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Contents Indian J Med Res Volume 99

Original Article
Protective response in guineapigs exposed to Mycobacterium avium intracellulare/M. scrofulaceum, BCG & south Indian isolates of M. tuberculosis
C N Paramasivan,Daniel Herbert,R Prabhakar
Diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis by ELIS A test
Lakshmi Srivastava,S Prasanna,V K Srivastava
Purification & antigenicity of Salmonella newport enterotoxin
H Rahman,S D Harne,V D Sharma
Comparative evaluation of labelling intensity for detection of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli
B S Karothia,S S Lahiri
Influence of N-terminal amino acids & conjugation position to carrier on specificities of antibodies elicited by malaria peptides
Champa Wickremaratne,R Ramasamy
Toxoplasma gondii infection & its association with iodine deficiency in a residential school in a tribal area of Maharashtra
C S Pandav,M G Karmarkar,Niti Singh,R Pandav,S Singh
Epidemiological study of hypertension in young (15-24 yr) Delhi urban population
A K Sood,N Gopinath,R Tandon,S Shekhawat,S L Chadha,S P S Bindra
Cardiovascular reactivity to cold pressor test in offspring of normotensive & hypertensive parents
Lakshmi Ahuja,P Kaur,Veena Walia
Development of anti-idiotypic antibodies to HLA antigens during pregnancy
R K Sharma,Raj Kishore,S S Agarwal,Suraksha Agrawal
Pharmacological actions of the venom of the Indian catfish (Plotosus canius Hamilton)
A Gomes,B Auddy,M I Alam
Transfusion associated HIV infection in patients with haematologic disorders in southern India
A Srivastava,D Dennison,M Chandy,N K Saraswathi,P George Babu,T Jacob John,V Bhushan
Comparison of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis & silver staining method with ELISA for rotavirus detection
Anita Chakravarti,Zeeba Hakim
Detection of albumin & immunoglobulin on surface of Brugia malayi mf by immunofluorescence
Jayanti Mania,S K Kar
Strip ELISA for the detection of IgG antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii
G M Bhopale,S R Naik
Antifungal activity of allylamine derivatives
Pankajalakshmi V Venugopal,Taralakshmi V Venugopal
Effect of cigarette smoking on thyroid hormone homeostasis
K K Banerjee,P Mari Muthu
Isolation & chemical composition of lung surfactant from human amniotic fluid
A Gupta,S Majumdar,S N Sanyal
Effect of leucopelargonin derivative from Ficus bengalensis Linn. on diabetic dogs
C G Sheela,C R Sudhakaran Nair,K T Augusti,Reji Susan Daniel,Sheeja Cherian
Some behavioural effects of chloroquine in rats suggesting dopaminergic activation
G J Amabeoku
The appearance & spread of Vibrio cholerae 0139 in India
Mary V Jesudason,T Jacob John
Cholera outbreak due to Vibrio cholerae serogroup 0139 in Yavatmal (Maharashtra) in March-July, 1993
R P Fule,S V Jalgaonkar
Characteristics of Vibrio cholera 0139 strains isolated in Sevagram (Maharashtra) during April-August 1993
D K Mendiratta,Jyoti Kannathe,P Narang,V Deotale,V Wasekar,V K Ramnani
Emergence of Vibrio cholerae serogroup 0139 in Haryana in May - June 1993
Rama Sikka,U Sabherwal
Outbreak of gastroenteritis due to a new strain of non O group 1 Vibrio cholerae, in Ludhiana in May-August 1993
H Prabhakar,Harjit Kaur,Madan Lal
Anti-66 kDa antileishmanial antibodies as specific immunodiagnostic probe for visceral leishmaniasis
D Mahajan,N Singla,R C Sobti,S Sundar,V K Vinayak
Cultivation of buffalo green monkey kidney cells persistently infected with hepatitis A virus
K Banerjee,M A Srinivasan,Madhuri Bokil,Shobha D Chitambar,Smita Murthy Grewal
Mosquito repellency & toxicity of isomeric N, N-diethyltolylacetamides
K M Rao,N Gopalan,N Sikder,S S Rao,Shri Prakash,V K Vinod
MC540 induced photosensitization of glioma & neuroblastoma cells
Mrinalini Sharma,Nanda B Joshi,Preeti G Joshi
Effects of short-term isotonic & isometric training on cardiovascular & pulmonary function
Kalyani Premkumar,S Walter
Effect of hypervitaminosis A on intestinal digestive & absorptive functions in rat
A K Ghosh,Mitali Sinha
Comparison of the indirect immunofluorescence assay with Western blot for the detection of HIV antibody
P George Babu,Priya Abraham,T Jacob John
First isolation of Japanese encephalitis virus from the mosquito, Culex tritaeniorhynchus Giles, 1901 (Diptera: Culicidae) in Gorakhpur district, Uttar Pradesh
H N Kaul,M A Ilkal,P C Kanojia,P S Shetty,R S Soman,U Pant
Field evaluation of formalin inactivated Kyasanur forest disease virus tissue culture vaccine in three districts of Karnataka state
C N Dandawate,G B Desai,K Banerjee,T R Achar
Validity of new phage typing scheme against Vibrio cholerae 01 biotype ElTor strains
B L Sarkar,M K Roy,M R Saha,S K Niyogi,S P De
