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Memoirs Archive



Vol. No. & Month


 Report of the ankylostomiasis inquiry in Madras . K.S. Mhaskar

Memoir No 1. October


The relationship of rice to beri-beri in India . Lt Col Robert McCarrison and Roland V Norris.

Memoir No 2. October


Provisional list and reference catalogue of the anophelini.    Part I. Provisional List of Species, Part II- Descriptive Synopsis. Lt Col S R Christophers

Memoir No 3. December


Report of the Kala-azar Commission, India , Report No.1 (1924-25), Director Kalazar Commission.

Memoir No 4. February,


The distribution of anopheline mosquitoes in India and Ceylon . Major G Covell.

Memoir No5. February,.


A study of Indian Medicinal Plants: Holarrhena antidysentrica Wall. Rev. Father JF Caius and Dr KS Mhaskar

Memoir No.6. May


A critical review of the data recorded regarding the transmission of malaria by the different species of Anopheles; with notes on distribution, habits and breeding places. Major G Covell.

Memoir No.7. July


Preliminary enquiry in to beri-beri in Burma . Lt Col J Taylor, Maj C De, C Martin and U Thant

Memoir No.8 . January


The incidence and spread of Cholera in India : Forecasting and control of epidemics. Sir Leonard Rogers.

Memoir No.9 March


Beri-beri Colubarum. Lt Col R. McCarrison. A statistical examination of experimental data (Appendix A), ER Sundararajan & An account of the aerobic spore forming bacilli in rice (Appendix B). Lt Col T H Gloster.

Memoir No 10. March


Yeast and sprue. Lt Col FP Mackie and GD Chitre


Memoir No.11 August


 The epidemiology of Cholera in India . Lt Col AJH Russell and ER Sundararajan

Memoir No.12. October


Puzzles and fallacies in the examination of stained films in the tropics. Lt Col R Knowles, Lt Col Hugh W. Acton and BM Das Gupta

Memoir No.13. June


Studies on Asiatic Cholera. FD Herelle, Maj RH Malone and MN Lahiri

Memoir No. 14. February


An investigation in to the value of an etherized vaccine in the prophylactic treatment of rabies Part VII. The comparative immunizing value of samples carbolized vaccine and the etherized vaccines of alivisatos and hempt (original method).     Lt Col. J. Cunningham and Maj.  RH Malone.

Memoir No. 15. March,


A study of Indian Medicinal Plants II. Gymnema sylvestre BR.   Dr KS Mhaskar and Rev. Father JF Caius, A comparative study of the dried barks of the commoner Indian species of genus Terminalia, Linn. Rev. Father JF Caius, Dr KS Mhaskar and Mozelle Issacs.

Memoir No.16. March


Studies in Schistosoma spindale  Parts 1-VI. N. Hamilton Fairley, Lt Col. FP Mackie and F Jasudasan

Memoir No.17. September


Studies in the parasitology of malaria. Lt Col. R Knowles and R Senior White.

Memoir No.18. December


Indian plant remedies used in snake-bite. KS Mhaskar and Rev. Father JF Caius

Memoir No.19. December


Leptospirosis in the Andamans (with an appendix on the present knowledge of leptospiral infections), Lt Col. J. Taylor and Amar Nath Goyle

Memoir No.20. March


Larvae of anopheline mosquitoes with full description of those of the Indian species. IM Puri

Memoir No.21. June, 1931


Studies in avian spirochaetosis: Parts I&II, Lt Col R Knowles, BM Das Gupta and BC Basu

Memoir No.22. February


The life line of the thyroid gland - A contribution to the study of goiter. Col R McCarrison and KB Madhava.

Memoir No.23. March


Notes on Indian Scorpions. Rev. Father JF Caius and KS Mhaskar

Memoir No. 24. June


Report of the Kalazar Commission, India . Report II (1926-1930). Lt Col HE Shortt.

Memoir No.25. August


An investigation in to the value of an etherized vaccine in the prophylactic treatment of rabies. Part VIII The comparative immunizing value of carbolized, etherized vaccines tested under identical conditions of dosage and administration. Lt Col J Cunningham, Maj R H Malone and Maj AC Craighead

Memoir No.26. January


Haffkine’s plague vaccine. Lt Col J Taylor

Memoir No.27. March


An investigation in to the relative immunizing value of the Kasauli and Paris strains of rabies fixed virus. Lt Col HE Shortt, Maj RH Malone, Maj AC Craighead and JP McGuire

Memoir No.28. January


The histopathology of malaria with special reference to the function and origin of the macrophages in defence. William H Taliaferro and H W Mulligan.

Memoir No.29. May


Studies on the epidemiology of filariasis in Travancore. MOT Iyengar

Memoir No.30. July


The present position of hemp-drug addiction in India . Brevet Col RN Chopra and Captain Gurbakhsh Singh Chopra

Memoir No.31. July


The Rice problem in India . WR Aykroyd, BG Krishnan, R. Passmore & AR Sundararajan

Memoir No.32. January


Anaemia in Pregnancy in Calcutta . L Everard Napier & MI Neal Edwards

Memoir No. 33. December


A comparative Nutritional survey of various Indian Communities. DC Wilson & EM Widdowson

Memoir No.34. March


Exact significance of difference in Responses under two treatments. Satya Swaroop

Memoir NO. 35. March


Statistics for workers in Nutrition and allied fields. Satya Swaroop.

Memoir No.36. October


Infections of the foot. V Ramachandra Rao, MG Kini

Memoirs No. 37.March


Refraction and body growth. GS Pendse.

Memoir No.38. August


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