,P R Dhananjaya,S K Malhotra
A prospective clinico-bacteriological study of internal jugular cannulation in a critical care unit
A Bhattacharya,A Gurnani,G Revathi,P Kumar
Motor nerve conduction velocity & Hoffmans reflex latency in newborns
K Satya,M N Singh,R D Bhatia,S K Gupta,U Prakash
Evaluation of a sports specific training programme in badminton players
A Ahuja,A Goswami,A K Ghosh
Recording of auditory middle latency evoked potentials during the practice of meditation with the syllable OM
Shirley Telles,T Desiraju
Effect of ginger on platelet aggregation in man
A Bordia,J Singh,R Khamesra,S K Verma
Collagen, zinc & iron contents of rat skin irradiated with chronic low-dose X-ray
A K Das,J Chatterjee,K De,S K Basu
Effect of exposure of foetal red cells to hydrogen peroxide
E O Agbedana,M Ramachandran,M H Etukudo
Effect of the lack of melatonin signal on the 02 uptake in sexual nervous structures in male rats
B Diaz Lopez,B Marin Fernandez,Colmenero Urquijo,E Menendez Abraham
Nasal mucociliary clearance & mucus pH in patients with diabetes mellitus
Ashok Sachdeva,O P Sachdeva,S P Gulati,V Kakkar
Serum ß-N-acetylhexosaminidase, carcinoembryonic antigen & sialic acid in benign & malignant extrahepatic biliary obstruction
K L Khanduja,N K Saha,S M Bose
Humoral immunological profile of workers exposed to asbestos in asbestos mines
A B Karnik,A M Suthar,K Venkaiah,M M Patel,S K Dave,S K Kashyap,S K Nigam
Chest malignancies & serum immunoglobulin E
A S Kanagasabhapathy,Debidas Ray,Kunal Saha
Zinc, copper & iron contents in cooked foods & estimates of their daily intakes in young hostel residents
M K Gokhale,S A Chiplonkar,V V Agte
Acute haemolytic episodes & fava bean consumption in G6PD deficient Iraqis
Hassan I Yahya,Nasir A S Al Allawi
Acinar cells free pure islets for transplantation from Indian bonnet monkeys
F Stanley Mangalakumar Robert,P Zachanah,Soosaiah Gunasekaran
Characterisation of the routes of methionine transport in mouse mammary glands
Neelam Verma,Vinod K Kansal
Lipid peroxide metabolism in oophorectomised rats
K T Sreelathakumari,S Leelamma,Venugopal P Menon
Isolation & cryo-preservation of human foetal articular chondrocytes
Arati Bhatia,C K Bhatia,G K Vishwakarma,Gita Ashok Raj,M S Lamba
Book Review
Herbal medicine for human health
Nutrition in developmental transition in South-East Asia
Proceedings of Nutrition Society of India
Treatment of skin diseases
Tobacco or health: Status in the Americas, A report of the Pan American Health Organisation
The epidemiology of human papillomavirus and cervical cancer
Teaching for better learning: A guide for teachers of primary health care staff, 2nd ed.
Neurological anatomy
Guidelines for the organization of a blood transfusion service
Mental handicap among rural Indian children
Food poisoning and food hygiene
Health Monitor, Vol. 1. No.1
Recent advances in cardiology
Health education for quality of life
Manual of clinical methods
Clinical neurology
Diabetes mellitiis and its complications—an update
Site selection for new hazardous waste management facilities
Child mental health in India
Health care for the poor in Latin America and the Caribban Carraelo Mesa-Lago
The elderly population in developed and developing world : policies, problems and perspectives
Book Received
Cervical cancer screening programmes, Managerial guidelines
Evahtatlon of recent changes in the financing of health services
Recent advances in medically assisted conception
Drag utilization studies: methods and uses







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