Correlation of phospholipase A & enterotoxin production by Salmonella typhimurium with reference to virulence parameters
K L Bairy,Krishnananda,Mamatha Shetty,P G Shivananda
Virulence & pathogenicity of Yersinia enterocolitica under different test systems
Ajit Singh,D K Sharma,J S Mahal,M S Kalra
A simple medium without blood modified for successful isolation & cultivation of LD bodies
A K Hati,D C Das,H Mukherjee,Jharna Bhattacharya
Morphological & immunohistochemical spectrum in anorectal malignancies
Arati Bhatia,Sanjay Gupta
Fibronectin levels in Indian neonates in health & disease
A Nanu,A Taneja,D Agarwal,V K Paul
Physical growth pattern for boys (9-18 yr) from rural West Bengal
Anindita Mandal,Satipati Chatterjee
Rising trend in the prevalence of HIV infection among blood donors
B Ramani Pulimood,Nisha Bhushan,P George Babu,T Jacob John
The role of immunological & virological techniques in the diagnosis of herpes simplex encephalitis
A Chandramuki,A Sreedharan,K R Vani,P Satishchandra,Poornima K Shenoy,S K Shankar,V Ravi
Transferable beta lactam resistance against cephalosporins in Salmonella typhimurium strains in India
H Singh,P C John,Parvinder Kaur,R Bhatia
Development & use of antichlamydial monoclonal antibodies for rapid diagnosis of follicular conjuctivitis
Gita Satpathy,S K Panda,Sujata Mohanty
Biochemical basis of DDT-resistance in Aedes aegypti population from a dengue affected area in Shahjahanpur city
A C Mishra,D T Mourya,M D Gokhale
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in HLA-DR4-DQ3 haplotypes associated with rheumatoid arthritis
A N Malaviya,N K Mehra,Veena Taneja
Incidence of neural tube defects at Lucknow over a 10 year period from 1982-1991
A Misra,Anita K Sharma,K Das,M Kamboj,M Upreti,P Mehra,S Dhasmana,S S Agarwal
Transcutaneous bilirubinometry in the management of bilirubinemia in term neonates
A Kumar,M M A Faridi,N Singh,S H Ahmad
Acute histopathological changes induced by methyl isocyanate in lungs, livfer, kidneys & spleen of rats
K Jeevaratnam,S Sriramachari
In vitro anti-vaccinia virus activity of some marine plants
K Chandra,K Kathiresan,M Premanathan,S K Bajpai
Indigenous anti-hepatitis A virus IgM capture ELISA for the diagnosis of hepatitis A
K Banerjee,M M Gore,Madhuri Bokil,Shobha D Chitambar,Smita Murthy Grewal,Vidya A Arankalle
Carriage of Gardnerella vaginalis in the urethra of Indian men
Bhushan Kumar,Meera Sharma
Studies on the filariasis vector—Culex quinquefasciatus at Kanchrapara, West Bengal (India)
G Chandra,S K De
Platelet functions & lipid profile within 24 hours following an attack of TIA, thrombotic & haemorrhagic stroke
A M Kar,R C Srimal,R K Garg,S Agarwal,S P S Gaur
Cytogenetic studies on patients of acute lymphoblastic leukemia Burkitts type with (8;14) & (14;18) translocations()
B Gladstone,P R Kadam,B R Balsara,S K Pai,R Gopal,C N Nair,P M Parikh,T Saikia,S H Advani
Electron microscopic observations in gastric mucosa of habitual tobacco chewers
H G Desai,K Shankaran,Q Q Contractor,R H Kalro,S V Kandarkar
A cross-sectional study of subcutaneous fat in well-off north west Indian children()
G Pathmanathan,S Prakash
Sensory nerve conduction during cold pressor response in humans
Anand Sethi,N Vaney,O P Tandon
Importance of monitoring calcium & calcium related properties in carrier detection for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
A Anjaneyulu,B Shailaja,C Kusuma Kumari,G Jagadeesh,Lavanya Moses,M P J S Anandaraj
Mechanism of aspirin induced neural tube defect in chick embryo
Anita Kotwani,Bhanu Iyengar,V L Mehta
Book Review
A handbook of psychiatry,
Parasitology (Protozoology and helminthology)
Instruments, operations, drugs in obstetrics and gynecology
Basic epidemiology
Colour atlas of dermatology
Treatment of tuberculosis-Guidelines for National Programmes
Mechanisms of carcinogenesis in risk identification
Health statistics from the Americas
Management of rural health care delivery system : Role and performance of the multipurpose health workers
Changing human reproduction
Prevention of disabilities in patients with leprosy : A practical guide
A practical approach to reconstructive surgery
Biostatistics : Perspectives in health care research & practice
Wholesome nutrition for mind, body & microflora : The goal of lacto-vegetarianism
Book Received
The urban health crisis - Strategies for Health for All in the face of rapid urbanization
Guidelines for drinking-water quality, vol. 1
Evaluation of certain veterinary drug residues in food
Indian medicinal plants — A compendium of 500 species
The health of young people, A challenge and a promise







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